All Animal August---Triple A


Interesting day… But I ate liver, chicken, boiled eggs (more whites than yolks) and bresaola, what did I expect? :smiley: Nearly 50% protein. Wow. 60g fat, it’s my lowest-fat day since ages but as it was a very very low-cal day (a bit below 1200 kcal, probably) AND protein rich, it’s not surprising.
My protein intake wasn’t crazy, 140g is pretty normal.

I just hope I won’t get hungry at midnight. My body hates low-cal days even if I ate a ton previously. My energy intake may drop but not very much. But such days still happen once in a blue moon so maybe I will get away with it…
But it was chicken so probably not.

2 meals, quite perfect this far :slight_smile:

I had 3 coffees today, 2 black ones… And this is without dairy and with a not tasty coffee that is quite bad black… I probably need to run out of coffee to stop drinking it. But 3 isn’t so bad from me now…

(Karen) #443

I am having to do same with salting my meat but generally only when I don’t cook bacon with it as bacon gives me enough salt i find the meat a little bit lacking in taste otherwise now I cook it as is/plain.

(Karen) #444

Up at silly o’clock for stair runs before work. A slow start to the day as I was in reception and so nothing g much happening until the lads are brought in from the magistrates courts. Mostly recalls. Then quite busy this afternoon and glad I was just a 6pm finish.

Took chicken n cheese with butter for mikey and 150g of ham, then at home had a bit of cheese and some bacon as I needed something hot but not heavy on the digestion.

(Vic) #445

Eggs and chicken, some feta cheese as a variety to the taste.

August flew by so fast, it was a pure carnivore month for me except for 2 beers last week that made as drunk as if I had 15beers. Carnivore and beer are no friends, that for shure :relaxed:

A good friend of mine is going to try keto, makes me happy. He is in a very poor state and on his way to a heart attack, just like I was.
Hope he can find his confort zone in keto land.

Seems my next project may be in France, a nice place to be as a Carnivore.

I may go fully raw again for a while. Just tastes better to me lately. It happens some times.

Hope you all feel good and happy. Keep the real food comming and stay healthy.

(Linda ) #446

I like salt on my meat maybe never Fangs amount unless I’m smoking fish or brisket but I’m doing this 30 days salt free because in Blake Donaldsons book none of his patients were allowed salt…
I’m kind of proud of myself I’m almost 2 weeks in now and haven’t touched a diet soda in that time I’m kind of shocked I wasn’t left with cravings but no…but I’m wondering how sweet it will taste later?? I do still have some so I guess I’ll find out…I’m still sticking to two black coffees most days and water the rest of the time and ive only eaten lamb or strip steaks with black pepper…
Had to go shopping again the supplies were getting low so all stocked up again to keep going…

Food today was lamb for both meals


Forgot to eat breakfast yesterday.

Had a morning coffee with double cream. Sat down to do some admin work at the computer. Had another coffee with double cream at just before noon and got into marking student assignments. Then it was time for the 3 hour commute to the city.

Driving makes me hungry. The science confirms this is a real phenomenon as the human body responds with stress hormones to driving. I ate 200g Droewoers - soft biltong. When I was at the petrol station I was able to walk in and out and just pay for car fuel because I knew I had carnivore food in the car. Petrol stations are horrible places and junk food traps preying on stressed drivers.

I went to family dinner in the city. Mother-in-law starts us with a big plate of cold meats, cheeses and olives. Then the meal is meat and vegetables. She is good value as she minimises the vegetables on my plate (hoping I will eat them) and then slides in a side dish of extra meat right in front of my seat at the table. Josephine is Italian/Sicilian but she has not served pasta (except as side dishes for the others) as a main meal, nor does she put bread on the table, since I shifted more carnivore. When was that 90-day carnivore challenge @Fangs?

November 2019. I looked it up. That’s 670 days, if I can stay carnivore today.

It’s the last day of August here.

(Edith) #448

I put salt on my food, salt in my water, and just randomly wash down 1/4 teaspoons of salt to get the amount my body seems to need on carnivore.

More on that tomorrow.

(Linda ) #449

Congrats that is awesome 670 days!!!


Thanks Linda. It was accidental. :joy:. I just kept doing Fangsy’s 30 day challenges as they were fun and I learn something every time through. Also, once adapted it is easy to stay or come back to.


wow guys loved reading how August has been doing well for alot of us.

France :slight_smile: ohh la la that should be a nice work job location for you!
I hope your friend can find some healing on keto…great path to go and with good help like you he has it made!

@Azi, oh yea I tried going salt free but best I did was cut back a little, I tell ya I wish I could dump it but not yet for me. I honestly am one who functions so well on big salt, I would love to see if I could function without it, but again, not trying it just yet LOL

Sounds like you are doing great and wonderful pic!

Fab update report and WOW…Cheryl’s challenge started in 2019 and us carnivores have kept it running and chatting…so super cool and so many days…super impressed with your carnivore journey FB!
It is amazing you changed Josephine’s habits just by being carnivore you, not even bothering putting the bread out and more meat on the table for you…love that!

Driving is stressful…not a doubt about it. Such an easy place to grab rubbish to eat, I know, I done it before :slight_smile: plus alot of our petrol stations have darn near become restaurants inside them, offering hot pizza, fried chicken, fries and other stuff…I mean all the SAD food items one loves and boy the sell the heck out of it too.

------------------SO LAST day of August…wow…tomorrow is our new challenge month and we can write what little goals or tweaks we are trying to see how well we do and chat up our carnivore lifestyle.

August went well for me.

Just zc’ing along.

Ate my fat ol’ country pork ribs you guys saw in my pic

then after I wasn’t hungry a long time, had nothing then I hit into a tin of sardines, and then I made one of those catastrophic errors I KNOW not to do…I was so hungry around 9:30 at night…yea I ate one more rib and it sat like a rock in my tummy making for a good bit of time before the tummy settled down and I could even think about any decent sleep…ugh…note to self again-----YOU absolutely KNOW why we don’t eat later at night HAHA

got cheeseburger patties for later today, gonna fry up a bigger batch and have available. I am now part of the bulk meat cook club :slight_smile:

got a small piece of sirloin steak leftover to cook for later today also.
so food covered.

enjoy your last August day with carnivore and rock the plan!


I never ate again, yay so yesterday stayed pretty good.
And I am quite satiated even now. It’s 1:40pm so it’s normal but I may get hungry earlier after low-cal days. Or when I eat too late, that has a similar effect for some reason. Maybe due to my 12 hour thing. About 12 hours after my last meal I get hungry unless I am asleep. Another reason to avoid late night eating. I actually was up 12 hours after my dinner as I managed to wake up at 5am(!) but I still don’t eat right after waking up. Or maybe it doesn’t work on carnivore-ish, who knows? I don’t remember what happened in the rare cases I ate too late on carnivore.

I gave the old chicken to the cats. Caroline didn’t eat it. Well I imagine freshly caught big voles are tastier… But she usually eats meat and other animal things just fine. Tofu and a stray cat ate the chicken.

I fry exactly one pound pork chuck today, it’s already in the pan. I decided against a roast, the oven pot has Alvaro’s dish in it and the meat is so tiny. It’s more interesting not in the usual way anyway, I suppose. So meat cubes and later mincemeat for me, I suppose. I can never know as I mess up my plans at any time. I only know what my meal exactly is after I ate it.
I put 1/4 teaspoon of salt on my pork as even my roasts need that amount and it’s easy to add more.
I start to track my sodium intake… Tracking is so very easy without dairy, I never had as very few lines as yesterday! I don’t eat more than one kind of processed meat a day either, it’s bresaola for me now :slight_smile:

NO WAY I would salt free even for a day… (I would need a fasting day for it.) But I like my little amount and I am very curious what low amounts I will go to in my current style… Eggs and meat barely need any salting if it’s me…

If you are anything like me, it will be significantly sweeter… I had a very serious ideal sweetness drop on low-carb (just like my family members on… 150g low-carb or whatever they do… and Alvaro on added sugar-free high-carb. just skipping the sugar did the trick) but then it never changed for years. And then came my carnivore trials… And it dropped more and I lost my sweets desire as well. But when I go off, I get it all back, I think. (I mean, the before-carnivore level, I never want super sweet things again.)

(Edith) #453

Hi Everyone, All Animal August turned out to not be all animal for me which is one of the reasons I didn’t post much on this thread. Within a day or two of going back to strict carnivore, I started right back with the heart palpitations. But… I think I may have solved the problem, so I am going to start afresh for September.

For the past week, I have really been keeping up the salt intake. Unfortunately, I seem to need it almost like prescription, which does make me wonder about me and low carb sometimes. Since I have really upped my intake, even the hint of muscle cramps are gone. I actually feel better, and the heart palpitations are almost gone. I do still get them when I overdo the histamine containing food. Sleep is improved, but not perfect.

So, it will be interesting to see how the new trial goes with keeping up the salt supplementation. It’s nice that our little carnivore group has grown.

(Vic) #454

Blood sausage, bit of ground beef and beef liver.
Last lunch of August.


I couldn’t eat my pound of pork (it would have been possible but I rather eat it later) but I handled my second very very simple lunch quite well, I mean I don’t miss variety (I have a little variety anyway) or special stuff. The meat was tasty and a tad boring in the meaning it often is: I just can’t eat until satiation but I can get rid of my hunger and it’s more than enough. I had a slice of bresaola and 3 eggs, one in my coffee, mostly because my meat wasn’t ready when I got hungry.

No photo as I managed to empty the camera accumulator with shooting at hummingbird hawk-moths again :smiley: And all the animal photography lately… It was a nice year for that, the pond has an improved fauna now and the animals get less and less shy around people. Alvaro saw a blue heron today and I saw one yesterday. That’s special, I can only count on swans, coots, ducks and small egrets, they are always there.

@Carnivoor’s photo makes me hungry, maybe I finish the rest of my pork :smiley: Too bad the butcher doesn’t have beef liver (or beef anything when I go there), I would gladly eat some again. But he has pork heart quite often, I probably try to buy some this week, egg and meat is a huge drop in variety for me, I need my organs! :upside_down_face:


I can’t wait to hear about your solving but here is some info from a carnivore site:

Heart palpitations, pounding heart and flutters are a common side effect of the carnivore diet but in most cases it’s usually temporary and nothing to worry about.

When you first embrace a carnivore diet, it’s common to notice your heart rate has become elevated or your stroke volume increases. This is usually due to a lower blood volume and the of low blood volume may be dehydration as well as a lack of electrolytes. The heart then has to work harder to maintain your blood pressure, which is where you feel those pounding heart beats.

The simplest solution is drinking enough water and ensuring that you maintain the salt that your body needs can help to combat those heart palpitations. Other solutions include:

  • Take some magnesium - up to 400mg per day is the recommended daily allowance and safe for most people.

  • Get your salt intake on point - too much or too little can cause heart palpitations. It’s certainly more likely that you’re having too little instead of too much.

  • Add in carbs - if your heart palpitations don’t go away after a few weeks, you may need to add in more carbs to increase blood volume.

------------see for me personally I am a super salter and always have been my whole life from day 1 I think LOL but key being I do ‘worse on lower salt’ and know I need it now thru my personal life, you might be ME in that your salt intake might need to easily double or triple for ‘you’ and I eat a TON of salt daily and do well…so as much as others need way less or none truly there are US in it all :slight_smile: I will be super interested to hear you changes as you are handling them.

(Edith) #457

That’s a little disconcerting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take some magnesium: Been doing that for years, but need seems to go up on carnivore, possibly due to oxalate dumping

Get your salt intake on point: Currently working on that.

Add in carbs: That did help after my last trial. ( From what I read/heard that is why Paul Saladino added carbs back into his diet.) This trial is a little different with the salt, so we shall see.


yea some medical mumbo jumbo will hit of course but in the end, this is about fixing what might be wrong so the ‘possible stroke’ stuff will not come into play…but in full life ya know…what ain’t gonna cause a stroke, or heart attack or automimmune issues and more thru the studies we real nowadays.and something will take each of out at some point…we all know we ain’t got a prayer in the end HAHA…yea a tad flip in my response but I get ya on it

(Daisy) #459

@Fangs yay! Love seeing pictures from you!!
Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it was an insane day. Here was food: Canadian bacon, eggs, and psmf toast. Sirloin and yogurt. Seafood mix and fresh bone broth jello with collagen powder!

image image image image


For dinner, I ate my leftover pork, sponge cake with cod liver (without most of the oil… it’s a tender, nice things but just a few quick bites) and another eggy coffee. It was a more substantial day than yesterday, 2MAD (well 3-4 if we count the breaks, whatever, IF 19/5, it’s pretty common in my life), as much fat as protein :slight_smile: So pretty normal. Very low exercise due to the gloomy/rainy day and my mood, I should do it better tomorrow!

I have leftover boiled yolks so… I will make carnivore biscuits. Without dairy this time… I am curious how long I will last without any.

(Karen) #461

Up at a more sociable time this morning, 7.45am and stair runs done before heading to CrossFit. Hard gassy workout but fun as my daughter turned up. She may have told me on Sunday that she was going today and I forgot if she did. She sort of gave me that ‘i told you I was coming today’ look! Anyway it was great to see her, ots always great to see her :heart_eyes:

Straight home after and brunch was a sirloin steak eggs and bacon, steak was nice and rare.

Dinner was disgusting lol 2 lamb burgers … never again unless I make my own.

Had some cheddar and some stilton

Phoned the hotel i will be staying in over the weekend on my dance break. Spoke to receptionist who said that because they were cooking for a group I would have to eat off the group menu as they were short staffed after the pandemic! She did however say that I could probably get more of what I can eat if I am not eating all the plant food. We will see! I would have been quite happy to pay extra to eat off their restaurant menu but because we eat separately to the restaurant guests they didn’t have the staff to cook other stuff that isn’t on group menu. Definitely taking stuff with me in case I get hungry lol. Anxiety levels rising already but I will just have to keep talking to myself as I can’t do much about it other than what I have done and to take extra stuff with me. Me thinks I will be eating a lot of cheese. Going to take a food container tub so 8 can put breakfast in it till I am ready to eat. At least I should be able to have a full English… eggs bacon sausages without the other bits… I will get them to cook me extra lol. I am sure this hotel is table service if my memory serves me well, rather than help yourself seevery.