All Animal August---Triple A


Fab pics of meat on the board and thanks @Azi for showing me a frozen package :flushed: I ain’t the only one now showing uncooked meat HAHA and super congrats on that 1/2 lb down…slow and sure wins the race all the while we eat like kings and queens!!

great chat on the board folks.

I can tell all you carnivores are doing SO wonderful!!

yesterday was 4 thin cut pork chops…about 1 lb. and other 1lb. into fridge and I thought I would eat them but didn’t…instead I had a tin of sardines, few slices salami and hunk of cheddar.

yea I bought a small block of extra sharp cheddar…haven’t bought one in a while…nice to eat some cheese like that again.

that hallumoni (sp?) cheese you buy, you hunk it and fry it a tad? I haven’t seen it in the store but haven’t looked hard, can ya kinda tell me on the taste of it please :slight_smile:

Today is eat up the last of my chops and I got about a 10 oz NY Strip steak defrosting. Maybe more sardines—got a hankering for them lately, good thing I got a ton of tins in the pantry, I stock those puppies and they last forever!

Carnivore on all!!


Halloumi cheese is from Cyprus made from a mix of goat and sheep milk. It’s all about the squeakiness and try to find one that’s not too salty. It’s a texture cheese rather than a strong tasting cheese, and will pick up a nice gold tallow tan from a pan. What makes it taste really good is eating it with a ribeye. Otherwise it goes well with pulled roast lamb or capretto. If you’re trying halloumi also look out for saganaki. It’s also a pan frying cheese but it’s origin is Greek.

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I eat any meat cold :joy:

(Daisy) #345

Yes, it comes in an 8 oz chunk and I slice it into 1 oz pieces and fry. It’s kind of salty and squeaky but has good flavor. I personally prefer bread cheese to halloumi but they’re both tasty!

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Making you all jealous - breakfast/lunch today


I am not jealous, I am in the phase where food interests me little - especially meat…


I rarely let my meat out for a while before lunch (I went for a walk) but when I do, I may forget Caroline (she’s a cat) is in the house…
She was a lady, only nibbled the egg pudding (I never will try it with tuna and liquid below the roast instead of broth… it wasn’t good), ate all the tiny turkey liver pieces and chew the big one (I gladly gave it to her, it’s not good, my first and probably last trial. chicken liver is nice, pork is edible, beef is sweet and nice, duck and goose is really good, why turkey is so bad?)… And took a single piece of pork. THE FATTIEST one… Sigh. She has a good taste. And she was a dear and brought a vole for artistic purposes (I illustrate a tale for kids. It has a mouse, not a vole but close enough.)

She ignored the bresaola (yeah, it’s a bit of a acquired taste and chewy too. but I like it).

The rest of the pork was nicely fatty enough and I couldn’t even ate it all! I had a tiny liver, more than enough…

So that was my lunch at 3. I wasn’t hungry at 6 but we had dinner. Dessert egg puddings with cream and flavorings (vanilla, clove, one had cinnamon too… and a few drops of not-rum. we will run out of it and then we buy our beloved Stroh80 again! and it will last forever, that’s very potent stuff, I only ever used it for desserts in tiny amounts. sure, I tried to drink it too but it wasn’t very successful and I have ridiculously tiny amounts when I drink).
As I wanted a nice egg pudding or two, had no broth, had cream galore and got bored of my normal food.
I was totally lost about the rest of my dinner and then found my poor mince meat… I totally forgot about that! It was way more tempting than the roast, I really had enough of that.
I put some sour cream on it. I needed all the calories I was able to squeeze in.

I am very fine now. Didn’t track yet. It’s simple but I am even more lazy.

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Aldi sell halloumi fries just the cheese cut into fries…
They are super yummy but for me it’ was constipation and a 2lb gain in weight lol but looking back each time I’ve actually jumped up 2lbs it has been cheese either moon cheese or something and I couldn’t get it off again.

Todays food was yesterday’s picture of mew York strip steak seasoned with pepper… 2 coffees and water

I did go shopping yesterday and grab a few more packs of strip steak plus this time they had Lamb racks so I grabbed two packs but dam the price has been skyrocketing on lamb they wanted 43 dollars for a rack for most of them…well I wouldn’t pay that…but I managed to find a couple that were a bit cheaper…

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Personally, I think the case for protein leverage is overblown.

Consider eating top round. Say, one pound for lunch and one pound for dinner:

That’s only 1,500 calories, 200g protein. According to the protein leverage hypothesis, one should not be able to overeat after that or be hungry.

I’d definitely be hungry. And, I could EASILY overeat. Just give me chips or ice cream. Or both. Or beer. Or beer and pizza and ice cream. What got me fat to begin with.

Do I think that eating higher protein is better? Yes. Do I think if you eat some amount of protein, whatever that is, you magically are not hungry and stop eating? Not a chance.


@Naghite, well, you could call me jelly cause that is a beauty of a hunk of meat :slight_smile:
how did you cook it?

@Ctv, well you have to remember we can’t just a single meal ya know.

carnivore is meant to change us…time on plan has to happen before we get to that part of ‘eating our protein levels’ we need during that time on plan and there is a time…LONGER tho for many of us carnivores, you can’t ever get us to overeat, ever! It is when we are way more healed, when we hit benefits of carnivore and hold strict carnivore plan and truly change us as physical beings…so if we are chatting lets just have a meal of ice cream and chips or a meal of protein and can we overeat both, sure we can stuff ourselves on each meal…but when one counts carnivores on plan, holding strong, healing big time and gaining more benefits and we physically change and our appetites swing thru our time on plan, at some point. we settle into a true state where we ‘eat what we want, all we want’ but you can’t ever get us to overeat as in ‘binging out on food’ like our old bodies and eating plans would have us do.

Carnivores hit satiation levels but that will vary on our time on plan. Newer carnivores can eat alot and they need it :slight_smile: they need it to heal and change but more time on plan we ‘feel what we truly’ need and as we heal and change and are nutritionally very sound in our meal choices, we just don’t need to overeat ever…we eat til full…done til we need to eat again, we aren’t ones to just sit and eat, then snack after, then have a little something again and then eat a big meal again for no reason…not how one usually progresses on carnivore.

just a chat on thoughts on about overeating on carnivore and how we change thru time on plan.

how are you cooking your rack of lamb chops? simple pan fry? I am going in search of small lamb chops and yea, prices are friggin’ scary but when I see a lower price I am jumping on some, got a hankering :slight_smile:

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I am new to this carnivore concept (although I ate meat every evening), but I find without the dairy fat I am still hungry most days, even after eating 2X10 oz striploin and a 16 oz T-Bone. Last month I would have chased it down with a chunk or cheese or strawberries and cream and felt that “satiated” feeling, which I find currently I am not. So hopefully I will notice my hunger, when eating meat only, will diminish somewhat without needing to add too much extra fat :slight_smile:

In terms of that 2.5 lb prime rib roast today…I wrapped twice in tinfoil and baked at 175 deg F for 2.5 hours. I couldn’t wait so I had already eaten a 10 oz NY striploin a few hours earlier, so that roast will get some more attention another time - I got well over halfway through it though before feeling the fullest I have felt in a little while.


yea newer carnivores need to eat :slight_smile: don’t ever worry about that, you eat ALL you need at all times, as you progress and get the toxins dumped and get that adaption time handled your appetite will change, your nutrition in your body balances out and your whole satiation feeling begins to change and settle down. It is a normal walk for many of us.

prime rib roast is just a super yum…one of my top faves!!

It will, time on plan will start to change your appetite so as you keep on going, just eat as you need, all you need, add more fat if needed, less on days you don’t require it, but just let the meat show you the way :slight_smile: Happy you are doing well tho and chatting up carnivore with us but if you do want all in carnivore, don’t rely on strawberries, dump that fruit :slight_smile: and as crazy as it sounds, my dessert mostly has become sardines LOL or some salami and bit of cheese if a ‘dessert’ is on your mind cause if still hungry and not satiated it does mean ya need more animal kingdom food. One of the best ways to make life happy if still a bit hungry is fry up the bacon and enjoy LOL So hang in there :slight_smile:

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Today was a psmf day. I also have used a ton of energy today. Breakfast was an omelette with beef roast, yogurt and psmf toast. Lunch/dinner was a bacon wrapped filet, bay scallops and a slice of psmf toast.
image image

image image image

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Hi @Naghite I could have jumped into the photo and tucked into that rib roast. Makes me think I need to dig out the beef rib I have in the freezer. I went off it for a while but that could be because I was slow cooking it with an oxo cube stock. I think I will just put it on a rack and pop a little water in pan to keep it moist like I did with the pork shoulder roast. Since doing carnivore my taste has changed quite considerably and whereas I used to like to cook in flavoured stocks, I went off them and don’t want them anymore.

Just a thought on overeating, which as @Fangs says is not a real problem with this woe, if you eat what you feel ‘should’ be enough to fill you, just stop, put it to one side, get up and move around and do something and see after a few minutes how you feel then. Sometimes we don’t listen to the signals especially when the food tastes so nice and sometimes we have eaten so much but just ‘feel’ we need a different taste in our mouths.

I do tend to turn to cheese quite a bit but I am in this as a way of life rather than to lose weight and so it isn’t a stumbling block for me as it can be for some. - @Fangs turns to sardines .

I was a huge fruit and veg eater before going Carnivore and snacked on frozen fruit and thought I would really miss it and have withdrawal symptoms lol … didn’t have any, just stopped eating them immediately and all cravings completely disappeared.

Happy days happy carnivoring.


rocking your experimental changes very well KD and doing fine…cool

good info K. I am a woofer…and hound…I can woof down food SO fast it is scary and when delish, just like you said one can ingest alot of food very quickly and over do the belly intake just thru eating habits…smart info…slow down, enjoy the food, ‘feel the food’ and how much we have eaten, walk away a tad, you come back and eat more, you need it, you find you ‘are full?’ then stop :sunny:

In general, I would cook 2 lbs. of pork ribs and power thru those suckers so fast when I started…now I take a 1lb of ribs and eat and ‘think about’ if I need that other lb…nope I never do NOW on plan…so I know I have changed in my eating on this plan, see it right as rain for me that absolute changes happen over time and a more nutritionally sound and balanced body doesn’t want to eat a ton, it wants to eat what it needs.

finished off 3 thinner cut pork chops
4 slices bacon
tuna and mayo
salami slices and some chunk cheddar
beef stick

I had a NY Strip ready to eat and I didn’t want it…I carnivore snacked out instead. Today is first eat that NY Strip steak I must fry…after? probably just some cheeseburgers when wanted…eating lower mode right now…think the 100 deg. heat is taking me off a bit of food, which is cool, cause when the hunger hits back I will be having a ‘KetoDaisy fat refeed’ later when I want it HAHA


I interpreted it very differently. That it just says you can’t get satiated if you eat very little protein. Like, 50g protein and 2-300g fat (it depends on your energy need very much) and you stay hungry…
I still don’t think it’s so simple, it’s clearly not true for me though it’s very very special for me to eat satiating fat and almost no protein. But whenever I did, I was very satiated even with 1000 kcal (fat fast). When I ate the pork jowl thing (I still can’t get used to the idea of some innocent and normal looking and very easily edible stuff containing 76g fat in 100g… wonderful item… if I want a 3 min eating window and doesn’t care about protein… no, it has its uses anyway. it’s hard to stop eating it!), I got immediately satiated but I actually ate meat before. Just not nearly as much as usual. I must try it out (almost) alone…
But if I just add a ton of cream and butter and rendered fat and sour cream? I can overeat even without plants. Even doing extreme low-carb (no ton of dairy then). But it’s just an educated guess. I never wanted to try out what happens if I eat in such a bad way regularly… Maybe I still couldn’t overeat on carnivore because I just wouldn’t get so hungry the next day. No idea, things are complicated. But I surely would eat more than normal as I always do when I have these non-satiating items in bigger amounts. They are for boosting my calories without adding satiation.
On the other hand, I never could try very high protein with low-fat as I just can’t eat that way even if I try. The fat just finds its way, I need it in my protein sources and it adds up. Simply raising protein usually raises fat. Raising any macro raises fat in my case. So I am careful with fat. So it’s not always over 200g, just sometimes :slight_smile: But eating a lot of not too fatty meat (I mean pork chuck or leaner… and avoiding the problematic fats) definitely keeps my fat from going crazy, I don’t even need to try.

Carbs makes overeating way too simple :smiley: Though after 2 pounds of meat… I am sure I barely could eat anything else. I get a stop sign at that point and it’s very powerful. But I can’t eat that much meat. Probably could if I forced myself or used a huge eating window and avoided meat since weeks before… Or if I used less substantial ones like fowls, fish…
I very easily go over a pound now (not every day) but around 1.5 I am done.

I don’t think that either. I know very well that eating 200g protein doesn’t make me magically satiated. But if I am below 120g, I can’t get satiated without tricks or a ton of other food. But Alvaro who is taller, a bit more muscular and more active… He is just fine with way less. So as usual, there is a huge personal factor.

By the way, I should track one of his simpler days again… He eats meat more often now, I wonder if it did something to his quite low (from my viewpoint, he keeps his impressive leg muscles and the others are tiny) protein intake. Probably not as he just swapped some eggs with a tiny meat. And his days are all over the place anyway (except all are HCHF), tracking one doesn’t provide enough information. I looked some days back… 93g for a day (wow, that’s a lot from him), 75g for lunch and dinner only, 33g for breakfast, 63g for the whole day… He eats 2500-2800 kcal a day (when I track, 2500 is his fat-loss diet mode but he avoids it as it means starving too much), well now he uses a car to work again and reduced his breakfast again, the poor thing. I always get satiated, on every woe, I don’t do diets where I don’t so I feel sorry for everyone needing to suffer hunger for hours like a normal part of the day (even when being a bit fat and not losing anything).

Hi folks I tracked my yesterday, 1500 kcal and 2 meals, nice satiation all the way, I am so impressed :smiley: Though a bit low for a day with a half workout… Cute mincemeat saved the day when I couldn’t stomach more roast. Today I will fry the slices and we will see but I still have mincemeat as well. I only had 3 eggs yesterday - minus the amount Caroline chew off and I had to cut off… Yeah, less eggs definitely works better. I ate less meat than on my previous 8 eggs day, around 520g?
But I need a lot of meat even when I eat several eggs if I just don’t go overboard with my dairy and use no added fat at all… And barely any processed stuff…

But today I taste Alvaro’s food (especially the egg stew, yay) so things will get a bit different. No problem, I need the calories. 2 days with 1500 kcal would be scary, this low is borderline impossible for me and I go for my walks and do my workouts again! I was a bit inactive for a few days. I am better and bubblier, maybe the sunshine, maybe my woe, who knows? It’s for the energy part, I am bubblier due to my artistic project and some great music I have found. And sunshine! It’s a great thing when the weather isn’t hot!

It was always so mysterious to me, how on earth they do it? :smiley: I eat less on carnivore especially without desserts and dairy. I just can’t eat much that way. I wonder what is the reason, maybe my body gets an epiphany and decides it doesn’t need all the fat it have been clinging to since forever? But some substantial fatty meat is super satiating to me and I just can’t eat very much of it. I am quite sure I don’t really need healing so there is that but still, there is clearly room for improvement.
There is a big personal factor for sure, I see people eating way less than me… I need my energy intake and nutrients (and joy and everything though way less than on other diets) even using the super powerful meats…
Oh it will be exciting to figure out (if I can) what my body will do if I keep with this mostly meat+egg style… It automatically causes a modest energy intake but I never could do that for long. I guess I will have hungrier, stronger days with nice appetite and it will be so good :smiley:
(In worst case I will be hungry and wouldn’t want my proper food… Oh well, I am fine as long as I stick to extreme low-carb, I suppose. And I try to make more complicated meat dishes. Roasts were great but they got old for some reason. I don’t think it would have happened with really good pork so we will check out the local pig farm. Or maybe using too little salt while roasting was the problem. Oh and having too big slices so there is a lot of unsalted, not crispy inside… We will see if frying the lefovers will help.)

I can overeat in a 5 minutes eating window if I put my mind on it… But probably not repeatedly and anyway, I am really one who just don’t overeat on anything close to carnivore. That’s one reason I am so stubborn to stay close. It’s so hard to focus on not overeating all the time but I don’t need it with good food choices. Yay.
Eating all day… I so, so, so overate on my natural IF. I couldn’t do it without some very serious compulsion in 1 meal but 2? Easy. I do this many meals and snacks a day on carnivore only (on bad days :frowning: ) and still avoid overeating… How on earth could I eat only 1800 kcal for 4 meals? (Meat, that’s how, I know.) It was a still not big lunch in my world!

Writing this much about carnivore, I feel a bit bad I don’t even do it properly but I just can’t. And I am very very pleased with being somewhere around, it gave me zillion times more and better benefits than ketosis could (okay, that was about zero except fat adaptation that was great but didn’t really help with most of my problems).
And I do what I can but it’s not so easy for me. My self-training always took a lot of time. It took a few years to skip xylitol in my coffee :smiley: (That was before keto I think.) Oh my, I can’t imagine how I could drink sweetened coffees :smiley: That’s such a weird idea! (Except I sweeten them with 5ml cream, actually. But it’s tiny sugar and I don’t need the sugar part of the cream itself. But it doesn’t hurt, it’s tasty.)

I wrote this much and I didn’t even read 2 comments? Oh my, I go away now…


You poor soul!!! I am against everything that is low-fat dairy… I doubt I ever tried such an abomination…
I don’t even have the necessary extra fat mass to fuel such low-cal days… As far as I can tell as it can’t be calculated, things aren’t that simple.


Bob, did you try to eat it? The whole 900 yards?

I’ve had a go at a few 1kg ribeye steaks and definitely can recognise the hunger “off switch” before finishing. It’s more than a comfortable satiety signal, it’s a fork carrying steak to my mouth and not being able to eat it. Interestingly sometimes I munch through the whole lot but feel full and not hungry at the end.


I switched from keto to carnivore just over 9 months ago, and I said that after the first week or two, I just started eating steak and eggs for all of my meals. I’ve had the occasional bowl of chicken broth, and I think chicken around 3 or 4 times, and lamb once.

A few months ago, I dropped the eggs.

The last few days, I’ve started having more of other meats - lamb, pork, chicken. I’ve still got beef and steak in my freezer to eat - but the notable thing is that previously, the other meats didn’t seem to satiate me, whereas now they are doing so.

Not sure whether my body has finally decided that it’s happy with the nutrition that’s consistently coming in, or whether this is a blip and I’ll be back on the steak next week - but I thought it was interesting enough to share, as I know lots of carnivores find that as they progress, their tastes change (as we saw when I went from eating 6 eggs a day to zero).


-------so had to hit store fast for my momma who is visiting…93 yr old :slight_smile: and when she wants, I jump :wink: so I wanted pork again…grabbed 2 lbs. pork tenderlion…

other side is BIG fat cap, I buy tenderloin being ALL about the fat cap on the reverse side but this is food for day.

that NY Strip I need to eat, nope I don’t want it…I defrosted it in fridge so I am gonna refreeze that thing and feed it to hubby later but for some reason…beef is off my list mostly and my pork is center stage big time so I just go with the flow.

I think a tin of sardines is in my life too today :wink:

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Hi @ctviggen, I’ve been keto for over four years and on and off carnivore for two. Once I started carnivore, I started taking in less salt over time, thinking I didn’t need as much. I’ve had numerous troubles since then including an increase of muscle cramps (mostly feet and calves) and heart palpitations. If I got a cramp, I would supplement with salt and they would go away.

This past week I went back to measuring my supplementation. (I do a mix of 3:1 pink Himalayan salt to No Salt) I am making sure I get 1.5 - 2 teaspoons a day. This is in addition to what I am getting in my food.

For the past three nights I have slept much better. Heart palpitations are improved. Previously, I would awake at 3:30 AM (it was a little uncanny about the timing) and my mind would race and I would frequently start feeling anxious. It was very difficult to fall back to sleep. But… this has not happened since I really started working on my salt intake. I have also had no hint of cramps.

I know, I know, three days is not enough time. It could be a fluke, but I figured I would give you a preliminary update. Once I’ve been doing this for a few more weeks, I will provide another update. If this really does seem to be the answer, I believe that the quantity of salt I was taking prior to this experiment was probably just on the cusp of what I needed, but mostly likely a suboptimal. Getting back to the 1.5-2 teaspoons of extra supplementation a day seems to have my body at more comfortable sodium levels. I actually feel calmer.