All Animal August---Triple A


Here it is…another month and the title says it all!

All Animal all the time in August…Carnivore on Strong!

Any goals or small changes you want to watch about yourself or ?? you have in mind for yourself in August just throw them out.

--------yesterday was
12 oz ribeye steak
8 slices taylor ham
2 beef sticks
1 tin of sardines

I think for August I am gonna just ‘feel me out’ a bit. Maybe do like was mentioned in the other thread by Septimius…time to cook more meat at once and leave in fridge to take off that pressure of having to ‘cook’ on hunger demand.

I have been toying with idea a tiny bit…cause when I cook my ribs and have leftovers, I know instantly what my next meal will probably be…leftover ribs :slight_smile: and it truly takes that what to cook or do I even need to cook any other meal later out of my life and to me that is something I truly enjoy and suits how I am.

I think August for me is gonna be trying batch cooking meat and see how I fare on arranging that in my life. I have a feeling it is gonna work out well for some reason…I kinda been heading this way a bit, but I was always one who ‘liked fresh cooked food’ vs a leftover situation, but longer on plan I find eating cold chicken or just a fast small reheat on ribs to take the cold off is so easy and so simple and enjoying leftovers more is something I have changed into better.

So that is how I am gonna roll a bit thru August.

Nothing dramatic here, just chilling and zc’ing.


Yay, I was waiting for this thread! I took a break from writing my even longer than usual post in the old one… So, goals. Let’s figure them out.

First of all, this will be my second dedicated carnviore(-is) month. November was the first and I lasted for 2 weeks using almost no proper meat, poor me, just super salty smoked pork and liver… It still was easy until it lasted… I even lost fat, first time since years… But that wasn’t my focus especially not a temporal one that I got back and more when huge stress hit later.

August may be a summer month but suitable for carnivore, at least the first half. I think.
I know my body will love it and it’s not like my mind enjoyed all the mess that comes with carbs… And my tastebuds are hooked on carni food too. With tiny exceptions.

So, I am way more determined than usual. I clearly can do a couple of weeks and hopefully more. Even if it only happened once before. I am better now. I changed and I am less shy with meat, I am more used to it too.

I basically want just chill and happens what happens but I really don’t want to allow those horrible multiple meals days. I dislike being hungry again and again and again. Allow, as if my body asks me but I have a few tricks and maybe I can use them, maybe not. But my body isn’t as confused as before, I can eat more properly know.

Oh my, I wanted to be more concise. So… Specific goals?

  1. As little dairy as possible. They aren’t satiating to me, after all. I won’t keep myself from a nice lil snack of sour cream if I fancy that, certain dishes calls for some too but my basic attitude will be meat and eggs.
    I don’t say no cheese (I may need every trick to avoid eating sweets due to needing something different, after all) but it will be super low for sure. I don’t ever desire it.

  2. It has more than a bit common with 1… No coffee until noon or preferably my first meal. I won’t strongly enforce it or worry if I fail but I want my fasting window clean. Not with coffee with cream everywhere. And anyway, it’s so pointless to drink coffee so much. Stupid habit.
    I try not drinking coffee at night either.

  3. I try to pull out all stops regarding meat eating :slight_smile: It’s more literal than normally, I truly have stops embedded in me somewhere. I don’t need extra efforts, my love towards meat and all the other things pointing towards it are enough, I just need to get out those stops.
    I gradually raised my average meat consumption in the last ~1.5 years (my meatiest days are similar, I am around 1.5 pounds there but it only can happen for a day as I would get bored of meat and I would horribly miss my eggs) but I still see some remnants of my old meat sparing attitude from the past. It was right back then, I couldn’t buy enough meat and couldn’t handle eating much meat at all but things changed. Now I think I can eat all the meat I want. I am not sure if I should start with some eggs as in the past, I will experiment. Or just grab whatever I desire first. I am just a tad afraid that I end up being hungry and not wanting my less exciting items. But maybe it’s stupid. And anyway, I have pancakes. Not without disadvantages though so I don’t want to use them for every meal. It’s easier when I have head cheese or some other exciting stuff. Exciting now, maybe I will get bored a bit of it later.

So I will try to be braver with meat (I wasn’t bad lately but I still feel something from the past) and I should repetitively remember myself to this goal to avoid slipping back to older habits.

I should have some decent amount of fatty meat at hand all the time I think. I mean, ready to eat or at least a bunch of cute pieces ready to fry quickly.
Lately I guessed the amount of meat I would like to eat not completely right. I changed. So I better have plenty.

I think that’s it this far. I definitely want a pattern, rhythm or state of body and mind that is more stable and works better. My carnivore(-ish) days are the best ones I have anyway but there is huge room for improvement. I still don’t know too many things and I want to figure them out.

By the way I stopped putting a part of my meat (mostly roast) into the freezer. I did it a lot in the past. It’s nice to have some there but well, 2 kg meat is so little I easily eat it before I could get near anywhere to get bored of it… Maybe if I use 3.5 kg again…
I definitely eat more meat now.

I won’t experiment with leaner meat. That doesn’t work. Maybe I will try a leaner day when the blood plasma donation will finally happen…? I don’t know yet. That’s not my natural style, to put it lightly. It seems my proper satiation and satisfaction requires high protein and high fat. So I stick to that. I can’t change it anyway… Last time I focused on protein I ended up with 260+ g fat, no wonder… My body usually works that way.

I am similar. There is a reason I always cooked before my main meal, even if I went home at 9:30pm…
But nice roasts are great even cold! I just need the right fat content (and of course I don’t use not flavorful meat. except the few chicken legs I still have) :wink: Alvaro wouldn’t touch meat with big fat veins, cold and solid at that! :smiley: But he can enjoy his food and I can enjoy mine, it never was a problem between us. I don’t even understand why people want to change someone else’s diet (unless the other one is killing themselves. it’s still not realistic unless the other person wants the change as well). We shouldn’t expect sacrifices from our family just because we are weak or something. Except maybe if it’s killing us… But we should handle our woe changes ourselves. I would say the same if Alvaro would eat extremely differently from me. But I am lucky, he didn’t even complained about meat lately. Maybe he changed too. I make sure it won’t be a big load. A little piece is plenty for him and probably he still needs his meatless days. But he doesn’t have many in row anymore.
And my life is easier but leftover egg whites pile up more… It’s good I don’t want ice cream anymore, that produced many egg whites.

Oh extra goal. I will create things much more and won’t think about food so much let alone writing here walls of texts multiple times a day. This is the beginning, I had an odd week and I have more thoughts about it than usual. Hopefully it will be better. Tomorrow I fry my biggest pork chuck slab and all will be fine. Right?


I decided to track (so quick an easy now) afterwards again.

Today I ate very much (TMAD, an early 3.5 hour eating window) but it’s pork ribs for you. Rather for me, I ate it all myself.

It’s a small plate and about a pound of pork ribs (plus bones).
It was my simple dinner… And some kefir and coffee as I wanted some little dessert too. The kefir is awfully sugary, I could eat many sweet pancakes with that amount… While this thing is a few quick mouthful of white, semi-solid water… Oh well, it’s a rare thing in my kitchen.
If kefir isn’t a common thing somewhere: it’s a bit sourer sibling of yogurts. Almost the same. Pretty useless. Except it did the trick now.

My lunch was too early and sudden so I just ate a few eggs (all took a different form to make my body to accept it). It was mildly forceful as I had a slightly negative appetite but I hated my hunger so I had no other choice.
Sigh. At least my hunger passed and it happens rarely.

I want to nap now. Meals are often like this to me especially on a very dark, rainy day.

I expect a late meal tomorrow. Today was super satiating! I ate most of my pork in 5 mins but then I stopped and needed 10 more minutes. Just because I was kinda hungry, I didn’t want more meat. But it was nice enough so it wasn’t too hard to eat the whole pound (1250kcal says my data, no idea what could be the real number, obviously. it didn’t lose much fat to complicate things, at least).


Stay. On. Plan.


Eggs, bacon and cheese to break fast at 11.30am. 2 cups of coffee today. Tonight was 2 types of fish = Barramundi and Atlantic Salmon. Not as satisfying as beef. But dinner was cooked for me. so I accepted it gratefully.

(Edith) #6

I’ve been working on this today: a couple racks or ribs, chicken thighs, hamburgers. Cooking it all up this afternoon to make for easier lunches to bring to work during the week.


I ditched eggs a few weeks back. I was eating 3-6 a day; now I have one occasionally in a bowl of chicken broth (egg drop soup).

Interestingly, when I have broth, my appetite roars into action (so I always follow it up with steak). The last few batches of broth I’ve made are all meat/bone (no vegetables).

I had some trouble getting steak with enough fat on, so I added MCT oil back in. I wasn’t happy about doing it, but I did feel better - so obviously the fat/protein ratio wasn’t right. I might have to look at buying fat separately (like suet) and putting my meal together that way.

To get a vehicle for the MCT oil, I’ve been drinking decaf coffee. So it all has a knock on effect, which is annoying. Not that I’ve noticed any problems with the decaf coffee.

I gave up alcohol several weeks ago. I reintroduced it and didn’t notice too much difference. My stomach gurgled a bit on the first night, but since then, no change. I think I might stick to my process of having it occasionally at weekends for the time being.

Everything else is the same really - no dairy, no plants. Meat, water, coffee, broth, an occasional egg, a drop of alcohol.

Oh, and I’m still lifting weights. I’m really starting to notice some real muscle definition now. I’ve tried in the past (protein shakes and targeted carbs, you name it) and never had that much success, but carnivore seems to be really helping me to become more defined.


I’ll be honest, that’s partly why I started - I was thinking ‘oh yeah, carnivore’s fine when you can eat a steak each meal, but what happens when you go back to the office?’

So I made steak and cut it up with the idea of ‘I could have this for lunch at work if I needed to’.

It’s genuinely the best thing I’ve done, I think. That freedom to walk back and to from the fridge - to put excess back in, or to take more out when hungry - has done wonders.

Especially with a hormonal cycle affecting our hunger. I can see from my own data that it’s not reasonable to expect our bodies to have X input every day of every week of every month; sometimes we need more, sometimes we need less, and I think a lot of it is hormone driven. Having the freedom to eat what I need, instead of eating to a plate or eating to a clock…that’s been life changing.


:heart_eyes: Oh someone reached the highest level of Being Concise!
A talented one may say “Teach me, master!”, I just admire such people’s existence as I have zero chance to even get near to that! :smiley:


yes. I love this. I am heading right in this direction also!

I just cooked up 6 monster sized pork ribs. Ate a very small 8 oz ribeye steak and had to wait for the ribs…but these big fatty meaty country pork ribs are wonderful…I could only eat 1. Hit satiation in an instant.

got another for later if wanted, but might be an OMAD day for me maybe but in the end, KNOWING I got that meat cooked and done just to eat whenever without having to deal with cooking has given me ‘some very calming’ effect over me today.

Had to get my mom at her house and by the time we got home…after stopping to get them a darn pizza…it was 1 pm and no food for the day. HAD TO cook that darn little steak while getting my ribs into the oven to be ready for later and I thought the whole time…if those ribs were just waiting in the fridge for me, what a pleasure that would have been!!

So I am seeing this being a good thing too guys and I thank you Septimius for saying you do it and now VE is stocking up and I am jumping on the bandwagon also!

(Karen) #11

Crikey have I missed a day??? So many posts to catch up on lol!

Did stair runs this morning and then met my daughter at the gym for a bit of a workout. Mojo wasn’t really there but I did a number of sets of back squats. Then we went in the spa and I was able to catch up on her week away in the Isle of Skye. I love our catch ups.

Came home via the Company Shop where I picked up some goody foody bargains!

Brunch a bit later than usual about 1.45pm I sauted some cooked turkey breast pieces with melted cheddar. Followed with a bit of the cheddar my daughter bought me.

Later in the afternoon I cooked up a whole kilo pack of lamb chops, more than I wanted to eat today so I have some to take to work cold tomorrow. On the late shift so fortunately no getting up in the middle of the night.

Then I cooked up the salmon fillet I had defrosted that needed to be cooked. Initially I was going to take that with me tomorrow too but it smelt too good to save for later haha. It was only very small.

When I finished the plate of chops I had one more larger one that I had continued cooking because of the size of it. Then I got to a point of not being able to eat anymore and the rest went in the fridge.

(Linda ) #12

What a difference a day or two makes had the decking of the pool finished today …progress yayyyy.

Food today was the rest of my roast eaten in two meal lots and two burger patties with 2nd meal.


I always cooked as much food as possible and hope that I will have leftovers… I am so, so, so glad I don’t try to live on low-carb vegetable dishes now… Even with added eggs, one needed a huge volume so it didn’t last long… Especially that I preferred fried stuff and even my biggest pan is tiny for vegetables… It’s better for Alvaro as he eats dry legumes, I love making them, almost no work and food for 5 days for Alvaro.

Oh, sorry, back to carnivore :slight_smile: It’s a cooking heavy day for me. Alvaro made a low-energy veggie dish on Saturday so he has no food left. It’s fine, he will be happy with eggs in purgatory.

But I made pâté. Still pretty bad. I never thought a liver can be this bad. I don’t feel it THAT bitter anymore but it’s not good. But borderline edible so we will eat it. I mixed it with things… Yeah, my homemade mustard is super agressive, I usually use it for Alvaro’s dishes, he is fine with it…
But a bunch of sour cream makes almost everything better especially too hot (be it temperature or spiciness) or rich or oversalted dishes.

If the little kitchen machine was already used, I got out my pork skin from the freezer and ground that too. I will have pork skin omelets again.

And I whip some cream for Alvaro’s pudding so if that big machine is used, I make cheesy whipped eggs and sponge cakes too…
And the original main dish for Alvaro was more complicated. Oh well, I have it soooo easily when he made his own long lasting food in the weekend (welll, most of it, I almost always need to add this and that as only I can eat a super simple meal. I rarely do that but I can) and I just eat a roast. I actually do my best to balance out my days so I never need to be too many hours in the kitchen, cooking (I am very often and long there, I just do various things).

I need the oven for the other baked stuff so no pork roast until evening. But I have plenty of other stuff to eat and if I really need, I can fry it in a pan. Oh if my grounder is dirty already, I can make pork chuck mincemeat too before I clean it. Mincemeat is fun, I barely ever ate it yet :smiley: And pork skin won’t bother the mincemeat just like a little pâté can’t harm the pork skin…

I wrote too much again considering I didn’t want any, I am way before my first meal, I haven’t even cooked my meal!
Accept this butterfly as apology. Yeah, not perfectly visible* but it’s a new kind for us and we are quite happy about it. Alvaro says it’s actually rare - but common in Hungary. Yay.
This plant is wonderful, it blooms for months… I see it from the kitchen window. I have good kitchen windows, actually and I don’t mean the 3 layered glass with some gas, it’s super insulated, for passive houses. Ours isn’t that but we tried. No, I see Nature from there. Foxes, lovely songbirds, butterflies…

*But if you tried to shot butterflies, you may appreciate everything that’s not a blur or closed wings… It is one of my best shots and the best featuring this species.
But I have the whole August to make better shots. My lovely plant won’t go anywhere and we have sunshine every day…


@Azi…yea on the pool nearing completion.

is that gonna be a finished concrete interior or does a fiberglass type shell go in there? just curious on it. My friend Barb had a concrete pool but actually developed cracks, this was like after 30 years and she replaced it with a fiberglass insert inground pool, it was interesting to learn about the process for the changeover.

---------------got alot of big ol’ fat pork ribs cooked
love knowing they are super fast accesible.

yesterday was small ribeye steak, that thin cut kind
1 1/4 big ol ribs. was gonna eat more but I could not :wink:

today is the same.

repeat. finish the second little ribeye in the pack and eat up as much of the ribs as I can handle and done deal for the day.


off to a good start in August.

Brunch yesterday…
Smoked Whitefish
Prime Rib
Baked Lake Superior Whitefish w/ beurre blanc

and a bit of turkey before beddiebye.


I must say a pound of pork ribs for dinner (and the other stuff I ate yesterday) was highly effective…
Alvaro had his second meal of the day (he has an insane 8+ hours between his first 2 :smiley: I have such a thing less often than a fasting day, not every year) while I am very very very satiated, food is totally out of question. I was sitting in the kitchen, freshly made food in front of me and nothing. Well, it wasn’t pork roast for sure but still.

My sponge cakes are pretty and fluffy all the way, I fried the leftover liquid part. They just have a very low volume, I mean, huge air bubble inside. It’s not easy with flourless sponge cakes. Even using 1.5 times as many yolks didn’t help, well not surprising but they are tastier this way and I had leftovers as I made cheesy egg whites without defrosting my leftover whites.

(Linda ) #17

@Fangs It’s going to have a plaster finish im not sure if that’s next or pump and heating…I figure I’m in florida and heated I can swim all year might as well get the most out of it I can.

@ shanits those buns look great what do you put in with your egg whites?

@ Nice to see your doing well SB


Egg whites and 1.5 times as many egg yolks (6 whites and 9 yolks for this bunch). Oh and a little vinegar. It’s not 100% eggs this time (that sounded so perfect…) but still significantly over 99% :wink: But I am not sure the vinegar does anything, waiting for the watery bottom appear before I spoon these into my muffin mold is the key so I will try them without next time.

So they are neutral (a bit salty because they are mostly eggs but that’s fine. normal people put a little salt into their desserts too. I never did and nowadays eggs may make them too salty, woe me. oh no, I am fine). I ate them sweet before and as they are sponge cakes, that was the default idea when I looked at them but I almost exclusively used and use them for some kind of meaty spread or a side dish for some meat. I don’t even know how else could I eat my tuna/salmon spreads when I don’t fancy deviled eggs (I rarely do). They are edible all alone but it’s a better idea with these.

But it’s a nice dessert with some proper creamy dairy I suppose…

(Doug) #19

All Animal August—Triple A :slightly_smiling_face:

Bacon, more bacon, and fried eggs and hard boiled eggs yesterday. Beef short ribs going in the slow cooker/Instant Pot today. Salmon and cod fillets waiting for their chance to be on the menu…


25 hour fast, it was so perfect and blissful…
Maybe 1.5 hour eating, that was a chore and hard work… Sigh. I hope it will stop being like that but eating is a bit hard and not enough enjoyable now. I wondered about when to eat, again, the what was straightforward: whatever my body is willing to accept somehow. Definitely not the pâté but I managed to squeeze some of it into myself.
I ate some pork too, just quickly fried mincemeat when I tracked and see I still ate too little. That was nice, easy to eat. So I ate until my guessed calories became just right. It’s so odd, I practically never did that before. But my need-to-refuel weakness went away so everything showed it’s the right time to stop. Finally. The problem with “when to eat” is that often even my urges are in disagreement.

But I liked my pork skin omelet too. With sour cream. I could afford not so satiating fats today. My protein is low in my world but still adequate.

I merely had to take breaks from eating.

So it wasn’t bad but not good enough. If it won’t get solved, I will eat earlier (or not at all? it’s so very hard to decide… oh well I will experiment), I won’t wait for hunger or weakness. Hunger didn’t came, need to refuel kind of did but my appetite was zero or below. Not fun. Maybe I need broth.

And because of reasons, I drank vodka. I drank lots of water too but I still feel poisoned. Well alcohol IS poison. Yeah but I drank it after a decent meal, in 30 minutes, drinking like a horse - and it was 8ml. I am slightly confused but it’s super cool if I manage to get this sensitive to alcohol! I just need some better stuff. Like my fav whisky and it will last for many years unless Alvaro helps a lot. I don’t drink often.

I even feel some normal effect* but probably other things enhanced it.

*I didn’t drink much (like, a whole beer or a whole shot) since… Probably quite a few years so no idea what normal is anymore.

But 8 ml is nothing even for me. Well a smallish valid dose but I usually don’t feel anything. (Maybe because my body didn’t want so much beer a few days ago and now it’s sensitive? But I opened it and Alvaro didn’t want much. I think I forget about beers and only make very special exceptions. Or because I drank for the wrong reasons? No sense to think about it, alcohol isn’t my problem.) Circumstances are important! Once I felt a beer. Once I felt NOTHING after 2.5dl strong spirit.

But if alcohol feels like this, I will drink less. I am a shame in this very alcoholic country :slight_smile:
Good. I hope I won’t ever be orthorexic but I am pretty health-conscious since a while.