ADF club

(Karen) #442

You are within spitting distance girl! You can do it

(Karen) #443

Aug. 17
The level of participation in weigh-ins is way down. :rofl::joy::rofl:I think I will lay off recording it for now.

I am up 2 pounds. And have not been consistently doing ADF. Today was rather a disaster. Completely my fault. And no excuses. I hope the rest of you have had better success

(Niamh) #444

Karen, you are a wonderful inspiration.
I like our little group, no matter what we are doing.

(Susan) #445

My late weigh in is 164.5, not an ounce lost or gained. I started back on my exercise program today. Just some walking and light body weight reps.I plan to do the Zornfast this month.

(Karen) #446

I do too! I find it very helpful to have a supportive group and some accountability. For every failed day I have at least one or more good days. :grin:

(Bacon for the Win) #447

I’m going to do it this month too. Tried last month and felt crappy at work.

I also like this group and thread. Don’t really care if anyone’s doing ADF or not. Very supportive.

(Karen) #448

Good luck on the Zorn fest. I have done them a number of times. I cheat a bit and do coffee and broth. The coffee has a little heavy whipping cream in it.

(Bacon for the Win) #449

yeah, I use bone broth too. My fast, my rules. Plus I make my own and hate to waste it. I call it my secret super power for staying healthy.

(Susan) #450

I am on 19 hours of a black coffee/water fast. I plan on doing it till Sunday night. I finally coordinated no cooked or prepared food with the start of the Zornfast.

(Karen) #451

you have been doing so well! You’ve gotten some results and I see that you are really focused! Good luck

(Susan) #452

@Keto6468 Yes, I have very little stress at the moment and I am off work for a few days.
I made it to 76 hours. It was easy peasy, but I was off work.
Monday weigh in 162.1lbs down 2.4 lbs
I ate Sunday morning and Sunday night.

I have a 16 hour shift with a new client, from 3 pm to 7 am, so I will continue to fast while I am there. I hope this isn’t another place where they leave cookies and chocolates out for us.

Hope to see more weigh ins now that the site is back online.

(Linda ) #453

No loss for me i gained over 2lbs it had to be water and I still not quite got that off lol…but almost there…
I kind of expected to struggle getting below 175 its a weight I’ve struggled at before… but still hated to see a gain from 174…6 up to 177.2… now back to 175.0…maybe this up coming week

I hope you guys are doing well.

(Karen) #454

All right I’m trying to refocus here. Nobody’s home but me. Errands today. Taking the dog in to get groomed, going out to visit my mom, helping to fill grocery orders for food ministry at church. I should be able to fast. I’ll be back home by 5 o’clock.

(Linda ) #455

Took all water weight off now down to 173.4 hopefully will continue trending down.

Good to see you getting back foccussed Karen hopefully a few more will pop in and give us updates

(Megan) #456

Havent been keeping track. I have been working from home and the kids are officially back to school (hybrid so only in class 2 days a week) and we have been having crazy smoke from the fires so school has been canceled (well, distance learning at home) at the drop of a hat so Ive been stressed. But Im hoping to be back in the game! Clean fasting Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekends are lenient, eat when hungry and M W F are OMAD about 20/4 schedule. Hope everyone is doing well and we can all catch up!

(Karen) #457

You sound super busy! In some ways I’m grateful that all my children are grown, I think it’s very hard to do distance schooling. My grown children only have babies and not children in school. The world is just so crazy right now. I’m not doing ADF right at the moment but I am staying pretty keto. Good luck!

(Karen) #458

I’m baaaack. I’m planning on fasting tomorrow.

(Niamh) #459

I’m back to Karen, not to do ADF though, but I just love you guys so posting here, you’re my peeps!
So went from like 174 to 127 between Thanksgiving last year to September. Went away on a camping trip with friends where I indulged in beverages, sweets, eating out and a whole loaf of sourdough bread…and honestly have struggled to get on the serious bandwagon since.
The day after Christmas (this past one last week), I was 153.1, so gained back about 1/2 of my weight.
So I’m back!!!
Saturday 153.1 (ate two boiled eggs, fatty steak) OMAD
Sunday 151.6 (ate two boiled eggs, fatty steak OMAD
Monday 149.6 (ate two boiled eggs, salmon steak) OMAD
Tuesday 147.9 (ate two boiled eggs, steak, 2 ounces of kimchi, mozzarella cheese) OMAD
Wednesday 145.9 (ate steak, 2 ounes of kimchi, mozzarella cheese) NOT OMAD as I caved for lots of nuts and more mozzarella during the night
Thursday 146.7 (ate two fried eggs, goat cheese, 6 bacon strips) NOT OMAD and joining one other couple for New Years so the rest of the night is to be determined…
Have a Great New Year everyone!!!

(Karen) #460

So good to hear from you! I had one good day of ADF and today I am having a lovely omelette for breakfast. We watched a movie for New Year’s Eve because we’re not partiers, even if people were getting out. We watch the Goldfinch. I heard the book was very good the movie is quite slow but thought provoking. Your OMADs look great

(Susan) #461

I fasted from Wednesday night to Friday afternoon, and now I am fasted since Friday night. I am posting on January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)