ADF club

(Bacon for the Win) #342

thanks @Alecmcq. I am a pretty numbers-oriented person which helped me get through the last 18 hours. Everything I’ve read says it’s difficult to get a GKI below 1, but I get there routinely around 24-36 hours of fasting. I also have no metabolic derangement so my numbers probably come easier to me than for others. I do this for weight loss and longevity.

(Susan) #343

Finished my 48 hour fast last night with some beef and broccoli. Well, I say it was last night because It was before I went to sleep at 3 a.m.
Woke up at 0530. I guess after the 13 hour (fitbit says 10 hour) sleep I had the night before I didn’t need much sleep, and I will nap before work tonight.

(Karen) #344

I feel your pain nuts and chocolate are my favorite! I’m always happy when some treat is gone. Yesterday I had some halo top ice cream. Haven’t weighed in yet but I’m sure I’ll pay for it

(Sam) #345

I forgot I had a new engineer-in-training starting yesterday and had to have a business lunch so I had to restart my fast yesterday afternoon. Still plan on breaking fast tomorrow at noonish so I should still get close to a 48 hour fast in for the first half of the week. I will also still fast starting tomorrow night and ending either Friday night or Saturday morning.

(Alec) #346

24hrs in to fast 4… somewhat put off (or is that annoyed?) by my wife munching on crap 2 yards away from me. I swear she does it deliberately.

Also, Dr has told me to stop drinking coffee to help my stomach issues (we think ulcer). No coffee… nightmare…

But my fasting muscle is getting stronger: I can resist all temptation and provocation and deprivation. The long term goal is clear and the means to get there is set.

(Bacon for the Win) #347

I am at my son’s house, babysitting for a couple days. Had a thought a while ago…what if the baby is not sleeping when my 42 hours is over? LOL Maybe I should cook something now and eat it whenever I can later.

this morning:
BG: 62
Ketones: 4.4
GKI: 0.7

Going home tonight, have to work fri-sat-sun.

(Fay Howell) #348

I ve never tried the Halo top, I keep meaning to but …

(Karen) #349

Oh yeah. My skinny husband eats crunchy carbs all day long. I swear his head is hollow with the noise he makes. Crackers, nuts, chips, cookies, candy. At night he toasts bread and slathers it with honey. Aaaarrrrggghhhh

(Susan) #350

I had a stomach ulcer that was cured by antibiotics.

(Bacon for the Win) #351

I tried it once and was not impressed. I thought it had a weird texture. Ice cream is my favorite thing on earth so I’ve decided if I’m going to have some it will just be the real thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any, maybe I’ll have it at the end of the summer.

(Niamh) #352

So I’m not too great at the fasting for the whole day. I admit I have not given the muscle must of a chance. In my case I have a teenage daughter who is trying to emulate me here and I don’t feel comfortable with it either. So last night I should have fasted the day and I got home at 8PM my daughter was telling me she felt sick and I said “lets eat”…it went back and forth for about five minutes with her questioning “should we?”, with a look of guilt on her face. I personally don’t want to set her up with an eating disorder and insisted we eat at which she just about caved with a look of relief.
I love our little group here and wonder if I stick with an OMAD approach if I’m still “almost (wink)” alternate day fasting…I could push my window to just over 24 hours I guess-lol
Just thought I should be honest…
Fasted Monday, and yesterdays dining did take place 24 hours after my previous meal.
I’m 12 pounds from goal…

(Fay Howell) #353

NelleG I’ve never really been an icecream type other than once or twice a summer I do love an extra large of course Dairy Queen Blizzard with as much chocolate jammed in as possible…however I have foregone that sugar hurricane for one summer so far and possibly another as I try to quench my sweet tooth…tough tho at the best of times !!! Cheers…

(Alec) #354

Interesting weigh-in this morning… I was hoping for a kg number in the 115s… and what did I get? 114.8!! How did THAT happen?

Biochemistry tells me it must be largely water, but why shed so much water right now? Was the coffee a real problem? Maybe less inflammation?

I’ll take it, whatever the root cause… I am now down 10lbs over 10 days of ADF… blimey!

(Karen) #355

Wow!! You can do it!!
Visited my mom. She shared one of her delivered meals. Not Keto

(Linda ) #356

I have no issue with you joining our thread even if its not alternative fasting just climb back in when things settle down for you.
Your daughter health and welfare is of course most important…

(Bacon for the Win) #357

Bagged my third 42 hr fast at 26 hours because I came home to two of my most favorite things. I was at work and hubs smoked salt 7 vinegar wings and BBQ ribs. I knew I was going to eat that when I got home as soon as I saw it. So that was my week, two 42s and one 26 hour fast. Will do 18: 6 for saturday and sunday, then ADF again next week.

(Karen) #358

Not a very keto week. No fasting occurred that was significant. Holidays are tricky. Staying even is still a win. Good luck everyone over the weekend

(Bacon for the Win) #359

yes, yes they are. Very happy to have worked all weekend, made it easier for me. I’m actually looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow. I have a keto buddy at work too. That’s a very new and nice turn of events.

(Alec) #360

3lbs down last week… feeling so much better that I am going in the right direction. Still a long way to go.

(Karen) #361

Proud of you, and so uplifting to see the scale go down. Motivating too