All Animal August---Triple A


Hey all. It feels really good to sit down here with y’all, and have time for a chat. Its been awhile! Life got real busy, and I know you all understand how that goes. Farm life can be challenging, since so much of what we do is dependent on the weather, and on farm equipment. And, the animals, of course.
Got the steer butchered. No small task. Hanging weight (four quarters) was 365.lbs. We didn’t do the big guy, but rather the small-mid-sized guy. Next up are a dozen or so turkeys. Garden is going great guns which is all well and fine - but I don’t eat much outta there. I do enjoy food prep for others though.
Work is work. Got 2 people out sick, so ended up covering for a manager —on my day off. And lucky me…on afternoons for the next few days, then shift over to mornings on Tuesday.

Fasting for a few days is more appealing to me currently, then ump back into some fresh beef each day. Beef- from the farm. Eggs - from the farm. Turkey-from the farm. Really should not have to shop for myself at all, should I?!

Had a tough coupla days – anniv. of my brother’s death (3 years ago), and what would have been his birthday, yesterday. Not emotionally eating though. Finally have broken that habit, Lord knows it was way past time for that!

Going to take a snooze for a bit, then back to house cleaning. Take care, all you wonderful people. and don’t give up. Carnivore works like nothing else. Just be patient.

(Karen) #403

There were skulls at the antique place … you would have loved it in there. There were gouls and strange looking stone faces … all look too cross and creepy for me but they were ogininally used to scare negativity way from the home I believe even though they look pretty mean lol. Yes paint the tiles …or get some nice transfers to stick on them, there are some great ones nowadays and definitely paint the frog. I love painted rocks, some are really awesome. I have a beautiful metal peacock to go outside and a small pink flamingo in my pink kitchen lol I have a mixed taste … bit contemporary and a bit cottagey but I do love quirky and my garden will definitely have an air of quirkiness about it :grin:

(Karen) #404

Well done losing that 1/2lb… are you on the scales about once a month?

Yes I am wanting a little wildlife pond hiding in a shady bit of the garden and may have a little water feature near the back door. Have to be careful with water features, as in pump fountains as sometime the tadpoles get caught up in the pump so that pond won’t have a pump, just some water plants to keep it clean.

8 almost hate admitting I am getting like my mum, so I think I will just say her wonderful spirit is influencing me . She maybe wants to sit with me when it’s done .:slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #405

Well I didn’t book CF for today because my dance partner wanted to go dancing but really wasn’t fighting fit enough to go. I could tell he wasn’t right when I spoke on the phone with him and said he should rest up. Apparently he had a very long sleep today instead!

I did my stair runs and some push ups and did some more shopping this afternoon. Picked up a bargain of a computer table £12 and a couple of bits for garden. Then went to the CF box and picked up a rope as they had bought some new ones for us to climb. I chose the shabbiest and frayed one as it is just to hang in the garden for the bird to pick at the frayed rope for nesting.

Brunch was bacon and eggs.
Dinner was a slow cooked chuck steak. I have another one in the slow cooker but not able to eat it today. I followed the steak with a bit of cheese and a lobster. … bit if a mix but it went down okay. The steak looks over done but it was like pulled beef and was pretty tender. Not my favourite, prefer a fried steak but I wasn’t sure what cut of meat it was when I got it out of the freezer! Had to dose it with salt to get it to taste okay though.

Full now!

(Amy) #406

Hi guys, it’s been AGES since I posted… uh, at LEAST a month… maybe 6 weeks…:see_no_evil: I am still strict keto… I am ALMOST carnivore… Apart from my 100 grams iceburg lettuce… ok… and my very low sugar and carb tomato sauce… I’ve ALWAYS been a massive condiment lover…Might be an Australian thing… or an Amy thing!!! Beats me… I eat a LOT of ground Beef… Well 250g a day… I don’t really eat much else… I am SO boring… I just love my bunless burgers… they fill me up… I have eaten so many eggs in the past 4 months…bit would be damn interesting to know if it’s over 100 or not…:sweat_smile: But I LOVE my eggs… They are beautiful flavourful little balls of protein goodness… and I usually have them fried, but I love all the options… scramble… poach… ect…But I usually just fry everything I eat in butter… I have lots of cheese… Not much has changed with my WOE…:upside_down_face: I was omad… and usually am… but I sometimes graze throughout the day… So I’m not carni… But I’m not carbi either… and I thought I would post here anyway… cos 1. I’m a rebel…2. I feel most familiar here…:see_no_evil: I am bad at drinking water though… and it’s just pure laziness… If I put my mind to it, I could drink 2 litres a day… I should…:upside_down_face: Winter is over here… so Spring in a few days… It has been a VERY strange and eventful year for me… highs, lows, ups, downs, I am just lucky I got out of it alive…Some of you might know… I battled very bad drug and alcohol addiction… I stopped drugs completely and I’m proud of that… I sometimes slip up with vodka… but I was proud of myself yesterday as I was tempted to drink and I tipped it our instead.:heart: @Shinita and I have creative projects to do… She has sent me a parcel and I will have a break from keto when it comes… I can go back to keto afterwards… Life can happen… and she has sent me exotic things… it has not arrived yet… But I’m looking forward to it… I sent her one a year ago and I am about to send her another one… It will be her Christmas present… and this parcel coming will be my birthday present…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I had a horrible birthday last year… so I’m looking forward to a good one this year… We are in lockdown at the moment and I had a ticket to a Kasey Chambers concert and it was cancelled…:pensive: But I kept the ticket because it’s just been postponed… Kasey Chambers is an Australian country music singer… btw. Very talented and down to earth… Not much else has happened… I have managed to stay out of hospital for over 3 months, that’s huge for me…:see_no_evil: I hope you are all really well… :heart:

(Amy) #407

@Oh you love Quirky too… So do I… a quirky garden is the BEST!!! You would LOVE my grandma’s garden… it is like Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton and a bunch of hippies…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: She even has a pair of mannequins legs out the back… and the legs are named " Dolores "… Dolores is a literally POT head… because when I was there I thought it would be funny to place a pot plant on her… uh… upper legs… as her head…:upside_down_face: I think my grandma painted her legs red too…But she has very strange cool things in her garden… And my crazy grandpa Dave… his house and garden are very strange…he has stuffed plushie pandas in the trees…No front or back door… Plastic walls… he has a giant hand pointing out the top of his chimney that is giving the rude finger…:see_no_evil: He has a pond in his lounge room. That is full of tadpoles… toads… fish…and usually snakes too and frogs… He has birds nests in his kitchen… and once and maybe still… he had a big python residing in his underwear and coat closet… He us a crazy artist… SO crazy… and they wonder why i am.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Daisy) #408

Psmf day! Scrambled egg whites and tuna with psmf bread and bone broth jello with collagen powder (not pictured). Lunch was beef bites and a carnivore cinnamon roll (yogurt, psmf bread and cinnamon). 2 carbonated waters.
image image image


seem to be doing well on high protein, lower fat/leaner meat days. If I have fatty meat it’s only one meal. Not PSMF because I’m not doing the low calorie portion.

Had a visit with my cardiologist today. I have enough science/medicine background and I’ve been in the carnivore community long enough to know we don’t freak out over high cholesterol labs. But my numbers are actually way down (and within normal limits) despite my weight being up. And I can’t pinpoint any consistency this year that would have caused a change from last year. I’m baffled.

(Jackie) #410

I am forever reaching for picketers!


OMAD today. Fillet steak 300g with 4 large scrambled eggs piled on top, cooked in butter, then topped with 60g melted Jarlsberg cheese. 1 x black coffee with cream on a coffee date with Mrs. Bear. It’s probably a bit low in calories, if I bothered to count them.

Working on weekend sleep hygiene. Sunset was a bit after 6pm. Had OMAD (above) at about 4pm. Sitting in front of the wood stove fire at about 7pm feeling relaxed with a book. Put the iPad away. Had some cravings. So I ate another 300g scotch fillet steak. In bed by 8am. Woke at 5 am before dawn. Such a deep sleep. But dream was turning to nightmare just before waking. Mrs Bear was up and off to teach yoga. I had another snooze until 8am (Sunday morning). No dream in that second sleep.


sorry you had a few bad days but happy to hear you are dealing so much better with it. And it sounds like farm life is super busy for sure! I know, I been there :slight_smile: but darn if it isn’t super rewarding! Nice to have all that meat available too, it is exciting to get a freezer full of new meat, makes one feel very calm and prepared!

ohh I bet those water features will be so nice…no pump in the little pond cause tadpoles get sucked up…wow, never thought of that happening! Only reason being in the South I don’t do water features is the skeeters and bugs use it as a home nest ya know…better to be more dry down here than give that water source in your backyard to the little buggers. When done you know we want to see pics!

Sorry your dance partner is having issues.

I hit the scale every few days when I think about it. I like to keep me ‘in the know’ and in a reality kinda thing, but my obsession about the scale has changed and I dumped all the crazy with the scale when I hit carnivore.

HI and glad you posted. I was thinking about you the other day and here ya are…loved reading your update!! Happy you are doing better and holding your own, that is fab and stick around and chat up!

You are in lockdown right now? wow that stinks and you had to miss your concert? Is it that bad around you guys? wow

super glad to hear your numbers are normalizing and you are doing great on your eating! it takes alot more time on a healthy eating plan like carnivore for chol. numbers to change for alot of people so that could be it, time to heal and change test results and then ya think…why now? cause it was time for your body to address that and flip those numbers around…(might be you in this case :)) rock on!

you been carnivore for a while now, it is normal the longer ya go the more your appetite will flip around a tad…leaner and lower kcal days happen so easy for us when it is time and we do well on those lower kcal eating days but our minds think…wow…I should be whamming down 2 lbs of meat but I don’t want it LOL Don’t bother to count them, just live the carnivore lifestyle meal by meal, day by day and you got it whipped it!!

----------------SO I WOKE up starving this morning :slight_smile: been eating lower and this morning I truly feel the body saying feed me NOW and I will today cause I got interest in good meat.

me and kid are hitting the stores for some art supplies she needs for school and she wants to hit one clothing store along the way for some new shirts, should be a fast shop trip then home I will eat…I got a big ol’ Tbone waiting for me and I almost want to cook and eat it now but it is not in my timeframe to get it cooked, she wants to leave soon now so I will have to wait…but it will be about my normal first meal, then I FOUND a package of my taylor ham in the freezer wedged between pork and steak packs, WEE…I am eating that also with my steak. Haven’t bought any in a while…I hit the grocery and it is always sold out…so haven’t had it in a while and I realized when I found this package that it is something I missed alot and really used alot in my eating so I am making it a life mission to stock up the freezer on my taylor ham come heck or high water. What I love about it is the super high fat content and it satisfies me so well and it was an important part of how I like to eat.

will be interesting to see what I do eat today :slight_smile: I know I am ready for a good refeeding cause the body is asking just that and I will give it just that.

Carnivore on strong everyone and remember to follow what your body is asking for and enjoy your food to the max!

(Karen) #413

Wow your family sound very whacky and right up my street hahaha. Love the idea of the mannequin legs. I am looking for a mannequin head to make into a planter with grasses of spider type plant to look like good afro hair! I am sure I could get 9ne 9ff amazon but I am also keeping my eye peeled in the charity and antique/vintage shops.


@SecondBreakfast, I always like to read about your farm animals!

I can’t even imagine how big the big guy must be! And I have just learned the word “steer”! Thank you.


The frog is okay but I don’t know what is strong enouygh for the tiles. We are walking on the terrace, there is weather… I barely dared to think anything apart from redoing the tiles (nope) and almost as serious industrial things (there are all kinds of materials, surely something is strong enough but I prefer something simple and available… oh getting anything for the house, just a simple thing can be such a huge task!) but I had really enough of those tiles. Once I want to make those trick 3d paint things on it, even just temporarily… That would be fun. I am so bad with art, I mean, starting something, I should be more confident, I am not a total newbie at it!

Peacocks are cool, they even exist here, I saw a garden with one, he was called Pável and it was witty as peacock is “páva” in Hungarian and Pavel is a common male name at some neighbor countries even if it’s not a male name in Hungary.

I went to the big town and got stuff. No cream or mascarpone, I try to have my dairy-less days… But I don’t think I am ready to give up sour cream, that’s so perfect with eggs and meat alike, I use it when I manage to oversalt things or they are too hot or just need some creaminess. But I keep it very low, so very that I stop bying big packages - except now as Alvaro is planning a very sour cream heavy (and carby) dish (instead of the goulash, that is postponed).
The supermarket chain is 25 years old and there were big sales on many things including some of my favs! Too bad the expiration date was a bit close so I only bought 400g bresaola and 400g smoked pork belly…
And some fresh pork shoulders. It’s almost always the shoulders nowadays, they are usually on sale. It’s fine, I need the energy, I usually have more than enough protein already when I reach 1000 kcal… High protein feels fine but still, some more (satiating) fat is nice. I cut off the fattiest parts and fried them. It gave me some lard but very little… And a satiating dish. Something had to balance out the leanness of chicken liver :wink:
I stopped tracking. Maybe when I will eat super simple again. But “cut off fatty looking but it’s not quite fat tissue minus lard”, it can’t be tracked anyway.
I don’t think I will be close to carni until Monday, Alvaro has plans but I won’t overdo the carbs. I even try not to drink all the milk we bought… But it’s so nice now. In my coffee… Oh I totally forgot the buy the better kind of coffee. Oh well, I don’t have cream, milk will run out tomorrow, let’s try some low-coffee weeks. So it’s good.

(Linda ) #415

Another day another new york strip loin steak for breakfast with black coffee and water.
Down another half pound on the scale this morning so another half to go and I’m within my 5lb window of goal weight.
I got my blood work results my triglycerides have improved another 20 points hdl is only 1 point below where Dr C wants it…but my fasting insulin went up lol could it be from all the stress with the accident, trying to get the pool finished, my husband out of state living in his new truck still waiting for the rv to be fixed?..I dont know lol…
My a1c up a little as well so it will be great to check in with him next week to see what he has to say.

Food later is another strip steak and black coffee it looks small so I took out some salmon if needed if not my dogs will be happy lol…

@Shinita I really do feel you on the white tile

But I’d rather the dirt out side lol and it does clean off…dogs make me keep busy haha

(Karen) #416

Love your pouch and I like your tiles.

@Shinita 3d painting would look very cool … sometimes you just have to go for it and if you don’t like it block paint over. Have you still not bought a freezer for you to bulk buy your meat? Maybe that should be the primary buy and tiles later??

(Karen) #417

Did my stair runs first thing and then went to CrossFit and did a pairs workout with my daughter. It was a good gassy one lol

Came home via The Company shop where I picked up

6 half price rump steaks. I picked the ones with the most fat because they can be a bit too lean otherwise. 4 x 400g packs of bacon.
1 pack of streaky organic bacon
2x packs of jerk marinated chicken (for my dance friend)
1 x mango marinated chicken (for dance friend)
4 x packs of stilton cheese
I x 700g pack mature cheddar
1 x pack of 2 organic beef burgers
Did I miss anything out ? lol
All for under £30!

Was ready for my brunch which was a good sized lamb chop and the whole pack of organic bacon. It was tasty.

Took dance friend to the garden centre for a cuppa this afternoon and really enjoyed mooching about looking at the acer trees and plants and pots n planters.

Dinner was 2 of 3 big beef burgers I defrosted overnight. I cooked all 3 but felt content after 2 of them and 2 fried eggs. Can’t believe I like them easy over instead of sunny side up which is how I would always eat them. Taste keeps changing on this woe. Think I shall enjoy a bit of stilton now. Feeling very chilled.


I definitely won’t buy tiles ever. In my house I have none (except way below downstairs except the bathroom, that is completely tile free! :smiley: My prettiest and most insulated room :D). Tiles are horrible, costs, mess, nope, I had enough of that, rebuilding the house was quite stressful and long.

I surely won’t buy a freezer as I don’t need it, I will buy a new, bigger fridge, a proper freezer part will be enough. This fridge have a tiny one and I need to defrost it manually so I do it rarely while I open the door a lot so it gets icy quickly…

I have no space problems now and even the village shop have pork I can eat so I am fine with smaller amounts at a time.

Back to the tiles… Painting should be not too smooth. Though it’s hard to make those stupid tiles even more slippery… When we moved here and I wasn’t used to it, every time it rained and I went out, I slipped on the tiles. So they are completely white AND slippery, wonderful for the terrace, really… :frowning: I don’t even like white things in the house (I have a white tube, I planned for something else but it got too complicated and I don’t mind that, actually. But walls, tiles, nothing should be white. I don’t even have more than one white plate! I like earth colors for most things. Black and yellow for others. But for whole walls… It must be something like tan! My room is yellow on the high places and almond below. it was called almond and I mixed it with white… Making sure I never can mix the same color again but no problem, Alvaro used his paint normally and they stopped making that color…)

We will see. I have other projects first. A simple chest… 64 pieces as it’s big but I use small wood parts as I have those galore… I will put Alvaro’s floppy disks in it. He got A TON from a friend. Alvaro collects retro hardware. They takes more and more place as time passes, his room starts to resemble a hoarder’s one… The piles and the cats aren’t always the best combination but I kicked some really HARDware a few times too… Poor guy needs some cupboards there, not easy as it’s basically an attic room… I never brought myself to try to build some… I am not a quick or confident one at such things. I should make my window first anyway, my room is, like, 8 years old? I did Alvaro’s super late, a few years ago but mine? Who cares about my room? No one. I look at the computer screen all the time.

But after the heat is over, I suddenly got into the mood to build things again. Yay. My best work is my press bench this far. Alvaro usually put stuff on it as it’s near to the main door but he covers all surfaces anyway… With his retro hardware… :slight_smile:
But I stored 100 rocks and all my acrylic paints and small brushes etc. on the kitchen island for weeks… After I realized gel pens and permanent markers make a certain type of rock painting easier, those too. But I am making a rock painting table now. I can’t make stable things (the press bench was special using the thickest wood from the old house parts) so the base will be a small low table.

But I got carried away quite much already :slight_smile: My spirit! I kind of got it back! I love autumn and this August is special, nothing like summer. Today 20 Celsius was the highest temperature!

…maybe I need some painting on the flowerpots too…

(Karen) #419

Bet you are a hoarder like me. I have so many creative arty crafty stuff. I sew too so I have boxes full of buttons, materials n bits n pieces and I revamp shoes for going to the dances in and some dance shoes so have glitters and sparkly stuff. Spent ages putting it all neat into storage boxes (meant for nails and screws etc lol) can’t wait till garden is done and then I can move it all downstaira into the back room with my office stuff once it is free of all the garden stuff which is waiting patiently to put out into garden!.

(Daisy) #420

I was just overly hungry today! Our little pot bellied pig has been a bit of a terror lately with potty issues and it’s got me mega stressed. Fortunately I’m fueling up with meaty goodness and trying to stay in the parameters of my eating program as much as I can, even if the calories are a bit higher than ideal. For brunch I had 3 eggs and 3 slices of Canadian bacon. Was still starving so had an ounce of steak bites and a carnivore cinnamon roll. Then for dinner, I had a pound of steak bites and was still starving! I gave it a little time and it didn’t pass, so I dug through my meaty freezer and found a small, lean New York strip and threw it in the air fryer. Then pain-in-the-tooshie piggy needed to rush out to go potty, so I overcooked it a bit. Was still delicious and I finally felt satisfied. image image image image

(UsedToBeT2D) #421

Your last sentence implied that you ate the pig.