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Today was a hungry day for me as well two meals lunch and early dinner where as lately It had just been dinner…

So my fast started around 5 pm ill do 24 hours…

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The 1st image is last Tuesday, I generally don’t weigh on Mondays but will start. The 2and image was my weight this morning. I was starving all day yesterday but managed to push through. I will feast today. ADF is so awesome. It works really well for me. I’ve actually lost 16 pounds since April 21st. I too struggle on weekends and when I’m with hubby but I am working on being more disciplined.


Just wondering, do any of you doing ADF do high energy chores or speed walking or heavy exercising on your days of fasting?

I’m wondering, because I do speed walking for around 3 - 4 miles a day and some days push a lawn mower around the yard for an hour or more on top of that in the sun. I don’t think the walking is a problem, but possibly adding the yard work is?

Sounds silly, but I’m a little afraid that it will hurt my metabolism if I’m super active on fasting days. I keep reading that the body can only burn a certain percentage of body fat.

Any idea what signs I should watch for (other than lack of energy)? I don’t always know in advance if it will be a high energy use day. Not sure if I am making sense. So, sometimes I plan on fasting, but because I end up doing so much in my yard I end up eating. Sorry if this sounds silly. It’s a real question.

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You’ve done really well on ADF. It’s hard to push through but once you get to bedtime, before the next feast day, you feel so accomplished.

Just letting you know that I read your question, but I have no answer. I am using ADF to shake up my metabolism and I’m not doing any extra exercise at all. I do know that a lot of people exercise fasted.

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I actually do exercise fasted. I run as well as lift weights. Once your body becomes fat adapted and you burn fat for fuel, the decrease in energy and other issues with fasted physical activity go away for the most part as long as you are getting your electrolytes. With that being said, I have done some reading lately and listened to some podcasts that suggest that women need an occasional “carb up” if they are strict keto and fast often. I have found this to be true. If I stay under 20 carbs and fast throughout the week I find my energy levels crash by the end of the week, I develop a headache and just generally don’t feel well and can barely get through a workout. I remedy this by upping my carbs for a day to say 50 grams, maybe have a small sweet potato. I only do that once a week and sometimes not at all, only when I get that feeling of no energy. So I guess to answer your question, it is individual. Some people don’t feel they can exercise at all while fasting and some run marathons fasted. If you’re truly not feeling well while cutting the grass in a fasted state do an n=1 experiment, try to change up how long your are fasted or doing the yardwork on feasting days. I’m not sure I buy into the theory that heavy exercise while fasting could somehow damage your metabolism because there are many hardcore athletes who perform at their best fasted. It just takes time to train your body to get it’s energy from fat stores rather than carbs. I hope this helps a little. If you Google keto athlete’s you will find many examples and info on fasting/keto and exercise. Many of them say they are much more efficient in a fasted state. Let us know how your experiments work!

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started to fast yesterday, but because of the carb transgression over the weekend , I decided on just a Keto day. Planning a fast today though. Rainy and cold. Snowed up high. Back to turtleneck and sweaters. Brrrrr

Participated in a small town peace march and rally on Sunday. Pastor and his wife spoke. The two other speakers at the event gauged their audience well. There were lots of young families, kids in strollers, 40 Kids school aged, the rest aged 30 to 60. Maybe 200 marchers. Probably 60%were Caucasian, 25-30% Latino, 10-15% black. Our Largest community minority is Latinos.
Very moving and very thought provoking.


Tamela, thank you for your imput. I’ve been strict keto since 9/2018. I think I was eating too little the first year or more. I was never hungry, but averaged only 1100. I lost a LOT of weight. Then I started increasing amounts of food. Lately, I have continued to eat more (I’m not losing weight, but would like to). I’m currently eating around 10 carbs, more meat and fat, averaging between 1400 and 1700 calories a day, for lack of a vetter measure.

I fast occasionally. I’m pretty busy outside and around the house. And I’m wondering if ADF would be a good plan for me. I’d like to raise my metabolism and burn more body fat without losing muscle.

All this to say I wondered how active people doing ADF can be and still thrive and lose fat. I’ve read this whole thread, but don’t remember activity being discussed.

I think I will try this, starting today. I’m not always good at following up and updating, but I will try. I’d like to see how I feel doing ADF for a week.

Sorry this is so long!

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I think you will find that ADF will get you back to losing weight! You may have to build up to it. Some people can jump right in. I started out at 16 hours, then 18 then 24 and eventually 36 and 42. I’ve never successfully completed a week of 42 hour ADF but I’m shooting for it this week!


I do skip eating occasionally, but not regularly. I really want to do ADF if I can stick with it. I still have a lot of fat around my lower half of my body. I wish I could lose some of this excess skin while I’m at it, but I’m probably too old for that. I’m 57. My doctor suggested surgery, but I’d rather not go through that.

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It is my understanding that fasting helps with the loose skin as well. Although I’m sure it takes time. Good luck with the ADF! For me it has helped the most with weightloss. You got this!

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I will just weigh on Mondays. Good time for me to weigh if I want low numbers, because I am home and fasting or eating keto from Thursday to Sunday.
i fasted about 26 hours from Sunday night to last night. I guess that’s more like OMAD than fasting. I have lost my fasting muscle it seems.

[quote=“Robinette71, post:124, topic:101478”]
I’ve actually lost 16 pounds since April 21st
[/quote]This is awesome Tammy congrats!

[quote=“GreeneggsNham, post:125, topic:101478”]
Any idea what signs I should watch for
[/quote]Please make sure you have plenty of electrolytes working in the sun.

[quote=“Azi, post:122, topic:101478”]
So my fast started around 5 pm ill do 24 hours…
[/quote] This is about what I have been managing. gl with your fasting

[quote=“Azi, post:117, topic:101478”]
not sure if this is normal lol…
[/quote] Now I am craving pork belly and cracklin.

I got an email that the exercise bike I ordered is being shipped. It would be exciting to get it this week. Three or four years ago the orthopedic surgeon told me to bike for my knee. Keto has helped my knee pain immensely. I am hoping the biking doesn’t wake it up again. I live near bike trails through the forest of large trees that goes about 40 kilometres to the lake. I am hoping to build up my cycling stamina to be able to do a few k on the trails on a real bike.

(Tamela Robinette) #134

That sounds nice and relaxing, a little bike trek to the lake! I hope it’s pain free!

(Susan) #135

This bike is just an indoor stationary bike. I am too inactive to start off with a real one. Someday…

(Tamela Robinette) #136

You’ll work up to it in no time😊

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Hi there…just starting on the ADF journey. Most weeks my hubby and I don’t eat Tue/Wed/Thurs or sometimes don’t eat Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur and then feast at the weekend. Hubby feels great on it but I’m not so sure. I do stay keto at the weekend but do struggle past 48hrs on a fast.

Anyway, this week I’ve started fasting Mon, Wed and Fri (or poss Mon, Wed and Thurs). How much do you eat on eating days? I stay keto (prob less than 10g carbs as veg doesn’t agree with me!) but feel like I’m falling back into the way I ate before…very low carbs and only 1,200 cal per day. 1,200 is about a 18-20% deficit but I’m presuming with ADF I should just be eating without deficit? I’m only looking to lose another 10kg or so (I’ve surfed up and down from a low of 63kg to 70kg over the last 4 years and now back at the 70kg).


The exercise bike sounds like a good way to become active. I started with our treadmill and then added in a few exercises and weights. I do seem to have a lot of energy, so I have been looking for ways to get more active. That’s why I walk a lot and garden and now, mow.

I suspect it is good to increase what we eat on “feasting” days. Especially if wanting to increase metabolism.

(Susan) #139

Welcome Andrea. Good luck with your fasting.

(Karen) #140

ADF can be a very effective plan. Most people lose some weight on it. Take a look at your week to figure out what are your best fasting days. Usually life gets in the way a bit. At least it does for me. We weigh in on Mondays and you can give us your weight loss/gain/stayed the same amount and will add it to the GROUP weight loss. We are not Asking your weight just the difference between start date and current date.

Glad you are joining us!! good luck Andrea.

(Tamela Robinette) #141

I got to thinking about your question and decided to do a little research. The loose answer I came up with is you should eat somewhere between your TDEE and BMR. So my TDEE is 2266 calories and my BMR is 1480 calories. So I eat around 1600 calories a day on feasting days (I’m pretty sure I eat less.) I personally struggle with hitting 1600 calories a day because I feel full quickly. I usually eat two meals a day on feast days. Anyway, there are free TDEE and BMR calculators online. Just plug in your data. Hope this helps.