All Animal August---Triple A

(Edith) #262

Maybe you can find some nonfood activities to do while you are waiting out the weather? Museums, caves, train ride?


wish I could…in bum f egypt here kinda…we ‘do very remote’ camping so we go where there is nothing of tourism YET hubby can find every darn local whatever food joint to be had in the area and it slays me HA
hubby can search out ALL food in a flash and I am SO now opposite it is gonna maybe be a real rift in our future…yea I see worse fights to come over eating out LOL and we been thru our share now :crazy_face::100:

(Karen) #264

He has been okay since yesterday not had any more so far. I have bought an blood oxygen monitor off amazon so I will keep it to hand when we’re out and about.

(Edith) #265

I’m not sure how it works in England, but here in the US if one goes to the emergency room for chest pains or concerns about a stroke, they get taken in right away. Anything else, it can be hours. Now, with the pandemic raging …:woman_shrugging:

(Karen) #266

Yes I know what you mean but we have found that if he goes in by ambulance and gets wheeled in to A&E on a trolley then he gets seen straight away. If he goes in by ambulance and walks in then he has to sit and wait which is when it is usually a five hour hang about. The same applies if he walks in without the ambulance.
You see the face paralysis reversed while I was sitting watching him after it came on … between 5 and 10 mins in total. So it was a good hour n half , afterwards, or more, when the doctor, via the surgery receptionist, recommended going to the A&E.

He is said he is going to listen to his body from now on and try and remember he is not the spring chicken he thinks he is!

(Karen) #267

Well a not so hungry day again today. Stairs run and CrossFit done although as I took another migraine when I started the stair runs I wasn’t so sure 8 would be up for the CrossFit. Neverless I had a really good session.

Completed another mountain today with the stair running, my 18th since May 2020.

What did I have for brunch??? Ahh yes just chunk of cheese then went searching charity shops for more bits for the garden. Got plenty of things and found 2 pairs of dance shoes conveniently in my size and one of the pairs were brand new. £5 for the brand new pair and £3 for the barely worn pair! Then up to the garden centre for a cuppa with Raymond. Was a lovely, fruitful afternoon.

Dinner was rump steak which was delish and 2 eggs followed by a bit of cheddar and some smoked ham.

20210817_122910 20210817_122352

Thought you might be getting bored with steak and egg pics lol


tornado just tore thru the state park


lost power
big power line down in the park for main power to all
big landing strip of trees blown apart and entrance to park is closed with downed trees, just missing the little entrance shack, leaving it standing.

alot of crap hit the rv but no damage and seems like all our neighbors came thru ok—alot of downed limbs and more…alot of them banging off the rv and making it scary when the winds got super high!

tornado near us at about 60-80? yards away give or take…wowza

luckily we got a genny on board so we still got power for all so we are gonna sail thru it fine I am sure

went up to entrance but rangers already blocked off cause he said power line could zap us…ok I get that HAHA so we turned around and back to rv but when it ‘all dies down a bit’ we are gonna head up and I will try to get some pics

wild and wooly trip LOL


Congrats! I still feel less than zero desire towards stairs running but each to their own :smiley:
I rather run and walk nearby, we saw 2 new species at the pond today, little birds in the water, we tried to figure out what they were, it’s hard but I have an educated guess for one. It’s super rare in Hungary and we saw it. Wow. Well that works for me, being in Nature :smiley: Summer is very pretty when I am not suffering from the heat!

The pond has a more wonderful fauna (I mostly think of birds) lately. The work done on it was long and quite horrible looking, so many trees cut down… But now things are pretty and we have so many swans, egrets and other birds (like the prettiest kingfisher and we have that). And the usual zillion ducks, nothing new there, a single species, hopefully there will be others in winter.

This is the unknown one. Not good photo as the bird was too small and shy even for the huge lens (300mm, we love to use it now) and the light was little…

I keep postponing working on the zillion animal photos and putting them into the “what did you see …” photo thread… So many decisions… And I STILL don’t have good ones about the not always too shy coots!

I don’t think I have a photo of the pond itself but it’s nice to walk around it.
Even with a very full belly like today (we went after eating and drinking, no running this evening despite I planned that. I made the photos and Alvaro carried the heavy stuff :smiley: the camera with the 2 lenses. I love the 300mm but I just don’t go for a walk with it alone). My fatty pork was very satiating again. And it wasn’t much, just some addition to my eggs. But it triggers the very clear and effective stop sign I can’t get with other food. I like that.

(Edith) #270

Wowza!!! I’m glad your okay. You certainly will have a vacation to remember.

(Daisy) #271

Lean day today. I noticed a decent amount of fat loss in my stomach today. There is still much fat to be lost :joy: but I will take the improvement I’m seeing!! Food was a chicken breast omelette for breakfast, blue cheese burgers and jumbo shrimp for lunch and beef roast for dinner.
image image image


Work week is stressful. Extra workload and projects are being challenging. When I say projects I mean people and technology.

In response I have been eating 2MAD and drinking coffee with cream. Eggs and bacon in the morning. Roasted meats, pate and cheese in the evening. I can define the difference in feeling between stress eating and hunger. I can see workmates gobbling confectionery and sofas.

Also had vivid nightmares last night. That is usually a keto side effect for some. The thing that has changed is the work stress. I wonder if it is the low carb eating and external stress combination. Thought it was worth noting.

(Linda ) #273

@Fangs That sounds pretty scary getting beat the hell put glad you are safe hopefully you’ll see sun now…

@Ketodaisy that so cool that your plan is working so well for you… nice to hear ppl getting results.

@Shinita great photos of the birds…
@FrankoBear do you find that stress affects your bg too? Or just hunger lvls?

Well today was a simple eating day started with a strip steak and 2nd meal was also strip steak I found that the beef definitely holds me over better than pork… but I still like the pork…
But only the two meals today so tomorrow it’s more strip steak


Great question Azi Linda. Yes. When measured, fasting glucose is about 0.5mmol/l higher than expected. And difficult to get down below 5.0mmol/l. I’ve been too time stressed to monitor it at the moment. But your question is a good prompt. The learning is about being adaptive to life as much as trying to adapt life to goals. That’s why we share the tough times on ZC as well. To provide an authentic report to ourselves, increase useful knowledge, and provide some real world to the readers and lurkers.

(Vic) #275


Showing off your mussels Vic!


I am after some early lunch (started at 1pm but as I didn’t feel today when I ate enough, I simply ate at 3pm too but it’s still part of my lunch in my mind right now) :slight_smile:
I ate turkey thigh. I just looked it up. It seems it’s a lean meat and yeah, it’s skinless bird but it still felt fatty enough to me. It’s true I fried it and it was the fattiest piece but still… Many pieces were crispy, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:
I ate eggs and mascarpone and other things too, pork included.
Tomorrow I plan a lean day! I have chicken, more turkey and eggs, it sounds easy enough until my body realizes it didn’t get its daily fat and calories (as I can’t imagine getting enough of the latter without all the fat I am used to). But we will see!

The next part has almost nothing to do with carnivore, I just wondered about things I googled.

I’ve read about the hunger/satiation scale first time today and I looked it up. I found multiple ones and not a single one makes sense to me - for my body, I mean, it’s possible some people are like that.
It’s not me at all even if I only focus the really hunger/satiation parts, some scales mentioned stomach growling and desire and those may be more or less correlated with hunger (barely in my own case) and satiation but they aren’t those.

I never ever felt I would eat anything, I wonder what I would need for that… 1 year starvation (not 0 kcal but little)? Nope, I doubt it would have been enough. I only starved for 11 days and yeah, I was willing to eat dishes without most of their main ingredients at some point but not just anything. And I wasn’t really hungry, ketosis did that to me before keto. And necessity. My body may perceive there is no way to get food so why bother when there are reserves to use. I don’t know, I only starved once, only had a longer fast and normally never forced hunger on myself.

Anyway, my choosiness isn’t strongly correlated with my hunger. I am very familiar with strong hunger combined with no desire to eat anything. And I can have huge desire when too full (stupid carbs, I don’t have that on carnivore, I get the previous problem much more though).

Isn’t it scary that there are 3 states beyond totally satiated? I may split the “too full” one into two but I need some very serious temporal insanity to reach one of them, it just can’t happen every year (probably never now). And I have huge overeating skills and very minimal self controlling ones.
But maybe people are simply fragile and sickly and can’t handle the overeating as well as I do. Normal people aren’t even nearly as hedonistic as me (I understand health-consciousness can go on holiday temporarily) so they don’t have this built-in protection against unpleasant fullness. It doesn’t feel nice so I feel a desire to avoid it and it’s usually enough.
One scale combined quite fullness with no hunger for hours… I have the correlation but just because I can’t eat another bite, it doesn’t mean I won’t be hungry 1-2 hours later…

And why they put the happy faces to the neutral states? Being satiated is the best… Not too full but still, multiple stages above neutral, that’s where I like to be almost all day! Neutral is okay though. Temporal non-ideal thing, it quickly evolves into something else, hunger or satiation.

I never figured out how growling works for normal people. It’s some stomach and gut emptiness, right? So it’s correlated with the length of the fasts, maybe? Not much to do with hunger, I’ve read and experienced. The scales put it around some more than borderline hunger. I have it anywhere between nice satiation and the strongest hunger - and beyond as it’s usually still nowhere at the point of weakness, dizziness and if my body is vengeful, loss of vision as a not very veiled warning. Growling is super rare and I ignore it completely as it gives me zero useful information.

I met the word “empty” and can’\t imagine what it means. It’s used as the ultimate hunger but why? We feel ourself as a fuel tank? I don’t. And anyway, if I am empty, it means minimal fat mass for survival (or maybe depleted regarding some other nutrient. I clearly would have problems way before I would slim down. I had cramps again and ate Epsom salt again. boring and mildly uncomfortable despite it has barely any taste but I always had problems with supplements). But it’s about hunger… Empty feeling for people who has it strongly correlated with hunger? Oh, whatever. I just don’t feel “empty”. And when I do, it’s cool. Never met the bad type, just read about it.

Some articles states hunger is simple and our body senses our energy need and intake and regulates appetite accordingly. Oh my body can count calories but it never got this memo or rather ignored it. My appetite can be raging after eating 1.5 times my energy need, it’s not even unusual (if I don’t eat right).
But the author have a meal of a 65g vegan bar so I don’t trust her anyway.
Yep, her hunger scale is especially odd.
But I understand her “I could eat” is different from my “I could eat”. It’s slight hunger for her. It means I could eat for me. I may be very very satiated… But if I behave and everything, I say this for the neutral state. I am only (almost) safe when I am well-fasted and perfectly satiated. If it’s normal (not satiated but not hungry at all), that’s “I could eat” and my circumstances control if I eat or not. And my appetite, it has the biggest say (except stupid compulsions but they lost much power) but only when it’s very low or very high, normal values are quite neutral.

“Thanksgiving full” again… After uncomfortably full! Are people idiots…? Okay, just masochists, fine, I can’t understand that. I did wild things myself but making ourselves feeling very bad by our own will…? And it’s not what I call stuffed. Stuffed to me is that I squeeze as much food into myself as possible while still feeling kind of comfortable. Maybe not ideally but close, good enough.
It seems she can feel a slightly empty stomach. Whoa. I usually have no idea what my stomach does but I wrote that already lately.

But the weirdest is the state just after neutral. Mild fullness, she says. FULL stomach but not satisfied yet. It’s one thing satisfaction and satiation are two very different things but how can a full stomach be at this state? Or is this a filled base sized stomach and lots of stretching can come later? Do people feel such things? I only feel if my stomach is streched to its maximal capacity (my guess is still 2 liters. I reached it years ago last time when I ate a tablespoon of salt just to try it out and I did it along with my substantial lunch. I had it once when very young when I ate half a big pot of veggie dish. I prefer dense food so I very rarely have this), I am not fully sure I even feel the empty state. But considering what I have read, some people must feel it very well, the “eat until you are 70% full” is for them, it’s completely nonsense to me.

She apparently think eating until uncomfortably full is a good goal sometimes… And not eating enough is okay if we want dessert too, “because, you know, we need carbs”.
Even if it was true, I wouldn’t want an ice cream with colorful sprinkles… Oh it was oversugared too and she can’t even eat it… Wonderful.

Oh my, I found an article with the weird idea that if I crave something, I must need the most important micronutrient… Not necessarily, I heard it’s possible and that’s fine but some parts are still weird. If I want fatty food, I won’t be happy with green leaves, sorry. No force could make me eat much green leaves in my whole life but that’s not the point. I want fat for the sake of fat, whoa. And energy too. And taste. Why would I want calcium when I want fat? Lots of fatty food doesn’t even have calcium…
Why did I mention this here? Silly thing.

I am not sure I learned much, whatever. It was mildly interesting. By the way, my hunger/satiation was all over the place during it after lunch. It happens sometimes. It’s quite hard to figure out when to stop eating, I just do whatever and hope things will get balanced out.

Tomorrow probably will be hard with little fat so I try to have my first meal as late as possible without huge discomfort. I probably will be hungry between my first meal and bedtime anyway (my precious fat!!! :sob:) so make this time shorter.
Of course if I will be really hungry, I will eat and if it doesn’t help, I will eat fat. I am still no masochist :upside_down_face:. I want fun (the part where my curiosity gets satiated. not eating much fat isn’t that fun but I will use some nice dishes despite their low fat content. it’s not enough but maybe I can get distracted for a single day).


Hey guys, I’m alive. My computer charger however, is not. Rufus chewed it into shreds. Then, my daughter switched my Android over to a new iPhone … and remembering log ins … not a strong skill of mine.
Anyway… eats are good. Cow gets butchered on Sunday. Only doing 1. Been super busy with hubby out of town, doing animal duty, gardening, work, kid transport plus volleyball practices.
Eggs and beef have got to be the top 2 menu items here. And butter. Can’t forget butter!!!

Well, work is calling… so off we go! Have a blessed day, everyone!!


I probably should know it but I am bad with names. Who is Rufus?


So glad ya chimed in…I know farming big time…the work is 24/7 and then even more and yes how can one get more time out of a day? By doing 8 things in those hours all the time with farming :slight_smile: I get ya on that LOL

Cool on your beef! Nice to restock the freezer plus you get to ask for the cuts how ya want them, loved that part of having my own cuts to be what I wanted. You are gonna be carnivore stocked well for sure now!!

-------------tornado damage handled. power back. trees cut off roads etc and sunny and nice now but WILD and wooly day with ‘tornado activity and the ‘hit’ we took’ right in our backyard truly from our campsite

slammed down a package of salami early AM

eating 2 burgers with cheese right now and back out to swim

dinner? thinking family is gonna drag me out for fried crap seafood but saw menu…can get sirloin and peel/eat shrimp so I am covered.

last day short trip, home tomorrow but DAMN WHAT A TRIP this has been HAHA

everyone…hold your carnivore!!! NO matter what goes down :slight_smile:


My labradoodle😂