After various extended fasts, my penis has shrunk

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There actually are posts on these forums from women remarking on this very issue. One of the consequences of fat loss being out of our direct control is that it disappears from the oddest places, and in apparently random order, sometimes.

@Gary1209 As for the topic of this thread, I can’t think of any reason why a ketogenic diet or fasting would cause this problem. If it were a common result of fasting, men would not fast, lol! Also, fat is not generally stored in the penis, so I can’t imagine fat loss affecting penis size. As I understand matters, the size of the erect penis is related to the frequency of erections, and that is the result of a number of factors.

One such factor is, I believe, your testosterone level, so you might want to get that checked. Also if you are taking a statin, or other cholesterol-lowering drug, remember that not only do statins diminish the frequency of erections, but also testosterone is made directly from cholesterol, so lowering cholesterol could be part of your problem. Plenty of saturated fat in the diet will help with your cholesterol, and hence your testosterone, levels.

In any case, this sounds like something you should be discussing with your physician. I doubt we can help you here.

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er, I think that’s misguided advice, if this were true, I’d be hung like Mandingo!

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Actually there are quite a few posts about this… it’s discussed a lot.

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Yes, for 5 years (13-18)

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Fasting activity was around 2 years. Change happened over a few months, I think.

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I don’t know.

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Yes, my gf would nod to that.



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Erect, Flaccid appears to be same as before, but since I don’t actively monitor it/keep records et al, I am not sure.

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No-one has complained. I am not really “concentrating on penis size”. But I am wondering why and also, worried that it might be an indication of a problem. I did not think of the fat being used when i fasted and I did learn that the body takes fat from the extremities first and then inwards. My belly still has some fat and refuses to go.

So what is the worry? Well, not knowing the reason for it.


Just teasing. The topic calls for it! :smile:
But I honestly see no reason why penis size would change. Boobs on the other hand have a lot to do with stored fat.

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@Chantarella You keep making me laugh.:rofl:. @Gary1209 Yeah try the horny goat weed :goat::goat:. I think they even have that for Women. I think you get get it in a local supermarket. Or a penis pump…Or a penis ring?? Just suggestions. I’m probably the worst person to be telling a man how to make his penis bigger cos I obviously don’t have one. I’m sorry I laugh, it’s just I laugh at a lot of things, I’m not laughing at YOU I’m laughing at the topic. I feel sorry for you and hope you get the little dude fixed. :upside_down_face::grin:

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Smoking damages blood vessels. This will restrict blood flow and while younger won’t be noticed but will become more prevalent as we age. With that being said…I don’t think the couple years you smoke was long enough to do much damage in such a short time. Not much help unfortunately.


I’d definitely say that’s the better situation! Think about it, if you ACTUALLY lost size it would be both ways, loosing size only with an erection means you’re not filling it up, which leads to the blood flow thing which is luckily the easiest thing to fix.

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I’ve often seen women concerned about this in my lifetime

Besides that I have not heard this issue with a man before being diet based or weight-based, I wonder if it is another cause or if just I don’t know I am sometimes sceptical when a new poster post about something I have not heard before and they are brand new Maybe I am wrong


Women concerned about what? His or hers?

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Many Women are concerned about boob loss druing weight loss or disappointed at the loss

Over recent years Butt size too

I’ve heard it when I was a teen from girls and in 20’ and now as I am older, I have seen it as I did other diets and on other forums I have seen it even on this forum though not as much as other forums

I have not seen it from Men I belive because it does not happen much I have no difrence

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This is a normal type of labia minora and does not get “consumed” during weight loss. It’s also not Roast Beef Labia. It’s an inner labia or the labia minora.

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[quote=“PaulL, post:21, topic:100458”]
One of the consequences of fat loss being out of our direct control is that it disappears from the oddest places, and in apparently random order, sometimes.

I have experienced this, in several areas.

As I already wrote, I cannot afford to see a doctor. And also, I wrote that I do not take any meds.

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This depends on whether it’s a porn site or a medical one. :scream::joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face: