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(Linda ) #322

Depends on how much mess is on the top if it looks pretty clean I’ll use it for 2nd meal … burgers for example leave a bigger mess than a steak will…
But I bought a second set of pan and rack so I can always have a clean one if one is in dishwasher


@Azi, woof woof throw me that 2.5 oz ya don’t want…HAHA but you got big pretty dogs :slight_smile: I know they love you being carnivore!!

So happy you lost and are ‘finding you and your sweeter spot’ and just rock it out!

time to DROP the BS of the scale. Means nothing. Your clothes, and WELL-Being and attitude and mental clarity and vibrancy for life and energy take FIRST thought now. That is a healed better body…then later comes, how to deal with goals I want…key is change…give it ALL time to change into carnivore and darn that can be so Diff. for so many of us. Personal timeline on this plan. A new one starting will never be another starting so make this CARNIVORE YOU truly :slight_smile:


life/vibrancy/energy/clarity/and want to thrive feeling and feeling leaner in the body, the hormones change and correct and we ‘balance’…we find balance and dump all the OLD BS diet crap from our life…what carnivore gave me :slight_smile:

loved your post!!

and remember newer you energy will ebb and tide and rest thru or enjoy the activity as you need…adaption time is SO diff for all of us…just walk your path and smile thru it with great benefits to come off this lifestyle!

-----------------SO I ate 4 sausage patties leftover from RV fridge from trip…guess what that did…now I am not hungry LOL

I think around 5 I might eat that 1lb NY Steak cause ‘I know I need it’ and I will most likely but food is on a low now for today as it started.

mind is on crab legs, shrimp, scallops, and more…seafood is calling me LOL

edited to say grease means nothing to me now…older times it was like…omg the grease and stove and clean up and now I am like F IT! I just clean it up LOL


July 7, 2019.
You’re right, I definitely should have went for the steak in the refrigerator instead of the dairy

(Karen) #325

Ate more today but I have used more energy. Stair runs and CrossFit which was mainly rowing and running with a few D Ball cleans thrown in for good measure.

Came home via The Company Shop with some half price steaks and a cooked chicken.

Ate 2 lamb chops I had defrosted in the fridge followed by some cheese.

Then popped over to Raymond’s to make sure his legs were okay after our dancing yesterday. Then home again and put a pork shoulder joint in oven. Cooked it same way as last time and it was just as tasty with the crispness of crackling.

While it was cooking I had a fair sized sirloin steak and 2 eggs.and some more cheese!!!

Then when the pork was cooked I couldn’t resist 2 small helpings and devoured the whole of the crackling!!! It wasn’t as big amount as what was on the previous joint I hasten to add lol

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Taking my boy out to a bus rally tomorrow, he’s going to love that… its a surprise. Plus the surprise of the PS5 yay.


Thoughts on the mental health benefits of journaling

I had some heart palpitations last night. Just to be clear, that is a symptom and not a recipe. But here is the benefit of the ‘journaling’ that we do on these monthly ZC challenge threads. I click on my thumbnail picture and can see how many posts I’ve made this month in the conversation. It’s like a personal diary.

I can see that I went off plan last week in relation to work stress. And I can hear @Fangs basic golden guide shoulder angel saying, “Stay On Plan”. The other thing I can see as well is that the heart palpitations follow those changes of the week before. It’s a correlation. It’s also an alternate hypothesis to an immediate thought of the standard thinking of direct cause and response of what did I consume just before the heart palpitations started. On thinking on it, it’s more likely that I’ve messed up my physiology and electrolytes over multiple small episodes over a few days, rather than whether it was eating some fish for the meal before the heart episode (and scratching my head over that). In the mix are symptoms of oxalate dumping that occur with making changes.

I also remember Dr. Adam Nally ‘s clinical observation that the atrial fibrillation episodes (or palpitations) occur in his patients when they changed their basic keto plan, usually associated with a vacation. And Sally K Norton (of oxalate investigation fame) observing a similar opposite of people getting palpitations when enthusiastically starting a low oxalate diet and ending up in ER a week later with heart palpitation concerns. The diet change releases ‘toxins’, including oxalate, and that oxalate is “hungry” to bind positive molecules (cations) in the blood stream that regulate heart rhythm. From that, it suggests that diet changes, the actual process of change rather than specific ingredients, are a strong consideration to ill effects of trying a diet change therapy.

This also goes some way to explaining the multitude of newbie enquires about, diarrhoea, constipation, hair loss, rashes, cravings, justifications, behaviour changes, headaches, bloating, heartburn etc. It is not the new healthful diet doing something bad to the person, it’s the process of change and adaptation creating effects that can feel negative on a timeline or transition toward health. Many oldies contract it to, “Your body is healing.”

These observations speak strongly to the ‘stay’ word of ‘Stay on Plan’ and make changes in small, considered increments based on the best information and advice. The changes are for fine-tuning and individual customisation for what works best for that phase of the way of eating. This philosophy is not dietary way dependent. It could be applied to vegan, keto, or carnivore, or “zero” carb.

The mistake not to make is the momentary insanity “stuff it” mistake. Where one gives in to cravings and transforms, like a were-waffle, into a processed carb eater for a meal or two, or embarks on a mindless month long addiction fuelled meltdown binge.

Or, if they do eat that piece of cake due to social requirements, that they get back on plan and dust off the aberration, like dusting the crumbs from one’s beard or napkin.

(Daisy) #327

Today was a very busy day. We worked outside all morning and then I spent the rest of the day running nonstop errands. Got over 14k steps in :joy:. I went to the dentist this week and talked to them about the insane calcium buildup on my teeth. They told me it’s the worst they’ve ever seen. I reached out to my carnivore Instagram community and got three equal replies across the board: 1. Need to add vitamin k2. 2. Oxalate dumping…give it time. 3. Calcium deficiency. Add more sources of calcium. I don’t accept the oxalate dumping. I never ate that oxalate heavy of a diet to justify almost 2 years of this horrific buildup. So I bought k2 and a fridge full of unsweetened yogurt. Has anyone here had that issue?

Food today was a steak omelette for breakfast and crispy fried roast and a yogurt for dinner.
image image image


:rofl: I got a laugh from this as I imagined someone hosing down a medieval, feudal Japanese martial arts expert assassin every time they ate.


Yesterday I found a kilo of bacon in the fridge. I’m only home for the weekend. But this is a sign of true love. Mrs. Bear had been shopping. So, I cooked twice as much middle cut bacon as I needed. Half went into a bacon and eggs breakfast with black coffee. That was a bit earlier than normal at about 1030am. The other half went toward the fridge but spilled onto the floor, so ended up inside a smiling Labrador. There is still half a packet of bacon to cook later this morning.

Last night we had the in-laws visiting. I went off plan with some salted nuts before dinner as brother-in-law was sharing them out as he embarked on a few beers. Dinner was fillets of locally caught white fish fried in a mix of olive oil and tallow, some hot_smoked Atlantic salmon, and there were green salads and pork dumplings in share plates. I ate the delicious fish and had a large mug full of salty beef bone broth to sip.

Mrs Bear offered dates for dessert but sister-in-law had brought along chocolates and sweet snacks/ ‘candy bars’, as Americans call them, as well. I watched my in-laws and teenage nephew mindlessly chomp through the packaged sweets as we continued chatting, piling wrappers in front of them. It seemed to be normal behaviour to them. Sister-in-law, who is a trim physiotherapist in her 50’s, but runs about 20km every morning, noticed the wrappers carnage, and did say, “We really need to eat less sugar.

(Vic) #329

Lunch from the last 2 days.

At a party last night, I ate like a pound of cheese and 2 beers. My body told me that was not a good meal. :woozy_face:


I’ve heard about it and it may make sense but…

  1. Many people easily massively undereat protein and calories at the same time. A part of them surely have some eating disorder but I am sure not all. It’s clearly not that simple…
  2. What is enough? The normal minimum amounts are so tiny it’s super hard to get even less…
  3. I had very low-protein days and I got very very satiated. Fat fast, egg fast… I mostly ate fat and quite low protein and I wasn’t hungry. The egg fast doesn’t count though as I quit after 9 hours (while not being hungry just very very unbalanced. I needed carbs to feel alive, I never feel that but the egg fast did the trick).

I don’t say she has no point, it makes sense to me, it may be true in general, vaguely, for the ones who feel such things and aren’t totally messed up… But there are numerous exceptions.
Oh I forgot…

  1. Not for the whole day but Alvaro get satiated with a bunch of carbs (like, 95% quick carbs in the meal calorie wise) just fine. For many hours. It probably doesn’t count as it’s normal not to eat our protein right away when we break our fast and we all know people are able to have an almost only carb meal. Even a not rich sandwich is like that, I never understood how that could work… I don’t even know if the statement is for a day or for longer term. I have this thing with separate days. If my body misses something (calories, fat, protein), I can’t last until bedtime, I will feel the need. I may be super satiated with no food until 7pm when I eat a pretty substantial but not right meal, my body will do its calorie and nutrition counting or whatever it does and will scream at me at night to eat more. I noticed that unless I eat very much very satiating fat, I can’t pull off a day below 120g protein. If I eat this amount, I am fine with a decent energy intake, below I need some massive fat overeating to be satiated…? As I normally eat my 70% fat food (in calories, of course), it’s hard to tell what happens in extreme situations but I tracked so many days so I noticed things. This 120g is some magical limit for my body. If I am beyond, it matters little if I eat protein or fat, it should be satiating though.
    I don’t have this with fat, once I managed to eat 54g and therefore not many calories (high protein, of course) and I was perfectly satiated. I just hardly find food that I am willing to eat in bigger amounts and has such a low fat content.

But I know many people can eat barely anything for a day (there is the PSMF, the 5:2 fasting, all the starvation diets… as all have starving from my viewpoint, I would imagine a normal body would complain but just because I only know my own well… I can imagine high protein and very low-carb is tricky as just very low-carb tricks people’s bodies and they magically automatically eat little on keto, something I never did. except when carnivore was new to my confused body but even that didn’t last for long and wasn’t that super low-cal). It makes sense their body can balance out things even if mine usually wants corrections at night if I fail to eat properly during the day, according to my body, at least.

I wrote too much again :frowning:

Today got messed up a lil bit for reasons but I have pork so it’s good enough just a bit carby (and I started to eat super early…). I ate a lot of egg stew but I won’t tomorrow, I really really want to make egg+meat ONLY days!
I mostly ate egg and pork today. And cream. For my egg+meat only days I must stop coffee but it’s not hard as I don’t have a nice one now and I have some practice at this point.

The freshly made pork chuck roast was quite pleasant but I have my mincemeat too so I am hopeful I will behave wonderfully tomorrow.
Pork makes satiation quite easy :slight_smile: Poor turkey wasn’t this good but I will make more experiments. As lean pork usually aren’t so good either and it makes sense as no matter what fat I can add, it can’t be as good as pork (except if I use my special very fatty pork. probably. but it’s less volume and probably isn’t so good when I want to take my time to enjoy my food).

Another day, it’s carnivore day #1, very strict though I couldn’t resist a black coffee in the end… I don’t know why, it makes little sense. But I use my energy and determination for other things, not fighting against coffee. I still go to the right direction with it.

I got hungry early but no way I eat at 10am… But I probably will have an early lunch again. Oh well, Alvaro’s holiday is at the end so I will go back to my normal late lunches (or skipped lunches) again.

I can pull off an egg and meat only day, right? I know it sounds ridiculously easy but it’s me…

Nope. So many kinds of meat is great cold. Mine isn’t even leftover, I barely tasted it yesterday but I plan to start eating it cold. (Pork chuck roast, my usual. Very nicely marbled with fat. If I don’t forget or get very hungry suddenly, photos will come.)

Except the rectangular oven pan with its corners, it’s fine. And I need to clean it once a week as I use it well, I can roast my weekly pork in it :smiley:
I always ate very fatty and used to fry everything so keto and carnivore changed little regarding that.
Raw meat juice is a new thing though… (As I came from vegetarian keto/low-carb.)

Congrats for the fat-loss! I hope a moderate miracle will happen and I will lose some myself, one day… But first of all, I need more energy, it went very low lately and it’s always low-ish to begin with. And I am born lazy so I have my limits but that’s fine.

I would like the 2.5 oz steak too :smiley:

Pretty, pretty photos… I get more hungry :smiley: But it’s still a nice hunger, no urge to eat* just a warning that that time will come soon.

*No more urge than before. The existence of my pork roast is a temptation in itself! But it wouldn’t do good to me eating it way too early and getting hungry again and again… Though that isn’t really bad with meat, it’s easy to solve… I am looking forward to my experiences, I track again. The weights, of course I don’t know the fat content and I lost some anyway…
Oh I forgot to calculate my daily meat amount, I ate that 3 pounds of pork and other things for so many days… But maybe it’s not late, I have a note… Maybe 350g a day? It’s not low from me and I ate various things (though the birds boosted the numbers a bit, it’s so easy to eat a bunch of fowl as it’s not so substantial for me. And I counted the very fatty pork with almost no protein too). I except it to go up now.


yes it can be normal for more buildup…I also just read about this on my carnivore forum threads and darn it KD, I can’t remember what conclusions they said about it HAHA but one thing, when I hit a cleaning I get ‘wow more buildup’ than ‘kinda normal’ and I say whatever HAHA I say get rid of it and see ya next time :slight_smile: Also tho I remember the carnivores saying that buildup around the gum line was a natural life issue to help the teeth because it saved the gums from receding and blocking some bacteria and more and it wasn’t ‘an oh so bad thing truly’ but according to the dentist it is a bad thing trapping in bacteria etc. in those build up areas…so some buildup, a natural occuring factor in life that can be beneficial or ‘what the dentist’ says is oh so wrong??? hmmmm…but yea, normal kinda out in the carnivore community for some of us. For me it is buildup behind lower front teeth, always my spot, other than that teeth are great.

cracklings! ohhh, I want some now…yum
enjoy your bus rally with your son!

OK I SEE THAT lonely green thing in your skillet pan shoved up in the corner :scream_cat::crazy_face::crazy_face:
Your meat pics are looking fine!!!

a lb of cheese and beer…yea I would think the guts would feel that a little bit LOL but it sounds like a good fun time tho!!

-------------it is funny ya’ll show your food pics cooked…I mostly show them uncooked LOL It seems after I cook I ain’t got a second to take a pic, I am inhaling my meat fast HAHA So uncooked in packages seems to be my claim to fame with pics on the thread!

So I am in a ‘whatever eating’ mood…nothing is screaming eat me LOL
Today I am defrosting 2 lbs of thin cut pork chops…see that good manager sale price :slight_smile: Will eat 1/2 the pack meal 1…eat meal 2 all the others…all 2 lbs for me, me and me and will cook all at once, heat second meal for later. Done deal…food day handled!! Easy peasy!

Carnivore on strong everyone!!! We got strength, gumption, a fun carni crowd to chat with and we got spunk…to change and succeed! Carnivores rule :100:

(Linda ) #332

Well down another half pound on scale this morning…

I’m actually really enjoying the food and I’m full which is totally amazing to me coming from the place I just kept eating more and more…
So im sticking to this I’ll have to stock up on more strip steak lol maybe I’ll go to the store soon lol…
I spend more time buying than I do cooking it now haha… just for Fangs lol this is tomorrow’s steak( now in fridge thawing) todays pack I opened and one was cooking already when I took this… but virtually the same as todays

(Daisy) #333

@Azi that looks amazing!
@Fangs I will let you know if I see improvement with these tweaks!

Today was my high fat day and I made the most of it! Breakfast was an egg yolk omelette with beef bacon and a 5% fat yogurt. Then lunch was sirloin with halloumi and beef bacon.
image image image image image


My day wasn’t particularly unusual despite the higher level of strictness…
I wasn’t so well, maybe the weather (it was hot again and gloomy too), the lack of exercise… But it’s possible that only meat and eggs was a bit too plain for me now. I definitely felt it a tad lacking (not like I didn’t felt that lately, no matter how I ate so maybe it’s due to this super hot summer)… So I brought back my carnivore-ISH in the end but stricter than usual, I really try to minimize dairy now. It was 20g 10% cream today. I was so miserable, I didn’t try so hard.

It was the beginning of my super early lunch at noon:

Nice cold pork chuch roast and a boiled egg. (My poor leander in the background, well a tiny part of it. It has very few flowers right now. It was full with buds but they dried. We watered it a lot, of course, I learned this plant loves its water, it needs a lot even in winter… But this summer was too much for most plants.)
Not surprisingly, it wasn’t enough (but I can never know, an early meal is usually small) so I ate more meat and egg. And even a little bresaola, at least chewing on the thickest slice in the package made my lunch a bit longer, I so easily ate all the others!

My lunch was around 900 kcal, decent for a meat based one but I got hungry in 1 hour or something… And ate in 2. My lovely egg pudding! If some of the new ones don’t know this wonderfulness, well it’s just egg mixed with broth (but I did dessert ones with cream too), steamed. It’s very very good and I just love the jelly like texture! :smiley: I really need it now that I am not so much my usual egg dishes (I didn’t touch the non-carnivore egg stew today :)).

Then, 3 hours later came some more pork and an eggy coffee. I wasn’t hungry at that time but I felt off and it was quite clear I need more food for today at some point. I planned that my last meal.

But I ate again, 2 hours later. Sponge cake with some tuna spread I made myself (tuna, boiled egg yolk, mustard. I dropped strictness at that point and needed something nice). I managed to eat a decent amount of food, not too little, not too much. Very small calorie deficit, probably as I didn’t exercise, I badly need it tomorrow, I must go out but it was hot again and I was tired.
But of course I don’t know how much I ate and how much energy I used. It’s all a guesswork. I just measured things in grams but fatty pork is a big mystery. It doesn’t matter.
I know that I ate about 545g pork, 45g tuna, 33g bresaola and 8 eggs (whoa, they added up again).
About 40% protein, it’s higher than usual but it happens sometimes :slight_smile: And it can be expected when I don’t eat a lot of cream and sour cream and use zero added fat…
I didn’t track the sodium, I don’t even know the data of my broth.
But 1g salt for 1622g pork isn’t enough for me :smiley: I had to add a little more. 2g probably would work…
1.38 pound of meat for today? Nothing unusual from a meaty/eggy day…

I plan to make a similar day tomorrow. Pork roast, egg pudding, something with the tuna (probably the egg pudding as I will use liquid from below the roast and it’s not as good as the broth was… or maybe the complete lack of sodium ruined the taste… nowadays I get out some liquid and salt afterwards) and I found some fried liver when I looked into the freezer a few days ago… It should be fine.

But I would prefer less meals, not 4… And a bigger appetite and more joy from my food, it was pretty low today. The weather forescast says the hot days are over, we will see.
We finally order the AC we planned and postponed, too bad I can’t see what it can do cooling wise until next year but we primarily buy it for heating. Yay. We probably can’t really save money with it but it’s better to use less energy (the production costs energy too but less than using something with only 100% efficiency as all electric heaters being totally indoors. household machines and computers are the best as they are for something else and the heating is a side effect).

(Edith) #335

I have, but for me I believe it was from oxalate dumping.

(Daisy) #336

When did it get better?

(Daisy) #337

Ok just kidding, I was not done earlier. One pound ribeye thankyouverymuch image



Linda, What you describe is protein leverage. Protein leverage is a nutrition science fact. It forms a basis to a theory of population obesity due to the reduction of protein in diets over the last century.

Having adequate protein in a dietary plan is an important building block for a healthy way of eating. Then checking that the protein percentage is not diluted by carbs and too many fats in a daily intake also helps. On zero carb carnivore as a plan the protein is automatically adequate and fat is adjusted for energy.


I was listening to a science podcast with an anthropologist talking about 10000 year old teeth from hunter gatherer tribes in Siberia. They were interested in extracting DNA as they could identify what viruses may have been infecting humans back then. In the talk they talked about the boon of dental calculus on ancient teeth. The anthropologist said her personal experience and thinking of going to the dental hygienist for teeth cleaning was that she was robbing anthropologists 10000 years in the future of data. The hunter gatherer teeth they examined were very strong. This compares to the teeth of Egyptian 5000 year old agrarian mummies that were full of decay and disease.

I find I have less calculus build up when I eat keto. More when I eat carnivore. Sudden build ups when I think I am oxalate dumping. We know calcium is in the calculus matrix, but I haven’t yet found out if it is bound to oxalate.

Calculus formation is the result of petrification of dental plaque biofilm, with mineral ions provided by bathing saliva or crevicular fluids.


Im trying to buy meat ive never used before, to taste it, just to find out what I like. And practise cooking. Today i made crackling ham.

Im thinking to just eat it cold out of the fridge. Do you guys heat it? How?
And do you know how long this will keep in fridge?

…Love my Ninja, he airfried this in under one hour.

(Karen) #341

Yesterday was a great day. My daughter and i took my son out to the peaks… we didn’t tell him it was to a bus rally in case it had been cancelled and we wanted to avoid any disappointment. There were no signs ups which was unusual and so we were delighted that as we turned into the road we could see all the vintage buses ahead in the distance. We turned to Ben and said wow Ben what can you see up there? He squinted to try and see and then the realisation dawned on him and he face was just an absolute corker :laughing: we had such a great time with him , he was so happy.

My daughter and I took a little pack up with us which is now the way forward as we both have our own eating regimes. Ben eats anything you put in front of him! Rain held off in the peaks which was good as Nottingham had a real downpour! They say the sun shines on the righteous lol.
So food … chicken, pork, hard boiled egg, cheese and good sized sirloin steak.

I hadn’t slept well before taking Ben out, I guess my head was just full of nothing really important just niggley things like oops forgot to out freezer blocks in for pack up and forgot to set hot water to come on… silly things but I had to play some solitaire at 4.45am to clear my head of all the monkeys playing in it!
Definitely had a much better sleep last night and so today I am feeling quite upbeat. Just stair runs, no CrossFit today but thats okay it was my choice. Weather looking pretty nice for this week so I must get on and pint exterior of extension ready for the landscapers.