ADF club

(Bacon for the Win) #362

154 this morning. Slowly eeking my way downward. Will ADF this week. 42 hour fasts M-W-F which means eating at noon and 6PM on T-Th. Not working until next Saturday but staying with son and DIL to babysit T-W-Th. Usually pretty easy to fast there.

I ordered some scrub pants when I was in FL a few weeks ago. Tried to have them shipped to home address and came up “out of stock.” So had it shipped to brother’s in FL. Where they still are. I hope they send them soon, my work pants are really clownish on me now. I LOVE having THAT problem!

(Susan) #363

I had the same thing happen to me last year. I bought 4 sets of stylish new scrubs. I got a lot of complements on them.

So, I haven’t been doing ADF much this week. A couple days of TMAD but mostly OMAD. and one 36 hour fast. I am fasted 24 hours now, if i don’t eat till tonight at work it will be another 36 hour fast. But i bought some lovely fatty pork shoulder steaks for lunch that will be tempting.
The scale says 169.2 that is UP 2.8 lbs. for the week.
I went to physio therapy this morning and confessed that the yoga the Dr recommended wore me out and hurt, and it was a beginner one. Physiotherapist said to put yoga on the back burner and keep things at a slow pace for now. He gave me new exercises and told me to increase my walking to 12 minutes 2x a day.
My new fitbit came today. It is an inspire HR.

(Susan) #364

I decided to do my glucose and ketones testing.
It is in mmol/L
Glucose 5.2 Ketones 0.5 GKI 10.5
My meter says I am not in GKI Ketosis.
i feel really motivated today.

(Mary) #365

181 - 1 lb down.

(Karen) #366

That is a good problem to have. Congratulations on your slim down and focus!! :clap::clap:

(Karen) #367

So the Monday weigh in is completely optional. If it is not motivational for you, don’t do it, but I think some people were just finding it kind of fun. So in light of that … report in Only if you wish.
Week 1 - group loss was 6.1 pounds down
Week 2 - 0.5 gain
Week 3 - 3.7 down
Week 4 - 28.2 down ( big group reporting)
How were you all doing Last week??

Week 5
Karen - 0
Mary - down 1
Sue - 2.8 up
Alec - 3 down
Nelle - 1 down
Megan - 1 up
Linda - 0
Niamh - 1 down
Total 2.2 down holidays :woman_shrugging::joy::rofl:


Anyone else? I’ll add yours in. If you stayed the same or gained that’s OK. We’re just getting a group number. Do not feel like you are holding the group back. It’s just for fun!

(Karen) #368

That’s me all over last week. It was a total bust but this is another week. Tomorrow I get a second shingles shot. Not looking forward to it. Sue, your yoga sounds intense. I haven’t been doing much of anything physical. I need to add it back in I am getting some good movement back in my left shoulder. Good luck this week!

(Alec) #369

I was down 3.

(Bacon for the Win) #370

I was down 1 from last week. This morning shows I’m down still another pound but we’ll see if that stays gone next week.

ADF did not go as planned yesterday. The ribsthat my husband made last week *were still in the fridge. The lovely little offenders have been dealt with :sunglasses: I’m heading to my son’s house to babysit for a few days so we’ll see how the rest of the week plays out.

(Megan) #371

Im up 1 lb this week but am kind of impressed due to all the crap I ate over th weekend!

Back to it this week. I did 20/4 yesterday, Ill fast today (will be 42 hours) eat 18/6 Wednesday, fast Thursday (42 hours) then another 18/6 Friday.

THis weeks mini goal is to close my eating window and 8pm. No exceptions.

(Susan) #372

Congrats everyone on a productive week. Glad to see so many people on this thread. @Keto6468 Karen is a great motivator. Although I was up over 2 lbs, I feel like I am on my way to success.
Fast at 44 hours. I will break it at 48. It was so easy to do this time. I took a frozen entree to work on Sunday and it is still in their fridge. It will be thawed tonight so I will have 2 meals today. I am having a pork steak, salad and kale from the garden for lunch today.

I did my first 11 minutes of walking this morning after work. I am really motivated to get some strength back in my legs. Going to do the exercises the physio gave me now.

(Linda ) #373

Sorry didn’t weigh in on Monday this week I took the dogs out for a walk on Sunday night… the dog pulled me to go sniff something, i pulled him he pulled harder and the leash snapped. So here I was now lying on my back in the middle of the street. (Husband had to go get the dog with the car) lucky it was dark and nobody could see me haha . i have been pretty sore for the last couple of days but have stuck to keto…

(Karen) #374

I got a Fitbit for my birthday in January. I’ve pretty much been sitting on my duff for months. It does remind me at 10 ‘till to walk or something. So starting tomorrow I’m going to join you with some movement. Good luck to both of us!

How are you doing?
@jennytoy1 @Fay @1_keto_dudette @ssteeley @weedrea If I’ve missed your name, I apologize

(Andrea) #375

Hi, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been on here. I’m not sure about you but some weeks fasting is the last thing on my mind. Had a lot of work stress and my head was just not in the right place. So I’ve had a fortnight of eating keto without any fasting, though some days doing OMAD.

Anyway, back on the wagon this week. Currently 60 hrs into my fast. Not sure how long I’ll do but hopefully using the longer fast to reset and then start ADF again next week.

Hope you’re all doing well.

(Karen) #376

Some weeks are just hard. So we just expect everyone to do with the cam. I like the idea of a long fast to restart your ADF.
Welcome back!

I’m adding in a diuretic. My prescription diuretic ran out and I don’t know when I will actually get it through the mail since they’re backed up. So I picked up an over the counter diuretic. Mostly caffeine. My ankles tend to swell. This diuretic is pretty effective, but makes me anxious.

(Niamh) #377

Hey guys, sorry I was missing in action for a few days. My monday weight was 138.9, I have to research a bit to see if that is lower or higher than last week…its above my my recent best thats for sure…

mon 6/15 141.3
mon 6/22 138.5
mon 6/29 139.4
mon 7/6 138.9
(today Wednesday) 137.9

I’ve been back to an OMAD since last Tuesday though, I found fasting for the day hard for me lately.
My goals this week are to get back out on my elliptigo, and do some movement…

(Sam) #378

Been a busy, stressful week. Haven’t managed ADF this week, but am at least doing OMAD… Hoping to get back in step tomorrow.

Thank you for checking up! :smiley:

(Alec) #379

We are BACK!!

But last week was very disappointing… did my normal regime, result, I gained 2lbs… grrrrrrr… how can I fast this hard and gain weight??? I think the only rationale I have is that I have been doing much more exercise and more vigorously, so maybe there’s inflammation, possibly some muscle rebuilding, and my body is trying desperately to hold onto the weight.

Come on, give it up!!!

(Linda ) #380

After last weeks fall thid week in down 2lbs but am struggling to get back to 24 hour fasts…will keep trying.

(Fay Howell) #381

Good Morning finally !!! Haven’t been able to reach out for over a week this time…that sucks…but, not good news anyway, sorry ladies, up two lbs from binging after fasting…cant figure out how to stop this behaviour …always feel like i need to eat something sweet after dinner and end up eating everything i shouldn’t plus more…Any insight from experience is welcome ?? Thanks for listening …Cheers