After various extended fasts, my penis has shrunk

(Bunny) #41

I would highly disagree with that, your entire skin frame gets catabolized when fasting.

(Bunny) #42

Not advice (was joking), second you ad lots of carbs to that protein and when you get really fat in the process those carbs along with that protein will stretch around that fat and make extra skin.

Over-eating protein along with carbohydrates will make you fat and over-eating protein by itself (which is hard to do) will make you fat with time if sedentary and make your skin droopy.

What happens when you over-eat protein with carbs and you then lose all the fat? Trying to lose lots of weight (too fast) with out fasting and over-eating protein? You then become a bariatric surgeons problem after he staples your stomach or removes part of it, now he has to remove your skin?

So excessive skin does indeed get catabolized gradually when fasting or losing weight as long you don’t over-eat protein while doing it?

How not over-eating protein should look although this is an extreme example: skin is tightly wrapped around the frame of the skeletal muscle.


As a woman, I don’t understand men’s obsession with size.

(Stephanie ) #44

Same as how alot of women would like to have nice sized breasts and butt!

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You are right; size is more of a men’s issue. Generally speaking, men are more visual, so appearances matter, in terms of sexual stimulation.

But my experience is that knowing what to do with what you’ve got is generally more important than how much you’ve got. This is a family-rated site, so enough said.

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what is the infatuation with women wanting to have these ginormous butts?!

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@Alex_PN I wanna know too. Beats me.:thinking:

(Allie) #48

Never understood that one myself…

(Alex ) #49

beats me as well, some of these girls posing on Instagram with out of proportion arses like it’s a thing… I blame Kim Kardashian.

(Alex ) #50

infact, I blame the whole of social media

(Keto Koala 🐨) #51

@Alex_PN LOL they are first people that popped into my head, the Kardashians. Butt implants…Noooo!!! :scream:

(Alex ) #52

just why?!?!

(Keto Koala 🐨) #53

@Alex_PN cos they are brainwashed and so worried about what society thinks of them. Vanity too. Their butts could literally explode. Gross!!! :nauseated_face:. I must say, this is a VERY interesting thread!!! :upside_down_face::rofl:

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Heck if i know, i was always blessed with a robust tushy and i kept it even after losing all this weight! :joy::rofl::grin:

(Wendy) #55

Alot depends on genetics. No tush in my family! But boobs… yeah. Even with weight loss. Just band size changed. Not cup.

(Stephanie ) #56

Absolutely, genetics play a very big role. My family is the opposite, lots of tush and no boob :joy:

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I feel like this thread is very much getting down to the basics! :joy:


Deficiency of Omega 6’s from whole foods can lead to a smaller penis and not lasting long during sex.


On the other hand, limited fibrosis with preservation of corpora cavernosa and hypertrophy of smooth muscle were noted in the PGE1 group.

There’s women with large vaginas that small penises will never be able to measure up and vice versa.

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this is correct the same thing happened to me. Penis grows like muscles through use, some breakage causes reforming and growth. All this ‘damaged’ tissue is the first stuff that your body eats. Not sure if it will just grow back through eating protein though… and not sure I have the energy to put in the effort I did during my teenage years into so many micro breaks

Thanks for the name though - catabolism!

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Inverse relationship?