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I just came here to ask about how much people doing ADF eat on feasting days and if there is anything anywhere making recommendations.


(Karen) #143

I value the information I can get from IDM. Megan Ramos seems to have a good handle on doing 36 hour fasts. Take a look at this quick guide and scroll down to 36 hour fasts

(Bacon for the Win) #144

I missed chatting with you all today! Couldn’t get on before I left for work then just too busy to check in during the day.

Hi to Andrea and Greeneggs, thanks for joining us!


Karen, thank you for posting the link. I read so much about Keto that over time, because of conflicting opinions, I get confused. That is a nice, straight forward paper. I’ve saved the link on my computer so I can share it with others.

It’s nice to know they encourage exercise while fasting! I went for my walk tonight, and feel fine. :grinning:

NelliG, thank you for welcoming me!

(Tamela Robinette) #146

How’s everyone doing? I’m at 19 hours of my second 42 hour fast for the week. I watched a lot of ADF videos last night during my down time. One young lady lost 108 pounds in a year doing it! She doesn’t practice keto but says she has nothing against it. I hope everyone is cruising through their fast (or feast.) Have great day!

(Bacon for the Win) #147

good morning Tammy, and everyone too. I am 15.5 hours into my send 42 hour fast this week, and finally home for a few days. After three 12 hour shifts in a row, I will be happy if the only thing I accomplish today is a shower and my fast. Still feel as if I could sleep another 10 hours but I know I won’t.

Where did you find the ADF videos? I might peek at a few later today.


Good morning everyone! So far, so good. In at 37 hours so far (at 9 am). I’m really glad to be part of this ADF thread. I am going to need encouragement to continue ADF tomorrow, and you are a great source of that encouragement!

I’m going to break my fast around 12 pm today. It’s one of my sons’ birthday and we are going to go out for lunch. This will be the first time we are going out for a meal since this world wide plague started. :smile:

It’s a family tradition to celebrate birthdays this way and we are in “Phase 2” in southeast Virginia. Not sure what this experience will be like. I’m very careful about staying Keto when we go places and will just not eat if they don’t have something I am comfortable with, but I think they will. Usually can find something.

I resisted weighing myself this morning as I know it will go up after I eat. I’m going to wait until Monday, like others on this thread.

(Jenny) #149

I’m still at my 3.7 pound loss. But I think Mondays weigh in will bring good news! fasting today :sun_with_face:

(Jenny) #150

personally, generally speaking, I eat between 1200-1500 calories of a keto diet on my food days


Most days I have been eating closer to 1400 (give or take) calories daily. Some days higher, occasionally up to 1700. Since I’m supposed to be feasting today, I think I will aim for 1700 and see how I feel.

I don’t want to go too high, but I do want to raise my metabolism and so hope to encourage my body in that direction. If I don’t lose weight on that after a week, I will change make changes.

(Karen) #152

I am celebrating the 2 pounds down from my original weight, not the obvious gain from my lowest weight last week.:rofl::frowning::joy: I have struggled to get back on fasting. I’ve had three days of feasting, keto, and not so keto. So I say today is a fast!

If I fast on today, Friday, and Sunday, Monday’s morning’s weigh in should be decent.

Good luck @xsuebeex, @GreeneggsNham, @jennytoy1, @NelleG, @Robinette71, @weedrea, @Azi

(Tamela Robinette) #153

I just searched “Alternate Day Fasting” on YouTube. Of course some of them you have to take with a grain of salt but I found most of them to be informative😊

(Andrea) #154

Well not quite ADF but I’ve managed to fast Mon, eat Tuesday and then fast Wednesday and Thursday. Planning to eating Fri, Sat and Sun and will probably end up doing the same schedule next week too. Fitting it in with my own schedule as fasting today would have been difficult. Look forward to weigh in on Monday!

(Bacon for the Win) #155

guess we’re back, for now. This forum software is so frustrating. Anyhow. ADF is going well this week. Broke my fast at 1130 yesterday and somehow got in three meals. None were big, but I still feel overfull. 42 hours gets me to 1130 saturday morning, but I may go longer. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

How’s everyone else doing?

(Tamela Robinette) #156

@NelleG it is very frustrating! I need to access the forums for motivation and support to get me through my fast! Anyway, I am on my 3rd 42 hour fast for the week! That’s a first for me! I am currently at 18 hours and have zero hunger this morning. Today will be a struggle as I am always in “Friday mode” on Fridays. Always looking forward to a few adult beverages and dinner with the hubby. I’ve been very good at avoiding my usual evening glass of wine during the week for awhile now but still imbibe on the weekends a little. I am going to do my best to press through today though and not give into the temptation. I have about 10 more pounds to reach goal weight and I know those are the hardest pounds to lose. Happy fasting all! Who else is fasting today?

(Bacon for the Win) #157

I agree, and am also on my 3rd fast for the week. Seems as if the 2dudes who set up this forum have moved on to other interests. Not sure who is actually running the place now.


Stay strong Tammy, we are in this with you! I think I have about 15 more pounds to go FWIW. Traveling next week will be a challlenge.

(Tamela Robinette) #158

I don’t think they’ve moved on. It’s my understanding it’s very expensive to run the forums and they started the forums with money from their own pockets. They are continually having to upgrade the servers because of all the traffic and lots of pictures being uploaded.

I agree, traveling and fasting can be tough. Especially leisure travel. I have another vacation coming up in July and I am hoping to be at goal weight by then. I have a closet full of clothes I’d like to fit in lol

(Bacon for the Win) #159

yes, I’ve actually been here since day one. I understand hosting a website and the bndwith this one takes. Huge project. I wonder how much all the patreon accounts generate? Maybe it needs to sell some advertising? why not, everyone else does.

Speaking of vacation clothes…I’m going to try to squeeze into that wetsuit now. If you all hear a violent scream, you know it didn’t go well.

(Bacon for the Win) #160

well, it fits. and I can’t get out of it. On the brink of a panic attack. Husband is coming home. WTF!!



Yikes!!! I would freak out a bit if I couldn’t get out too. But you will. :smiley: