ADF club

(Linda ) #422

Down about 1lb this week. But not really doing adf my meals get messed up when I’m not hungry and lately not been eating til 10 pm then hungry at 2am lol need to alter the timing lol…

(Fay Howell) #423

Well no ADF for me this past week, in fact, no fasting at all… I have fallen down and trying to pick myself back up… so needless to say, no losses here!!:weary:

(Niamh) #424

Hello Karen and friends, I’ve missed you guys. Since my hike I maintained keto but not the ADF, I hope its OK to still post here as you guys have become my peeps and I beleive in ADF!!! and see it in my future. After my 78 miles hike the scale weighed me more I suspect from the muscle but I did for the first time since late Novemeber eat pastas etc… as I was on a hike and we had to carry our food. While it was enjoyed I missed my keto.
Upon coming back I signed my daughter and I up for Medi Weightloss. They, or atleast my local one has a WONDERFUL program for teens, very sensitive , researched, etc… I was impressed!!!
It’s Keto , sort of, but their concentration is on protein vs fat, I am doing it my way by not poo pooing fats…

On Thursday they clocked me at 136.6…I have plateaued at around this number for months…Today after four days on medi weightloss I am 132.6, since the plateau this number really excites me. They are having me eat 700 calories of protein this week (Im doing 10 days), I’m combining that into 18:6 ish kind of schedule.

The teen model has my daughter very excited because it opens her window to so much more food “good choice” (from old teachings) kind of approach. Which I am satisfied with knowing she is a kiddo.

(Mary) #425

Sorry I’ve not been posting here much. I’m doing self-isolation after flying to the UK 8 days ago (only 6 days to go!) and cannot even leave the apartment I’m in. And then when I go back to Canada, I get another 14 days of it… :anguished:

The other less than cheerful thing that happened is I discovered, after buying a new scale here (, doncha know?) that my home scale is under-weighing me by 8 lbs :scream:. So, the long and the short of it is - I’m down 1.8 lbs of “real” weight from the last time I recorded, 187.2. I’ll take this scale home with me for a little consistency…

(Karen) #426

Many people that have their own Body fat find higher protein Very effective.

(Karen) #427

Either scale is fine it’s Relative. Just keep track of the up and down :grin:

(Susan) #428

My sleep schedule is all messed up because of work and appointments. I take my sleeping medication and go to bed intent on fasting but at the wire I get up and eat. Frozen Keto meals but I am disappointing myself that I can’t fast. I am eating once a day.

(Megan) #429

Good afternoon all! I hit 42 hours fasted and wasnt really hungry at all, but I knew Id just gorge myself at dinner if I didnt have a little something something. Im back in the office this week so its way easier to just not pack food for a mandatory clean fast all day haha. Back in the game!

Hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #430

You guys are all doing great so proud of you all.

Last night I only ate once 11 pm but will try and switch eating hours around this weekend…get back into a routine i hope.

(Susan) #431

Hi, glad to be here. My monday weigh in. I lost 2.9 lbs in the last week. Down to 164.5. I am only 3 pounds away from my weight before going to my Daughter’s, which was 161.5.
Either yesterday or today is my 2 year anniversary of being on the forum. I sure appreciate this place.

(Linda ) #432

This weeks weigh in down just over 1lb but I have finally made it to 50 lbs lost…

(Susan) #433

That is a nice number! Congrats!

Heart palpitations finally got the better of me
(Karen) #434

August 10
So the Monday weigh in is completely optional. If it is not motivational for you, don’t do it, but I think some people were just finding it kind of fun. So in light of that … report in Only if you wish.
Week 1 - group loss was 6.1 pounds down
Week 2 - 0.5 gain
Week 3 - 3.7 down
Week 4 - 28.2 down ( big group reporting)
Week 5 - 2.2 down
Week 6 - the site was MIA
Week 7 - not sure I was awake
Week 8 - 3.1 up
How were you all doing Last week??

Week 9
Karen - 0.5 down
Mary -
Sue - 2.9 down
Alec -
Nelle -
Megan -
Linda - 1.5 down
Niamh -
Jenny -
Fay -
Andrea -
Sam -
Isobel -

Total 4.9 down

Chime in. If you did not do ADF this week or weigh I will just put you down as a zero. Seems fair. I hope this finds all of you well I know that some of you are still focused and losing that weight/fat

(Linda ) #435

Todays weigh in 1.5 down

(Bacon for the Win) #436

I am mostly doing IF/EF and not ADF these days. Just too hard they way my schedule shakes out. My weight has not changed and would probably do better on ADF.

(Karen) #437

That is exactly the problem. Life gets in the way for me too doing ADF; however, it is the thing that works. :grin:

(Linda ) #438

I just did a check at where I was when Karen started this thread and where I am now and since may 27th til to day ive lost 19lb .
So even if i can’t always do the ADF just staying accountable is really helping…i think with the sight messing up didnt help us…but im pleased it seems to be ok now :blush:

(Niamh) #439

Hey guys!
So I’m feeling really good about things…
I have not been practicing ADF, but I am doing intermittent fasting. Mostly a 19ish hour frame of fasting. I’ve been working several 12 hour shifts and ever since the “egg diet” was mentioned and I’ve come up with a plan that seems to have broken my plateau (which was a bouncing between a ten pound weight range for a few months).
I don’t think I weighed last Monday but did last Tuesday.
7/27 141.7 (this was a gain week, a big gain week)
8/3 133.3
8/11 135.1 ( a tuesday not a monday)
8/17 130.4 (today)

So the weightloss program I signed up for wanted me for week one to stick with proteins at about 700 calories a day. I fell of the wagon the first week by not packing a lunch at the hospital, while I was still keto I think I wasn’t doing what was asked on about three days. So I asked them if I could repeat week one, and that is what I have been doing.
I bought myself a nice Rotessiere chicken from Costco and ate that over about four days with eggs.
So at 1500 (3PM) I was eating two boiled eggs
At 1930 (7:30PM) or 2000 (8PM) I was eating my chicken
Thats been about four of my seven days.
One day (Saturday) was eating out with hiking friends (post hike) brisket, some greens, a caprese salad , green beans and not really what I was supposed to be doing. Though at week two they do say add two cups of veggies into my diet.
Two days bacon and a steak…
Yesterday was an OMAD of bacon and steak at 3PM because the day before was a restaurant indulge mentioned above.
My body seems to really want me to be very low carb to start seeing a huge loss. Which is heart breaking as I’m drawn to veggies way more than meat. But trying to reach goal and then will take it from there.
My goal is 125, I feel like if I keep this up I might be there finally…

(Linda ) #440

Wow you are doing amazing congrats…keep us updated on your progress…

(Karen) #441

You are so right on this I kind of lost steam when I wanted to sign on and talk to my support group and it was unavailable or sporadically available. Super frustrating. So I’m glad to see that it’s sorted out