ADF club

(Alec) #282

Here’s the start of my recording regime…

(Bacon for the Win) #283

welcome @Alecmcq! Solid plan you have going forward, sure looks like ADF to me. Also, wish I was as handy with a spread sheet, I like all the things I’ve seen people doing with them on this forum.

Leaving FL in a few hours, driving back to NH. I’ve had a good time here and have successfully stared down many food demons. My weight is solidly in the 150s now, interested in seeing how low I can go and stay comfortable. Went out for big seafood dinners (broiled for me) the last two nights and will miss that. Made beef and a chicken bone broth while here that I bet goes to waste once I am gone. I opened the freezer to see the ice bin and wow, looks like they are stocked for Halloween, so much candy. SIL has all kinds of AI going on, says she wants to fast and do keto, then makes rice with dinners and pancakes for breakfast. My brother has no interest. At least he doesn’t pretend to. Anyhow. You can lead a horse to water.

Back to the 42 hour ADF. Will fast all the way home, sleep, then eat.


Good morning all! It’s another beautiful, sunny day here, although yesterday started out that way and ended up very, very dark with heavy rain.

Interesting graph, Alec!

Today is a fasting day for me. Yesterday I feasted, and while no diarrhea this time, things went through me rather quickly. Sorry for the personal info.

I’m trying to start eating slowly when I start eating, and it has helped some, but I don’t want to lose all the nutrients I consume on feeding days. It only happens with my first meal of two on feasting days. I’m still working it out. :grimacing:

Today will be a busy day for me. I’m cleaning and getting ready for family to descend on us for the funeral this Thursday. I may do IF on Thursday and Friday. Not sure yet. Depends on my level of stress, etc.

(Karen) #285

I think I will stop reporting our group weight gains and losses. Since it is motivational for some and upsetting for others I will leave it up to the individual to choose to share. I don’t want even one person to feel uncomfortable with this. That being said for me I find the accountability helpful. So here is my graph

at the moment I have a strong plateau going

(Tamela Robinette) #286

Awwww you are too kind! I hope that my earlier post did not give off that impression. I don’t feel uncomfortable sharing my gains or losses other than feeling bad that I’m causing the group total to trend up! I have been doing some research particular to my situation though, and what I have discovered is I may have been restricting a bit too much. I need to eat more and let my body heal itself before attempting anymore extended fasting or even ADF for that matter. To be 100% honest, I have been abusing my body for over a decade with deep calorie restriction, followed by periods of overeating and I am truly paying for it now. I want to be strong and healthy and full of energy and that is not what I have been feeling for a very long time. This healthy journey can be so complicated but alas, we all must find our own way. I still thoroughly enjoy following everyone’s progress! KCKO and KCFO!

(Karen) #287

We had a new dog years ago who got off the leash and ran around but he eventually did come back and I am sure your puppy will too. I’m glad you got pictures out about the neighborhood in the police know. I’m thinking of you, and hoping for a happy outcome

(Karen) #288

Welcome Alec! Club is perhaps a misnomer because everyone of course is welcome. I should change it to group. We are periodically fasting some people fast longer then 36 hours and some people fast less than 36 hours. Whatever works for you we’re here to support

(Niamh) #289

Welcome, Alec, I’m new to the group too, I don’t think your ADF is unusual at all. I guess my goal, but admit I’m new to this is to do ADF with an OMADish feast day. I’m open to do 16:8 or OMAD on my feasts days, only on a rare occasion I will do 12:12.
I’m going to try not to be too defined on my days selected to do this, but I also admit that that could be a slippery slope…

(Niamh) #290

Hello Karen and friends (I stole that from Alec, it sounded cute),
So here is our new family member, career stray per animal control. What a crazy few hours it has been. So he got out about 20 minutes after arriving home and bolted like a race horse. We live in a huge golf course community with lots of nooks and crannies, woods, river, many homes. I was convinced last night I’d never see him again. Then at 1030PM there was a siting of him in the neighborhood. We drive around for hours, all my kids on bikes looking for him too. This morning my hubby woke and there was “new dog” (name not decided yet) on our side porch!!! Which I found amazing that out of hundreds of homes, and many acres he made his way back to us. My hubby opened the door and he bolted again… Then at about noon he was seen on our hole of the golf course, when my family looked out the window they saw him, they went out and he ran again… So we don’t have him, he sounds like he is going to be impossible to catch and I am trying to secure food traps to assist us. I couldn’t wait to spoil him…so devastating. Ive never had FB or social media so my neighbors are helping us with all of these sightings!

(Niamh) #291

Im just seeing this, I haven’t found the way to follow threads perfectly yet. but PLEASE don’t drop out of our group!!! Don’t report if you don’t want to, but we all will and have hit peaks and valleys in our journey, and you never know how or what will help any of us at any given time.
Lets all stick with this and cheer each other on!!!

(Alec) #292

Thanks… for my sins, I am a planner as a profession, so I live in spreadsheets. I remember learning Lotus123 in my first company 30 years ago. My boss sat me down and said: “we just bought this program and we don’t know how to use it… can you please learn it and train us? I think you start with this \ key…”. I was hooked! Been living in spreadsheets ever since.

(Karen) #293

It sounds like he knows how to get home though, and as long as no one else is feeding him he will eventually be back at your house. What an adventurer.

I finished my feasting day with probably too many carbs. But I’m ready for another fast

(Linda ) #294

No need for you or anyone to drop out lol your def not dropping us down in anyway the weekly number was just a fun thing for us…so when we not moving at least the group number is lol…

For me its def the support of having ppl who are going through the ups and downs along the way that make it so much enjoyable than going through the process alone…so keep posting so we can be there for you til your ready to jump back in…

(Tamela Robinette) #295

Ok, I will keep posting. I love the support and positivity of this group😍

(Karen) #296

178.4 wow, I thought I would be up a lot more after yesterday’s feast. Still within my plateau range. Today is a fast, but we have friends coming over for dinner. See what I mean about life always gets in the way. I don’t mind the fasting I just can’t seem to fit in well. She is bringing a green salad, we are making grilled chicken. It might end up being OMAD. Good luck everyone on a fast. Enjoy your keto day on your feast

(Megan) #297

Wow, Niamh, hope you get your dog back! That’s so unsettling.

Im at 36 hours fasted and didn’t sleep AT. ALL. last night. Woke up to a disappointing scale this morning but am trying to shake myself out of a bad mood by remembering my husband last night mentioning that Ive really lost weight on my hips…so…we shall see how strong my mental game is haha :slight_smile:

Been cranky the last couple days, not sure if its circumstances or fasting or no wine.

But today is a feast day, I have some chicken crust pizza for 1 and then some wine and friends tonight. May call in tomorrow because Im just burnt out. This gal needs more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night.

Alec, Im an accountant and I LUUUUUUV my spreadsheets too.

Karen, a salad and grilled chicken sounds amazing actually, enjoy your evening!

(Niamh) #298

WE GOT HIM!!! My daughter and I slept outside last night, after not getting any sightings of him since 1100 yesterday morning. I woke at one point to see him standing in an arch way that leads to the side of our home. he turned quickly away, then an hour later I head him drinking water but when he saw me he ran. An hour ago my daughter was in the woods approaching him on hands and knees and slowly and caught him after a sighting near there!!!
Monday was my fast day, can’t say they are easy…
Tuesday hung in there till 1400 when my daughter made bacon and I wanted some, then a huge kale salad with honey and plain goat cheese, and steak. Guacamole with port rines. In a four hour window
Today Fast…

(Mary) #299

Hurray!!! Huge huzzah, huzzah for your daughter!

(Karen) #300

I remember someone saying once “Would you rather weigh more and look thin or weigh less and look fat?“. I guess if I looked thinner, I wouldn’t mind what the scale said. Well done on slimmer hips!!

So glad you got your puppy back! Good luck on fasting. Today I’ve just had some coffee, and I’m going to switch over to broth in just a minute. Hoping I can get to evening, and enjoy dinner with my friends

(Bacon for the Win) #301

Thank goodness! I stopped several times on my drive to check this thread, hoping for the best and here it is!