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(Karen) #182

Whoa!! You go girl!! Congrats

(Andrea) #183

Not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but I used to get acid reflux when I ate carbs and sugar…no surprise there. Since I’ve been on keto/carni it’s got a lot better but over the last couple of months I’ve noticed it getting worse again. I was getting very frustrated that it happened when I ate AND when I fasted. Couldn’t make sense of it at all. The suddenly a brain wave…I have caffeine-free tea in the evening. Usually that’s rooibos (red bush) tea but I haven’t been able to get that recently and so I’ve started having peppermint tea. I love all things minty and I’d remembered reading in the past about peppermint tea being good for your stomach. But clearly I failed to read the second page that says it can cause acid reflux!! Two nights without peppermint tea and no acid reflux! Happy girl here!!

(Karen) #184

Aaarrrgh, I can see the results of last weekends transgressions. And here I am on Saturday again. But I’m eating three eggs and thinking of packing a lunch because I’m going to help out at the food bank and they will bring in lunch that will be carb centered


Good day, everyone!

Today is a fasting day for me. I have resisted weighing myself and will wait until Monday morning to see if the scale has moved any. I’m not expecting much as on both feast days I ended up eating around 2000 calories! But that’s still a deficit overall when I add in fasting days. Mostly, I want to raise my metabolism. If I can do that then I will lose weight, eventually.

Been getting between 4 and 7 miles of speed walking in each day. Also, I’ve been sleeping much better! I have been getting 8 - 8.5 hours sleep each night. My Fitbit is happy with my activity and sleep.

(Karen) #186

I get a little reflux when I fast. I had read somewhere that carbonated water can help with this, as well as helping with some hunger. I was thinking because there’s nothing to absorb the acid in my stomach I might be getting a little acid While fasting.

(Karen) #187

What I had understood from Megan Ramos was that feasting on feasting days is to rev up your metabolism into overdrive so that during your fasting day you burn more. I don’t think it’s actually about deficit when you add all the days together. Just how I understood it. :woman_shrugging:

Good luck on your fasting day! I tend to sabotage myself a little on feasting days. So today I’m going to try and pack a lunch so I don’t screw up.

(KCKO, KCFO) #188

Karen, that is what she says over and over. I just try to make sure the feasting days are strickest keto days. Been working for me for a long time now.


Thank you for this information. I have a vague feeling that I’ve heard this, but don’t remember from what source. Like many, I’ve watched all the Keto videos from our heroes. :smiley: But over the last year or more, that adds up to a lot!

Thanks again!

(Linda ) #190

Today was a feasting day and will try get one meal in before I start my fast tomorrow i was slightly down on the scale today will see if that holds til Monday if we are able to get on for our weigh ins…hope so…


Good morning all! Glad we are back up again today!

This is the day I feast. But not until later. It’s still not 8 am here on the east coast, USA.

I have felt great the first day of starting ADF, though I didn’t at the beginning of the week. I already forget! I’ll have to check. Have I fasted twice this week or was this the third time? Hahaha…

Anyway, I have been pleased that I have been able to stay active and do all my activities while not feeling weak or like anything is off. True, I’ve been careful to get plenty of salt, take magnesium and a bit of potassium, but that’s all on fast days besides an occasional herbal tea and carbonated water for a treat.

How is everyone else this Sunday morning? I see Linda is enjoying a feasting day today. :grinning:

I’m a little nervous about weighing in Monday, after today being a feasting day, but I know that doesn’t matter, and that over time something will happen. If I keep doing this, the NEXT Monday should be after a fasting day.

(Karen) #192

177.2 I’ve got a solid plateau going here.
This is supposed to be a fasting day, but we are going to my brother-in-law’s for lunch. They are cooking hamburgers. I will probably be able to eat a burger and stay keto but I won’t be fasting. Maybe it will be a one meal a day. :frowning:

Thanks @collaroygal. I apologize for repeating, but I struggle with feasting a little because it feels wrong. I keep thinking I need to eat more lean protein.


So, if you eat today, that’s OK! Don’t feel bad about it. But perhaps you should eat well, like a feasting day or close to one. :blush: Then, when you fast after your OMAD, your body will be confident about letting go of weight, etc. IDK, just a thought.

Anyway, enjoy your visit with family!

(Bacon for the Win) #194

I agree with feasting on a feasting day, even though I still incorporate some time restriction with it. If I don’t I’ll be off the rails in no time. Not going to worry about tomorrow’s weight, it’s trending in the right direction.

At work today. My patients need nothing from me. I could phone this one in and read the forum while it’s up and working :rofl:

(Linda ) #195

Everything I’ve read is the need to be flexible with this after all this is our way of life not a diet… so if you eat you eat ,you fast you fast tomorrow is a new day to get back into routine…no guilt dont need the cortisol rush…

(Bacon for the Win) #196

161 this morning, up a pound. Eh. I did my ADF last week, ate two solid meals on my non-fasting days. I’m sure it will shake out in the long run but still frustrating.

(Andrea) #197

Down about 1.5lb this week. Surprising given I’ve eaten my body weight in HWC and cheese over the last couple of days!

(maciek) #198

Just found this thread. Last week I fasted from Sunday mid-day to Wednesday (~3 day) and Wednesday night to Saturday morning (~2 days). 2 meals per day on Saturday and Sunday. Planning to repeat this week.
On fasting days I drink black coffee and water with salt. On feeding days I try to do carnivore (don’t weigh anything, maybe I should?)

(KCKO, KCFO) #199

I do that as well. Works for me.

(Karen) #200

Welcome Mr Humpty!! Feel free to join us! We’re just trying to get a group loss. The total loss from ADF start to Monday morning weigh in. We’re also supporting each other in our ADF journey.

(Karen) #201

Colorado Gal, welcome!! Will you be joining us?