All Animal August---Triple A

(Bob M) #282

I hear those are good for people with allergies. True?


Oh yeah, she doesn’t shed at all. Learned from a friend that If you do have pet allergies, when washing the pet, pour a capful of Downey fabric softener all over and rinse, as it keeps the dander at bay.
Your pet will smell April Fresh!:joy:


Okay @Fangs … I need to read through the thread again. TORNADO DAMAGE???!!! What??!! Holy Mukketta!! I missed this. Glad you’re safe and unharmed! GeeWhiz!!

(Linda ) #285

Well maybe I’m learning more about me… I jumped on scale this morning and I’m 2lbs down from the high last week… so instead of 11lbs up I’m only 9 now…was the constant gain my body telling me ok you did the 2:1 ratio long enough time to knock it back to normal… idk for sure but I’ll take it… now to see if I can keep it going lol…
I’m going to leave the protein bread off the menu for awhile and see if that helps I was starting to grab and snack on it and justify it as its close enough to my meal…yes it’s only egg whites but I always butter mine lol… im still a work in progress…

@Shinita I’m not sure we’ll for me anyway if stomach gurgling is hunger at all its just food passing through the system …kind of like water heating and the banging of the pipes lol…I often have it and I’m def not hungry lol…
I also think with hunger its easy to over eat when the food is delicious and has sauces and gravey and by the time you stop and then your stomach is like so full it does hurt lol been there done that…not intentionally but
it is a Christmas and Thanksgiving fullness because that’s when you eat all your favorite foods the food taste is over powering the full signals and some foods are slider foods meaning they allow you way more than if you just were to eat meat lol… And then comes desert…
I do not miss any of that not at all…I dont even have sugar cravings I’m excited to see my juicy meat on my plate with its glistening fat on the edge…yum yum

(Edith) #286

I get a very full feeling only when I mix carbs with meat. If I eat only meat, I get to the point where I don’t want to eat any more, but I don’t get that :nauseated_face: feeling. Also, after eating only meat, I feel like I could exercise right after eating. I don’t feel that way after mixing the carbs and protein.

@FrankoBear, sorry to hear about all your stress. I have no advice for you. We dropped the baby off at college last week and this week I am back to being a full-time employee. (I was very part-time for years while raising the kids.) I have been sleeping terrible the past few nights. Last night my mind was racing and I could not settle down. I finally took some melatonin to help fall asleep.

I have to say that melatonin does help me fall asleep, but not stay asleep. So, I was awake at 3:30am. I slept fitfully until 5am. I have wondered how much of my sleep trouble, especially the 3:30 am awakening almost every day, is related to no carb/almost no carb. I was sleeping better during my months off carnivore.

I haven’t tried the fat bombs before bed because at the moment it is too much work and I’m just not hungry at that time. I am trying taking salt and magnesium citrate before bed. I’ve heard from the Healthy Rebellion Podcast with Robb Wolf that the night waking can be from low sodium levels. :woman_shrugging:

(Bob M) #287

Let me know if taking sodium before bed works. I haven’t tried that yet.

(Karen) #288

A non hungry day again today. Stair runs but cancelled CF s it was all 9verhead stuff, snatches, overhead squats and thrusters and all that stuff affects my neck so decided against it.

Had a bit of cheddar before going to get hair cut and took another migraine while getting hair cut. Guess it maybe the batch of cheese I have been eating lately. I won’t buy those varieties again. 8n fact may cut out cheese altogether when it’s all gone… I say that and then I go off the track again lol.

So I had some ham when I returned home and also 3 burgers. Still had head hurting from migraine and nearer… a little bit later I had a tin of pink salmon.

Back to work for a late shift tomorrow. I don’t mind a late shift cos I can lay in instead of getting up in the middle of the night yesss. Mornings are getting quite dark now when I get up at 4.45am shows summer (if we can call it that) is nearly at an end. Its 9.25pm now and dark!!! Oh I do hate the shorter days !

(Karen) #289

@Fangs I am so glad you made it through the tornado unscathed. Must have been quite scary x

(Linda ) #290

I was just flicking through some of the pages on blake Donaldsons book and he mentions egg can cause migraines, cheese can cause strange dreams… he covers alot of stuff im finding it facinating…

(Edith) #291

The migraines seem to be new for you. Have you changed something? Food, pillow, laundry detergent?


Thanks for your reply Edith. Best wishes on finding good work mates to enjoy full-time work.

I have a great sense of relief today. It’s a non-teaching day, which means I get to take the dog for a long walk. My admin manager insists I should be at my desk working on my computer. My admin manager is a terrible health coach. But the main thing is that the teaching team I am in finished the project, the one that was full of gremlins, and presented some work at a session in an international online conference yesterday.

I slept well with no nightmares last night.

I prepared for the conference presentation by eating bacon and eggs with a weak long black coffee. My thinking was clear and words tumbled freely from my mouth without having to search for them.

Then I taught a class on creating post production visual effects in live action film for a few (3) hours directly afterward with afternoon groggy second year university/ college students. It’s cold and flu time here. A proportion of students absent. One Russian girl is so keen for class she came in snuffling behind a mask. I tipped a bit more coffee on that teaching and baffled the students with my energy.

Last night I felt hungry and ate a roasted lamb shank, then 320g of roast lamb wrapped in 150g Jarlsberg cheese slices with chicken liver pate. Magnesium rich mineral water was my tipple. I also ate an orange, it was a weird craving.

(Daisy) #293

The last couple of nights I have been up almost every hour to pee. I don’t know why. Yesterday was my 3rd lean day, today will be a fat refeed. For breakfast I had a chicken breast omelette with bacon, lunch was roast and psmf toast and dinner was the last of the roast. Hm… apparently I forgot to photo dinner :joy:
image image


I am determined to do my lean day today…
Yeah, my joy in eating drastically dropped but not just due to the lack of my fatty items. It’s a bit unfortunate I have much chicken but little turkey as I strongly prefer the latter. And unfortunately, I found my tiny pack of protein powder… It’s not carnivore and AWFUL but I am determined to eat it, it adds variety (and it’s very hedonistic to stop eating it… Epsom salt is way tastier and chicken is way tastier than Epson salt… but the chicken is still not so nice :smiley: despite making it a stew or close. but it’s edible, not awful just not good either and I am used to eating tasty food all the time).
Next time I will have turkey and/or beef. Beef leg is lean, right? I never remember these things.

I planned a cute and probably not very high calorie day… And couldn’t eat half of it. But it’s only 5:23pm, we will see. I feel my body doing its best to make artificial satiation to avoid me pushing more chicken onto it. I noticed these tendencies already. If my food isn’t nice, my hunger drops.

But I think my food was truly satiating…? Maybe some of my fatty items have a slightly similar effect to carbs and they make me more hungry?
But it’s possible that my yesterday was so calorie rich I can get away with less today. It’s barely noticeable on the days when I eat my beloved fatty food but it’s a very different situation today.

Well, I did it.
I got hungry in the end and ate at 9pm too. I got very satiated.
And then tracked.
Not a bad day and my fat is below 50%… About 100g…
Maybe it’s not a particularly lean day but I did everything, ate lots of egg whites (some eggs too and they added up) and lean meat (some added fat was unavoidable there), no dairy…
220g protein, wow, it’s unusual even from me!

So that’s what I can do on a lean day. It wasn’t nice to eat this very lean (I am very nearly always above 60%, no matter how much carbs I eat, I probably had that all my life but never tracked before low-carb, I just remember I wasn’t shy with fat, to put it lightly while I’ve been trying to minimize it since I went low-carb), I planned to buy the fattiest pork in the shop tomorrow (the 86g/100g one) and eat cream like no tomorrow but maybe I shouldn’t…?

But considering my high protein, I really ate very minimal fat. Last time when I did my best to eat unusually much protein (very successfully, of course though it still wasn’t crazy), my fat went way above 200g…

Next time I will try it with some nice stuff, beef and/or turkey as my main food, not chicken and eggs.
5 eggs (only one or less for any dish I ate), 7 extra egg whites, significantly over a pound of meat… 2 meals, that’s good, at 3pm and 9pm. I am stuffed and not particularly pleased with my food but I had very nice items. The turkey thigh is great just fried in a touch of fat with a bit of salt. I enjoyed my chicken/goose soup with eggs. A little bresaola is always nice and I added a little head cheese in the end.
So… 5 animals :slight_smile: Chicken, goose, turkey, beef and pork.

Maybe I should go for OMAD on lean days? It surely would lower my fat and energy intake… Or I just should be careful with whole eggs? Meat is very satiating, I don’t need them if I actually like the meat. I don’t want to eat chicken in the future unless it’s some high quality stuff.
I think I know what I should do in the future. 80g fat would be nice, Alv had such days before blood plasma donation (though he wasn’t in ketosis) when he was careful to avoid fatty food but well, this household isn’t about very low-fat for sure. He merely can eat carbs with carbs without a problem. But not for a whole day… Especially with me cooking, well that was a bit stressful for me, I can’t cook low-fat and dishes need their tiny fat amount anyway. And it adds up, Alvaro may eat high-carb but his energy need is higher than mine and he never ate low-fat just like me.

My energy intake was pretty good today, around 1850 kcal and I did my workout. And not much else. I usually go out for walks or some cycling but not today.

Tomorrow I eat my leftovers for lunch but then I go back to my nice fatty style. Not too fatty, not too lean.

But I am really really satiated and full now. But I felt better. It was a bit odd.

(Karen) #295

Eggs have never troubled me but yes cheese sometimes does affect my dreaming and a bit to much of the vintage snd mature cheddars I believe were the culprit for the migraines!

(Karen) #296

I used to suffer badly with them but I haven’t had one for a good 2 years until last week or so. Really think it was cheese overkill. That’ll teach me to stop binging lol x

(Karen) #297

Late shift today. Didnt eat until after 2pm at work when I had a leftover beef burger from yesterday. Had chicken cheese n butter for dinner about 4.30pm and about 6.30pm ate 5 thin slices of beef topside.
Got home early at 8pm snd had some stilton, cheddar and canned corned beef.

(Linda ) #298

Since I was eating two strip steaks i decided to give it a go with the no salt pepper only water and black coffee and ditch the diet soda for a test to see how I do…

First day in and I noticed at about 4.30- 5pm I got really tired could of taken a nap lol…I guess that’s what I get for dropping the caffeine consumption lower haha.
Food wise the two steaks are holding me over so I’m 2 meals a day no snacking…
Weight still up and down but but we will see what happens.
Tomorrow will be lamb chops…Coffee and water lol.

@Shinita I’ve never seen a leg of beef… the only roast beef with bones is the prime rib roast that I’ve seen …its delicious but quite expensive cut usually…few other roasts tgat can be pot roasts…
I used to buy meat in whole cows in nz and there roast beef was usually a rolled roast. Tied with string
Corned beef is pretty good and not a bad price…I used to boil/ simmer it but found it came out just as tender if I put it in Dutch oven and cooked in oven lol…

(Daisy) #299

Yay! Glad you gave it a try!!

(Daisy) #300

Today was my normal fat refeed day. Lunch was egg yolks and boars head uncured hot dogs. I was still a little hungry so I had 3 slices of beef bacon. Then for dinner I had lamb chops and halloumi. Very delicious!!image image image image


Loving the food pics in the thread! YUM

-----------back from mini trip. had a good time, wild and wooly thru some of it but now it is kid back to school focus so all quiet here right now and must hit grocery store in a bit. Need burger meat and they have NY Strip steaks on sale…will grab some.

So many posts, feel like I can’t catch up LOL We carnivores can chat for sure, I love that! This is a cool thread :100:

today will be simple eating. making a small bulk amt of country pork ribs later to have available and probably eat one of those NY strip steaks later too. keeping it simple and easy.

later 'gators!