Alcohol on Keto


Partner and I are 2 weeks in Keto and we love it. Feeling better and having some awesome meals. I’m very anal about the food intake while on Keto, partner is little more cas. But I love a vodka and Soda water and a wine before dinner. I don’t drink after dinner.
What’s happening here? Can I still lose weight doing this? Honestly not keen on giving up alcohol, we’re travelling aus living the dream and we like an arvo drink.
I know losing weight is clearly easier ilimating alcohol but if anyone has other ideas on the scenario I would love to hear.

(Ingrid ) #2

Interested to see what people say regarding this. I am also new to keto but having difficulty giving up my wine. I limit to 2 glasses per evening.

(VLC.MD) #3

Alcohol can easily stall / reduce weight loss. In general alcohol is easy on insulin though so it isn’t bad on Keto. Not ideal though.


I don’t drink daily, but have no issues drinking on the weekends, usually mixed drinks vs. beer or wine. I have seen people in this forum say they drink wine daily. IMHO, I think the mixers (if you don’t make sure they’re low carb) are bigger trouble than the alcohol, so I’m very careful what I mix it with. I think this is one of those gray areas that can be different depending on the person.

(Peter Finnegan) #5

I’m also struggling with this issue. I’ve given up almost all carbs and mainly spend my carb grams on a couple of beers with my one meal a day. I’ve been trying red wine the last couple of weeks in the interest of lower carbs but not sure If that’s a better alternative. I may try whiskeys instead to reduce my carbs.


(Laydee Gee) #6

I’m very interested in this topic too. I’ve been on Keto for 4wks and peaked at 1.8 ketones during week 3. I then went on the work team show, had 6 drinks in total, mostly dry white wine - it booted me out of ketosis entirely (0.4) and a week later of strict keto eating, I’m STILL only 0.5!
So frustrating.
Anyone else had this experience?

(Elizabeth ) #7

Your body stops fat burning to deal with the alcohol so two drinks can stop weight loss for 6-8 hours or more. I carefully choose to have a whiskey on the rocks or scotch and soda once or twice a week knowing not to expect any losses those days.

(VLC.MD) #8

Get the details of how much sugar was in the wine


Exactly this, when having a drink just expect slower progress.

… And knowing is half the battle!


I know Doctor Nally mentioned that alcohol is not as benign as most people think. Personal experience is, any alcohol results in significant setbacks for me. When I started Keto, I went 3 months without alcohol and had a few vodkatinis and gained 7 lbs the following days. Anytime I do indulge, similar things happen. It’s always a hard gain too, not water weight that goes away quickly.

(Marie Dantoni) #11

I have grown accustomed to a nip of brandy pretty much as a daily ritual. Having read through the responses it seems that this is not such a great idea. Actually I already know that, so maybe I just needed a reminder. Thanks guys ! I have already dodged the first bullet by heading outside to dig out from our first snowstorm. Maybe I’ll have some tea now instead.

(Mike Glasbrener) #12

Exactly! Alcohol is processed in the liver so no gluconeogenesis in the presence of alcohol. If carbs or sugar are in the drink it’s a double whammy. The carbs/sugar will trigger a insulin response signaling the body to store fat instead of burning it.

That said, we’re all snow flakes. Some are more metabolically adaptable than others and will tolerate it. Others, not so much…


My experience is similar, plus alcohol makes me hungry.


I have a nip of scotch fairly regularly, and it hasn’t seemed to slowed my progress. I also like a martini in the evening sometimes and despite the vermouth it too seems to have no effect on my metabolism.
YMMV and I definitely understand those folks here who are much more sensitive to alcohol. You’ll just have to experiment.

(Ellen) #15

I’ll have a couple of gin & diet tonics or a couple glasses dry red / white wine on a weekend, it might slow the weight loss down a bit, but hey ho, just stay away from lager/sugary cocktails. Not sure drinking everyday is great though.


I fast the entire next day after drinking and haven’t had an issue although I only ever have wine, cognac or scotch. When I’m hungover I don’t feel hungry really either so can easily got 36-48 hours without eating anything after a good session.

(Ellen) #17

Have to say though I went travelling for a year and drank every day, it took me a month or so to get back to not drinking, so would suggest enjoying yourself but not drinking every day if you can.

(Christopher Avery) #18

Hah! If I fasted every day “after” I’d never eat. I’m also a super slow loser, so now I get to work on reducing the number of days a week that I enjoy scotch and/or wine.


Is seems I can have a wine very rarely but I suspect the extra wine I have drank lately has bounced me out of ketosis!!! Grrrr

(Chris) #20

I had really been catching my feet as a craft beer guru when I started Keto. I redirected that into becoming a bourbon aficionado

But I’ve got to say, the most shocking part of Keto is that my craving for alcohol is almost non existent these days. Ive been a functioning (and sometimes not functioning very well) alcoholic since graduating highschool. (@20 years now). I completely subscribe to the theories of sugar and its relationship with alcohol and addiction.