Another Carnivore Thread


I recently got started with them. That’s where I get my suet from, too.

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Lol… my 9 year old daughter told me she had an excuse for her bratty behaviour. “Mom…dont you know I have a good excuse…I’m in puberty”.
(face palm)

And her latest question to me was to ask if she could have a boyfriend. My answer was “definitly not right now…you are in grade 4”. “Talk to me when you are 16!”


Ah, glad to read that cause I’ve got an order of suet coming from them this week. Have you listened to any of the interviews of John Wood (US Wellness Meats) on the Internet? KetoSavage has a good one and there are others. These farmers are really dedicated to the environment as well as our health. Here in MO last spring we had rains that caused a lot of flooding. His pastures are in such great shape that no topsoil was lost or very little. Great company!

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BPS and other plastic based estrogen compounds? I love sousvide myself but have recently become more concerned about it since I started working on raising testosterone levels. I plan on an extended carnivore trial period following the holidays to make the transition easier when social gatherings are finished. I’m mostly carnivore now since July with vegetables added sometimes, usually in pretty small amounts like a tomato, half an avocado, a jalapeño or two, or a bit of broccoli or cauliflower, and sometimes homemade kraut. Many pure carnivore days too. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ll have to check those interviews out. Thanks


Yeah, cooking at fairly low temp but still a concern.

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I recently got a small outdoor grill and an Instant Pot. My sousvide use has gone way down. I’ve been cooking on the grill a lot. The Instant Pot is great for the stuff you might do at higher temperatures with sousvide like Pot Roast and Pulled Pork. I still like using sousvide I just wish it didn’t involve plastic. Anova has something new in the works that may be an option. A steam oven I believe. It’s supposed to give sousvide like results. Probably relatively expensive though since it is something new. :cowboy_hat_face:


That steam cooker would be cool to try. I love my instant pot 3qt and a ninja brand pressure cooker 6qt. Haven’t been grilling much lately.
I didn’t want to overcook this slab of cow tonight so chose the sous vide.

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The Chuck pictured above? What temp and time are you using?


140F. It’s a little over 2 hours so probably about to pull it.


140 is an interesting choice. More or less well done and IMHO too hot for a steak but too low for a brisket/ piece of meat with a lot of fat that needs to be rendered. I also have better luck NOT adding fat (although butter was my temptation) into the sous vide but I do melt it and coat the meat with it after drying it and prior to searing. Drying the meat after sous vide is critical to good sear. We call that melted fat used ro searing :beef love

Good luck!

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I usually do a tougher cut like that longer, I need meat tender so I go with hardly cooked or cooked a long time. Enjoy your dinner. :cowboy_hat_face:


With a good ribeye I prefer a quick sear and nothing more.

Wasn’t too happy with the sous vide so transferred to a covered skillet with the juices and some homemade bone broth to finish cooking.

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This is all teenagers… haha. My kids are now almost 19, 21, 25 (the girls) and 23 and 28 (the boys). It improves later when they are a bit older, but they still think they are smarter…


Another carnivore thread…hey you can never have too many.

Love your pics and you sound very happy in the carnivore way of life.

one of the posts I read ‘bagel’ OMG screaming and running…bagels…haven’t had one of those in about 5 years HAHA

I loved your list of great results. Sleep better, mood improved

mood improved was a biggie for me. the brain fog lifts and you feel it. know it. are amazed by it. the clarity of thinking longer on carnivore plan is just short of a miracle thing for me. I feel life now and get tingles from it where before in a carby type coma life just was duller to the senses.

chatting carnivore is always a good thing LOL


I’ll definitely be back and forth between this thread and the 90 challenge thread to cheer y’all on.
It’s great reading about people’s successes and even their struggles and failures because we all have them.
I was blessed with a lack of a “sweet tooth” so going keto wasn’t difficult for me as I didn’t have to come up with ways to satisfy a desire for desserts and treats.
Carnivore was a bit more of a challenge as I love to cook and love to eat. I went back to keto once just out of boredom. This time I’m experimenting more, I even make carnivore waffles and made chicken burger buns recently. This time I got stricter (I was including a lot of processed meats and dairy before) and the results have been better and therefore the desire to make this permanent has stayed with me.
After my recent experience of coming off BP meds I’ve become more of a Carnivangelist; even preaching the good news of red meat during my office visit.
Talking to the nurse who checked me out, I mentioned what I was up to and she told me how much she loved steak but her boyfriend kept telling her red meat was bad. I hope I cleared that up for her in our short conversation. On the way out I saw her and said remember, eat bacon! We shared a big grin. She may still think I’m an idiot but she saw the results on my chart, and in my attitude. Of course, I was bummed when she said boyfriend… she was really cute and loves steak…damn, I’m always too late.


The store had a good price on bone in chuck so I bought two. The second one, although it’ll be overcooked for my tastes, is going in the pressure cooker.
I may go back to the store today to buy more for the freezer. They also have decent eggs and since my farmer contact for duck and hen eggs isn’t coming to the farmers market today I’m going to need to get some store eggs.


Some things that have worked for me. Yes this thread is partially about poop.

Liquid beef fat makes me run for the head, very quickly after eating. So I precook ground beef and drain a lot of the fat off. I later eat it cold and eat either solid tallow or suet along with it.

I kept getting the same effect eating eggs, and I usually eat a half dozen or so eggs at a time. Some experimenting showed me that the problem wasn’t the whole egg, just the whites. If I eat only the yokes I have no issues.

Not drinking a lot of liquids right before, during or right after eating. Doing so makes me run to the head.

Non :poop: things:
Smoked oysters are great, just be aware that most contain toxic seed oils. I get Pacific Pearl brand from Walmart. I have to special order it but the ingredients are oysters, water, and salt.
I get tired of sardines, kippers (herring) are another small fish that are tinned, tasty, and being a small fish have less contamination than the big ones like tuna.
Good eggs are worth the extra $$$.

Dr. Paul Saladino is a good resource if you’re into the sciencey side of things. I’m hoping to attend White Oakchella in December in Georgia. Look it up, should be really cool.
Primal Edge Health on youtube has some good content but can get pretty controversial.
Bart Kay is also an interesting guy. He has a good talk with Phil Escott on youtube that I enjoyed recently.
I’m a big fan of Dr. Ken Berry and hope to meet the guy in person one day just to shake his hand. He restores my hope that not all GPs are mind numbed robots.

Cheers all and I wish you a sea of fat. (Paul Saladino fans will get that).


Love this! Made me smile.

I am very into the science behind Carnivore and all. I got very into learning really why the toxic plants hit the body and ruin it and more and all that jazz. I have no qualms ever eating this way. It is life. Protein and fat. All a physical body ever needs :slight_smile:

I love Dr Ken also. I just think his vids. are well done and informative and I like his personality. I ain’t into S Baker, something don’t set well with me on him, who knows, but I love the carnivore advocates out there for sure


What I’m reading. So far pretty good.