Alcohol on Keto

(Stacey) #41

It’s true that alcohol stimulates the appetite. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The Truth About Alcohol.” They did an experiment with two groups of soccer players in a pub. They gave one group alcohol-free beer and the other group had real beer. All the while, the two groups could have their fill of various snacks that were placed on the table. Interestingly, the group consuming regular beer ate about twice as much than the group drinking alcohol-free beer.

(Doug) #42

:smile: Yes, “the alcohol munchies” - definitely a thing for some people.


Here it is right before Christmas but I would like to get back into ketosis.
I don’t think of myself as over doing alcohol but it is fun at times.
I think what I need to do is put off drinking and just stick to the diet maybe one drink every couple months or so wouldn’t hurt then I need to get a strategy on how to get back into ketosis I’m .3 to .4.
Any help?
There is another issue here too
There were times I would go a good amount of time (week or two)
without having a glass of wine but I was intermittent fasting Another forum dedicated to women on ketogenic diet and with hormonal issues said that my body is not ready for intermittent fasting
Could anyone comment on that??

(It's all about the bacon, baby!) #44

Everyone who stops eating in the evening and doesn’t eat again until breakfast or later is fasting intermittently—that is why they call it “break-fast,” after all!

(Bunny) #45

I drink Gin or Vodka and I use extra virgin olive oil (1/2 cup or cup) mixed with 1Tbls. of Lemon Juice to chase it as a buffer between alcohol and liver! Can drink all night long doing that and not mess with my ketobolic metabolism! LoL

I also take Milk Thistle (Silymarin) because it puts a thick coating of some kind of substance around the liver to protect it from environmental toxins and prevents a fatty liver like choline or foods rich in methionine.

See also:

Methionine- and choline-deficient diet induces hepatic changes characteristic of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

(Marie Dantoni) #46

A little off topic, but in an effort to stay off the nightly brandy train, I scavenged around my kitchen and came up with this:
Smear ( technical term) a tall glass with a drop of organic orange oil
Drop some ice in it
Add 2 tbls of heavy cream
A pinch each cinnamon & cardamom
A splash of diet ginger ale
Top off w/ club soda.

(Michael ) #47

I don’t know about ketosis, but it doesn’t play very well with intermittent fasting. Alcohol spikes insulin and causes your blood sugar to drop and your body to go into fat storage mode. hence, ingest copious amounts of alcohol, crave large amounts of sugar and other crap. It’s not conducive to my health and fitness goals, but if people can do it in moderation, enjoy your Christmas buzz and cheer. I personally aim to keep my insulin levels as low as possible throughout the day for maximum weight loss and to keep hunger down.


I’ve quit alcohol altogether, so I’m not the right person to talk to about alcohol in moderation while on keto. In fact, today was day 500 of sobriety. In all events, beer is a big time carb offender, followed by wine in a distant second. My understanding is that liquor itself is not inherently high in carbs but that you have to burn off the alcohol first before you go into fat burning mode.

(Joshua) #49

I have the same issue being a IPA lover and now i’m starting to focus on Bourbons or an old fashion no cherrie.

(Ingrid ) #50

My ake on this is that if you are not trying to lose weight then he wine won’t make much difference but it will throw you out o ketosis. I am about 7 weeks in and still drink my wine on a daily basis.

(Amber Davidson) #51

I think from everything I’ve read, vodka, rum etc is the way to go. Just empty calories, no carbs.
If you mix with flavored seltzer and maybe lemon juice, no fruit juice… Maybe tomato or V8 for good health! Lol

While burning alcohol off, not burning fat but shouldn’t harm keto I wouldn’t think.

Beer and wine have carbs and sugars and alot more calories.

(Boatner) #52

Some thoughts…

I understand this is an individual thing but I had to stop alcohol because I began to drink way too much whiskey (on the rocks or neat) and my weight loss absolutely stopped. Stopping has helped me in other ways. That being said, I miss the old days with a single malt scotch and a good cigar.

Now my aim is to get down to a “normal” body weight. I’m a Type 2 diabetic who started out on December 17 weighing 310 lbs and now I’m down to 293 and dropping like a stone (quit all drinking right after ringing in the new year).

I want to pick up sport flying (private pilot since 1979) but I weighed as much as 2 “FAA adults”. Now pancreas is working well (no supplemental insulin is needed) and need to keep it that way. I’m looking for my insulin resistance to diminish as my weight (fat) goes down.

The OP indicated he didn’t particularly want to stop drinking and that is fine. We make our decisions on our own path and desired path. My path has become clear to me and giving up alcohol has, for me, been easier than I feared.

Take care,


(Zoe ) #53

Your drink sounds great. How did staying of the alcohol affect you?

(Marie Dantoni) #54

That only lasted about a month. A series of stressful upticks and I caved.
Ate badly and my clothes got tight.
I decided to focus on the things I do have control over.
Not drinking, exercising, tracking, weighing myself and moving towards my goals.

(Sam ) #55

This is really interesting as I have had issues with binge drinking in my life time - as soon as I have that first drink I want more an more. Since keto and obvs no (or low) sugar I have not felt like drinking and my mood generally is much more upbeat overall. I really believe that sugar and the addictive nature of it is the thing I truly crave so adding sugar and alcohol together is massive no no! Both sugar and alcohol I would say have been the bane of my life so it is time to end those relationships and keep on with this new life! Never felt better actually!

(Andi McNamara) #56

Do you think your alcohol bingeing has lessened as you are coming off sugar? That’s what I’m noticing. Once I got sugar under control, it’s easier to moderate other things I’ve struggled with.

(bjørn arne) #57

for what i understand ketones are produced in the liver and since alcohol is basically poison to you`re body it prioritise the alcohol before anything else, so even if you are drinking gin, vodka ore hard clear spirits you will not be producing any ketones during the time it takes to burn up the alkohol. Keto is not easy and not for everybody, but you gotta give it up man. Belive me i love alcohol and it was so hard to give it up, not the being out partying i dont even miss that, but just enjoying a ginger beer, or a coffe baylis or a glass of wine before dinner. it is defently a sacrifice! but overall i feel alot better now :smiley:

(Rune Hansen) #58

Since going keto, I get horrible hangovers from just two glasses of wine. So naturally I have reduced my consumtion.

(Tessy M.) #59

IMHO, you’re fine. The time that the alcohol and food is in your system you will not burn fat, but if you’re truly limiting it to what you say, it’s not going to be that detrimental. Yes, the alcohol will reduce the number of hours your body is burning fat when you could be making progress, but keto is a relatively non-restrictive WOE. And, you don’t have to give up your lifestyle to make the WOE work.

(Sam ) #60

I deffo think cutting sugar the less you crave sugar generally and that includes alcohol. I have thoughts about drinking now and then but not cravings. It takes a while to create new neurological pathways and for the old drinking pathways to disappear so whenever I do have the thoughts I realise it’s just that.
I think cutting sugar is so massively life changing for the body but also for the mind - less cravings and no more mood swings.