All Animal August---Triple A

(Doug) #302

Good looking stuff, Daisy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a moment of pause - in the picture that top lamb chop looks like a certain carnivorous amphibian… :smile:

(Bob M) #303

We’ve reached the same conclusion. Baked is better that boiled.


We went to the nearby bigger town - realized it’s national holiday, we totally didn’t follow the date lately… so we couldn’t buy food but it’s fine, the only big problem is no proper cheese for Alvaro but I will go there again. for some reason, the nearby villages and little town has NO cheese at all. proper cheese, I mean. we aren’t extremely choosy but the stuff is crappy -, I got so, so tired, I have no stamina and cycling isn’t something I can do for long. If I don’t stop every 2km, it’s something :smiley: Oh nice new asphalt for the cyclists! Instead of some very… rustic thing we used before.

So I got hungry and ate at 1pm.
Finished the lean leftovers. A little of everything, soup with poached eggs (one whole, one white), fried chicken liver, boiled eggs (with more whites as I prefer), bresaola, fried turkey (I put my newest spice on it now, accidentally a bit much and it’s mainly salt… oh well nothing some sour cream can’t help it. a tiny bit!)… I was hungry, added some head cheese and sponge cake (the whiter kind)… And coffee with egg and cream (10% fat).
The guess is 830 kcal and 53g fat. I could be a TAD more strict, I can imagine eating only 50g fat in 1000 kcal but that’s the limit, I don’t know how on earth I could go even lower. It’s not about giving up joy, my body would totally refuse even leaner things in bigger amounts.
So as I thought, 80g fat is about the lowest I can go on any day (unless I simply don’t eat) but I need to do my best.
(But I may experiment with less if I will have a sudden masochistic phase. I am not prone to those. 50-55% fat feels bad enough - but maybe my food choices coould be improved…? How on earth do people eat less fat that this? Amazing. I mean, on ANY woe. I couldn’t do high-carb with <50% fat either. I know, we are just that different. But still…

I looked up the few tracked days of Alvaro… His macros are all over the place but the fat is always over 50% and usually way more. Once he did 75% fat for his lunch and dinner… 200g fat is easy for him too. While he is careful not to eat much, poor thing. At least I eat as much as I want. As little as I comfortably can but if I need or fancy food, I eat.
His mother eats very fatty too. My family ate very fatty too. Normal people eat very fatty as well. So I never even saw a real person eating low-fat, it’s weird to me. I only saw mostly low-fat dishes on raw-vegan blogs and events. But the raw vegan bread was fatty… And not good, by the way, I never found flax particularly tasty but better than nothing I suppose. Raw vegans are good at salads and sweets, maybe even soups but not at proper food one can get satiated with if you ask me. Never figured out how they avoid starvation. Some don’t even eat a ton of nuts - that’s energy, at least and not sugar -… But I got carried away again.)

830 kcal is a very small lunch so of course I was still hungry and ate some fattier items but not much more :slight_smile:
Now I hope I only have another meal. 2MAD sounds pretty good nowadays.

I run out of meat now, I wonder if I can pull off an eggy day… Nope, that never works, not even with the tiny leftover pork in the freezer. Fine, I make a pork chuck roast, big enough for a week… At least I won’t need 6 course meals for a while, today was way too complicated.

@Azi: Beef leg is the cheapest cut, still exdpensive so I buy a little every 1-2 month. It’s pretty good, I’ve read it’s the best cut for stew… I think almost all not super lean meat is good for stew but it’s great for that role indeed. I don’t roast beef as it’s too lean for that (I don’t think I ever ate roast beef. I barely ever ate beef to begin with). Surely fat beef cuts exists too but I don’t meet them or they are insanely expensive. I am very very happy with the beef leg. And the bresaola, the cheapest beef I can get. Costs less than the beef leg per kg and it’s dried beef with way less water! And it’s very nice, ready to eat… But it’s a processed thing I use in tiny amounts, not nearly the same category…
Corned beef sounds interesting but we don’t have that here so I never ate any. I saw recipes but I am not that curious. If I have beef, I just eat it, I even doubt a 4 times more expensive cut could be better than some beef leg stew as it’s something extremely great and very very flavorful. I don’t need anything to be tastier than that.
(Maybe it shows I haven’t eaten beef since… Maybe 2 months? More? I have some in the freezer, I should think about what to do with it… Stew as usual? Some goulash is always planned but well, it’s not even keto… I suspect that the charm of goulash for me mostly lays in the meat and paprika so I am in no hurry to add all the high-carb vegetables. Well, not me, it will be Alvaro who cooks that thing. I cook vegetable-free meat dishes. Except the little onion in stews but it’s usually Alvaro who cooks them too. He is the outdoor chef and big stews are perfect for making them on open fire.)


oh man it does Doug LOL frog legs anyone :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #306

@Fangs Glad your back safe and sound the year is just flying buy I can’t believe I’ve been carnivore 7 months in a couple of weeks,it’s gone by so fast.

Breakfast today was lamb chops with pepper and black coffee so so good…2nd meal will be more lamb chops pepper and coffee
And just plain water in between.
Jumped on the scale this morning it’s been up and down but today was another pound gone, and a new low since I gained up the 11 pounds so another couple ounces and ill be 3lbs down so I guess blake Donaldson knew his stuff…im not doing his three meals a day though two seems enough for me im not hungry after 2nd one and he says don’t eat after 5.30 pm
Although my meals are a bit over his half pound (cooked meat) starting suggestion…his half pound is a min amount not a max he says if your hungry add in more in the way of cold roast meat or another chop…I cut the salt and added the pepper because that was one of his things to do that he mentioned quite often… Im interested to see how well this works.

(Vic) #307


I ate 3 meals in the end and I felt too unwell after the last one, it’s unusual. And I had enough of all the cooking and doing the dishes and everything (part of it is for Alvaro but my many course meals don’t help and I have no idea how to eat simpler, it just doesn’t work for me unless the circumstances are special) :frowning:

I decided I make things stricter again (the “again” is mostly for the decision as I don’t have a good track record to actually do it. I try but just can’t), I do my absolute best to eat eggs and meat ONLY (what I do with the huge box of opened cream, I don’t know but otherwise it seems simply. is cream freezable? probably). Oh, not yet, Alvaro makes egg stew tomorrow… I doubt I can resist it for long but I ate enough boiled eggs lately to be very modest with it. And I really hope that the 6 pounds pork chuck slab I got out of the freezer will make things way more smooth. It’s up to my appetite, mostly. The last roast wasn’t very successful so I make mincemeat too, I fancy some tender meat and I never was bored of fried mincemeat (not like I ate it often until now).

It seems the hot weather won’t come back soon… And then it’s September. Hopefully it does good to my appetite and I won’t be very hungry while not wanting any food in existence again. It only happened a few times in my life but it’s very annoying.

I am more determined and at least as hopeful as usual :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #309

@Shinita if your hungry your taking too much fat out…back off it slower if your having a fatty meat and pairing it up with eggs then make the eggs lighter fat or add your chicken as part of a side dish to smaller amount of fatty pork… thats how I started by putting my 2nd meal as fish but still eating a little fat on the protein bread…
Now im backing off the heavy fatty meat and using meat which still has fat but it’s more 50/50 I still have some short ribs but I’ll grab something lighter for my 2nd meal when I eat them…
In the book I’m reading he says if your eating lean meat add 6 0unces of that to two ounces of fat suet… so you could start there lol…its hard to find where ppl use numbers but he does so it gives me a starting point lol…

(Karen) #310

@Fangs glad you’re back home safe and sound x

Did my stair runs and then leisurely bathed and got ready for the afternoon tea dance. Raymond’s legs held out okay but painful ankle when he got in the car at home time :roll_eyes: lovely afternoon and his memory is gradually returning with the dance moves.

Felt very tired when I got home, not used to the long driving trips now but needs must if I want to dance!

Atw a lamb chop prior to going which was prob not enough to sustain me hence I was tired later.

Dinner was a bit of cheese, canned corned beef and a small sirloin steak.

I’m in bed early … 8.30pm!

(Daisy) #311

Yes, I have added toads to my repertoire :joy::joy::joy::purple_heart:


I will just eat pork chuck for now, it always worked well - as long as I wasn’t bored of it… I don’t think leaner meat works so well for me but it’s not like I experimented with lots of leaner pork and eggs and not much else…

I am still curious what would happen on some really lean food… Would I eat 300+ g protein? Or I would stop and stay super hungry? Would I be weak (not like it would make much sense)? Would I miss fat or just the calories while hating my food?
But for now, I am not curious, I want some chill days again.

Actually this is what I normally do. Well it depends. My pork chuck is perfect alone but a rich stew (beef or pork) feels better with my whiter sponge cakes (2 whites for 1 yolk and nothing else). I started to use them for various things, I ate one with a slice of dry sausage today but I can imagine it with deviled eggs filling or some fishy fatty spread… It’s my bread now. My normal or more yolk-y sponge cakes feel more like desserts even though I usually ate them with meat. They are probably good with leaner meat.
I don’t want to eat chicken anymore but I don’t trust the satiation effect or turkey either, it’s probably the best to pair it with some more substantial meat. Eggs are lovely things but not nearly as powerful as some fatty pork and anyway, not fatty enough. I don’t want to eat crazy high protein when more fat works way better.

Oh I always ignore people’s advice with numbers when it’s about general things, they just don’t work. I am an individual. I tried to eat the leanest food I could. And it wasn’t bad at all, it was enjoyable and everything. And I reached the lower end of my usual fat intake and my protein went unnecessary high… I know very high protein can’t magically satiate me, I still need the fat and calories. Actually, it’s the calories. I can change my fat and protein macros quite wildly for a day (I can’t go against my tastes and habits for too long), they all work if I eat enough calorie wise but only using the right stuff that actually satiates me. I need and can’t avoid some protein and fat but if I have it, I may get my calories from whatever (protein or fat), it feels the same. It’s harder to find food that is lowish-fat and I am willing to eat… I will try turkey and lean pork next! That should work. And of course my beloved egg whites. With some yolks. If I make a soup, I don’t even need to add extra fat to the meat… I don’t like my meat soups very fatty. And egg whites are wonderful in a soup :slight_smile: I just don’t think they satiate me well so they just uselessly would raise my protein even higher I suppose… But I really have little experience with very lean eating. Not super lean, see the above, I can’t go lower fat than that.

(Linda ) #313

Yeah lean lean protein fills you up if you eat enough of it the problem is it doesn’t last long …so few hours later your eating again but for some just doing that and eating when hungry is enough…im like you and have to have some fat or ill be in the pantry looking for anything I can grab lol…

I was listening to a video today and a nutritionist from Dr westman said something really interesting… she said the body natural drive is to get protein and if we don’t feed it enough then we will go seek it out and drive us to eat well over our normal calories inorder to make sure it’s gets it…p

(Daisy) #314

Today was perfect macros for me for psmf. Breakfast/lunch was a chicken breast (mostly) egg white omelette with a sprinkle of bacon pieces and a slice of psmf toast. Dinner was a steak omelette with a slice of psmf toast and evening snack was a protein keto frosty. image image image


Slept really well last night. Deep sleep. No remembered dreams. I’m back in my home bed out in the countryside.

Yesterday at work I had NOFUN. No food until noon. I had a black coffee with cream. Then 6 fried chicken wing pieces (not the best) and another small, half strength black coffee. For dinner I had cold beef ribs, it’s about 300g meat. And I had 100g Brie cheese with sparkling mineral water. Then 3 hour drive (nighttime) on which I had one drowoers = soft beef biltong sausage and sipped a small coffee. Arrived home at 9pm and sat by the fire sipping rainwater and listening to a week’s worth of news from my wife. Then read a few pages of a novel and sunk into that wonderful sleep.


Not sure on food today

Have no idea what I kinda really want LOL

I got steaks to defrost
My mind is on seafood too
My mind is on pork maybe
My mind is on making a lb. of bacon and inhaling it HAHA

Well, decisions, decisions…will eat a nice 1 lb. NY Strip steak later and ?? I do have burgers I can reheat and do have some pork to reheat but I am in ‘not so hungry’ mode…I feel just like I don’t wanna eat much—which is normal for me, I just go thru phases like this :slight_smile:

August is winding down and let’s keep rocking carnivore! I so feel so friggin’ great on this plan, not a doubt about that!


Attempted a psmf day yesterday. By afternoon I felt miserable, by nighttime I was eating cream cheese.

But the number on the scale dropped and I looked leaner this morning


remind how long you have been zero carb? just wondering

sorry ya felt crappy :slight_smile: and yea we do get leaner when we eat less and all that tho LOL but also remember, don’t rely on dairy…dairy doesn’t pack the wallop we need for nutrition…meat/seafood/fish and fowl does that.


Day 18. My energy is very up and down, even within the same day. I walk the dog x3, and from strong powewalk this morning, I could barely get around just now. Low puls feels like high puls, if that makes any sense.
I had four eggs this morning, and 250g salmon with 2 tablespoons sourcream at lunchtime. I follow my hunger, but after the last walk i had 30g jarlsberg, just for feeling sorry for myself i think.
Ive had headache since i woke up, and all day. I salt all my food. Drink plenty of water, carbonated sodastream.
Its a rough day, and i would normally hit the chips and chockolate. but its just a fleeting thought, that doesent start my body craving. Its easy to stay clean on this. I hope that will prove for me longterm, that its not just me being in the early halelujah days.

Ive lost another kg the last week, so its slowly moving on the scale. But more noticeable on my belt. And looser clothes. I get impatient seeing the same number on the scale five days in a row, but that is just silly I know. I want to loose fat, not weight. Its such a headgame.

I think its hard to find good places to buy meat. Hope i will get more savy in time. I like to eat leftover meat cold, is that just me?

Im greatful for this thread, and read about all your adventures, so glad @Fangs is still in «Kansas».

Do you guys get sick of cleaning cookingfat several times a day? Any tips?

(Linda ) #320

@Shatz it why I got my ninja grill I got sick of bacon grease everywhere and for some reason I’m not keen on oven baked bacon as much as pan fried or air fried.
I do most my meat in it now.

I went shopping yesterday but they had no rack of lamb and their strip steaks were smaller but I’ve been enjoying them so I bought some anyway. And grabbed some marked down rib eye.
Scale is still moving down I’ve lost 3lbs now so i finally
think its going in the right direction again. And the hunger seems to have gone again… so im going to stick with Dr donaldson plan and see how it goes

Todays food small strip steak with left over lamb chops
With pepper Later will be the same again and black coffee and water…

I thought when I was cooking it it might be too much and it was…but the dog said yes please to the steak I couldn’t eat …she got about 2.5 ounces


Do you clean your ninja inbetween every meal?