ADF club

(Niamh) #302

So sweet, thank you! This fella had a fan club cheering him on, and didn’t even know it.
Big hugs and thank you!!!

(Linda ) #303

that is such good news I got a husky and a part husky so I know the feeling of chasing dogs…or worse paying the fines of them getting out/digging out/ or destroying the fence to get out uggggh…so i am happy for you.

Guys we got to remember that when we stuck or going up our fat cells are filling up with water…and they don’t all full and empty same time so if you doing all the right things and don’t see loss and sometimes you might not even see change but it doesn’t mean you havent lost weight or inches its just our body has gone into survival mode holding onto any water weight it can…

(Bacon for the Win) #304

I did a 40 fast to include my drive and a short nap when I got home. Ate dinner with all our kids and will do another 42. That has me eating again around 1PM friday. I think I will IF 18/6 over the weekend then start the ADF again sunday night. There is a longer 4 week ADF plan floating around the interwebs I’d like to try in another week or so.

(Karen) #305

Wow, Nelle, you’re doing great!!
Enjoyed dinner with our friends. I’ll try the fast again tomorrow

(Alec) #306

24hrs in to fast 2. Another 24hrs to go. My wife cooked me a lovely meal tonight: I guess I had better improve my comms on this! :wink:

(Niamh) #307

So I diverted from my plans last night, I think that sounds better than “cheat”, but about 5pm last night I was just really hungry. I figured I was out of my normal situation worrying about my new dog out on streets he doesn’t know and the image of him returning to a town 60 miles away where he was a stray. I tried not to cave but I do think I was going through so many emotions that I was not in a normal frame of mind and body. I kept it within an hour or so. Arugula salad with my honey and plain goat cheese, balsamic olive oil. Guacamole with spicy pork rinds and a rib eye. Heading out camping today (tent camping) with friends, so won’t be fasting but will try to maintain a keto 16:8 kind of way through Sunday.

(Karen) #308

Doing my fasting today. Got out of bed really late because I’m retired and I can. I don’t find fasting so very hard because I’m hungry but because I’m bored. If I were working I think I might be more distracted. We’re pretty much still isolating because of our age. I was doing so many fun activities before we locked down and I really miss all the people that were part of of that.

(Susan) #309

So, again this week I plan on 3 days off work and I am hoping they don’t call me for overtime 'cause I can’t say no. Today is a fast day. (Edit to say that as I was writing this, work put out an email request for OT on Friday and I said I was available… lol sigh).

I started my physiotherapy on Monday and I have been following his instructions. I have a telephone appointment with my Dr. at 11 to discuss a pain management clinic for my back which the Physiotherapist is recommending. (The physio is for my legs). I believe there is a long waiting list for the clinic.
@1_keto_dudette I am glad you got your dog back.

(Megan) #310

Today is fast day. Yesterday was nice, I broke my fast at noon with leftover chicken crust and then had a mushroom burger no bun and salad with family last night, oh and wine.

This week has been rough, I have maybe gotten 4 hours of sleep a night and my body is in stress mode. Hopefully I can catch up on some rest this weekend

(Sam) #311

Hello all, I’m new here. I’m fasting to see if I can control my high blood pressure and hopefully get off meds (any weight loss would be welcome too! lol). I’ve been playing with fasting a bit the past couple months and have seen results. Been reading this thread and decided to get serious.

Started ADF this week. Ate Monday, fasted Tuesday, ate Wednesday (38 hours of fasting), and am currently 13 hours into my fast. Plan to eat either Friday night or Saturday morning. Will be using weekends as feasting days to keep home life on an even keel.

Starting weight = 267.6 lbs.
Current weight = 262.3 lbs.

(Karen) #312

Welcome Sam!! I hope this works well for you as well.

(Karen) #313

Oh Sue, I hope you find this helpful! Living with pain is no picnic. I’m working on a slow healing shoulder that is frozen. I’m getting some movement back

(Susan) #314

@Keto6468 Thank youKaren, hope you find some relief for your shoulder.
Just spoke to my Dr. She is recommending a site called “Do Yoga With Me”. It’s free and has all sorts of kinds of videos. i was just sorting through some.

(Karen) #315

That sounds like a great resource and I could certainly use some of the movement and stretching. I’m going to look it up.

(Bacon for the Win) #316

I’m the same way. Of course they called today for next Tuesday. That would be five 12s in row so I said no. Very proud of myself! Hope the physio helps.

I also like diverted better than cheat. Robb Wolf had a great podcast a while back and he didn’t like the word “cheat” either. Said it attached an emotional component to eating that didn’t need to be there. “Diverted” is much better.


Welcome Sam!

I am 25 hours into my 42 hour fast. I’ll eat at 1ish at work tomorrow. I’m planning to do 18:6 for the next four work days and just packed all my meals for that stretch. Also made a dish to freeze and take to son’s house when I babysit after those four work days. Didn’t take a bite of anything. Had hubby taste test a few things for me.

Right now I’m having a cup of bone broth. I try to have a cup every day, fasting or not. I’m convinced it’s my super power, keeping me healthy and covid free :sunglasses:

(Alec) #317

Couple of hours before feast time. Done pretty well, but this one was more difficult than the first one. I am guessing that stacking up the consecutive fasts starts to get a little more challenging?

Anybody else found this when stacking up your fasts?

Hope everyone is doing well.

(Bacon for the Win) #318

I think once you get a few under your belt you may find it gets easier. At least that’s how it was for me. The first few I white-knuckled my way through, now it’s old hat. Megan Ramos calls it flexing your fasting muscle. I didn’t believe it when I first heard her talk about it getting easier, but I do now.

(Mary) #319

Now that I’m finally able to access the site, I can happily announce that I’m down not 1, not 2, but 3 lbs from last week!!!

Hope everyone else has had a great week, too :smile:

(Sam) #320

Broke my fast Friday around noon (so 38 hours). Ate normally this weekend and started fast last night after dinner. Will either break fast Tuesday night or Wednesday at Lunch. Then fast again until Friday night.
Current weight is 261.3, so down ~6 pounds.
BP was at 116/72 Friday, Sunday 129/81…still better than my averages of 148/96 pre-fasting.


Hello everyone! Nice to see this site up and running again!

I was away from here for a while as we finally had the funeral and burial of my MIL Thursday/Friday. We had family visiting. I’m recovering a bit. :grinning:

I didn’t fast during those days, but instead stuck to IF. Today is my first fast day, back on the ADF plan!