All Animal August---Triple A


I went shopping. 3 different cuts of pork, that was all the fresh meat in the village shop, wow, they run out of even chicken! Not the cut I wanted so I bought no meat. Except tinned fish! Overpriced boring things but you here mentioned sardines and it was so long ago… So I bought some. In tomato sauce but it’s that or sunflower oil. It’s just for emergency. It’s not like I like sardines.
AND! I bought cod liver! I never ever ate it! 0g carbs and very fatty! :smiley: Not as fatty as the pork jowl thing but impressive. Hopefully it’s edible, it was very pricy for a little thing and I thought it will provide some variety and it’s different nutritionally from my usual food too… Though it matters little due to the tiny amount and it’s one occasion… But I have to try!
At least I could bought cheese for Alvaro. Some boring one but good enough for pizza. I wrote about that topic for a while but now, many hours later, I just delete it. Especially that I made some almost-carni pizza for myself today - and in the end, I didn’t even taste it.

I have this super effective thing again but stronger than ever. I barely get hungry, satiation may be easy or not but I can eat a decent sized lunch… But I don’t really care about food. I am still addicted and spend hours on thinking about food, making it etc. but the actual eating… I couldn’t care less right now. It doesn’t help that I am bored with all food in existence again especially meat and eggs but I still could eat enough somehow… Some kind of egg dishes very nearly always work.

I suspect we stop respectfully avoid the beef very soon. I really can use the change and it was too long!

I am stubborn and what else would I eat so I keep doing my best to stay close to carnivore. Even though I think we can’t postpone it anymore and Alvaro will make goulash this weekend… But I cut off some piece for myself and just fry it, I can do it even the whole thing isn’t big… Well that’s why, the whole thing isn’t much enough to make a nice big meaty dish so we must use his mother’s idea about mixing it with pork… It sounds a great idea to me.
We could buy more pork (I don’t want it now) but no more beef without going into a bigger town or city by car. And it’s not planned for this week.

I realized I can’t eat more today so I tracked. it’s a cute OMAD day, somewhere around 1600 kcal. Protein is below 100g, it happens when I am not into eggs and eat 160g meat in total. Yesterday was 320g, after 630 and 520. The decline is normal, it always happen when I make pork roast and days pass. My protein changed similarly but it’s still 100g today so that’s fine.

So I had 1, 2, maybe 3 and 4 meals in the last 4 days, not in this order at all (4,2,3(4?),1, only the first day had a big eating window, 7.5 hours, the others were small). Hopefully I will stick to 1-2 meals from now on, that’s very convenient. But I am fine with almost anything with a nice small eating window. Eating too early or too late usually just causes trouble for me. Exceptions are rare but I am very flexible. If I need to eat at 3am, I eat but it’s not ideal (and it would be impossible now as I go to bed very early for me, at 1am. I may have problems related to sleep but I don’t wake up until I slept at least vaguely enough under normal circumstances).

I completely lost my night eating, YAY! And didn’t lost the coffee but I make slow progress, more can’t be expected from me.

I wonder how long I will endure not having appetite but it’s quite chill and moderately challenging now to find something to eat. Not stressful, just fun. I need some fun if I lost almost all the joy of eating. I don’t miss it yet. And I just made nice soup, it will get better.

I changed. Egg stew is a fun enough dish (if I didn’t overdo boiled eggs right before) but in the end I pretty much ignored it for the first days and only had some on the last one as it’s unnecessarily carby (next time I make it, I can skip the tomato sauce but Alvaro doesn’t like that so that will be just for me) and I had pork anyway. It was neutral and that’s great when I can’t imagine eating most things so it helped me out.

I am really curious what the near future brings, I already feel in a way that is somewhat familiar but still beyond what I experienced before. Losing interest in eating for a while is pretty cool for me as long as I am still able to eat properly but it seems that’s no problem.

And we had nice weather! A bit too cold and not sunny when I went shopping (16 Celsius) but later it became quite good (20C, sunshine). It’s 8C now. It’s a crazy August but we had too many super hot days. It would be proper to warm up a little though :wink: It’s like October…
So it seems the hot summer is over. It’s great, it will do great to my spirit and mind. I love autumn.

You reminded me to look up the Covid situation, I skip days sometimes. Whoa, Germany started its new wave too. We still don’t. Hungary has very few cases, only tiny countries have less, at least it was the case yesteday.
As the past can’t be changed, we still have the most deaths per population in Europe but worldwide Peru is the winner (by far), Hungary is merely the second.
If the data has much to do with reality, of course.
But main thing, we are very good, maybe unusually so as we are surrounded with more affected countries (the very serious ones are farther though)… We will see what the future brings.

I really will try to be more concise from now on. I have so many things to do!

(Daisy) #383

Today was a very busy day. I took the day off work and slept an extra hour. Did my workout, took my daughter to get her braces on and jogged the whole town while waiting. Then we picked up our friends kids and kept them the rest of the day, taking them to the park and running around like crazy. Then I had church. Just now at 9:30 starting my husband’s dinner. I had expected to need to eat again, but I’m not hungry and I have a cardinal rule never to eat past 9 pm anyway. Breakfast was similar to yesterday except I didn’t toast the bread and added bone broth/collagen powder. Lunch was some stew meat seared. image image image


wow guys, August is winding down fast now and Sept will be on its way

1 lb of pork yesterday was delish
1 chicken breast along with 2 cheeseburger patties

today is finish off that other lb of pork and eat up the last of my shrimp I didn’t get to the other day. easy peasy :sunny:

nothing new in carnivore land, all well and going strong and feeling good…just zc cruising!

(Vic) #385


Nice photos! I spent hours in the kitchen again, I need to work on it but Alvaro run out of his own food and I made him things :slight_smile: And for myself as well and they are a bit more complicated than usual. And made my workout between things.
Yay! My spirit is better, I am sure that is the reason I can raise the weight for my back exercise, finally, I had enough of that pitiful 12kg (I used 16kg before my long break years ago and I still was a very beginner weak as a kitten. being worse is shameful).
And I walk more and the weather is just perfect!

My appetite is super low, my hunger came early but extremely soft (I had a little soup with some goose meat and it didn’t trigger a big meal as usual, I suspected it can’t in this phase) - but my food is nice. I just can’t eat much, not even for my first meal. But I surely will eat more later. I am more active than ever in the last years too. I slept almost 8 hours last night and I am fine. Still not much energy, it’s me, after all but it’s not as low as sometimes. And my mood is unreasonably great.

I made a huge egg pudding, well only 3 eggs and 240ml broth but I never did such a big one. I probably will eat it later, definitely not now, my egg-chicken-tuna-cheese not-pizza and a few bites before lunch (including 1.5 eggs) was enough. My egg-pork-tuna-ham-cheese not-pizza will be the next. They are quite nice when I am hungry and can eat them. The “it is there, freshly made and it’s surely good” has no power on me in my special perfectly satiated state. It has all the power “normally”. I am used to the fact I almost always can eat. Well, not now, apparently. And I like my food now.

So things are good now just a bit surreal :slight_smile: But my food intake didn’t drop dangerously low yet so it’s fine.


September Steakholders.
September Steakout!

4 scrambled eggs with pan fried Chorizo and bacon, with a large black coffee for 12 noon breakfast after a long sleep-in. 7 pm 2 x slow baked beef ribs with 150g French Brie was hard to finish. All washed down with magnesium rich mineral water. Some wintry weather and windy rain back today, so no sunshine time.

(Linda ) #388

I ended up adding a piece of salmon to my 2nd meal of lamb yesterday well I couldn’t eat it all but the dogs just love those days. So they gobbled up what I couldn’t.

Today I’m back to beef with pepper coffee and water… As I was eating this I have noticed my meat not always but alot more often is becoming more and more rare. I used to be what my father used to say chew on leather it was well done I think he be proud of meat this morning lol… I never eat it well done any more but the pink I was eating is no longer my norm now either its now what colour of red is there…


that is wonderful to hear S!!

just do you…eat all the meat and fat or lean and eggs you need at all times and just ‘feel your way’ thru it…carnivore appetites flip alot around as we change so you just ‘do what feels right’ as ya go along!

Your back…it is great you can do more weight with your back exercises…but did you or have you had ‘bad back issues’ in your life you are trying to help? Or is this an exercise you kinda ‘took on’ and want to see how well you do? just wondering :slight_smile:

you are doing so darn carnivore great!
sending you a high 5 but wish your weather was better for a great walk with Billie and sunshine on your shoulders, could make you happyyyy…

omg you are me

I was shoe leather cause I loved it that way and it was a wild crazy ride knowing I wanted more rare, more rare, more rare til now I am blue rare darn near and I loved reading your post!! I tell ya I think back ALL those decades of eating shoe leather and think…was I mad? HAHA cause now you can’t get me off more pink, very rare and delish juicy meats! and now I don’t overcook ‘pork to death’ cause of some crazy cooking crap ya hear about ‘COOK YOUR PORK WELL’ that I grew up with or ‘make sure that chicken is NOT raw ever’ and more…now I get how to friggin’ cook meat to its best! And I know your dogs are loving you more, they are so pretty, I love your doggie pics!

(Karen) #390

3rd photo … you have either got the sausage in the wrong place or he 8s smiling on the side of his face :upside_down_face:

(Karen) #391

I like September steakout lol

(Karen) #392

Chilled day today. Of course that was after the stair runs lol. Having said that I declittrted and depersonalised some paperwork for the recycling and chucked out a load of workout tracking I had done a few years ago! Cleared out some recipe books and some other bits for my daughter and then went to a huge antique shop in a nearby town. Havent been since before the pandemic so it was good to nose around and see what I could find for the garden. Bought some stone ornaments, a tortoise, a frog, a bird bath and a child’s school chair to use as a stand for a pot or planter. Pleased with those bits and pieces.

Ate a rump steak and 2 eggs before going out and had some cheese and chicken 3 thighs when I got home. I have lamb chops to cook shortly and then an early night I think.


OH NO GUYS-----I got the September challenge thread already named…it was named by someone WAY back in our chats and it hits what is needed for ALL of us…

and now I leave you all wondering HAHA

we aren’t naming Sept cause I saw a post that named it for us all and it is a darn great name for each of us :wink:

love it you are shopping for your new garden area…so sad you are now pushed back alot of time on your new garden reconstruction…always something right but your bits and bobs I bet will be fab outside, stuff to make ya smile when you do enjoy your new garden oasis!!


I like to exercise in various ways, walks, a tiny cardio if I can (I am not good with it but some part of my cycling must be that and I do tiny runs now) - and proper workouts with my weights! I train the usual muscle groups except legs. I hate leg exercises and I have cycling and walking, running anyway, I don’t need them. If I will have too big upper body muscles (ha! fat chance) for my tiny legs, I will do something but I honestly doubt that :smiley: I have thick, fatty legs now :slight_smile: And tiny muscles everywhere. Oh I want to get a bit stronger, that never hurts!
So the leg is fine, what’s not fine is that I basically have no abs, I can’t do a single girly pushup or 10 seconds normal plank. I wonder how I can walk and stuff, that must need that a bit too… My erector spinae is probably more important for that but not only that…? I am not very knowledgeable, I mostly studied the muscles from an artistic viewpoint.

But yeah, my back isn’t perfect. I am basically healthy but I have my weeknesses. Eyes, teeth, weak nails, splitting hairs and some back issues (still way better than the average person’s list! oh I have headaches too but I think it’s my body saying “error”. I sometimes know what is the problem, sometimes not. If my woe isn’t right, I get more proper error messages but I have this general thing too. My old hypothesis is that as I don’t allow my body to get sick, it gives me headaches as complaints. I am never sick, it’s not hedonistic and yeah, my genetics surely help).

My back is aching sometimes, it started when I was 20, something with the nerves, I forgot the English term but it sucks when it’s very serious but in the last several years it’s just some tiny aching sometimes in the morning. I don’t care about it much but it would be nice to lose it. It hurts my “I am healthy” pride, most of all. It really isn’t a big deal. My headaches are worse and those aren’t that bad either.

My day have great numbers again. It’s a tad unconvenient that my willingness to eat run out before I reach satiation so I am hungry and have no idea what to eat but any tiny thing can save me at that point (any tiny thing that I am willing to eat, it was very hard today. normally I used pancakes, dessert ones if I must but I overdid them and I dislike my pancakes now, all of them). When I am really hungry, I can eat my normal food but I dislike this “almost there” feeling so I eat whatever I can.
My egg pudding worked well but I couldn’t finish it and needed a bite something else.
Surreal feeling number several, I can’t even eat sour cream in that situation… I always could eat sour cream, I love the stuff and I eat so little of it I can’t be bored of it… But I am not keen on dairy right now, to put it lightly.
I ate 10g butter, it didn’t feel good. But I had very few options. But an egg yolk was good enough to end my eating window. Still not oh so satiated but okay. The nice satiation I love always arrives later if I don’t have it when I stop eating.

I ate significantly more protein than fat today, wow. Even my pork had more protein than fat and I had tuna and fowl meat without skin (it happened before but I always had added fat and various dairy to raise my fat, even a little makes a difference). Meat is around 310-310g today? Turkey, chicken, pork, fish. 7 eggs, they were easier to eat today, egg pudding is amazing! :smiley: I have an egg pudding phase now. I can’t even look at boiled or scrambled eggs.

So I have no real problems yet, I am pretty determined to stay very very close to carnivore and to have lots of dairy free days too! I am ready for them especially that I got bored of my daily pancakes so much I don’t even want to eat them every week.

:smiley: With my meat, it’s the opposite, the more I cook it, the more tender it gets, well it’s not so simple in every case but basically that’s the case… Fowl works like that, pork works like that, liver is tricky as going over 1 hour isn’t always best for a tender stuff… (The time depends on many things, of course. Beed liver barely needed time, I was so surprised!)
As I have no idea about steaks, I don’t know how those work but I obviously cook/fry/roast my pork well. Frying mince can’t go wrong, much time makes it crunchy but roasting for too much in too thin slices makes my meat dry, nope, I want my pork roasts nice and a bit pink inside…? But it depends on my mood.

Of course I am nowhere to you folks, I barely started to eat meat every month 1.5 years ago (and it was suddenly every day) and I always liked to fry everything very, very, very well, more than most people. Much more. I did my best to stop just before the charcoal phase in many items, not all. (That’s what wasn’t the best idea with chicken liver as I figured it out. It was good but stopping a bit even earlier is even better.)
A yellow omelet is too raw to me. I prefer brown :slight_smile: Okay, not always, it’s actually nice to have it less fried and dry, maybe my old many vegetables in it helped with their juices…? (And now I don’t even like omelets and scrambled eggs. I have better options.)
It’s interesting that if it’s boiled or poached egg, I strongly prefer the yolk runny. But boiled and fried isn’t the same so maybe it’s not interesting at all.

(Karen) #395

Yeah pushed back 10 days or so but at least he let me know. There were some gothic style stone garden ornaments at the shop but they freak me out and also they had some classic style statuettes but I am not a poshy and like stuff that is tasteful but quirky. There’s not going to be any grass so I definitely need a few li’l wildlife friends to look at hiding behind pots nd planters… just hope they don’t scare off the live wildlife lol foggy will sit on the edge of my wildlife pond when it’s done, he is cute lol. Think I am getting more and more like my mum the older I am getting hahaha


So much better than all the zillion pink flamingos and whatnots I see at shops (they put them out to see if we just drive through the village) :smiley:
I have a frog, I found it somewhere. It was clearly for a pond, it is empty and has a hole in its mouth. I just keep it on the terrace but poor things is so brown, maybe I should paint it nicely… I painted a small rock frog, I can paint a big one too…

I want skulls and similar things eventually. Every day is Halloween to me :slight_smile: But my house isn’t even finished yet and it’s an uphill battle to try to keep the terrace even remotely okay (white tiles - I so wish to change that… can’t they be painted somehow? -, cats and a very very stubborn and messy lindens tree, oh and it’s a windy place. it’s totally hopeless. I sweep and a few hours later it’s horrible again. but if I don’t clean it, it’s even worse so I do it sometimes…)… So decorating isn’t among my priorities. (But the hanging big grapes with all the grapevines above the terrace… They are great! We need to build something for the other grapes but it’s a big project for us two.

Basically I am fine with my garden and its living beings.
We have a few “ghosts” too as we buried a few pets (Alvaro’s family’s) and the previous owners did the same. They are our gardian ghosts, we don’t forget them.

(Linda ) #397

I hear you on the tile Mines a mixture of white and Grey’s but it gets covered in dog paw prints leaf and seeds can stain…
For me I started by sweeping but ugghhh what a job now I pressure wash it its faster and gets all the dirt off…eventually it hopefully get covered completely by a cage and that won’t be so bad…

Maybe you could try Beef cheeks if you can get them they are cheap here and you could prob make some kind of stew… steak and kidney or something… trying to think up ideas for you since your getting bored of your food… ppl make carnivore tortillas to wrap meats in like mince meat… scotch eggs is another way to make meat go further…
Instead of making your pan cakes since you like deserts maybe you could make them into a cake?..mix /fold in macapone cheese with your yolks to hour stiff egg whites…and cover in cream when cooked and cold…

Sounds like your appetite is dropping that cool …Preformatted text

(Daisy) #398

Fat day!! I was so sore today from yesterday’s many workouts. I did a relaxed workout this morning of pull-ups, abs, hula hooping and some stretching. Then had a “carnivore cinnamon roll”. Psmf bread, yogurt, and cinnamon. A little bit later had an egg yolk omelette with bacon and Parmesan Reggano cheese. For lunch I had lamb chops. Then for dinner I had a smoked, then seared ribeye and a sliver of garlic bread cheese. It was all so delicious!
image image image image image


ohh, but glad to hear you aren’t too bad and doing your back exercises is a smart way to strengthen your core and more…so yea it is a good thing to ‘fix yourself’ and be more of a ‘healthy person’ best we can…hope you do good helping fix that issue for you!!

I am opposite on eggs, brown is burned to me and I love my eggs yellow for sure and slightly wet when done…very soft vs that dried out egg but now I am mostly off eggs anyway LOL but darn if we all don’t have our super eating preferences for sure :sunny:

wildlife pond? wow you are gonna have a water feature? I love that!
and yes, I am more like my mom every day, too much to wanna admit also HAHA

I am just so over the top thrilled with how you are handling your changes and how great stuff is working out for you! When one says they love their food, it is super delish and with pics like that, WOW…I am just so happy you are doing so well KD! You are a poster child for how to change our lives and work with our eating lifestyles and get great results! Rock on strong!! :100:

----------------SO I got weird eating patterns going down right now.

yesterday was 10 oz ribeye steak which was yum. set me up for not wanting anything more but later in the day I ate 8 slices salami, few chunks cheddar, 1 beef stick and a tin of sardines and I was good to go…for some reason I did not want my pork but I have to cook it today, so my 1 lb of pork will be my go to meal and then ? who knows.

I still didn’t eat that shrimp I need to eat but I think I will make a meal for my kid, when she gets home from school she is hungry so will do some shrimp alfredo for her and use up those shrimp. I know I don’t want them.

No food is calling my name at all. Rare. Very rare I hit this and this is when I have to ‘watch out for me’ cause if I eat too low, for too long in a flash I can flip and get starved and craving…so today is my pork to start and my ?? if hungry only a tiny bit, I am gonna eat 2 burger patties cause I know if I don’t, this longer time eating alot lower is gonna nail me.

it is the super hot weather
being active and swimming alot and just goofing off and enjoying summer life and in the end my food goes low this time of year…but I got my eyes open to be smart ya know and not get too low in eating.

nice thing is I dropped a 1/2 lb so still forever moving forward but on the slowest timeline known to mankind but it is fine, I eat this way and what goes down goes down with the ol’ body…all good changes tho :slight_smile:

hold strong everyone, we carnivores rock our lifestyles!

(Linda ) #400

@Fangs grats on your weightloss

Another day another day of steak for me black coffee and water .
I finished my steak and I was stuffed full this morning …thank goodness that feeling doesn’t last.
My clothes are starting to losen up rings slide around and around on my finger so …even though I still fit into my size 4 obviously the gain came with added fat lol…
I am happy that I’ve stopped the gaining and its dropping back down it gives me hope that I can have this work for me too…


Oh I didn’t even think of all the mud 2 people and 2-3 cats can leave on the white tiles… The dissected lizards, exploded birds (fortunately not very common), rodent remnants (noses, tails and some organs are popular remnants) are memorable too… Once I found a bat wing… Better than a few goose vertebrae, now that I made soup, I have that every day on the doormat. WHY every easily transportable food must be eaten on poor doormat I don’t know but it’s a sacred thing for all the cats.
It doesn’t matter if I put the food farther, they carry it.

I don’t think I can’t get beef cheeks here at all… But the leg is nice enough and no beef will be cheaper (unless some organs on sale).

Steak and kidney is a very weird combo to me, we don’t eat such things here :smiley:
I definitely don’t want eat kidney to begin with…

You are sweet! :smiley:
Tortillas use pork rinds and we don’t have that as far as I know. And I can use pancakes or boiled eggs or even better, sponge cakes for that.
Scotch eggs are too complicated for me. Hmmm but maybe I should make a big meatloaf with boiled eggs inside… That’s popular here, simpler and has a better meat/egg ratio. I don’t deep-fry anything.
I am and will be fine :slight_smile:
Today I had chicken liver, simply fried but not for too long, it’s so nice and tender! I had to take a long break but now it’s okay again.

I probably will make sausage again, it was so long ago. But mincemeat with spices never was hard to eat either (they are almost the same)…

I usually don’t want desserts, actually, at all. I often eat them when they are “meh” but all the other options are “no way”.
But I ate so, so, so much cakes on keto years ago that I still am very against cakes :slight_smile: Except cheesecakes but I really don’t to overdo dairy. I want to make my consumption zero on most days. It was 10g sour cream today but as we have about no dairy left, it’s not a big feat.
I only ate pancake cake (it sounds better in Hungarian… crepe cake then? with the stupid accent I won’t look up now, I only learned to write pâté and é is a normal Hungarian letter) once in my life and only a bite, Alvaro had it this year. They aren’t better than normal rolled pancakes. My cakes tend to be sponge cakes but I really don’t want them anymore.
I plan an eggnog ice cream cake since ages but well, I am in no hurry and need Stroh80 rum for it anyway. I can’t make a fully carnivore (except the flavoring) ice cream since we run out of it and bought some very very inferior not-even-rum. It’s fine, I don’t want ice cream either though it surely would help in a pinch here and there. But so many things help, I just run out of them. Now my savior item is the prosciutto crudo ham I don’t even like that much but it’s still easy to eat.
We run out of nearly everything. We go shopping tomorrow!

It’s good to some extent, yes. And very bad if it’s too serious as I can be… Not starving, that’s not my usual states on carnivore but not satiated and very strongly not wanting food. Just needing.
But I am usually fine and I always can eat when truly hungry!

My dessert today is my coffee :smiley: Yolk, butter, tiny gelatin because why not? It’s not so bad. I strongly prefer my coffees with cream but that’s a good reason not to drink them like that. I already drink less coffee and that’s good. Coffee is so pointless, it doesn’t give me nutrients or anything, just extra work. Tea too but tea is okay, it gives me less work and I am not obsessed with it. It makes my mugs similarly dirty though :smiley:
I am in my carbonated water phase, poor Alvaro bought 4l and run with them! Going to work with car instead of bicycle now that the sun raises later, he makes it sure his activity doesn’t drop (and he eats even smaller breakfasts on car days) so he won’t gain.
I stall as usual, of course. (I had to lose fat lately but it’s just an educated guess from my tracking, no matter how vague it is).

They say very very cold weekend is coming! Rainy too.

Only can do that on a fat day :smiley: I would use some super yolky sponge cake and mascarpone :smiley: Low-fat dessert, my mind can’t compute… Fine, I have 2 egg white based ones but they have something fatty in them too and I super rarely use them. A dessert is usually among my fattiest dishes.

Your other meals sound very good. And I don’t say I wouldn’t taste this one, I like trying out new things, I just like fatty fatty desserts :smiley: Cream and mascarpone were my friends but I try to live without them for a while.