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(Isabel Matta) #402

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I am the same height

(Isabel Matta) #403

Hi, everyone. Update, I was doing ok with my ADF but was stuck at 170 for a week with no no loss. I switched to 20 hours fasting 4 hours eating & now I’m at 168.7. I plan to switch back to 36 hr ADF next week. Workouts have gotten more intense. I’m finding it easier & surprisingly enjoyable now that I’ve been sticking strictly to these eating habits for going on 2 months. Sweets, especially chocolates were hard to resist but now I don’t crave them nearly as much. Overall I’m loving the way I’ve been feeling these days :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #404

Wow! Well done!!

(Andrea) #405

Hi all. Hope you’re all well this Sunday evening. Really enjoy catching up on this thread every few days to see how people are travelling. I’m still mostly “flexi-fasting”…some times 18hrs, others 36 or 60 or even as long as 110hrs. It’s made me think a lot about what I want to achieve. For me this is about health over weight. Would I like to lose that 20lb that I’ve lost and gained many times over the last few year? Yes! But for me, the issue is more health.

I have degenerative arthritis in both my wrists. About 7 or 8 years ago I had enough, stopped all my meds and went to a very restrictive diet…worst year of my life as my whole body just went into some sort of melt-down and I couldn’t even walk up a set of stairs! Over the year I lost a lot of weight and yes my inflammation went down but it wasn’t the sort of diet that could be sustained.

Roll forward a couple of years and I found keto (in the intervening years I had brain surgery which I think was related to the low-fat, low-protein diet I’d been on before) and it’s been great. Yes I’ve lost more weight and inflammation levels are good but my joints are still degenerating (it started when I was a teenager so it gets a bit frustrating!). So fasting for me is about health.

So the short message is, I’m not going to weigh myself each week. I’m more concerned about how loose my trousers are!! :slight_smile: I see this as a way of life and we each have to find what works for each of us. There’s no right or wrong answers and that’s why I love this thread as everyone is always so supportive of each other.

Andrea x

(Karen) #406

So sorry, Andrea you have so many things that you were struggling with. I love your focus though.

(Andrea) #407

Sorry my last post seemed very melancholy! It doesn’t help when Google Photos start my day with “here’s a picture of what happened this week 5 years ago”…and it’s me in a hospital bed! :wink:

Anyway, life is good. Fasting today.

(Linda ) #408

Another week weigh in this week down 1.3
And I can fit into my biggest size 6 again…which is a nice start to the week. Even better is being able to shop in my wardrobe for something to wear.

Sorry to hear that your going through so much with your arthritis Andrea. But agreed the support here is wonderful def miss it when the site is down

(Bacon for the Win) #409

good to hear from you, thanks for checking in. I hope you continue to get better with fasting, it gives me hope.

I fast and eat keto for the same reasons, health and longevity. Weight coming off is just a side effect of getting healthy. At 57 I have no metabolic conditions, but have had more than my share of orthopedic surgeries. Ankle, knees, back, shoulder, trying really hard to save my hips at this point. How’s that saying go? If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself! Anyhow…

I was 149 lb this morning. First time under 150 in many years… I don’t remember what I was last week but definitely down for the week.

Hope everyone is doing well and can check in soon.

(Karen) #410

If I was 150 I’d be done! Well done

(Bacon for the Win) #411

thanks. back when I was 18 and in the service, I was told my max weight should be 138. They used the insurance actuary tables back then which, looking back, are pretty good for people who ate healthy. Weight on the tables didn’t change with age so I’m trying to see how close I can get. As my husband likes to say, “No longer mean or lean, still a Marine.” LOL

(Sam) #412

Been away for a bit. Was quarantined with potential Covid and stopped fasting just in case, test came back negative. Back to ADF as of this week!

(Karen) #413

I am so glad to hear you were negative! Welcome back!

(Karen) #414

True confessions. I haven’t really been doing ADF for two weeks. Just trying to sort myself and stay solidly keto.

So the Monday weigh in is completely optional. If it is not motivational for you, don’t do it, but I think some people were just finding it kind of fun. So in light of that … report in Only if you wish.
Week 1 - group loss was 6.1 pounds down
Week 2 - 0.5 gain
Week 3 - 3.7 down
Week 4 - 28.2 down ( big group reporting)
Week 5 - 2.2 down
Week 6 - the site was MIA
Week 7 - not sure I was awake
How were you all doing Last week??

Week 8
Karen - 0
Mary - 1.8 down
Sue - 5.9 up
Alec -
Nelle -
Megan - 0
Linda - 1 down
Niamh -
Jenny -
Fay - 0
Andrea -
Sam -
Isobel -

Total 3.1 up
:racehorse: Saddle up :racehorse::racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:Looks like we need to get back in the saddle everyone, especially me

Chime in. If you did not do ADF this week or weigh I will just put you down as a zero. Seems fair. I hope this finds all of you well I know that some of you are still focused and losing that weight/fat

(Bacon for the Win) #415

I’m down a pound, 147. Mostly IF 18:6 then I did a 72 hour fast. A lot of work for a measly pound but better than still having it I guess. At the lowest I’ve been since having my daughter 35 years ago.

(Megan) #416

Hi! I havent been good in July, my ex was sent home sick the day after I got the kdis back and later tested posititve for the COVID so I was in quarantine with the kids. Luckily they both tested negative and we passed our 14 days symptom free. Im REALLY trying to do 2 42 hour fasts a week, no eating on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Im not sure what my other measurements were, but my average last week was 178, so I think I am stagnant. (Which is better than gaining!!)

(Susan) #417

After my 10 days off plan on vacation with some of my daughter’s yummy cooking and baking I have gained 5.9 lbs.This surprises me a lot. I thought I had gained a lot more. No exercise and eating one meal a day but carb heavy. We went camping for 4 days and 3 nights.Beach
The kootenay mountain range, an offshoot of the Rockies in BC Canada. It was 36 C (98F)

(Susan) #418

From 161.5 to 167.4 in two weeks, I never weighed last week.

(Karen) #419

Staying pat is a win!

(Karen) #420

Is kill for this number! Well done. Yes, up a bit but still in a good range!

(Karen) #421