ADF club

(Karen) #1

Join in-anyone who wants to do ADF and share accountability on this thread.

Feel free to post graphs, tables, food pics, activities that you are doing, what you’re struggling with, thoughts, videos etc. Whatever helps you stay focused and committed to ADF.

Some people are doing 24 hour fasts, some people are doing 42 hours, I’m doing 36-ish. Whatever seems to work for you.

(Karen) #2

Just tea, coffee and water today. Maybe a lime seltzer.
Wish me luck.

(Jenny) #3

I’m in! thank you! I’ll do the same schedule to keep it simple. You guys inspire me!

(Linda ) #4

I do 24 hour fasts adf is that ok?

(Jenny) #5

absolutely! we are here to support each other.

(Linda ) #6

Then I’m in as well…

(Karen) #7

Sure. Whatever works for you.

(Karen) #8

First hill… lunch time. A bit hungry. Broth. Not strictly fast item. But baby steps.

(Linda ) #10

Alternative day fasting

(Karen) #11

Second hill… dinner. Not that hungry.
Decaf coffee, second cup broth,
Lime seltzer later this eve. I’ve kept somewhat busy today. I find that helps. How is everyone else doing??

(Jenny) #12

I’m doing well but…the evening is my biggest challenge as I usually work late. A walk will help. And then I have a series I’ve been watching on Netflix. I can’t just go into Netflix and find something :neutral_face: too many choices :joy:

(Linda ) #13

I did omad today and now fasting my 24hours

(Karen) #14

Feasting day. My body uses about 1500 cal. So I need to have about 2000 cal to rev my metabolism. In the keto ranges of course. This is just some loose math, but I don’t want to eat what I normally would in a day, I must feast/eat more. I have a hard time getting the extra calories into two meals so I will be eating three meals.

Breakfast: three eggs in butter, coffee with heavy whipping cream
Lunch: Three hotdogs, with mustard, one chicken thigh, equate protein shake.
Dinner: Green salad w dressing, meat loaf w sugar free bbq, coffee w/HWC

calories: 2235
71% fat
26% proteins
3% carbs
Good luck everyone

(Linda ) #15

I’m finding the same thing I was trying to do one meal a day but with the numbers I’m getting sometimes are crazy so I’m going to mix it up a bit some days omad some days tmad and mix those in with my 24 hour fast im also trying to increase fats but I had to back off a bit cos the bathroom trips were becoming my exercise lol…

(Linda ) #16

Update my numbers looked dreadful again so just to get them to 1200 I let myself graze on roast beef…tomorrow is a new day…no gazing I’ve been really strict with. No snacking and even though my intentions were good…its a slippery slope to give permission to do that…
So im going to trust in the process that if my body needs more other than my own fat to burn it will .let me know…

(Karen) #17

You can do it!!

(Karen) #18

Small change in weight, but I expected to go up because my feasting day yesterday and I did not. Fasting day today. I have a cuppa coffee at hand. Good luck everyone.

Update: Another day of fasting went well. I stayed somewhat busy. Two travel cups of coffee, two travel cups of clear broth, one lime seltzer

(Linda ) #19

Your doing great …your still dropping awesome job

(Bacon for the Win) #20

I’m planning to do this starting tomorrow. I’ll adjust the times a bit to work better with my work schedule. Start times will be 530PM instead of 7. The eating window will be 1130AM - 530PM. Appreciate the support. Did well the first time I did this, not so well the second time.

(Linda ) #21

Welcome …good luck