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Im very interested in following your progress in this. And also important, you reminded me to mix in some nosalt with the himalayan. In Norway, the standard salt and nosalt has added iodine in it. And is the most important source for iodine in the population. As carnivore, i only get it, if i add the right salt myself. But lately, ive used just himalayan. (Iodine has proven very important to the population after the Chernobyl-insident, witch rained down on our mountains, and still makes certain populations of grasing deer, and cheep uneatable).


yup. remember I am a super salter since birth…honestly I require it and when I try to cut I get all kinds of ‘weirdo’ which I can put to ?? adiction I should address? or is it me and remember this: NO salt is this: potassium chloride, potassium bitartrate, adipic acid, silicon dioxide, mineral oil and fumaric acid.-----so do you require bigger salt and Just a bigger potassium level for you on a personal level.

I n general…my walk forward IS increase salt and take an all in potassium extra tab and ‘feel it thru’ vs. some no salt crap to shake when ya think about it…go ALL IN with more salt and more potassium cause that could be you…feel out the results and I tell ya VE YOU know you and what it takes and I love love the way you do you and research with time on changes you adapt to learn you!

We will be super diff in these needs on a personal level…I know me and I know VE knows herself and I know a newbie like Shatz has to walk her personal changes…but learn thru real life effects as we require…the needs of one carnivore will never be the same as other yet in the walk into this lifsetyle will remain the same…eat ALL you need, big fat, lower fat, meat/seafood, fish or fowl as you require and eat heartily as we make those changes toward reset, natural hormone balances etc.

again just chat :smile:

remember no salt is just big potassium and salt is just sodium and MANY OF US carnivores require alot more than others so never think we are ‘off ever on what we need personally’ to make it work!! Just buy iodine added salt and up potassium thru a direct intake supp IF ONE thinks it can truly change things for us personally…again very personal to walk this walk.

heck I hit some button and lost alot of my darn post LOL

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I do it on my grill but yeah I’d throw it in the oven if I didn’t have that…

Funny on the salt subject I’m following blake Donaldsons plan his is no salt so I cut my added salt out and added pepper im not sure what part of his plan makes it work but so far it seems to be… im down another half pound on the scale this morning …so im sticking to it see where it goes…
I got a check in with Dr Cywes start of next month so hopefully he will give me some feed back…

Food for today was lamb ,pepper black coffee and water

2nd meal will be the same.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: rock it!!

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I actually love it!! And I still have a solid 15 pounds of fat mass to fuel the low fat days lol

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We all got to find our way and what works and I’m so happy you found yours… for me I hit the 11 pounds up knowing I was talking about it but not changing so I decided to give something else a try too…and so far this is doing its job I’m happy just like you with your plan…im not hungry wich was a must for me if I get hungry im gonna eat haha …part of it is I think knowing what we can live with and for me this easy…im 4lbs down and like you im not promoting any one else do it…as for salt I’ve always been a salt to taste ,take Electrolytes only if I’m having leg cramps on keto kind but one of his rules for his patients was no salt so I thought well if im not over drinking water im not washing it out and im getting sodium from meat anyway I’ll see how it goes im not against adding it back if needed…

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Follow your body with salt. If you feel bad using salt, cut it. If you feel bad not using salt, use salt! In my carnivore circle, there are only a few of us that can’t use salt. I cut salt in January. When I started doing the psmf days a couple weeks ago, I started adding adobo seasoning to my chicken breasts (because plain chicken is gross). For the last two weeks my sleep had gotten worse and worse and I could NOT figure out why. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said something that made me realize I had added the adobo and it has salt! Stopped using it 2 days ago and last night my sleep was better. But I have many friends who absolutely need the salt!

I don’t have that switch. It’s broken.

Correct. And you’re right! Why do I always forget about sardines?? Once I’ve finished the copious amounts of yogurt I bought on Saturday, I will start doing sardines instead.


What common changes? I don’t know such ones… Seriously. I see everyone have very different experiences and it’s very natural :slight_smile:
And I am quite happy I don’t get all those horrible newbie (or not) experiences others talk about sometimes.
(This is very true to keto too but that is a way more wide woe. I mean, keto styles are even less similar than carnivore styles.)

I just said these huge amount of meat intakes are odd to me. I am very very very sure I never ever could do that, it doesn’t matter if I do carnivore or not (I can’t possible know it for sure but my hard “meat limit” is with me all the time since the beginning and I don’t seem to change much on the same woe. I start, in bad cases wait 1-3 days and then it’s the same, with some variability, sure but very similar, with similar noticeable limits)… But it doesn’t matter, I just wondered how different we people are. A woe clearly doesn’t make everyone similar, far from it. We still have very different factors resulting in different experiences. Some general things may be said here and there, carnivores usually ate enough protein and have plenty of nutrients and it clearly shows in some things but these are just a few things.

I have no issues getting the meat anymore! I eat as much meat as I possibly can now. It’s just pork, mostly but I wouldn’t eat much beef and seafood if I could afford it (though a tad more and mutton too. but I like tender, fatty pork and nice turkey).

I am not sure going off is good for me, well it depends how far I go… I really burned the bridges. A tiny extra seems to be okay but I usually don’t want it. It still may be a good idea to eat in desperate situations when I am hungry but I can’t bring myself to eat carnivore dishes. Why I have this? Stupid variety need.
So there is a little struggle to be able to eat my food. And sadly, I can’t do EF, that would be nice, no problem with eating and regenerating from my boredom. At least I guess that would happen.

But today was still okay and tomorrow I will eat something different. Now I have the time when I have so so complete satiation… But my body has some problem, maybe it’s the cream (but why I have no problem when I drink a liter of milk then?) Oh well, I don’t care, it’s not like I can change anything. But I run out of cream anyway. Completely, no cream in the house, yay! :smiley: (I have mascarpone and that’s almost the same but not for long! And we have no proper cheese since long and I barely ate before. I fight with my dairy intake and I am sure I will have more successful times!)

Didn’t track yet but it seems I didn’t eat much… The mincemeat was nice and the fried roast was okay too but I left a lot from the latter… But I wasn’t hungry in the end of the day, in the contrary so maybe it’s fine.

I try… But I can’t possibly know what is the best for me. Just like I can’t know when, what (whatever I have and manage to put into my mouth, that’s easy now) and how much to eat. I guess something and hope for the best. I got satiated almost immediately today but I do the “eating as much as physically possible” policy now, it surely makes things easier…
And I actually can’t do (what I think… vaguely…) the best for me as I can’t force myself to eat the right food sometimes.
At least I don’t have the problem to want the bad food nowadays… But it’s only half success…
Maybe a puzzle piece is still missing… But I am stubborn now and more reluctant to eat carbs than ever, a little here and there is unavoidable (I mean the non-animal carbs as I always eat animal carbs, usually 3-20g a day) but I am low enough now, I feel the usual changes that only happens quite low carb, it never did on my old keto but my fat and egg fast was similar (except the horribleness of the latter. but my satiation, hunger and appetite got affected similarly).

I see you guys talk about salt again… And I am too lazy to make an educated guess… But my actual added salt is maybe 2g a day at most? And my food contains pretty little naturally as I stopped eating salt and processed stuff (I had 8g bresaola today, 18g yesterday, it’s not very salty).
I wonder if lack of sodium can be unnoticeable… I think the dizziness I felt 2 times when there was a reason to think I needed more sodium was that. But that’s it, I am not familiar with problems due to low-ish sodium. I had around 5g salt a day on low-carb and keto and it probably dropped on carnivore except when I ate “much” smoked and super salty pork and my salt went up to around 10g and I felt awful and I dropped and got well again. So I know 5g salt works for me but what if I go way lower? I always thought I will notice if it will go too low but who knows?

But I still find unsalted meat bad so I need my salt just way less than before.

I can try more salt for a while, once I ate a tablespoon of salt in a few minutes, a teaspoon surely wouldn’t be that hard even now. Well, half, I surely get half from my food.
But I don’t really want to do that… I doubt I need it.

I use both pink Himalayan and sea salt with iodine.
I never saw no salt. I don’t think we have it here.

@Azi, that meat looks wonderful :smiley: And it’s late and my English has holes, that thing below the plate is aesthetically pleasing too. Good photo.

That’s very little. I have way more but on paper I only can get 1000 kcal a day from it. Life isn’t always that simple but the less fat we have, the less we can reach per day, it can’t come out at just any rate (that’s why an extreme heavy and long exercise can’t be fueled by our fat alone. moderately heavy but long is doable but the muscle loss is HUGE. I think about running for days in the Himalaya without much food as I have some info about that, a Hungarian man does those… yeah I like extreme things, not doing of course, just reading about them. I learn some limits of the human body and spirit…).
It’s quite possible you can get more energy from fat, I don’t believe in the usual formula either, I definitely could do 48 hour fasts without any problem (or hunger before 45-46 hours) when I “shouldn’t have” and I did my 120 hour one with less fat I have now, I think… Though that’s possibly was starvation at some point, I just wasn’t hungry, it’s normal at starvation… But I never got a sharp hunger after 1-2 days, didn’t get weak, maybe it’s not mandatory. Okay, surely not, people in death camps would got all killed before they got emacinated then… (That’s another example I learn and get amazed. The great tenacity of body and spirit, I don’t even understand. I can’t understand the evilness either but it was very obvious during the human history.)


Did I mention one of my students had a cold last week? Woke up with loud tinnitus, a headache and a scratchy throat this morning after a 12 hour sleep. I felt very tired after work yesterday but it was a sunny, cool, late winter evening, so I took the Labrador for a walk.

Bacon and eggs yesterday morning (no extended morning fast due to work). Usually I would fast and OMAD. But I felt hungry. 3 large eggs and 100g bacon. It was yummo.

Last night I wasn’t really hungry, but once I started eating I ate. 400g roast beef with 75g chicken liver pâté, 100g chicken and pork terrine (meat and organs pressed together in protein gel), about 50g of Jarlsberg cheese. @Shatz - does Chenobryl affect the Jarlsberg? :flushed:

In bed by 8pm last night. I can’t really tell if this is an oxalate dump or a cold. I have no fever, nor do I have many usual oxalate dumping symptoms, except for some general aches and pains. Whatever it is, my instinct is to feed it a carnivore breakfast and coffee, rather than to fast and OMAD today (work day).

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Feel better @FrankoBear!!

Today was lean day. I had the most normal looking breakfast ever! Canadian bacon, eggs, yogurt, and psmf toast. Then lunch was crispy fried beef roast with an egg yolk. I had planned to eat dinner, but then wasn’t hungry, then got hungry later than I like to eat, so I just made a protein frosty.
image image image image

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@FrankoBear hope you ok …so much covid everywhere Always a worry


Jarlsberg is safe :+1:t2:. Its my favorite too. The areas where the rain falled was immediately surveyed and are constantly monitored. All grasing animals are taken out of food-production. But they still grase, as its part of healing the ecosystem. Its been 35 years, and still…
Hope you feel better soon.


I love that…follow those instincts! Hope you get to feeling better!

I am living on pork mostly right now too :slight_smile: It seems to be want I want and I just follow what I want, so we are in pork heaven right now LOL
I am glad you are getting more meat available to you!

See variety needs drop when one holds carnivore long enough. I had that issue also…I was a variety eater never thinking I could walk from that but I did. Carnivore patterns are very normal for many of us on this plan and there is total commonality truly, only thing that seems different to our eating patterns is our time on plan. A new carnivore will eat different than a carnivore who is 2 yrs on plan mostly. Carnivores kinda never have that desperate eating situations when hungry. But it takes time to get to that good feeling of being in a good eating pattern on this lifestyle.

Super glad you don’t have the problem of wanting the bad foods now :slight_smile: It means you are locking into good changes that work for you and you keep right on changing and learning about what works for you!! :sunny:

-----------nothing new today
simple eating day
I got pork for today again.
I am now firmly in pork mode :slight_smile: My ‘must have beef’ has walked out the door for right now, which is normal for me, and pork is my focus.

I would love to hit some good seafood sales but darn they just aren’t having any but when I see some good sales, I am freezing loaded. I only have 1 bag of shrimp left in the freezer and I am gonna hound that down today and I feel actually sad my freezer is not stocked with shrimp right now…oh well…carnivore on right? Plenty of other things to eat LOL

Love reading the great posts on the board. Everyone is doing their carnivore thing…finding the place they need to be…learning alot about themselves thru it all!


good fast read and has info about ‘calcium from dairy’ in it too :slight_smile:

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That is such a shame. Sigh,

We can get iodized salt here, too; but only refined salt which (this sounds funny) is too salty for me. I add a drop of Lugol’s iodine solution to water every once in a while to get iodine. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about radiation exposure.


what is on my mind

using my bacon fat to fry up some chicken wings…heck yea LOL

I am ‘not a cook’ and to me if I gotta ‘fry something’ and take that time to do this, you know I have to want it real bad :wink:

hit store in a few days, get wings, use up some of my stored bacon fat frying up some super crispy delish wings.

oh yea…I will carnivore on :100:


Things are travelling OK. @Azi I live in one of the rare places on the planet where we don’t have COVID in the community. Life here is what we all used to know as normal, unless one wants to travel interstate or internationally. We are affected by the news and government driven directives from time-to-time, but we don’t have the disease (yet).

I felt better after a second coffee today. No further symptomology.

Breakfast at 11am was refried roast beef pulled into small bits and fried in ghee, mixed with three large eggs and 60g of Jarlsberg. Dinner was a strange hankering for seafood. 375g Cooked New Zealand green lip mussels and 250g roast lamb, and 60g Jarlsberg cheese (now that it has got the all clear from Norway). I had pate and Castello blue cheese at the ready but did not need them as mussels and lamb was delicious and satisfying. Yup, surf’n’turf, @Fangs carni-more trigger foods. Nobody mention crabs legs. (Always be careful of spelling autocorrect when typing carbs on a low crab forum).

I’ll probably still be able to justify a sleep in tomorrow, just to be cautious, as it is a non-lecturing day filled up with admin tasks that never really feel like real work to me, and I can get started on marking some assignments.


it shows us the way :slight_smile: our bodies tell us all the time what to eat, you mighta needed more magnesium and good omega and needed maybe a tad more idoine…when we ‘hear it’ on carnivore it is best to respond just like you did!!

super cool you got no covid. We are very rural yet ‘down the road’ are some nursing homes etc while the never ending population encroaches from the ol’ days when I moved here…but we are very low on covid also…and our area is barely effected by any of it all…not like big dense population areas.

it pays to be a more homesteader, out in the boonies type person right? HA

(Linda ) #380

@FrankoBear that’s awesome having no covid

Todays food just a repeat of yesterday’s lamb rack ill finish it up and then tomorrow I’ll have beef but somewhere I’ll prob try to throw in a meal of salmon in next few days…

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Wow I can’t keep up with all these posts lol. 2 days at work and I get wayyyyy behind!

Stair runs at 4.45am after very little sleep! Then work.
Took with me chicken,cheese and butter to mikey and a pack of chicken thighs but only had 3 of them and some smoked Bahamian ham slices.

Came home and had some cheese. Now in bed.

Oh got disappointing text to say landscapers are about 10 days behind schedule so had to cancel the first 2 weeks leave booked but managed fortunately to get them rebooked at the tail end of the third weeks leave … phew … not usually that easy!