Advice for refeeding after 14 day (first time) fast

(Scott) #1

Hi all,

My name is Scott and I just joined the forum today. Happy to be here :slight_smile:

I’m going to be ending my 14-day water fast this coming Tuesday (July 30th) and would love any advice regarding refeeding. I’m a bit nervous about what to eat, how long, etc.

A couple of bits of info that might be helpful(?):

1) I’m 51 yrs old, no known physical issues but, I’ve been overweight by 60+ lbs for 14 yrs

2) This is the first time I’ve ever fasted beyond 24 hrs.

3) For 2 1/2 weeks prior to my fast I was doing IF/OMAD doing a roughly 20 hour daily fast and small eating window. During those weeks, I’ve been trying to follow a Keto diet (e.g. online keto recipes, purposely avoiding high carb foods, etc.).

4) Keto is also new to me, I started focusing at the end of June.

5) My “water” fast so far has consisted of: a) Salted water ala the Snake Diet Recipe (sodium/potassium/magnesium + “hits” of ACV/lemon), b) Coffee (black), c) Green Jasmine Tea. I usually drink 3-4L of water per day, 2 coffees, 1 tea, etc.

6) Starting weight on June 26th was 231 lbs.

  • In 2 1/2 weeks of Keto/IF I lost 11 lbs. (down to 220 - that’s when I started the water fast)
  • So far, after 11 days of my water fast (today is my 12th day), I’ve lost roughly 13 lbs so down to 207.4.

I don’t know if the above info helps and, I realise everyone is different, but…are there any tips that are basically “musts” when coming off a 14-day fast?

Today, I bought:

a) Proper sauerkraut with probiotics (non-pasteurized)
b) 500ml of Kefir milk (cow’s)
c) I made roughly 6 qts of bone broth from scratch because I thought I was going to follow Dr Fung’s bone broth fast but went for water instead. I simmered the bones/veggies for 24hrs but jarred the broth for the freezer to drink after my fast (so was the idea).

So, are those 3 liquids good enough for at least a day or two? Or, should I also add in fruit or veggies or any kind of solids as well? I keep seeing on youtube people eating watermelon but I worry about all that fructose which will kick me out of ketosis.

Anyway, sorry for the long post & tons of questions.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



(Robert C) #2

I wouldn’t use any fruit.

The other items look good but also, you should plan your first solid food meal (without planning, you might overeat like crazy once you’ve broken the fast).

Most important is to break the fast when you have a lot of (alone) free (4 hours minimum) time near a bathroom.

Breaking a long fast can (for some) result in lots of issues - you definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car or something - the issues can come on fast.

(Bunny) #3

I use non-fortified nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, wheat grass powder, freshly ground flax seeds and chia seeds, I then mix them together and place in gel caps and take 6 gel caps or more, in days prior to an extensive fast… (I also do this quite frequently when not fasting)

The secret to using Chia Seeds is using a very tiny amount (use sparingly like an Aztec warrior would), some people do not understand that and create a huge gooey mess with them.

Here are some other ideas:

How to Fast With Chia Seeds: According to James F. Scheer, author of “The Magic of Chia: Revival of an Ancient Wonder Food,” the tiny chia seed was used as a food replacement by the Indians of the South West and Mexico. They would consume a teaspoon full when going on a twenty-four-hour march to keep them energized and nourished until their return. The chia seed turns into a gelatin-like substance once it reaches the stomach, creating a barrier that aids in slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. Consume only green vegetables and water three days prior to beginning the fast. Doing so will prepare your body for the fast.

Do not eat after 3:00 pm the day before you begin your fast. Mix 1 tablespoon of sea salt with 1 quart of water the night before the fast, and consume all of it. This will help your body fight against cramps and assist with the dislodging of waste in your colon.

Place the chia seeds inside the Mason jar, fill with chilled, purified water 3/4 full. Let the seeds sit for 30 minutes.

Cut a lemon in half, and squeeze as much juice as you can from one half of the lemon into the Mason jar. The seeds will now have formed a solid, gel like substance. Place the lid on the mason jar, shake vigorously and consume the entire jar.

Prepare and consume the chia seed mixture three times a day for seven straight days to rejuvenate and clean out the waste inside of your body. Along with the chia seed mixture, you may consume as much water as you wish, but absolutely nothing else.

Bring food, slowly, back into your diet after the seventh day of the fast has passed. Start with a small salad, an orange or raw vegetables. Do not consume food containing a lot of grease and fat, as your body will not be ready for this yet.


  • If you experience cramping during your seven day fast, consume the sea salt and water mixture (shown in Step 2), as this will help rid you of the cramps in your stomach.


  • If you are not a healthy eater, you may want to diet for at least a month prior to starting the fast. Try eating only salads, fruits and vegetables and drinking only water. Do not consume any foods high in grease, fat and sugar.
  • Some may experience side effects from consuming chia seeds. Beware of effects on the heart and blood pressure. Check with your doctor before beginning any type of diet. Chia seeds may interact with some medications. …More

Amazing Chia Seeds

(Katie Moe) #4

I’ve read advice to do a small meal first that is a bit of protein and fat and then an hour later eat a regular meal.

I agree about the bathroom comment…it can be a thing.

(Scott) #5


Thank you for the advice! I’ll avoid fruit.

I’ve heard about intense urges to eat so I’ll watch out for those signs and hopefully not have a problem fighting the hunger pangs. I am used to IF for 20 hours per day (prior to doing my EF) so my plan was to only eat small amounts (200 cals?) every 2-3 hours simply to get my system back to adjusting to food again, not because I’m wanting food.

Good point about being near the bathroom lol. I am breaking my fast on Tuesday morning but will be driving for 6-7 hours for our holiday on Friday. Hopefully there won’t be any issues!


Thank you very much for advice on Chia seeds. I did buy some right before my fast but, I’ve never eaten/consumed them in my life. I like the idea of preparing for a fast, makes perfect sense!

I was doing Keto and 20 hour fasts (2 hour window) with IF for 2 1/2 weeks before my fast which I think helped but I’ll refer to your suggestions if/when I do another fast in the future.


sorry, as a new user I can only mention 2 users in my reply but thanks KM :wink:

I do wonder if a small meal (even if fat/protein) might be too much for my digestive system after 2 weeks no food.

I think I’ll stick to “liquid food” for the first few days.

Cheers guys, these are great tips!

(Susan) #6

Welcome to the forum, Scott.

Wow, 14 days, that is awesome! Major congrats to you!

Watermelon is NOT Keto, never eat it =) watch this video and you will see why =).

I think using the stuff you have already is good to start out, and the advice that @RobC and @atomicspacebunny have given you is terrific! Stay near a bathroom when you do break it. Be prepared for immediate and loose action in your nether region… don’t leave the house for a while… =).

(Scott) #7

Hi @Momof5

I’m sorry for the late reply!

Thank you so much not only for the reply but that fantastic video! I’m so glad watermelon is NOT the right thing to break a fast with, at least if I want to stay in keto (I do love watermelon lol).

I realise I should look up things like “best foods low in carbs” rather than “how to break a fast” or whatever on youtube.

Today is my last fasting day, actually in 9 hours (who’s counting?!) I will have reached my full 14-days of fasting.

It’s oddly a little emotional but, I’m looking forward to eating again and I’ll definitely take the advice of being near a bathroom (lol) but, also watching any temptations to want to gorge.

I plan to go back to my 20:4 IF / OMAD diet after I reacclimate my system to eating.

I think for now, I’m not going to worry how many small meals I eat over the next few days (meals meaning 100ml Kefir milk, sips of bone broth, sauerkraut perhaps). I am going on vacation/holiday in by Friday so we’ll see how my system is by then.

Thanks again everyone for advice. :slight_smile:

I’ll browse the forum for more info.

Cheers all!

(Susan) #8

Big congrats on making it to the 14 days, that is absolutely fabulous!!!

Have a wonderful vacation, and try not to go wild off program there --or you will have defeated the fast… !! Have fun but cautious =).

(Scott) #9

Hi Susan,

Thanks so much for the congrats, it really means a lot. I’m quite proud of myself. :grinning:

Yes, I’ve definitely thought about what/how I’ll eat while I’m on vacation. We’re staying in a “self-catering” accomodation, rather than a hotel so, for the most part I’ll be cooking my own meals.

When we do go out to eat, I plan to eat as low carb as possible, so if we eat at say Five Guys burgers, I hear they offer a bun-less burger. Or, I found a sushi place that offers like a steak stir fry (no rice or noodles).

I think it’ll be a challenge but, I’ll be consciously trying to avoid all the typical carb culprits.

When I’m back, a week later, I will go back to IF / OMAD and focus purely on Keto recipes.

Anyway, thanks again for the friendly warning. lol I will have to stay focused for sure.


(Susan) #10

You are welcome, and have a fun vacation. I found the TMAD IF at a 20:4 works best for me; as I have too hard a time eating enough calories for the day in one sitting! I know lots on here love OMAD and can do that though. Keto is so versatile and works differently for all of us, which is amazing and makes it never boring!


I just broke my 21 day fast. First I ate a very small salad with homemade ajoli.

Two hours later I had dinner with my family. Pork ribs, avocado, salad, broccoli chilly majo etc

Now I’m going to wait until dinner tomorrow to get back to my normal OMAD routine.

This is my fourth long fast and Zi have never had any problems. I pretty much just go back to normal.

(Scott) #12

Thanks for posting your experience HeidiSnow. Wow, 21 days, that’s brilliant, well done! :slight_smile:

I believe I had a small meal on day 2 of breaking my fast and by day 3 I pretty much had a full meal (if memory serves me right, lol).

Day 1 (being wary) I broke my fast with kefir milk, bone broth (that I made myself) and sauerkraut for the probiotics but, I do believe I was eating “normal” by day 2 or 3. The first several days after breaking it I was still doing 20:4 IF/OMAD.

I did eat a little more than OMAD after 4 days or so on my vacation so I decided after 12 days from my 14-day fast, I’d do another.

I’m currently on day 9 of my 10 day fast. I may extend it as I’d like to hit a certain weight before breaking my fast. OR, I’ll break my fast for 4 days (from this Thursday) and start another 10+ day fast starting Monday the 26th August.

I’m on the fence as to whether I should try to lose another 10 lbs before breaking my current fast which would push my fast to roughly 20 days instead of 10. So, we’ll see. I have my weight-loss goals and whilst there’s no rush, I do want to him them.

I’m primarily fasting for weight loss but I realise there are other benefits (autophagy, etc.). However, this latest fast has felt harder than the first (14 day) fast last month.

Still pretty new to all this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for sharing your experience!



If you fast primarily for weight loss I believe several shorter fasts is at least as effective as longer fasts.

I do an annual long fast to (hopefully) help prevent cancer. I have lynch syndrome which greatly increases my probability for several forms of cancer. That was what lead me to fasting/OMAD/keto, but of course I also do it for general well being now.

(Susan) #14

Wow, 21 days! Congrats, I hope that you had a lot of Autophagy benefits from that.


Thanks :heart:

(Bunny) #17

Your brave, I would never attempt a 14 day fast unless I was under close medical supervision, I’m to chicken, farthest I’ve ever got was 9 days.

I definitely know there are benefits to this type of long-term fasting, the fasting retreats in Russia have endless archives of reversing many types of disease.

(Henrietta Tubbola) #18

So true :point_up_2:

(Teb Tengri) #19

" All guidelines recommend that vitamin supplementation should be started immediately, before and for the first 10 days of refeeding. Circulatory volume should also be restored. Oral, enteral, or intravenous supplements of the potassium, phosphate, calcium, and magnesium should be given unless blood levels are high before refeeding. Good quality studies on the exact levels of supplementation are lacking, however, and so the required levels of these supplements cited by NICE are only level D recommendations."

They also recommend only 50% or less of total caloric needs at first.


(Bunny) #20

Wow more fascinating stuff!

(Scott) #21

I thought I’d post in my old thread as I’m 8 hours from ending my 25 day fast.

Last year, 2019, I did a 14-day, 10-day, and 17-day fast within a 2-month period. The last fast being around August last year.

Fast forward 10 months later and I’m completing a 25-day fast of which I’ll break at 10am.

Being it’s been almost a year, and although I’ve done other extended fasts, I’m actually nervous again about what foods are best to eat.

I do have kefir milk again but thinking bone broth (if I can get it at my local health food shop in my small village), maybe some sauerkraut.

Any other suggestions? And for how long before more solid foods?

I plan to do a keto diet, or at least watch the carbs but I’m so damn hungry lol that part of me just wants to feel “normal” again.

Past week has been pretty hellish tbh so I probably should have broken my fast sooner.

Just get worried about “refeeding syndrome” etc.

Thanks for any advice. :slightly_smiling_face: