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(Niamh) #242

Mary, so you eat two days a week, fast five? Impressive!
Autophagy is a big reason why I am entertaining this, sounds like you have that covered!
do you guys use meters? I never have but thought it might help me.
I realize I’m creating our own little forum under this one thread (sorry)…

(Megan) #243

I’m doing the following: Eating window is from 1-7. I don’t eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays giving me two 42 hour fasts a week.

I weigh daily before coffee and take the average for the week.

Yesterday was a fast day and I didn’t lose even an ounce. But today I feast! I’m thinking air fried pork and spaghetti squash :partying_face:


I’m fasting every other day. So some Monday’s will be fast days while others will be feast days. :smiley:

Next week we finally have the funeral and burial of my MIL who died back at the end of March. We’ve got family coming from Tennessee, North Carolina and New Jersey. If I keep to my schedule I will have a fasting day the day of the funeral. The next day we drive to the cemetery where she wanted buried with her husband. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive.

Not sure if I will just do IF on both of those days or continue with my schedule. I guess I will see how I feel. I’m going to have to cook and prepare a big brunch for family, but hope we will eat out later in the day.

(Niamh) #245

Sorry for your loss, I was listening to a video today about a gal who did very well fasting, she said lost a good 100lbs, but she gave good advice I thought as there are moments that don’t present themselves a lot in our lives, and moments we will remember forever. Your coming days sound like those kind of days. and I know funerals with anyone in from the North Carolina area involve food…(I live there)… I guess I’m trying to say don’t be hard on yourself …a fast day can come another day…


Thank you Niamh! Yes, I will probably just go ahead and eat if I’m hungry. Fortunately I get to plan what is on the brunch menu. I will provide carbs for people like my husband who can’t imagine a meal without them.

Holding off on the funeral is a bit like setting the grief aside for a later date. It’s a bit strange and unreal. I was her caregiver. She lived with us since 2010 along with my FIL who passed on in 2013.

(Niamh) #247

I can’t imagine. So sorry for your loss, and during such times. I work in a hospital, in the ER, and its been the hardest thing to see family isolated from loved ones, such uncertain times.

(Bacon for the Win) #248

So very sorry to read of your loss. What a difficult time to go through this, not that it is ever easy. Will be thinking of you. Be kind to yourself during this time.

(Linda ) #249

Sorry for your loss I cant even imagine how hard it is to have to wait to have a burial must be extremely hard and relive all the pain again…

I weigh before I eat or drink anything… my husband banged the scale this morning and it weighed me in at over 1lb up …i havent lost for a few days prior so im stuck… I might do my 18.6 for this week to change things up and do two meals then go back into fasting… i hate being stuck…lol

(Karen) #250

Feasting day today had salmon and vegetables for breakfast. Lunch will be brought in to church, while I help out with the food bank.

Take care of yourself and rest then in this assurance. 1 Thessalonians 4:13
Two years ago, on this date, my father also passed and I miss him terribly.


Feasting day for me as well, today. Not going to break my fast until 2.

Sometimes fast days are a little difficult as I always prepare food for my family and sit with them during meals. :smile: It will be nice to actually eat today. I tend to eat a lot when I eat. I think my husband is finally getting used to my “strange” eating habits. :laughing:

It’s nice that my youngest two sons make it a habit to skip breakfast and wait for their first meal to be lunch, even though they are not low carb. I do worry about their weight.

(Bacon for the Win) #252

today’s ADF ended up being 24 hours. Had dinner last night and left early this morning with brother for a dive trip. Long day and didn’t eat until dinner again at just about 530. Fun trip, fun dive with brother and a friend of his. Will probably do some form of IF until I leave here Tuesday, fasting on my drive home then back to a more regular routine. But the scale is still trending downward, which never happens when I come here.

(Susan) #253

Broke my 48 hour fast last night.
I expected 3 days off work and now i have no days off. I am not sure when my next fast will be. I am at a place with lots of temptations for the next 5 nights.

(Karen) #254

Great job Nelle!!! Well done!!

Check this out @xsuebeex

(Bacon for the Win) #255

sounds like me at my brother’s . They eat SAD and make “treats” for everyone visiting. All we can do is the best we can do.


Today is a fasting day for me. :grinning: Going for a walk soon.

Edited to add a question. I would love to know who on here has done ADF before and who is new to it. If you have cycled out of ADF previously and have cycled back to ADF I’d love to know why and know about your past experience with it.

I’m new to ADF and started when I joined this thread. Previously, I did mostly IF, eating twice a day, usually 4 pm and 8 pm.


(Karen) #257

I have done ADF before. I quit because life keeps getting in the way. I returned the ADF because it works. I lost weight the last time I did it and if I stay on it I do lose weight

(Bacon for the Win) #258

I am new to ADF. Have dabbled with IF off and on and ADF just takes it to the next level. Stubborn, hard to lose weight comes off with ADF that never did with IF.

(Niamh) #259

I’m new to ADF, just this past week. I had keto’d with IF since last days of November, and had two 72 hour fasts under my belt…but this thread (thank you Karen) is what got me onboard to ADF. I got myself in a slight bind, as I started Wednesday night (ate) with a Thursday fast…thus throwing off my schedule of a fast. I think I want to fast M-w-f and what I did has left me eating on Friday this past week, eating yesterday (party), not eating as of yet today but thinking I might because I want tomorrow to be a fast day…decisions, decisions…
Yesterday at the party I watched what I ate, keeping it keto, but after seeing ADF videos it looks like people lost even if they non keto…so I did have a dessert …:frowning:


I’m also very grateful to Karen for starting this thread! I find it encouraging to join with others doing ADF. I really hadn’t thought of it until I saw Karen’s posts. :smile: But I think it is working for me at this time. I had been doing IF for over a year and occasionally doing OMAD. I would throw in a fast here and there, but they were always no more than 48 hours.

With ADF I get more days of fasting in while not having to fast for long times. It feels comfortable and is something not too difficult for me to accomplish. I’m the family cook, so I prepare food for everyone whether or not I eat anything, so this is easier.

I just wondered how long people do ADF. Do most people do it for months or a year or more? I couldn’t find anything saying how long to continue with ADF. Is it just something you change if/when your body adjusts and you stop losing fat? That seems to make sense. Anyway, just something I’m thinking about.

(Niamh) #261

GreenEggs…there is a gal named Rachel Sharp on youtube who has lost over 100lbs on ADF. I like her videos because she’s down to Earth and edits to make the videos all content vs, eye rolls, excess drama conversation, and “whats up you guys…”…I get quick attention deficit if the videos aren’t too the point…

She started eating EVERYTHING she wanted but caloried counted at the beginning I think (don’t quote me), she then added exercise and working out. She continues it at maintain stage. I think I might continue it , maybe not three not true ADF , which would imply everyother day…but every few days. My thoughts are if autophagy during fasting is real than this would be why. My fear is doing it for decades and finding out its not real…at which I will cry for the rest of my decades. Mind you this gal is in her twenties, I am not…so getting to eat what she wanted every other day and still seeing results might be due to her age…