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Weekend at work done and dusted and glad to be off for a few days. Think I am back to work on Thursday, just one shift this week yay.

Took chicken cheese and butter ti miked both days, beef steak slices yesterday and ham slice today. Came home and chilling with some cheese and the last of the ham, which had to be eaten as I got 8y out of the freezer last night.

Busy weekend and feet were sore both yesterday and today. Forgot to book on tomorrows CrossFit class and nearly forgot tuesdays too but luckily there were spaces left so I will enjoy a bit of a lay in tomorrow and not beat myself up that I can’t do the CF.


Im still here, just eating the damn meat.

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@Shatz yum…I really like meat …

@Fangs have a good break hope the weather holds off for you…its supposed to be stormy here but so far it over cast no rain yet…but it was raining last night…

@Karen18 Nice for you to get the odd sleep in your always busy

@Shinita your cheesy buns look great so cheese in the center…

So today was another pork blade steak for breakfast fish will be my 2nd meal and if still hungry I’ll have salmon… the last two pork chops I put in the freezer… ill take out some strip steak for tomorrow and salmon… I like to mix things up least a little sometimes


@Azi: There is some ground cheese inside too (I so love these Italian cheeses, they are hard enough to use my coffee and seed grinder :smiley: I hate grating cheese though I can do it if only a tiny amount if required)! It’s still not super cheesy as that’s not our style. 10g cheese per egg? The original recipe had way more but we prefer this. But it needs some flavorful cheese, we used smoked cheese before (for the center as it was too soft to grate, it could be done but it was an even bigger bother than with half-hard cheese) but it’s hard to find an okay and not super expensive one now, they ruined what we used before, it can’t even stay in the stupid bread sticks! But the grill cheese we bought last time stayed in (I expected that but one can never know) and Alvaro says it works despite I tasted the cheese and it was pretty tasteless.

It seems my meat was quite effective but as I ate it before 3pm… I almost pull it off but I ate a bit late too as I wasn’t fully satiated. It felt so nice but I will try to do it better in the future. I try to go for a light lunch if possible. I just take the edge of my hunger and eat soon if I need. If I can do that. My first meal tend to be bigger but it depends. Today I ate super early, around noon so I got satiated quickly. And a bigger, meaty dinner is effective. Expect it wasn’t exactly dinner between 2:30 and 3pm…
We will see. I surely will focus on some properly fatty meat for my 2nd meal in the next days. My current combo doesn’t require me to eat very much of it even for a bigger meal.

I felt dying today. I seriously suffered. It was very, very hot even after 8pm, I couldn’t go out all day… One more hot day and 3 cool ones are coming, they say. Even if the forecast isn’t perfect, it will be a bit better for a while. We got rain :slight_smile:

It’s way harder when it’s already the zillionth hot day this summer… And no coolness ever, anywhere… Maybe at night outside.

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I didn’t track today and I’m going to stop weighing myself. Once again, it’s making me crazy. Today was a fat day, so I started it with an egg yolk omelette. We had company over and I made roast and smoked a brisket. Sadly, I got zero pictures of the delicious brisket. But I ate a ton of it!
image image


I always forget to weigh myself but my weight is always the same anyway. Or close.

I dropped tracking too, I track my meat consumption but not the daily one. I have 3 pounds of meat and I will see if it’s for 4 or 5 days or what. I doubt it will last longer. I eat some processed pork and liver as well. Maybe I will track my eggs too but not the others (they should be very little anyway).

Egg yolk omelettes are nice :slight_smile: I have a tad yolky sponge cakes now. I wanted to make them whiter (6 with half as many yolks, 6 normal) but forgot that some yolks were for ice cream - it’s better to whip a bigger amount of yolks with my current tool and variety is good. I only had a tiny ice cream in the end but it’s fine, I still find it meh and I put so much dairy into it this time (I have an opened mascarpone now, nice for dessert pancakes if I don’t want other things and am hungry. though my current roast+fat tissue combo seems great and I have head cheese)… Oh well. I have way more important things to experiment on like crunchy biscuits. Maybe I make pork shoulder ones today… I have leftover hard-boiled egg yolks to use up as almost always, that’s flour 1 for them. Cheese or now ground roast is flour 2 :slight_smile: And egg white does the binding. This thing is easy to eat even when I don’t want eggs or cheese/meat in general. I need some drier, crunchier food now and then. Texture and water content matters a lot to me.

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I am wanting to make some ice cream!


There are options but I always hated the mostly water ones, not just due to the flavor, I can enjoy a mostly ice thing too but I don’t want it to froze into hard ice. Yeah, I can let it warm up a little but nope, I want the right texture… But without making it mostly whipped cream… I am difficult.
My original ice cream was dairy free, almost only egg yolks. I liked that but not anymore. I actually feel it too salty. Eggs have pretty much sodium and while I don’t feel it in sponge cake (or it suits it), it bothers me in desserts and even some flavoring can’t mask it. Of course, lots of sweetener could but that’s not carnivore. Not like I do perfectly clean carnivore but I try (even my own carnivore-ish woe doesn’t allow sweeteners. I ate them every day on my old keto and I hate being a slave. or addict. and I don’t even like my 0 net carb sweetener and it just gets worse).

Maybe I should make salty ice cream… Is it a thing? It sounds like a thing :smiley: No idea what to use for flavor, though…

It’s noon, Alvaro will eat but I won’t! I want a better day than yesterday.


AMEN! Stop the track and weigh for a bit cause now you ‘feel like you are dieting’ and if you are anything like me, omgosh that annoys the heck out of me and I feel trapped and always get that feeling that my results are not coming fast enough and and and…add in every dieting obsession know to mankind in this sentence HAHA

I think you are very smart. You get that hint of that feeling it is time to ‘keep the faith in the plan’ and you can easily ‘feel’ your eating leaner and fattier days now…I do love this plan is very body feeling and we can proceed this way on this lifestyle.

More power to ya KD!

--------------So off I go for a 4 day fast mini vacation trip before my kiddo has to go back to school on Aug. 23. Rain, yea, too bad, hope not? hope it tracks a different way and gives us a little relief but play the whole trip by ear and go with the flow.

Meat packed tho :slight_smile:

Carnivore on strong everyone!!! August is ticking down and Sept is coming and we just ‘eat the damn meat’ each day like Shatz said :100::clown_face:


Me and my plans… I make them with Grana Padano, pork skin and liver ones today, each with their own spices, no idea if they suit them well or it’s needed but I do things and we will see. Spices always confused me, not in each and every case, sometimes it’s clear what to use but usually not.

I start to get really hungry but I don’t want to eat. I don’t know how long I last, maybe a few more minutes… It’s uncomfortable. That’s a good reason to eat too, making something negative to go away…

Hopefully I AM “dieting” or will… But tracking doesn’t help with that at all, it was useful to figure out things I suppose but it’s mostly done, I just need to use my knowledge.
I never “dieted” forcefully, maybe that’s why I am fine with that? If I want to eat something, I will eat it anyway… I focus on good timing and carnivore food now. It should be enough.
And all speed is fine. After several years of stalling and even gaining a bit? In the very beginning of low-carb I lost quickly, 300g a week (the speed was pretty stable - as far as I can tell using a scale, it’s clearly not reliable at all - then stopped. IDK how my body does that)… So many people are not okay with that speed but I would want quick fat-loss too if I sacrificed something important. But I ate as little as I could (more than now) and it was enough and very very comfortable too. It was easy and way better than whatever I did before. Only positives, no negative, I loved that. But I couldn’t stay there forever, it stopped being enough and I wanted to eat more sometimes anyway… How could I handle all those carbs (I mean, they didn’t make me crazy and uncontrolled. I still could feel okay with that amount I suppose) I don’t know (eating 2000+ kcal surely helped, my body is obsessed with that number, it makes little sense but it does) but it worked wonderfully back then. Until some point.

Have a nice mini vacation, @Fangs! :smiley: I will enjoy some cooler days here, that will feel good too. But it’s a tad sad I wasn’t at a beach since years. We change that in 2022 even if that will be one occasion. My Aunt lives near a big river (the second biggest of Hungary).
I like waters. I totally need to look at them often, bathing in them is less important but it’s nice sometimes.


Its day 13 and the teeth on one side is aching slightly, and have gone very sensitive to cold. Ive read up on a thread about oxylate dumping, so i feel ok to sit with it for a week (i was kinda freeking, couse id rather die, than being poked by dentist)

Also, the first four days i rapidly lost 2kg (water), and stabilized on 102kg, and it havent budged since then, never have my morning weight been so stable. But i do think my body is changing, a couple of holes on the belt.

Funny how I keep staring at my belly, hoping, but maybe not quite believing, that it will ever be gone. And meanwhile i forget whats going on in my calves, back, neck, thigths, arms. Its alot altogether, but so slow i cant tell day by day. (And ofcourse i keep staring at my belly).

Another funny thing is what a mindgame «being fat» is. One day i feel FAT, just FAT. The next day i feel like its going the right way, and feel almost light and fresh, and then a few days later, im fat again. Even if my weight is absolute stable.

(Karen) #254

Not eaten much today, not much of an appetite for some reason. Got my hours in last night and here I am still up at 10pm … hardly heard of these
So I was determined to have a lay in this morning and I woke up at 6 then at 7 then at 8.30! Got up then lol.

Did my stair runs and then pottered about doing odds n sods! Found a few more garden books to look through in readiness for September.

Brunch was 2.5 leftover cooked bacon rashers from yesterday evening …

Then had to take my dance partner to the bank with me to pay for our weekend dance break. His leg is on the mend thankfully but we had another issue today. He has had his bungalow painted. He lives in a warden assisted community and they organised the job but he had to move all his furniture in every room and then move it back after each room was painted! I couldn’t believe that he was expected to do that at his age without assistance, he is 84! Anyway he always over does things and then pays for it with his health afterwards. Well anyway we stopped at our fav cafe for a cuppa and as he was talking his speech started slurring and his face dropped on one side. Well of course I though he may be having a stroke. I made a little joke first cos I didn’t want to worry him and asked if he had forgotten to re do his filament this morning as his speech was going a bit funny. Well he said he felt like the one side of his face felt odd. Well it lasted for about 5 or 10 minutes. He was able to raise his arms and when it went back to normal we weren’t sure what had occurred so we decided to stop at pharmacy to see if they could do his stats but they couldn’t and suggested the doctor surgery which we were going to do originally. We spent a good half hour waiting… no one else in there … and finally were told yo go to A&E. Well he didn’t want to go because everyone time he goes there its a good 5 hour wait to get told nothings wrong with him and he gets sent home! Well he had a sleep and said he still felt okay. Fortunately he has a pulley cord to call for assistance. We think he had just overdone things and obviously hoping that’s it. Very annoyed that the nurse or doctor at the surgery couldn’t even spend 5 minutes doing his stats. Made me decide to buy a blood oxygen monitor and I already have a blood pressure monitor. I think I will keep the in my car just in case in future!

So nit back home till 4pm still didn’t feel hungry but had a bit of cheddar then about 7pm decided I had better eat something in readiness for tomorrows workout. Cooked up a small sirloin and 2 eggs. Followed by a bit more cheese.

Pottered again and no ready to go to bed.

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@Shatz weight is such a funny thing…I lost mine on keto but even after 50lbs I was still wearing the same clothes…my husband lost a couple of pants sizes and yet his weight stayed the same…he since has lost over 50lbs and a couple more sizes and me I’ve lost over 80…(was over 90 but I gained some back)… and I moved from an tight tight xl to a size 4.

Todays food pork steak salmon and protein bread

@Karen18 that must have been scary …hope he is ok

(Daisy) #256

Today was a psmf day. Breakfast/lunch was 2 blue cheese burgers and dinner was a chicken breast egg white omelette, psmf toast and bay scallops

image image image

(Vic) #257


Some fine eating on the board :slight_smile:

@Azi, I am so like you. I thought that ‘I lost 10lbs and dropped a size’ is the biggest BS out there in the dieting world HAHA I drop 10 and nothing and I needed to drop around 30-40 before I had to buy a size down in clothing LOL But you nailed it, some lose nothing and drop sizes, some lose a bunch and wear the same clothes easily like you and me and others lose 10 lbs and have to shop for smaller clothes, which is more rare tho then I think out there! Watching for body changes is key to it all. How we feel, how much more activity we do with more energy, how little things like ‘our face seems thinner’ or our shoes might even feel looser if one was a wide shoe like me----all these changes so show much vs the scale and numbers. Congrats on such great progress for you and your hubby! Hope his work is going well for him!

------------So weather is toughie. big storms around, high winds.
lake is so nice tho. today is sightsee a bit cause can’t swim etc.
Here is pic of our camp site…right on the lake. nice site, wish it was 100 deg. and sunny tho but might get lucky to swim and play in the lake tomorrow if storms blow thru and cut us a break. eh, either way nice to be out and about even if crappy weather :slight_smile:

hubby dragged me out to eat last night. I got prime rib slow roasted and it was so good but ‘that herby taste’ they put on it luckily was not too intense! I said rare and it came rare and hubby was like…omg send that back, have them cook it! and I was like, NO this is perfect and it was.


so fun trip tho even if weather ain’t cooperating :slight_smile:

got some sausage and burgers for later then found out kid and hubby wanna drag me out to fried seafood joint tonight…luckily they got a sirloin steak and peel/eat shrimp on the menu…I will just hit that and be fine with it. Just a short minute on this trip and I SO want my own kitchen and food back and I got that, in the rv, I got my food and kitchen truly but OH NO those 2 want to eat out…ugh HAHA ok, whatever, I can carnivore adapt :slight_smile:


I wish I could do that but nope, my body still wanted food. I didn’t want anything, I didn’t enjoy anything (maybe a tiny part of my pork?)… But it was the last hot day for a while.

I had to eat some magnesium :frowning: I hate supplementing anything, I can’t do it regularly, fortunately I don’t need it every month! My Epsom salt will last almost forever and it’s very easy to eat. My painkillers decade ago were way more bitter…

Another day and it’s COOL! Yay! I cycled (it was so hard in bad wind but the wind helped me the way back :D), got carbonated water and eggs and couldn’t resist what Alvaro bought, I live again and have appetite and my rebellious self try to make up for the last days and he managed to buy some of my favs… I have an open box of milk too (but half of it is Alvaro’s and I don’t use it up quickly. I don’t have proper cream now but I cling to my coffee*)… It’s interesting to see how I behave in such situations, I definitely improved and the rebellious one can’t mess things up epically anymore (still a long way to go :frowning: ). I am a better hedonist now. So it was a low-carb lunch but very nice. I forgot my idea about eggs for a tiny lunch and meat for the main one, dinner to ensure I won’t eat too late AGAIN (I did it again, without a need… sigh. I must avoid losing my perfect satiation between my last meal and bedtime. I know my limits. but I still work on being more in control, I just can’t hope it’s nearly enough)… Some meat was just perfect for my lunch. Alvaro got some lean-ish pork shoulders too (it sounds weird but I can’t help it, it’s really not fatty, a bit dry too but it’s fine just not alone).

*coffee. I use it to balance out some badness in my life now (it was horrible, being a very suffering melting useless zombie for days) but the number diminished. I try to make clean fasts (no coffee then as I dislike black ones) with mixed results, I expect better ones in better weather.

My appetite still isn’t THAT great regarding eggs and meat, I need my rarer egg dishes now.
I made egg pudding (with milk). The next ones will be made with broth, I make soup today (chicken thighs without skin and goose necks, they are all quite fatty. for a soup or fowls, I mean but it’s complicated, I can feel a way fattier meat too lean and a leaner one perfect, it depends. but I saw the fat tissue on the thighs and necks and I dislike fatty meat soups. while pouring a lot of cream into a soup may be perfect…).

It’s nice not to track (especially that I have huge variety now and it would be complicated) but I have no idea how much I eat. High-fat and high-protein, I am vaguely aware about my carb consumption but that’s it. Not like it matters much. I focus on TMAD now, 3 meals are definitely overeating under normal conditions. Except when I eat tiny meals but I rarely do that even with my worst appetite ever.

I only lost maybe 45lbs but didn’t change my clothes :smiley: Except my pants and panties but the old ones had to be replaced anyway. It’s useful to like loose clothing (and my boobs stayed the same and I never had very much extra fat on my upper body anyway. belly and thigh is the problem place and if I am really fat - from my viewpoint. 170-180 lbs? I never was much more, it was impossible for me to overeat massively enough to go higher -, my head is affected too). I wear Alvaro’s t-shirts too and vice versa. Well our size isn’t that different, he is wider but I have boobs :smiley:
And my belly stayed almost the same anyway. To me. The pants showed something went down but it’s the part where I lose last and I never arrived there. But a lil change happened, it just didn’t make me any happier as very fat belly with rolls -> very fat belly with rolls. Almost the same.

Hmmm. I really should focus on fat-loss already but I don’t want to. It’s one of my very minor problems. But I focus on my IF and things should go well. IF helps with carnivore too, it’s only problematic the other way… Carnivore makes IF way harder in my case. But I badly need my small eating window at the right time. A big eating window nearly each and every time causes a huge, overeating, uncontrolled mess. At least it feels to me, I don’t necessarily mess up every important aspects of my woe and timing but some.

20C/68F outside. Absolutely perfect weather (for most things to do. not for being at a beach, I dislike cold water)! Especially now that I got so much heat I am happy to be cold too. Sunny too, after the rain.
I will go for my little run later! My weightlifting is postponed as my muscles are still aching and I am very tired and weak anyway. But I won’t have excuses tomorrow unless I get back my headache. But nope, I had that too much lately, I will feel awesome now!

Oh, @Fangs, so you got proper meat this time? Yay! You told all those bad stories, I have no patience with such things, I would have stopped eating out at that point (or choose some nice steak house or whatever, I never was in any, no idea what they are like but there are some around here. we really should try one at some point, it’s not like we don’t have money for it, we just like to be very very careful with our money - but just once, it’s different… it has extra experience points!)
I didn’t know people eat ribs rare too. Only the steaks… Don’t your husband know already how you like your meat?
But it was fun to read, no this is perfect and it was :smiley: Keep enjoying your holiday!

I personally never liked to eat out all the time, not even on a short holiday. I like my own food. Some new experience here and there, that’s cool but too much and I miss my own, probably simpler food that still suits me better. And it’s for my past (I barely ate out in the last several years), now it would be way harder as I got even choosier. Even on my off days. If I don’t enjoy something, it’s pointless to eat it (unless it’s my only/best option and I badly need food).


thanks yes it was delish but it was so raw and rare that even hubby was out of his mind he would never eat that, but darn yes it was so tender and delish actually LOL

--------------so guys…guess where my not so happy azz is being dragged out now? bad weather and no swim means hubby wants out and about so NOW WE are going to ‘chickenbutt donuts’ which closes at noon and kiddo ain’t going but wants 2 wonderful crazy donuts and hubby wants his choice on the other 4 and I am like…shoot me truly LOL

kill me and I said orchid place which is not near us but I thought it was closer and he is like, well there is that specialty sweet shop to buy and other restaurants and I am like,that is ALL food crap LOL

toughie trip but I will survive thru it HAHA

off to who knows what boring food crap I have to deal with…food is SUCH entertainment in life it is insane if ya ask me on vacay in life in general but yea, it is that isn’t it? ugh

(Edith) #261

It’s hard to eat out when you know you can do better and get better at home.