ADF club

(Karen) #322

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother-in-law. It must be a hard time having to wait for people to get it together especially with social distancing.

You have a lot going on just stay keto until you can do ADF. Again sorry to hear of your troubles

(Karen) #323

So the Monday weigh in is completely optional. If it is not motivational for you, don’t do it, but I think some people were just finding it kind of fun. So in light of that … report in Only if you wish.
Week 1 - group loss was 6.1 pounds down
Week 2 - 0.5 gain
Week 3 - 3.7 down
How were you all doing Last week??

Week 4
Karen - down 2.8
Sam - down 6
Mary - down 3
Nelle - down 2
Alec - down 5
Niamh - up 0.9
Megan - down 1.1
Sue - down 7.7
Linda - down 3.5
Fay - up 2

Total down 28.2

Anyone else? I’ll add yours in. If you stayed the same or gained that’s OK. We’re just getting a group number. Do not feel like you are holding the group back. It’s just for fun! The site has been down so I’m not sure how many people know it’s open now.

(Bacon for the Win) #324

I was 156 this morning, down from 158 last week I believe. ADFing this week, trying a different schedule for 4 weeks after that.

glad we back online. almost ready to give up on this place.

(Alec) #325

Karen et al
I am down 5lbs… first week of fasting, so lot of it would be water weight, but still quite pleased with it.

Currently on 2nd day of 3rd 48hr fast. Doing it easy.

(Alec) #326

A question: what do you eat on your feast days? Do you keep strictly keto, loosely keto, or do you not worry about keeping carbs low when feasting, and rely on the insulin lowering effect of fasting?

(Sam) #327

I try to stay keto, but I don’t always adhere as well as I should.

(Mary) #328

Always strictly keto. Don’t want to undo all that hard work…

(Niamh) #329

Well…139.4lbs today, thats up .9 from last week.
but down from two weeks ago still 1.9lbs if I’m doing the math correctly.
I’d be lying if I said I was surprised.

We went camping with friends over the weekend, and while I stayed ETOH less (Alcohol free), bread free etc… I did eat to include veggies/fruit. So I feel safe to say I’m not in Keto.

Today I fast, black coffee and water only…and slightly grumpy about it.
We did hike a good 11 miles Friday with a high elevation, and kayaked lazily on Saturday…
Trying to motivate myself to get out on my eliptigo when hubby is done with work.
I think this weekends destination has influenced me and the kids to do a seven day thru hike of the Foothills trail though, that would be 77 miles. Thats not a challenge for us BUT the carrying food to last that long, and or burying food and keeping it away from bears is very new to me. So come the end of July that should be under my belt…

(Mary) #330

Hey Niamh. Welcome back!

(Megan) #331

Hello! Happy the site is up!

I’m 1.1lbs down from last week.

We ate late last night so I’m only at 18 hours fasted but thinking about a chaffle sandwich before dinner. But should probably just do my workout and wait for dinner :thinking:

(Megan) #332

Oh, one more question I guess. My stomach has been super bubbly, loud and gassy. My husband blames the fasting and I guess it makes sense, the fasting slows down digestion, but does this clear up? Will my digestion get back to normal and productive?

(Susan) #333

Yes Megan, your digestion goes back to normal after the fast. On longer fasts I wouldn’t recommend eggs to break the fast, as they for some reason tend to cause loose bowel movements. It is recommended that you break the fast with some bone broth and then eat
a meal an hour later.

(Susan) #334

Great week for me! I did my walking 10 minutes most days, did my two exercises that physio recommended and tried the yoga site the Dr. recommended.
Weighed myself today and I am at 166.4. That is down 7.7 lbs! I know it’s mostly water weight but it tells me if I stick to it I can see progress.
I attribute it mostly to getting a good sleep a couple nights and having less overtime. AND of course not filling my face with cookies all week at work.

(Karen) #335

Whoot!! I know you struggle with pain, Weird work schedule, and having the Keto food on hand at work. Soooo well done!!

(Susan) #336

@Keto6468 thank you Karen, I am pretty happy.

(Susan) #337

Congrats, Susan, this is awesome =).

(Linda ) #338

This last week I only did 1 24 hour fast rest were 20.4 down this week 3.5 lbs may try s repeat this week

(Fay Howell) #339

good day everyone…this is the first time I couldn’t get on to the group ever !!! finally today first thing its fine left off where I was last week and like nothing happened !!! So, late for Monday weigh in but adding in a gain of 2 lbs … I think ( know) the sugar free choc almonds bulk barn caught up to me !!! Thank goodness there all gone now. Back to routine …

(Bacon for the Win) #340

I am riding the struggle bus through this 42 hour fast. It ends at 11:20 this morning, thankfully. Yesterday at work was tough, white-knuckling the entire day. Food there is nasty to me, but for some strange reason everything smelled good to me yesterday and I’m there for all three meals served to the patients. The break room table was loaded with junk for the last 3 days and finally yesterday I packed it all up and moved it to the other break room. I made it through the day, came home and went to bed early. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t see the numbers I wanted this morning if I broke my fast early, so here they are:

Now I just need to find a way to stay busy for a few more hours. The rest of the week has got to be easier than this!

(Alec) #341

They are some great numbers! You should be proud. I especially love your ketone number. 4.6 is cool.

Well done!!