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I’ve been missing this forum a lot! I’m in the last hours of fasting today and plan on a late lunch today, so at around 33 hours so far at 9 in the morning. This is my second time around this week at ADF. Just started… lets see…Tuesday was when I started ADF with a fast. Or rather it was Monday night after supper, I guess.

Anyway, I slept really well last night and even slept in! I rarely get more than 7 hours sleep.

I’m looking forward to hearing from others and how you are doing today! This forum is inspiring.

(Tamela Robinette) #163

Progress is progress!

(Karen) #164


“Look forward to witht in on Monday!“
Good luck @weedrea . Me too. I’m supposed to be fasting today. I hope my Monday will look good.

@NelleG - “ Broke my fast at 1130 yesterday and somehow got in three meals. None were big, but I still feel overfull.” Maybe you can drink some of your calories like a protein drink.
I hope your husband can get you out of that suit. Looking good anyway. I have a frozen shoulder and manage to pull the shirt over my head and got stuck. Husband was nowhere near home. I eventually managed to get the dang thing off. But it really hurt my shoulder. Good luck with the wetsuit

@Robinette71 - “ . I have about 10 more pounds to reach goal weight and I know those are the hardest pounds to lose. Happy fasting all! Who else is fasting today?“
I am going to fast today so I’m with you on this one. I am a long ways from the last 10 pounds but wish you luck!

@GreeneggsNham - “ I’ve been missing this forum a lot! “ I feel your pain. I must’ve checked into this website 10 times yesterday hoping it had cleared up. I wonder if they could just eliminate much older posts that have large uploads of photos. The “what Did I Keto today” one comes to mind, parts 1-3.

(Tamela Robinette) #165

I’ve thought about that too, deleting old posts. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I think the forums are vital to a lot of us because you can’t talk to most people about keto and fasting and get the understanding that you do here ya know? I don’t feel judged here and I get a lot of important information from the forums that guide me in my journey.

(KCKO, KCFO) #166

I PMed Richard when the site kept going down recently. He had a plan for upgrading the servers, the patreon account had provided enough funds to get the needed new server. So hopefully this extended outage will result in that being in place.

I do want to encourage everyone who benefits from these forums to join at any level on I get so sick of ads. For what you pay for a simple lunch meal out ($10), you can support the forums for a month. But if that is too much there are even smaller tiers you can join, starting at $1. I personally know I would not have had the success I have had without this place to come to, so if you get value please consider becoming a patron. If I were rich, I’d do even more than my current level unfortunately I can’t but I do what I can because these forums mean so much to me.

I now return you to the ADF topic. I found fasting and Dr. Jung , Megan Ramos and the Zornfast via these forums, would not have heard of them otherwise.

(Linda ) #167

Hi guys well I too missed the companionship and support of all you guys the last couple of days…

I was doing well until this morning 5am when todays food came out of the smoker…yup I just had to eat it right in the middle of a fast…so i think I might make today another eating day but play it buy ear if I don’t get hungry ill fast til I do.

(Tamela Robinette) #168

I caved today too, made it 22 hours on what was supposed to be 42. I just wasn’t feeling it today. Ah well next week is a new week. I do practice IF on weekends 16 to 18 hour fasts and mostly stay strict keto. Hopefully I’ll see a weightloss on Monday. We shall see!

(Karen) #169

Eating some meat during a fast is not the worst thing you could’ve done. :rofl::joy:
I’m at 1 o’clock during a fast. I’m not looking forward to fasting for the rest of the day. I know it really helps me so I’m gritting my teeth and trying to get through

Update: 6 pm. More coffee. I’m almost there.


I made it until 2:00 today and ate lunch with my family. That was 38 hours, I think. I was actually feeling a bit hungry. I’m trying to “feast” today and will fast again after supper. :smiley:

(Karen) #171

42 hour fasts are a tougher go. You did very well doing 22 congratulations!

Still holding my own although I’d rather eat something. Drinking some coffee I’m switching over to broth in about 15 minutes.

(Karen) #172

From everything I’ve read when you feast you should really feast. Good luck!!


I’m trying! I think I managed around 800 calories at lunch and am very full. But I ate some (keto approved) vegetables and I think that made me feel full sooner than I would have if I had only eaten fatty meat, which I sometimes do.

Tomorrow and into Sunday I will aim for a bit longer fast.

(Megan) #174

Hi! Can I join? I normally do 18/6 but started not eating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so 2 42 hour fasts a week.

Started Monday the 8th at 186lbs. This morning was 181.1lbs :slight_smile:

(Karen) #175

Welcome Meg! Absolutely!!! And Congrats on your loss! It really can help, can’t it.
We just support each other and weigh in on Mondays. You can weigh other times but we report our Monday weight loss ( difference is from our original starting weight when we started ADF).

I started ADF at 180. I’m hoping my weight will be less on Monday. If it is 176 I will report the 4 pound loss. You might Lose, gain, or you might stay the same. We add them all together for the group loss. Just for inspiration and fun.
Last week’s group loss was 6.1 lbs total.

(Bacon for the Win) #176

No one should sell themselves short for a 22 and 38 hour fast. Both of those are pretty darn good.

Welcome Meg.

BTW husband came home and got me out of the wetsuit before I had a full blown melt down. On the bright side, it fits really well!


Welcome to Meg! I’m new here to this ADF group too this week.

I wondered how that went. Glad you were freed!

(Karen) #178

I’m sure it was miserable but you are an excellent story teller. I laughed so hard. :rofl::joy::rofl:

(Linda ) #179

Great job on your guys fasting not so great for me I gave in at 4pm and had something to eat again…so now I’m trying again lol…

Welcome meg great to have you join us looking foward to following your journey along with all our adf support team its great to watch them all losing.

(Bacon for the Win) #180

working today and next two. Will break 42 hr fast at 1130 this morning, then 18:6 sat and sun. Back to ADF monday.

here’s today’s stats. Check out that CGI!

(Karen) #181

Man, I feel your pain. I know for the monthly three day ( or more) fasts, that once you get past the first 24 hours that it gets a little easier. Alternate day fasting is a bit of a struggle. If you have to break your fast try and make it something keto. A nice chunk of brie, or a deviled egg might do the trick. Or if you get all the way to dinner, but you’re just over it, just call it OMAD. :joy::rofl:Many people do very well with one meal a day. Either way you’re doing well!

Good luck today with your fast though!