All Animal August---Triple A

(Linda ) #422

I Absolutely agree that stress seems to mess with hunger lvls.

(Daisy) #423

:flushed::grimacing::see_no_evil: hahaha oops! As frustrating as she can be, she is family and I could never eat her. Same as my children. They are all safe. For now. Till the major food shortages come :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Ketodaisy Your photos are fantastic in the thread. So are other peoples. Shinita’s are often very artistic. Vic’s are documenting his free range carnivore eating as he travels. Karen is like a pirate captain sharing the Company ship plunder with us all, the crew. Fangsy’s are blurry.

I was wondering, however, does the act of preparing a plate of carnivore food, and then photographing form part of the eating method? Does it add to satiety? It definitely adds to the journal. Is it a satisfying form of WOE accountability to self, as well as a wonderful share in the community?

(Daisy) #425

Definitely does not add to satiety. It really is just part of the journaling process. It helps keep me accountable for what I’m actually eating. I share my food pictures on Instagram and have developed a great community there. For me it’s often a matter of “do I really want to eat this, knowing that I’ve committed to sharing my foods with my community?” And that sometimes can help me make the right decision if I’m wavering on maybe not the best option. Unfortunately there is also the negative aspect of sharing everything. People can be VERY dogmatic about what is the “right” way to do carnivore. I get a lot of lectures since going to this program :joy:



First up protein weight is not the same as meat weight. 100g of beef has about 26g protein.

It would be a sad day indeed, if we couldn’t enjoy a bit of nutrition maths with our NOFUN fish and cheese omelette: 120g pilchards (canned in olive oil), 60g Jarlsberg, 4 large free range chook eggs, cooked in last night’s steak fat.

Recommended daily intake of protein in a “moderate protein”, low carb, ketogenic diet is 0.8g dietary protein/ kg of ideal body weight. For middle aged people the protein intake recommendation is higher, 2g/kg as a goal, and let’s call the baseline 1g/kg for easier calculations.

In amongst this breakfast contemplation, I was thinking about @Azi’s Linda’s slight elevations in HbA1c and fasting insulin while on the carnivore plan. Adapting to eating increased amounts of meat may have two effects, one is that meat can (and likely will) induce insulin secretion. That may result in an elevated insulin test. But as Linda pointed out, stress and the autonomic nervous system response related to it will see the release of stress hormones, elevation of blood glucose, and subsequent insulin response. External stress and a carnivore WOE, that may create a mild dietary stress response, may combine to create a higher baseline blood glucose, which will be reflected in an elevated HbA1c result. As long as we know what underlies metabolic bio marker changes, then we can understand if those changes are health significant, or not, in a broader health evaluation.

Back to beef. So, if I was on a beef, salt water carnivore plan maths would be easy. My goal would be to eat 200g protein per day (to satisfy estimated hunger driven by protein leverage), and that would be about 800g of beef. That would be about 1.75 pounds of beef.

There is a calculation somewhere about the maximum limit of protein intake per meal. For muscle building in young athletes, it seems the limit guide is about 20 - 30g of highly digestible protein (e.g. white chicken meat, whey protein) per meal. But there are other body needs besides muscle building and our carnivore meals protein is delivered with intrinsic saturated animal fats and collagen, which may affect digestibility. So, I found a science journal article that described 0.55 g/kg/meal. So, if I’m aiming at 200g, that would suggest 55g per meal, and 4 meals per day. This is interesting stuff from the muscle building world, but I think I’ll rely on hunger signals, and, maybe, reconciliation against blood glucose sampling. 2MAD is very comfortable in my n=1.

In my carnivore WOE observations over the past almost 2 years. I find a beef meal of about 500g meat/ 125g protein very satisfying as the main meal. So, the thing I was wondering today is if my breakfast of eggs can fill the protein gap? Do I get 75g or more protein from breakfast? Let’s look.

Today I had 4 large eggs, 60g Jarlsberg cheese and 120g of mackerel. That feels like a satisfying breakfast. And about 50ml of double cream in a large black coffee.

Cream: 0.8g protein
Mackerel: 22.0g
Egg: 6g protein x 4 = 24g protein
Cheese: 27g protein in 100g = 16.2g (this number surprised me)
TOTAL = 63g protein in breakfast

So, just with intuitive carnivore eating, I am under-eating when compared to a mathematical goal, but very comfortably over a baseline. 10g of protein would mean about 40g heavier steak, or adding 2 eggs to dinner, or about 50g of Jarlsberg cheese. All easily done. Or 3 cups of bone broth, if I were to drink the protein.

The main thing I’ve learnt in this exercise is that reading nutrition labels on packaging is a real challenge these days.

(Daisy) #427

I personally haven’t noticed any negative effects to over consuming protein. For my size, my ideal protein intake should be about 112-130 grams of protein a day. Most days I consume well over 200 grams of protein a day, sometimes upwards of 300 grams (like yesterday-276 grams). I have everyone that sees me telling me I have never looked better. I’m getting leaner, more more toned, everyone says my skin is glowing, my hair is healthy. So although it’s taken me a very long time to get to this point, my body seems to be thriving from it. While the keto police are telling me I’m doing it wrong :joy:


I am more like… have problems with parting with not useless stuff. I must be very careful to buy things as I probably will keep them but one sees interesting things they just must have… And I am very enthusiastic with art stuff. I don’t buy all kinds of paints, just what I really need if I am not lazy… So it’s fine.
And rocks… It’s easy to store some rocks… A few hundreds or thousands or something… They aren’t (all) big!
These are my painting rocks, the normal rocks (shiny and geode and everything), they takes up some space, yeah. My SO had some too and our collections joined.
Rocks are amazing. Rocks and skulls. I have very few skulls. I am modest with my collections. I don’t even have 10000 books like my parents! Alvaro has computer hardware in his big cupboards instead of clothes… (He spared a little space for clothes though. But I still didn’t learn where to put his socks - it’s rarely me who puts them away and my memory is spotty -, I still often see motherboards when I pull the - wrong - drawer…)

@Daisy’s poor pig, every time she is mentioned, people think about eating her :smiley: I wish her a long, happy life! Pigs are lovely pets. When they don’t have potty issues, at least. @KetoKoala loves pigs, if I want to cheer her up and often other times too, I just put a lot of pig photos into our chat :smiley: I love pigs too but mostly wild ones and babies. Striped piglets are my absolute favs, Mangalica piglets and our wild piglets are like that.

Yep, it’s the case for me too. Maybe helps with satisfaction, accountability a tiny bit but it can’t be very significant…
I don’t know about others but making a photo of my planned meal always ends me eating something different than the picture. But it must be an individual thing, I am horrible with plans and can’t possibly know what I will want 10 minutes later.
A photo postpones my eating a bit :slight_smile: My body have a tiny extra time to get ready… Or way more as if I make a photo, I get the food significantly earlier, make all the planned courses first, even my pancakes… I usually eat the pancakes fresh and warm, often standing while I make the next. So it’s different. I wouldn’t like to make a photo every time, it’s a chore and tend to disrupt my usual behavior. Not always. The best is making a shot of my roasts for 3-4 days. But sometimes I prepare a plate of cold food, try to make it as nice as I am willing (it’s food, not a painting) and it’s more appetizing that way…

Wow. Thanks for the info, I like to know such examples :slight_smile: I think this is the amount that may be too much for some people but we aren’t all the same and it’s different eating very high protein occasionally or all the time.
My protein need is a bit below 100g, probably, my normal is 120-180g, very rarely over 200g. I feel okay with this as I felt okay with whatever amount I had all my life (I surely ate high protein all the time just like I always ate high-fat. Mostly my carbs changed). If I will need more energy, I will use fattier items, it sounds the best as I won’t need the protein and fat is a more logical energy source. But I love fat anyway.

Keep thriving! :smiley: I never really listened to others and found I should go against so much very common advice to feel better…


But there is an upper limit where things get toxic. But I reckon 321g of protein is too challenging for me to get to based on what the satiety of what I eat now.


@FrankoBear I get protein calcs plus what works for one and against another thru individual (medical issues) and age and healing and more that can truly come into play…but a blanket statement of eat XYZ per lb of body weight per human is about as antiquated as the old dieting baggage BS out there…I find on carnivore just as KD says, as I say and some many that are on Keto Plan, being very heavy in animal protein based will always show massive exceptions and down right no go on the XYZ protein needed per lb. to ‘do’ what in a human -----ok this is a general chat on what I feel cause I tell ya one thing, carnivore plan wrecks all that useless info in truth of it all LOL Animal protein is NOT toxic ever IF ONE does not 'add in the plants and the chemical crap keto bars and the low fat versions of ‘what one can put into’ their daily meals to make it work for them and not against them…us carnivores get it :slight_smile: but once we walk a few steps from carnivore all variations come into play big time of course and too numerous to even pin down to ‘what ifs’ etc…again just my personal general thoughts when chatting protein on ‘the carnivore lifestyle’ if one holds it true.

and winner takes ALL on the best darn carnivore chat post I seen in a long time :100:

Carnivore is carnivore, the biggest issue ‘on carnivore’ becomes your fat intake and how high we rack that up when it is ‘a bit unnecessary’ and you are playing the fat intake game with going ‘psmf’ type control fattier days and watching your intake and then you are refeeding that fat and believe me—to all carnivore—the fat is the key on it all.

but some when new need massive fat intake to thrive
then we flip and change
then we change again
then we change again
and KD is longer on plan where she knows her body and she saw how her eating was working a bit against her and she decided to control a bit and ‘see what results’ happened and thing is ‘her tweaks NOW on plan’ is becoming her sweet spot…her personal body knowledge…her absolute knowledge of how carnivore works best for her SO KEY HERE being there is a newer person ‘not getting’ it or ‘tip toeing out of carnivore’ on a more normal basis and thinks WHY can’t I get results of others??? cause…yea right? :slight_smile: and then there are those carnivores that thrive, absolutely thrive cause THEY do carnivore but learn on time on this plan how it works for them at their stage on this plan. But not once does starving, or willpower, or ‘dieting calculations of science crap’ truly come into play…it is just a daily meal eating day and satisfied and nutritionally engaging and what life is supposed ‘to be’ for all of us against our food intake…KD is rocking it right now! More power to ya!!

So in general…everyone, get the heck out of the ‘calculations of what it takes to achieve some body health’ that is almost always ‘bunk’ to apply to a human being as an individual…sometimes faith in the plan is key and one thing also, alot of that knowledge of the BS bunk we all read, the stuff of dieting and the science backed by this proven science and more was key for US to GET HERE on this carnivore lifestyle…but once here, that ol’ stuff is NOT the factor that is what carnivore is about so ‘drop the old baggage’ is very important to us to thrive further on plan.

the standard…eat meat/seafood/ fish and fowl and what you love and thrive on…eat the fatty content you NEED while you need it, let the body direct you on your food choices of the animal kingdom and ‘watch the man made stuff’ you choose like the dairy category of cheese and yogurt and milk and FEEL YOURSELF in full honesty on this plan :slight_smile:

@Ketodaisy YOU ARE THE RIGHTEST person I know when the keto police are telling you are wrong cause you are doing you and the results show full force you are in the right lane, doing the right thing for your personal body and forget the ‘judgements and ol’ science studies’ that ‘prove you are doing it OH SO wrong’ LOL :wink: :crazy_face::100:

--------------OK I am hyped…carnivore is not and will never FIT into ‘dieting plan categories’ of any other plan or science out there per individual…this is a key thing to learn on this plan…be you and what it takes for you and with the clarity we do get from getting off junk we do know the path, we just have to wake up and do for us —as we navigate other life…other life and stress and how we function in our lives and what we want and how we live against what we want and more??? is a big factor but if WE watch our ‘carnivore lifestyle’ as a ‘real focus’ and an importance we want to address and ‘handle’ as a big plus factor that is great in our lives, we thrive better and better :slight_smile: Believe me, zero carb eating saved me big time…does it go wonky some days and do I question a bit, I sure do, but now I am all in carnivore for so long that it boils down to this lifestyle is ME and I embrace it…takes a bit sometimes to get here for those of us ‘who get here’ but the walk and journey can be very eye opening for all of us.

for me monster Tbone steak was yum when I got home from errands

then I still wanted food so I ate 8 slices taylor ham which I inhaled in a flash and thought…more more more…but I used the ‘old trick’ of ‘just friggin’ wait’ for the body to catch up with the mind and I was super happy and full

later I ate a few slices salami I finished off and a chunk of cheddar which is now thankfully gone :slight_smile: I kinda then thought more food but it was later in the day, knew I ate so well, come on ya know…

woke up not hungry, around 11am now and gonna put in 4 big country style ribs to be ready in a while and feast out on them and later food? who knows but I believe it will be lighter in that it is a big sunny super hot almost 100 deg day and I am ‘pooling it’ with cleaning and handling outside stuff so probably in the end, won’t be much after I inhale all that lovely pork :slight_smile:

OK guys, best chat and how we roll forward on this plan and learn us is key…just learn yourself!! but they key to the whole thing is ‘do the carnivore lifstyle’ as it is meant to be done and we find real truths…we ‘play carnivore’ we almost learn nothing about real results, but we do ‘see and bank knowledge’ about us as individuals, a walk toward better or changes alot of us need in our paths kinda thing :sunny:

(Linda ) #431

For me im eating about 1.-1.4 lbs of meat sometimes a little more but I really only go by cooked weight cos I grill my meat or roast it but always on a rack …and I don’t eat the fat and juices that are left behind…

I will weigh my meat but more for data so I can go back and say I ate that on this day …if im hungry I eat then add it to data.
I dk why I had a problem processing protein lol its not like I have an aversion to it cos I love my meat
I always have …but I do notice if over eat it ill get the odd twinge in kidney region if I back off it doesn’t happen…
I dont think this blood work was bad on uric acid (Has been in the past though)…
But Dr C put out a video this last week that he is seeing a trend in ppls blood going towards high uric acid in both keto and carnivore patients his suggestion was dont do one meal a day spread it out cos he doesn’t have the answers as to why it’s happening yet but it might be because alot of ppl are trying to eat all their days protein in one sitting…

I dont know about the rest of you but it does seem more and more ppl are taking their “keto rules to carnivore” and forcing them selves onto intermittent fasting and one meal a day not because that’s what their body is saying to do but because dare I say it its the fad thing to do, and it’s what I see alot of ppl telling others they “should” be doing.
I still eat twice a day and I don’t care if it’s not the cool thing to do but my body likes eating twice if I eat three I often end up with the stuffed feeling and I’ve never been too full not to eat the 2nd…

I agree with Fangs what I like about carnivore is it not dieting I just look in the supermarket for my strip steaks and grab half a dozen packets lol… they all come in about the same weight but up or down a few ounces … I buy the two packs,then I pull one out of the freezer per day easy peasy for me lol even if I track my food it’s what ever size the steak is if it’s lamb I usually eat quarter of a rack per meal…

Food today was strip steak black coffee and water for first meal 2nd will be the same.

(Karen) #432

Stair runs before a 5 mile walk and talk with my daughter.

She had some cooked bratties and chorizo sausages for me for when we got back to jer house which was good as I thought i was going to have to go longer than normal before my brunch. So I had that about middayish

Got home mid afternoon and had a bit of cheese before cooking a couple of burgers eggs n bacon followed by a bit more cheese.

Working tomorrow, bank Holiday Monday :roll_eyes: i don’t really like weekends and Bank hols in work as I prefer the normality of the weekday regime. But hey ho it is what it is and I just have to get on with it lol.

(Daisy) #433

Had a little bowl of yogurt/psmf bread/cinnamon before church. Then I had a big sirloin and beef ribs (half of what’s pictured). image image


I reckon the keto police, might be the keto paramedics when one starts to feel ill due to accumulated ammonia. Keto police, I understand it is said in jest. And may hark to a carnivore rebellious meme that takes up the narrative of anti-establishmentism. Taken that way it’s all in good fun.

I don’t think the point is policing of individual n=1 experiments. It is about guiding and teaching. It is more about understanding biology and physiology. That there are some natural limits on how much we can eat. That may be as macro nutrients, or micronutrients. Let’s quote an ancient Greek, “The dose makes the poison” (Paracelsus). And, from that, the risks, if someone says that they don’t recognise hunger and satiety signals, especially newbies with broken metabolisms, that they conceptually, cumulatively over-eat protein over an extended period and do themselves a damage.

That said, we are all learning from @Ketodaisy and @Fangs as the pressure release valve may be in the variation in hunger and macro-nutrient percentage on different days. Some days we are hungry, some days we are not. The ammonia risk is an accumulated risk of persistent over-eating protein. The variations allow, as @Fangs repeats to us, the body to self-regulate. As we heal, we may well need the high protein for the repair process, but we can’t expect that to be the case in the future (unless we are constantly damaging ourselves in other ways). Hopefully by that time the self regulation of appetite signals will be strong and recognisable again to keep us from self harm and over enthusiasm.

@Ketodaisy you are doing great and very inspiring.

Finishing All Animal August with a Triple A carnivore philosophy, psychology and physiology bang!


The thing that makes me smile in that (bordering on science-bashing) post is that you are describing science Fangsy.

n= 1 observations to form and update hypotheses, and then to go on and test them. It’s science at its natural philosophy scientific foundation.

Can’t deny your passion, it’s awesome and important in a teacher.


I get ya FB. Part being every single food we ingest and everything we drink effects us and has to be removed, changed, processed in our bodies. The highest source of ammonia in meat is actually in fast food meats cause they are treated with ammonia etc. for the purpose of preservations, might be why alot of us carnivores actually don’t do well on fast food burgers when travelling and more.

but yea I was being off handish with my reply. Biological functions absolutely are real science and more LOL but you are exactly right in the body ‘will learn’ and we change…and fat ratio to your protein is very key also obviously…here is a tad and it mentions ammonia toxicity in the article: from the article: One pound of ribeye, for instance, is 32% of calories from protein. This is pushing the boundaries of your protein digestion limits if you’re not adding additional fat. And it’s why Arctic Explorer Viljamurr Stefansson suggested adding additional fat. Stefansson briefly flirted with the limits of rabbit starvation which can kill you----------

I love what you said here and I agree: And, from that, the risks, if someone says that they don’t recognise hunger and satiety signals, especially newbies with broken metabolisms, that they conceptually, cumulatively over-eat protein over an extended period and do themselves a damage. (This is not an overnight fast process…this is known as protein poisoning or rabbit starvation and other terms, it is a longer term buildup up of no fat mostly accompanying your meat intake…that is why our carnivore meat/fat ratio is important…there is a meat/fat balance for each of us as we change thru our time on carnivore…but the urea cycle, if it has defects or a person has med issues etc. one could be effected faster?

a meat/fat ratio isn’t going to become toxic to anyone on carnivore even if you eat higher protein, they key is to have fat into this process to balance it all…again, recommendations on carnivore is eat the fatty meat, 1-2 lbs a day is most typical for many of us and don’t panic and if one wants less fat one day eat that, one wants more fat one day, eat it and it is good to add in fish and seafood for more nutrients etc. like a boost in iodine and watch all manmade products, like fast food burgers etc. being eaten cause anything we buy man made has been processed and changed, fresh meat is always the recommendation.

We know the body can handle so much…we all push it every single day for sure from eating SAD junky to over working ourselves to a ton of stuff and we push and push…but finding balances are key to all our lives in every aspect, one being when eating protein, keep that fat in your life cause it is very important for your bodies’ processing.

But yea FB while being informed is super good and we all need knowledge of sciences and more on any eating plan we do take, we also can grab unlikely scenarios out of every little science calculation and make it effect us when it really won’t be an issue for most…‘most’ I never say never cause humans are so different ya know.

great chat tho for sure but if we dig too deep sometimes we scare off from a great plan when the issue could never be a factor but yes, everyone should be aware ya know.

--------------------------------SO yesterday was easy peasy.
cooked 4 big country pork ribs
ate 2 and omg they were so good, that cripsy juicy pork fat is one of my best meals. Ahh love the taste on this and so satisfying.
then I was gonna eat the other 2 but just too much so I ate a tin of sardines and some salami slices…done.

got some hamburger for burgers and leftover pork so I am good to go and easy peasy for today again :slight_smile:

August is rocking down now guys and into a new month we go soon!! Hope August treated everyone great and next month we rock out even better changes and well being from the carnivore plan :sunny:


@Azi, I so agree. Keto ‘rules’ and other plans are trying to ‘add into carnivore’ and ‘make it a real thing’ when Carnivore is truly its own animal…see, animal? HAHA

many do fall into OMAD on this plan but ‘they fall there’ thru the journey, it is never a forced issue. That is what carnivores do not do…we force nothing. We feed the body to heal and then we change to what we as individuals need…1 meal, 2 meals, or 3 or more which is dictated by our time on our journey and our needs.

I am just like you…I landed on 2 meals per day and when I do eat a 3rd I find it very offputting for my body…so it is rare I hit 3 meals…mostly never…2 is me .

Plus like you said, people force intermittent fasting…we don’t ever do this. We fall naturally into not eating and having longer periods of no food wants because we eat all we need when we need it to start, we heal and change and adapt and thrive more with time on plan and a very natural non-eating window hits us and our bodies relax and repair and heal when we don’t eat so yea…you are so right Azi…leave ‘the rules’ of other plans outta our carnivore lifestyle :slight_smile:

very interesting what you said about the uric acid and omad…be interesting to see what Dr C learns about it …cool

and guys, beautiful food pics on the board…wowza…


I noticed this trend and I can’t imagine why people think it’s the way… Everyone should do whatever is best for them and it may be something very different than to another person. It may be something different from yesterday… I have OMAD days and I have days with 4-5 meals… If my first 2-3 meals gave me inadequate nutrition and more importantly, I get hungry, I eat more… I prefer 1-2 meals but first of all, I must get my nutrients and satiation.
But just the same, I am against saying newbie ketoers they shouldn’t do even IF and they must eat 3 times a day. I probably did the 3 and I know I did IF just like before keto… Forceful fasting is the wrong thing but it’s just as bad after fat adaptation… And maybe trying out fasting if we never did it isn’t very advisable on top of a very new woe…

I ate little today this far, no wonder after my last days… I messed up, kind of, even my timing, I wasn’t a good hedonist, oh well. But I felt okay at least.
So I have my carnivore-ish (dairyless if I can do it) #1 again. I had dairy yesterday but the rest is Alvaro’s.

I ate leftover soup with chicken (I will so won’t buy chicken for a long time… it lasted for too long since I had enough of it), fried chicken liver, boiled eggs and will continue similarly. When I reached “dessert time” (I need multiple stricter carni days or at least a bunch of very tempting meat to avoid it) and pancakes were out due to dairy, I had a coffee with eggs and butter. It worked nicely.

Tomorrow I roast some pork chuck :smiley: I am so boring :smiley: But hopefully my food won’t bore me at all!

I walked and run today, saw a blue heron and made zillion photos of butterflies and hawk-moths. I improved, I am so impressed! They are wonderful animals anyway just too quick. 1/6400s is enough to freeze their wings but that time has some conditions… And I have other hardships with them. But they are lovely, insect of the year now in Hungary if I didn’t mention it yet. Of course, one can make some nice shots with blurry wings as well…


I don’t have pretty food to shot and my food photography skills are way smaller anyway…

Oh and about the protein. There is a toxic level of protein, sure, no woe can change that. Even water is toxic if too much! But too much protein means usually quite high so we rarely go over that. Just going way over some recommended amount (and those vary too) doesn’t mean it’s too high, it doesn’t work like that, first we get the probably very wide range of unnecessarily much but still okay. Some people have problems with protein and they must stay lower, others are okay but still can overeat protein… I am quite lucky that despite my probably smallish protein need (I surely never need more than 100g as far as I know, it’s already a quite generously high amount and requires exercise), I love fat enough and eat little enough on very low-carb that protein is never a problem.
Paul often talks about protein in another threads, I think, he said 3.3g/kg for lean bodyweight is the normal upper limit…? I often go over it but my average is smaller and I am sure some people can go way higher. While protein needs and limits aren’t all over the place, an educated guess is possible knowing some data about the one in question, they are still somewhat individual.
I am very sure everyone has a limit, I just seriously doubt I could meet mine, I get very very satiated way before. Maybe on a lean diet it would be possible, theoretically but in practice, I can’t eat low-fat for more than a day (one day is hard enough and I rarely can do it even if I try. but it’s possible).
I didn’t even go too high on high-carb, I am sure. I suspect I was around my normal high protein, I mostly ate fat, not huge amounts of protein (and the carbs but fat was my primary energy source).
Maybe I automatically eat in my good protein range, who knows?

So we may need an unusually high amount of protein sometimes? Makes sense.

That must be nice. I get hungry every day :frowning: Or feel the need to eat, it’s not always hunger, sometimes a very serious need to refuel…
I don’t know when I get my fasting days back. I always had them. Very rarely but still.


I was thinking like that. IF was one of the things that came natural to me on keto (not really fasting, just waiting to get hungry) And as all the youtube videos teach how beneficial it is, I really felt it was something I mastered, and didnt expect to let it go on carnivore woe. But the most important for me was about healing insulin-resistance. Now I realize, im not eating carbs! I can eat without spiking insuline! Yeay !!!

Its my day 28, and im still free from all cravings, I want to eat intuitively when hungry, but tracking my food shows alot of low calorie days, so ive tried to eat some more than what I felt like. Now im letting go! I will not care about calories whatsoever!! When im full and happy, i will not worrie about too few calories, why should I, when my body is getting the best nutrition, I will trust it to let me know, if and when it needs more. I will not control this, or anything anymore, ill eat when im hungry, until Im satisfied. Ill just eat my damn meat. And fish, eggs, some cheese and butter/sourcream, and a dash of natural yoghurt.

(No food pic from me today, I ate it)


my cheapo tablet is not working on pics…yea cheapo being key word :slight_smile:

kid took pic of my first meal…my country style pork ribs and the fat content I kept of course…in toaster oven now cause after my swim in I very hungry being near 2 now.


can not wait to get my claws into this very soon!

plus for tonight, got some sirloin steak if wanted, tin of sardines IS calling my name but after this, hmm, OMAD for me or more? I don’t care, I what I want when I want :100: will be interesting to see how I roll later :crazy_face:


ok…this is me personally…out of the toaster oven in a flash, all warm and melted and IF you guys can see my salt added…then you get me when I say I salt…I don’t play on salt one bit ever LOL salt is me on this plan and it suits me to no end and I know alot of you are saying…omg that amt of salt? but I am me and you are you so always remember that of course :wink: Scary off the charts for many but not ever for me :wink: