ADF club


Thanks Niamh, I’ll look for her. So she isn’t Keto, but does do ADF? Interesting.

Edited to say I see she is low carb.

Even if autophagy doesn’t turn out to be real (I think it is), I’ll be glad of the fat loss. Megan Ramos seems pretty convinced that fasting is why their patients don’t have a lot of lose skin.

I’m 57, so anything that will help firm things up is welcomed!

I just posted a question about low resting heart rate somewhere on this forum since mine has become so low. According to my fitbit it gets down to 43 while I sleep. :astonished: I’m not sure if this is something new to worry about or if I’m just healthy. It does go up to 104 when I speed walk, but is usually around 46 during the day when I’m sitting at my computer.


Good morning fellow ADF people! It’s nice and sunny in my neighborhood today. Yesterday I had my long walk cut shorter by heavy rain. I checked the weather just before leaving and it said there was a 20 percent chance of rain. I walked about 2 miles and it started raining, and turned into heavy rain! So I started home. Was soaked when I got back, but didn’t melt.

Today I weighed in the same as last week! 162.2. Funny, because I can see my clothes are fitting better. My jeans are less tight. There is a big difference at my waist. Perhaps I’ve put on muscle. No worries. I feel good!

(Bacon for the Win) #264

I’ve been bouncing around between 158 - 160 and saw a solid 158 today. I’ll take it! Had an awesome seafood dinner with my nephew last night. Will start ADF again after dinner tonight and plan to drive home from FL tomorrow morning, fasting all the way.

(Fay Howell) #265

Hello again !! Its Monday and I believe we share losses , gains etc. today? So I am sharing a 2 lb. loss from last Monday …Lovin the ADF…eating Sat and Sun seemed stressful thinking I would over do it and gain , but nope !! Sooo happy with this new way of life thanks Karen for opening this thread to share with like minded folks who get it !!! Cheers all and have a wonderful successful week !!!

(Mary) #266

I’m with @GreeneggsNham - same weight as last Mon but my clothes fit better. Though how one can water fast for 5 days in a week and not show a loss on the scale is beyond me :roll_eyes:

(Karen) #267

Weigh in
no judgment.
Karen - up 0.5 time for me to recommit
@GreeneggsNham - 0
@NelleG - down 2
@Fay - down 2
@Countdown2020 - 0, but nsv
@Sated-Meg - down 1.5
@1_keto_dudette - down 2.8
@xsuebeex - up 2.5
@Azi - down .4
@weedrea - up 1.5
Total down 3.7 :balloon::champagne::tada::confetti_ball:

(Tamela Robinette) #268

Well I am embarrassed to say I’ve gained again this week. I ate really clean all last week, mostly 2mad, and checked my weight throughout and maintained around 157 pounds. I just was not feeling much like fasting. Then I was horrible over the weekend eating every thing in sight and don’t want to bring the entire group down with what the scales showed this morning (let’s just say it was shocking.) I think I should probably just withdraw from sharing my gains/losses since I’ve not been committed to doing ADF. With that being said, I am currently almost to 20 hours and trying to decide if I want to push through today. I’ve had a few tummy rumbles but nothing too terrible and feel like I could keep going. It’s not fair to everyone trying to stick to ADF if I am not fully committed and post a gain every week. Part of my problem is I have really ramped up my exercise program which leaves me ravenous later in the day. I have to find a way to eat clean 7 days a week and not use the excuse that I worked out hard all week to eat garbage. So for now I will withdraw my name from the reporting losses/gains until I make up my mind to stick with ADF. I still enjoy following along with everyone and hope I can rejoin later😊

(Megan) #269

Hi! I saw 178.4 yesterday but was up to 180.4 today, so still a loss…down 1.5lbs from last Mondays.

I experimented with the chicken pizza crust over the weekend so I have some of that for my lunch at 1. This week I am recommitting to close my window at 7pm.

Tomorrow is a fast day.

Hope everyone is well!


Tamela, no worries! If you have increased your exercise, and have been hungry, you probably should eat good, clean keto food until full. Make sure you are eating enough fat. It will help you to feel full sooner. Do IF for a while until you feel you are in a good place and then come back to ADF. If you feel hungry you are much more likely to graze. I know that’s how it works for me. I have to get in enough protein and fat to feel full. Otherwise my body won’t let me forget I’m hungry. And you know, keep carbs low. :grinning:

Stick to keto and you will still be in a much better place than on the SAD diet!!

(Tamela Robinette) #271

That is exactly my thought process! Thank you for confirming that for me. I am sure my appetite will even itself out eventually, I just have to stay keto and stop giving in to temptation😁

(Niamh) #272

Sorry I’m late to check in, we got up early drove to country shelter that was a high kill shelter and added to our family!!! I showered before I had a chance to regret not catching my weight before I did. I have so much hair I’m convinced my hair wet weighs ten pounds.

Today is a fast day…
I just weighed 138.5

Last Monday ( just Keto no doing ADF) I weighed 141.3
I started with you guys Thursday which was an eat day 139.5
Friday (fast) 137.9
Saturday (eat) 138.1
Sunday (eat) 138.7
Monday (fast) 138.5
Down 2.8 in a week

(Susan) #273

This is me. I should have weighed myself after my 48 hour fast but I have been stress eating at work again.
I had a friend do some batch cooking for me today, 4 kinds of keto meals. I am recommitting to ADF today. I have been doing OMAD but they have been LARGE meals.
OK, my weight today is 174.2 Two weeks ago I was 171.7 so i am up 2.5 lbs.

On a good note, the Physiotherapist said I have good flexibility and my muscles are not as weak as I thought. He gave me some exercises and suggested I walk 10 minutes a day. He is going to let my Dr know I would benefit from a pain management clinic for my back issues.

@Keto6468 Karen I liked the video on snacks. A lot of them we don’t have in Canadian Walmarts but it gave me some good ideas.

(Bacon for the Win) #274

who did you adopt? would love to see pictures! and congrats on the new addition.

(Niamh) #275

As I was typing this my hubby decided to “try him” outside without a leash…so my new dog, with no name is now running around our neighborhood (and maybe out) :(…neighborhood FB and police have been called- I am in tears!!! Will share pics, assuming I get him back… he is a cutie!!! The shelter microchipped him, with our data…
He was home 30 minutes!

(Bacon for the Win) #276

sounds like something my husband would do. Why do men think this is a good idea? For years I asked him to not take them out off leash because there are porcupines nearby. They’re dogs, they don’t need to “learn” to keep away, their humans should do that for them. Yup, Zoey got a face full of quills and a trip to the emergency vet at 5AM.

But I’m so sorry to read this. I hope you find him soon. I’ll be waiting here to hear.


Niamh, hope you got him back fairly quickly!!

(Linda ) #278

Hope you got your dog back.

This weeks weight loss is .4 lbs ill take it I was up 2lbs after my husband banged the scale on floor…so being under last weeks weigh in ill take it… I’m been staying at same weight for days pror to that so hopefully this holds.

(Andrea) #279

Pretty poor weekend for me. Gained the 1.5lb that I lost last week. Still, this week is another week.

(Susan) #280

@1_keto_dudette Niamh I hope you find your dog soon. Perhaps this is how he ended up in the shelter in the first place.

(Alec) #281

Karen and friends
I hope you will let me in to your ADF club. I am going to do my own version of ADF: 48hrs fast twice per week. Calculating that out, that means 96hrs fasting, and 72hrs feasting per week. Blimey! I reckon that counts as ADF.

Those 48hrs will be Sunday 7pm to Tuesday 7pm and Wednesday 7pm to Friday 7pm. I am just coming to the end of my first fast under this regime, and frankly doing it easy. I am well fat adapted, and actually feel MUCH better when I don’t eat than when I do: I know that sounds weird to some folks, but I simply report what I feel! If these fasts go well, then it could become a prep for a few longer 4-5 day fasts.

What’s my goal? Weight loss, pure and simple. I am right now very uncomfortable in my skin. I have been not so long ago sub-200lbs. I was 275 yesterday: a new starting point. There, I said it. I hate it, but I said it.

I look forward to sharing my journey with my new fasting pals (if you will have me with my weird ADF regime!).