Another Carnivore Thread


Well, tomorrow it’s back to work. I’ve taken some time off over the holidays and, while I stayed carnivore the whole time, I did have wine and martinis fairly regularly.
So, now it’s back to the real world and time to clean that back up.

Just an aside but there seems to be an obsession with some on the fb groups that Joe Rogan is trying carnivore for a couple of months. Am I the only person who, aside from wishing him well, could really care less?


Not sure if she ships to Australia but Dana at ZeroCarbCarnivore on Etsy has some cool stuff. I got two of my fav carnivore shirts from her and am ordering a sweatshirt soon.

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I think that the science is much more ambiguous than either plant advocates or carnivores tend to admit. There is no evidence that some amount of plants is unhealthy to most people. Maybe it’s true, but that is just pure speculation at this point and I’m not at all sure that I believe it.

Plants do contain micronutrients. Yes, they also contain various toxins but we do know that our bodies are able to handle a certain amount of them under normal conditions. This is true of toxic compounds from meat and dairy too. Do you eat bacon, salami? Then you are metabolizing nitrosamines which are carcinogens and also require the body to work to detoxify.

There is no reason to think that for most people some amount of plants would not be healthy. Is it healthier than a well balanced carnivore diet? I don’t know. But nobody even really knows exactly what that is either. There is no science about it, just some anthropology about a couple of northern hunter gatherer populations and a pile of anecdotal n=1’s.

My suspicion is that one can have excellent health on a well balanced carnivore diet and on a well balanced diet with some plants (assuming you are not already intolerant to them) but what exactly these “best diets” actually look like is simply not yet established by any good science.


I experienced this this week. Normally, my bone broth is super high fat and I don’t skim any of the fat off. This week I bought my bones elsewhere and there was a big decrease in fat. I didn’t think anything about it. This morning I woke up feeling like I did when I was on the SAD, UGH. Even if I wasn’t doing PKD I’d still have to stay at 2:1 or I feel horrible.

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Haha, yup, I think you might be ? I have seen a handful of Joe’s videos pertaining to carnivore, and in my opinion, he has kind of scoffed at the idea of meat only. Here is a link to one video where in the first 30 seconds he gives you an honest appraisal of this WOE at least what he was thinking back then.

Something or someone has to have changed his mind, so I’m interested in what he says after his trial.

Only the first 30 seconds relates to my comment, as he is interviewing Mark and Chris Bell who are not the best carnivore promoters. I didn’t bother watching much of it because of their admitted lack of knowledge on carnivory.


I’m interested, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not going to matter to me one way or the other what his final opinion is.

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It seems like part of his show is people doing different things diet wise and that’s his schtick. So he’s going to be influenced by all kinds of “experts” and make it part of the attraction and publicity of his show. I saw him interview Shawn Baker and he didn’t argue or say anything negative about carnivore, he seemed like he was interested in a trial. Then a bit later I saw he was going vegan for a trial, maybe after that stupid vegan movie. I’m honestly not sure what he’s into, and he may not be either. :joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:


OMG that is just super funny…yea I must have a way of posting/chatting it out that comes around in the wrong direction for some? heck I don’t know HAHA

I got your back bro…family watches out for family :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I agree with a lot of what you said. But for those effected by plants and drop them and FEEL the PHYSICAL release from these nasty buggers KNOW…….when it is you and you find peace in carnivore and it is the plants that nailed ya to the wall…….then we err to grab onto any science showing why plants etc. are crappy for people.

Can some tolerate? Absolutely. I so get that and understand it. But for all those eating plants and wondering ‘why I am not SO healthy as I thought I could be’, well there could be a great reason…all that green clogging ya up HAHA

but thing is people will choose what they want, how they want to eat thru life but if NOT ONE plant is EVER needed in your body…what is the universe trying to truly tell us? I guess it again is one of those believe your own poison you chose to believe in life.


makes me wonder if he ain’t following the money LOL
hey carnivore is out there, maybe he wants to cash in on some of it somehow…money in the old pocket maybe??? Hmm,. and no I don’t really care either HA


People can live a whole life without meat too, so many people did that already. I never felt the need of meat when I was a vegetarian and surely never felt different on a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian diet (until I drastically changed my macros). I know others have different experiences but of course, not only our bodies and our previous diets are different, our vegetarian diets too. I ate very high-fat and lots of animal products as it suited me (the high-fat did, the very high level was there to balance out carbs).
Carnivore is special and very different for me but it’s mostly the carb intake (and the novelty). I don’t say it will be just this, I will need to experiment much more to say anything more but dropping my carbs is the reason for most of the changes this far, that’s pretty clear to me. I started to eat a significant amount of meat primarily because I went very low-carb and can’t live on eggs alone (for more than one reasons). Meat eaters kind of proved meat is enough, I will try to figure out how many eggs don’t ruin things and we will see. (If I had to choose between eggs and meat, I would choose eggs at this point even though some meat tastes better and I can have way more variety with them. Fortunately I needn’t to choose. I quite enjoy meat nowadays and I always considered good quality meat a great food health/nutrition wise. It’s a natural food for an omnivore.)

Meat and meat is different too.Even from the same species and part of animals. It matters how it was raised, fed… I do whatever I can to get proper meat and I have multiple reasons for that.

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There are places online and even in stores, that will custom make t-shirts so you could take the pic and show them and still get one there =).

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Yes to all of this and well stated :clap:t4:

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@Momof5 and @barefootbob I just ordered a “powered by bacon” shirt.
That might do for now. I don’t want to push carnivore too much while I’m still in the process of reshaping.
A lot of overseas sellers charge a lot for postage. That seller on etsy only charged $9 to post from the UK. About the same as local postage without the local price tag. Shawn Baker has good postage too.


I just watched a little part of the Tim Bilyeu podcast with Dave Asprey and his “carnivore” experiment. I probably learned a lot more in Joe Rogan’s podcasts. :wink: So, I do like a little Dave sometimes, he had a great podcast with Dr.McGuff about mitochondria, but I see him as a snake oil salesman. Towards the 1/3 mark, I could barely stand listening to him. I can’t believe he doesn’t see the irony in his ways - he tried carnivore, with broccoli and about a million supplements. How can that be a valid experiment for carnivore?!?!

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Okay, I just watched this on Netflix. It’s an episode of the “Explained” documentary series. About the first third is about the real meat industry and then they get into the new fake meat thing and lab grown meat. It’s totally worth watching, they have kids taste testing the fake burgers and it had me ROFL… About 22 minutes and worth it. A big of vegan propaganda in there but not totally.

The Future of Meat



My BFF has been struggling with anemia since her late childhood and she’s tried a lot of different things, but only recently started reading about her gut. We’ve talked about this many times, but she just didn’t get around to see my point of view.
She’s been vegetarian (fish and eggs) for a few years now, but the “eat well for three days then crash in a pile of junk” vegetarian. We talk about WoE a lot, she means well, but she has a young son and she’s stuck in that “I don’t have time for _______.” She recently visited a nutritionist that mentioned she has problems with too much stomach acid, she should avoid dairy and if she won’t eat meat, she should at least eat a lot more fish and squid. We were talking and she decided to attack this problem with me, so we did a little reading together. We discussed anti-nutrients in veggies and I learned that egg yolk contains phosvitin, which decreases the absorption of iron, one yolk even up to 25%. Mother nature is mean - she makes eggs, hailed as the complete nutrient, but no - eat egg whites, don’t eat egg whites, just eat yolk, don’t eat yolk…what a yolk :wink: She will start adding beef :joy:


Yea I get that it would drive one crazy when we see the videos of those trying carnivore and never really doing it :slight_smile: One can’t say a darn thing truly about carnivore unless they stick to it as intended, yet so many do pretend they know carnivore! And time is needed on plan, the old ‘I tried it for a week’ is useless LOL


That was a good yoke :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I never heard that about eggs and it decreases iron absorption, huh…that is very interesting! So cool you are helping out your BFF…teamwork baby HAHA


What. I never heard about this egg yolk vs iron problem… I will research more, out of pure curiosity as I surely won’t stop eating lots of egg yolks every day in the near future, it worked very well this far and I badly needed them on vegetarian and almost vegetarian (of course no fish, that’s pescatarian, eating animal bodies isn’t a vegetarian thing).