Another Carnivore Thread


Thank you all for the well wishes. 49 today.
I didn’t eat all day then had 2 nice thick ribeyes for supper. Tomorrow it’s back to the cheaper cuts. :steakcake:

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Happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day.


Happy birthday Bob, I wish you all the best, health, happiness and lots and lots of meat :slight_smile:


Hi folks! After some messy weeks I finally have enough meat again!!! Well, I surely will order a bigger amount next month (so much meat fits into a tiny freezer with an even tinier free space. One less box of strawberry, it’s totally accidental I made a strawberry cake for my SO on Valentine day, I wanted to make place for the beef and I had mascarpone too) but it’s fine for now. My SO totally want fish very soon so we will buy some when we run out of beef. I probably will have enough of beef at that point anyway.
He said his problem with lard is that poor folks with a very bad quality life (you surely have some word for them just like we have) eat lard and white bacon all the time. So it’s a social problem. I told him I like lard and other people like lard and my Mom ate white bacon and his Mom cooked with lard but he said it’s some deep ingrained stuff. I asked what makes him feel better and richer, he said salmon. So we will buy some salmon (mostly for him as I might love it but I am perfectly fine with cheaper protein sources) or at least the Hungarian fish that is used to make faux salmon but is a perfectly fine fish originally. Some very close relative of carp, it has its own Hungarian name though. It’s not some boring super lean fish so I probably will like it enough.
I want beef liver and heart, he complained he has no idea how to prepare them but I have enough ideas and I am the main cook, just because always he cooked/baked meat before while we barely eat any, I can handle the parts he is confused with. I am very confident regarding liver, heart is something I never ate except tiny, softer chicken ones (even the rabbits we buy have none, I don’t know why. we get the headless rabbits with liver and everything but no hearts). But my SO’s Mom is an expert so I will ask her. Or look at recipes and end up making something all by myself. It’s meat, I can eat it somehow. Even my anchestors weren’t the types who died of hunger next to some food :smiley:

It’s pretty nice to cut and take apart beef chunks :slight_smile: No more big frozen chunk for us! I have tiny meat cubes, lots of ribs with lots of meat on them, they will make nice soups… A little box for my SO’s Mom, she was interested and requested some - after I ordered, fortunately we got more meat we ordered now! 1 pound more, it’s nice, 1 pound less was a bit disappointing last time, I ordered so little to begin with! And a big box and some bags. This will be good. Goulash for the next 2 days (more but I will stop eating potatoes starting with Monday), our very first beef goulash, it just must happen.
I’ve read about beef chili, I will look it up as it sounds nice.
I totally will make some not-steaks, precooked, marinated and fried slices.

I so needed this. I want my apparent control and peace of mind back. My last weeks just got worse and worse and in the previous days even the increased amount of smoked pork and the bigger variety of dairy couldn’t help. I had pretty good lunches and then I got hungry again and again. Sometimes my carbs stayed low, sometimes I lost the strength to care. Keto became borderline impossible for me without proper meat. Hunger isn’t a good idea for me. But now it will be fine.

I will make experiment with a bigger fat:protein ratio. I hang around a lot in the PKD topic because carnivores aren’t the super crazy bunch they were before anymore, I needed something new… I never ever would do that restricted diet without any good reason (I am healthy enough, thank you very much), I could’t buy organ meat yet anyway and no one can take away my eggs and little cheese… But a bigger fat:protein ratio, that may come handy. And a fun experiment.
Protein need is a recent topic there now. With 0.6g/kg (lean bodyweight) as the lowest recommended amount but no one does that, 1 is a more realistic number for them. I am the type who just can’t stay below 2g/kg all the time on any diet and I go below 1.5 a few times a year (after days with over 2) but I didn’t try everything yet. So I will experiment at some point. Not now because I will have goulash days then satisfying satiating meaty protein-rich days then ZornFast but afterwards. I will need planning and focus, I want to chill now. I never had multiple meat-based days before but now I probably will. We will see.
Of course I don’t force anything, I just change my attitude at choosing food items a bit and try to keep myself to the rules if I comfortably can. I always wanted to eat a ton of fat anyway. I surely don’t try to have a 2:1 fat:protein ratio with 50g protein, that’s not only super low protein but super low calorie as well. According to my very rare past experiences, even not satiating food “helps” in extreme amounts. Bad deal as I need way more calories and feels worse but at least I don’t feel I’m starving. But I never tried to eat, like, 300g fat and 50g protein or something and it’s even more interesting on carnivore especially if we ban dairy on that day. I am curious! :smiley:
But it’s for the future, now I will eat meat ~ :cut_of_meat:


I got hungry late again but it’s probably the last time for a while.
I fried a little beef. I think I get it now. Why we shouldn’t (well, it’s our prerogative if we want to) fry it into oblivion. I still put it back whenever I saw a too pink color, it’s just scary to me but it definitely wasn’t well-done in the end. It was pleasant and juicy. I still want better teeth but we can’t have perfect health, at least I never need a normal doctor (unless I broke something but I stopped that, it’s not convenient), just a dentist and the one for eyes. Beef still isn’t my favorite flavor but it will do and I can play with spices later.


Happy you got your meat!!!

I know what you mean. Hunger and feeling underfed can leave us in a bad way of not caring and if we don’t have our meats and fats to make us very satiated we sure can struggle.

Happy you got the meats you need and some fish is always a good eat too :slight_smile:

future experiments on how you eat are a good thing cause then you learn what your body does require and where your sweet spot is in your eating and it gives good insight into your personal journey!

I am cooking my beef way more rare than I ever used to eat it. My body is asking for it, juicy and tender and no more frying to shoe leather state for me HA


Goulash from 3lbs beef (8pounds) is 4 modest portions in this household, we had to eat lots of other things for that two meals… We probably won’t use this tiny amount of meat again though our curry will be small too, my SO is adamant the mixed meat pieces are just perfect for that (and the rest is in too big chunks to add some more). I like that too, it costs not much and it’s mixed meat :D. Do you know what can be the light pink (like veal) meat? I am totally not familiar with beef and only bought ribs and neck before… There are very nice deeper red not smooth ones too but the ribs have those too. I will need some cattle anatomy lessons at some point…
The curry will be interesting. We made curry many times this far but it never contained any meat - and now I obviously try to skip vegetables but my SO is into vegetables so we will see. Onions must be there but just a little, it’s a flavorful spice thing, after all. We probably will use green beans as we want some tender, not sweet vegetable, my curry will be ready before we add it to his and cook a little more. It sounds an okay idea but if you have any advices for a curry, tell me, I am in new territory here. But beef, onion, curry, some other spices and our skills, it will be surely nice.

My nightly horribly annoying hunger disappeared after I added beef, I am pretty full now (a bit too full) and I didn’t even started carnivore yet! That comes now and I do it until I can. Or something. We will see. I hope I will remember what happens when I get loose and I won’t have that horrible lack of proper supplies again.

I don’t know about other places of the world but it’s spring here now. I know what winter sunshine is like, we always have a lot of it but it’s different, it feels spring! And there are flowers and everything. Yellow crocuses (our own), many snowdrops and some green hellebores (wildlife park)… Fine, fine, they are very early flowers, they would be there even in the snow :slight_smile: But it really feels spring and it’s definitely near.
We almost visited the shop of the nearby pig farm but we still have lots of smoked pork. I trust that farm better and I am curious about their stuff.
So we took walks in the sunshine instead. I need a higher activity level.

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Bacon Mayonnaise Ingredients

  • [ 2 egg yolks room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
  • 1 cup liquid bacon grease
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • pinch of salt

does this emulsify to a nice thick consistency when you make it?

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@heidi_standen Technically it’s a Hollandaise/bérnaise sauce without the wine or wine vinegar. Mayos are made from mono/polyunsaturated oils, not saturated fats like bacon grease. From my experience, it won’t thicken like mayo although it will thicken when kept in the fridge. You can pour it.


it is like a softened butter type thing or it can be a more saucy runny type if used with hardened or some hot bacon grease etc. I used to make it a lot but I dropped it more and more by the wayside just cause it held not too much interest for me. And I got to where I just didn’t need it anymore ya know. Hope some of that helps. Haven’t made it in a while. I just basically walked away from it and haven’t looked back by many love it and use it a lot.
Like here is what one carnivore did: Just made my first ever batch of baconnaise and it is BOMB. Used half a cup of melted but not too hot bacon fat (oddly the exact amount rendered from my pack of bacon), 1 egg yolk, half a tsp dijon, half a lemon, and a good pinch of salt. Used the immersion blender while very slowly drizzling the bacon fat in with the other ingredients. SO GOOD. Obviously hollandaise is king, but if you’re trying to chill with the dairy or just want a super cheap fatty sauce, it’s totally worth it.


here’s a good reminder how we roll on zero carb


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I like the infographic. Thanks Fangs. I am mostly relaxed carnivore at the moment with occasional forays into meat-based keto.

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Yup, I’m a relaxed carnivore. I like my seasonings and I do eat some berries, lettuce, and onions on occasion.

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When you do get a GF she will love you more because you won’t fart much. She will think you the best sleeping partner she’s ever had :blush:


Posted this on another thread, but it’s such a cutesy-carnivore dish…
What led up to this was completion of a 72 hour fast last evening. Decided to make a “treat”. Don’t get me wrong here- I didn’t make cupcakes or anything sugary. Instead, I made meat-cakes. :grinning: And bit of swiss cheese on top because its yummy.


I do anything in the picture but strict carnivore (even when I skipped dairy and spices, I had eggs and tea) and I have carbier days too but those should be the exceptions (and they are almost or totally meatless. It’s usually pointless and a waste to eat more carbs when I have meat).
But I am still a newbie and next month will be the first one with surely enough meat (in the second half, at least). I still will heavily depend on eggs but that’s fine.
And who knows what comes later?

It’s simpler to say I do my best to do extreme low-carb, plants don’t matter, they are just usually carby. So I end up with many dirty or almost carnivore days but I have proper ones too. All are good enough for me.
I would eat most of plants way earlier than using much heavy cream… I am very careful with lactose though not as much as in the previous years, they are too tasty and mostly harmless in tiny amounts :stuck_out_tongue: Tastiness and joy from food are extremely important factors in my life.

Another important thing is that my weekly average net carbs should be low even if I have carbier days. My body handle a bit more carbs for a short time but I need to be very low before and after to feel right.

So my almost-carnivore something (it’s more than a fling but not a lifestyle yet) is just a side effect of eating extreme low-carb. I don’t have any serious problems with plants and I could live without meat for decades but as I need very low-carb and enough nutrients, no wonder I added meat and pretty much though not completely avoid vegetables now (most of my carbs on my old keto came from vegetables).

After 3 dirty carnivore days (my very problematic last week had lingering effect) I am pretty well and satiated, I started my ZornFast. Me being me, I have no idea how long it will be but almost surely over 48 hours and hopefully close to 72 or more but I can’t predict my hunger. I surely will wait until some real, not strong (there is no chance for that) but stubborn or annoying hunger or need for refuel.

I was 11 stones this morning so I will see smaller numbers than ever in the last several months. Not like it matters much, of course but it will be still nice.


I’m relaxed only as regards decaf coffee and alcohol so I guess I’m kinda strictly relaxed. :laughing:



I was a veggie for a couple of years and almost needed a warning label because of the gas… yeah, now when I do it’s surprisingly funny… kind of like “where did that come from???”


I couldn’t do a longer fast, oh well. I had a cute, very fatty carnivore dinner (carnivore is last year’s news, I go for the PKD fat:protein ratio now even though I won’t do PKD itself :smiley: I am not there yet but I am not in a hurry) - and it made me so very full! I have no problem with eating a very fatty meat now. If it’s raw, smoked ham, at least. I can’t get bored of it but as it’s smoked and salty and expensive, I don’t eat much of it. It’s a wonderful treat. Well, I ordered a similarly expensive guineafowl but it’s something special! And a rooster, yay! I buy whatever the farm offers. I won’t run out of meat soon and I get some nice variety now.
I have way too much meat (and bones) where my first and second thought is soup… I think I need to find some recipes.
I wonder if I ever have eaten rooster…? Well, it’s almost chicken just harder, right? :slight_smile: No idea, really. It is edible, though (except the breast unless I am starving or don’t care) and it’s the important thing.


Cool, I don’t know if my meat is cute as a descriptive word, but I like reading you had a cute meal LOL

Hey Shinita, what are your goals, I don’t remember. I mean are you wanting to lose some lbs, or just eat healthy and find your best way of eating thru life that suits you best? Just wondering cause heck I can’t remember if you mentioned any of this on your personal story at all.