Another Carnivore Thread


Ok the reference in that one has got it. Thanks Michael.

Heme-iron is not fully digested. It is protected by the porphyrin ring of haemaglobin or myoglobin in which it is contained, and is absorbed intact within that into the body. Cool.

The thing that might help @Meerkatsandy ‘s anemic friend (aside from eating meat) is the effect vitamin C supplementation has on improving non-heme iron uptake. Secondarily, there is also the effect of not combining higher non-heme iron foods with lower, as the lower will reduce the potential absorption of both. They tested this with black beans and soy beans.


Thank you all for your input, very kind of you :slight_smile: I will read all the links you posted and share it with her.


Yes. I am so glad you are looking at this changeover with fresh eyes on it. Many get so bent out of shape over a few lbs. and don’t realize it is a natural situation and will adjust it self in time!! Rock on !!


Yep, from what I can tell this happens to some people on carnivore but not all.
I initially dropped a few pounds, then gained them back plus a little. Still wearing the same size pants, though. :smile:

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Yeah I went from 208 to 205 quite quickly. But now I’m up again to 211. Going to focus more on eating fat burger for a bit as I think maybe it’s more satiating for me personally. I also have the problem though that my house is so unlevel that depending on where I put my scale I’m up or down quite a few lbs lol. But consistently keep hitting 211 as lowest in some spots. So think that’s where I’m sitting atm.


@weedrea Andrea, that is so good to read! Is your psoriasis and arthritis gone now?

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Not completely. I find if I fast 2-3 days a week helps my skin. Key thing is that keto helped me stop the meds and painkillers. Still take pain meds maybe once a month when the pain is keeping me awake. I’m not convinced there’s much inflammation any more, it’s just that my wrists are damaged and I’m not sure that will improve much.

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In fact it was Whole 30 that got me off the meds…took a whole year! Worst year of my life when it felt like EVERY SINGLE joint in my body went mad! I had a brain bleed (not related…due to aneurysm) about 2 years after I stopped the meds. I’m eternally grateful that I wasn’t on max-dose anti-inflammatory meds at the time of my bleed given they can reduce clotting.

As a side note - low cholesterol can actually increase the chances of brain bleeds (hemorrhagic stroke). Maybe it is all related given I was on minimal fat and minimal protein for a couple of years (lol what WAS I eating?! No wonder I lost lots of weight).

Sorry I’m getting distracted here, carnivore, yes it’s great to see others doing a similar diet. I very much enjoy reading others experiences. Hopefully anything I glean from this I can share with others too.


Wow Andrea, you’ve been through a lot! I’ve never heard that about low cholesterol before; that is interesting to know. My regular keto days were a Whole 30 version of keto. I love reading the comment from everyone here. I feel like I learn something new just about every day. :smile:


A comment about my current pitiful state, nothing particularly useful but I couldn’t help it.

Is there a thing where a body decides it only gets satiated with meat? I guess there is. It’s my current hypothesis or I just have one of my rare days when I simply can’t get satiated, I am just starving forever. Well, for a few hours but that’s almost the same for me. A few days ago I just needed lots of protein after I surely ate enough food. But it didn’t worked today and I even kept my carbs very low (compared to my simple keto).
I suppose those rare hungry days happen on carnivore too. Do you folks had those before or even nowadays? No idea what the reason is. Once a year or something like that, I can’t satiate my hunger, no matter what, I am not shy, I can eat very, very much but nothing ever helps. I just give up at some point and wait. It’s not because I eat some sugar or lots of carbs. I don’t remember all the details but I just eat the way I normally do around that time except I eat twice as much or more and still feel annoying, strong hunger (I call it starving except when I starved, I wasn’t even hungry. that was nicer. I suffer when I feel I’m starving). My stomach capacity is pretty big and I eat dense food so it’s not a problem. But even if I had a very full stomach, I would be super hungry still, the two things have nothing to do with each other, I don’t even care about the state of my stomach, usually.

Or am I broken? It’s so damn hard to not to be hungry sometimes and very, very rarely it’s fricking impossible. And I don’t accept hunger, never did.
Poor, poor souls who can’t even get satiated because of their strange illness. It must be hell. I would go crazy after a week. Or suicidal.

Maybe I should just stop eating until Friday :frowning: . My SO’s Mom is an expert at cooking meat, she said she gladly make something from the mutton (we go to the farm and then to her, coming back first would slow us down, we would waste resources too… and she has space in her freezer now unlike normally). That will be nice. And surely satiating. But all my protein was good until now… I don’t understand.

Be thankful for satiation, folks. That’s a great thing.
I am sure tomorrow will be better :slight_smile: I was born with this deficit (unrealistic optimism). In the worst case, I can make interesting experiments.

I try not to come until I resume my carnivore trial, I am not a particularly good company now. I eat mutton goulash first, though (satiation effect of ruminant meat in the presence of potatoes and carrots… every day is an experiment if I want). I join the others in their mountly fast soon so I need a very meaty day before that, I believe that helps. So, maybe I start on the 13rd but eat mostly meat (and eggs) starting with the 10th. And it won’t be a long time until February so I guess I will stay on track until that and I eat whatever I want afterwards (I basically do that anyway but I have these stricter trials when my determination and curiosity keeps me from eating certain, not too important at the moment things. It’s easy to do short term).


I truly don’t think you are broken at all :slight_smile:

I won’t accept hunger either. I can’t do any time of limiting diet cause I tried, it never works, so carnivore works so well for me that I can eat all I can…and with protein and fat, it does satisfy and keep me from going crazy on food so that is a plus for sure for me.

I have super hunger days where I can truly eat way more than I ever thought I could and I am still ‘not satisfied’ but I am satiated but will keep eating to get ‘some satisfaction’ I am missing.

When I feel these days happening I go to some known appetite killers for me. Bacon. I eat 1 lb. of bacon and I know it just satifsfies me and while I ‘might wanna’ eat after still, I find I just can control myself so much better.

Thing is on carnivore you are allowed to eat :slight_smile: But if you truly feel something is ‘off’ in your eating, it could be that there is a taste you want, your emotional about food or something or stress from something else, you know, something is dragging you that way.

But yea I have days like this, but definitely not often. When I do have them I inhale a lot of bacon. Also I might change taste with some spices cause if I do get a ‘taste change’ I find again it ‘hits a satisfaction’ that just isn’t about satiety.

I hope that makes sense, it is what I do when I get into that type of thing. Sometimes we just want more, or different or ??? who knows but nice thing is if you can find that fun food that might hold ya better, like a million slices of bacon does for me LOL you might hold better also.

I found these times to just be things we have to deal with, little problems we see come up for all of us and you just find the ‘right fix’ for you and go for it and experiment a bit etc. You will find that right combo that does satisfy you and makes those days easier on ya.


Hey all, over in PKD thread, Ilana Rose posted a wonderful post about her journey into carnivore and where she came from and what she overcome. It is a fabulous read. Just saying if anyone isn’t reading the PKD thread, jump over and check out her post.

It is absolutely uplifting! It is a success story to the max! Carnivore rocks for so many of us for so many reasons :slight_smile: This is just a great read on her experiences.

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So I’m finally hitting that feeling I had when I first started keto where I have a lot of energy and mental clarity. It took a few days but it’s getting there. I still am not sleeping the best but that’s OK.

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I tried to search for it but I’m not sure which thread you’re referring to.


I think it might be this one, Ashley:


On those days where you feel like you are starving, have you tried upping your fat? Fat is super satiating for me.

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for me it when the darn batteries in the thing are starting to die.
it reads xyz, then get on it again and reads 4 lbs higher, get on it again and down 2 lbs.
drives me nuts. I put endless new batteries in that sucker it seems :slight_smile:


I got a hankering for seafood lately. Yum.

As much as I adore my ribeye and thrive on it, I just find ‘surf and turf’ to be such a ‘decadent’ pairing.

I remember the old days of my parents taking us out to eat. Always the most expensive thing on the menu was like ‘surf and turf’.

Steak and lobster. Filet mignon and crab cakes. All those delish combinations. Price back then was rough, price now eating out on it is screamingly crazy HA

but to make it at home at a fraction of the cost…priceless :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You know, just chatting it out cause I love my friggin’ food I eat on carnivore.

I eat so well. I just lost another lb. down the scale. Yea it takes longer to lose some lbs. but my body composition is changing to leaner/meaner zero carb machiner person :slight_smile:

(hey FB, I got the rights on that for profit ya know…you can’t dub ‘leaner/meaner zero carb machiner’ and get paid for that ya know HA)

but hold this plan, eat the meat and seafood you love, thrive in this plan and enjoy it and all good benefits come your way!

Hard thru adaption and healing up process of detox and your body adjusting and changing, darn right it can be for many…but in all honesty once thru so much one might experience…the grass is greener on the other side of adaption is true. It is greener and better and wonderful.

So hold strong carnis!! We got this!!

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Lol… you’re priceless. We need to get you some pom poms because I don’t think the planet has a more enthusiastic carnivore cheerleader than yourself :rofl:.

I have to say though, that I do understand your insane enthusiasm. I really love it too. My brain seems to scream with pleasure when I eat now. This is a pretty new experience even though I’ve been pretty strictly carnivore for almost a year. It’s a different feeling too than just loving the taste. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s like my body wants it. Sometimes I feel a bit like a zombie eating brains…my mind shuts down to nothing but the food, it feels pretty animalistic.