ADF club

(Fay Howell) #222

I’m in doing ADF Mon Wed Fri eat TDEE on Tue Thur Sat and Sun…I am in…Cheers

(Linda ) #223

Yeah the site def has been hit and miss for me sometimes crashing after I hit send lol… oh well make the most when its up i guess hope its fixed soon…

(Karen) #224


Welcome Fay!!

I’m struggling a little trying to get back into my ADF. When the site is down I’m less motivated. We’ve also had a lot of dinners out at friends houses… Socially distanced of course I’m struggling a little trying to get back into my ADF. When the site is down I’m less motivated. We’ve also had a lot of dinners out at friends houses… Socially distanced of course. We are weighing in on Monday and then tallying all of our loss together for a grand total. If you gain or stay the same, We add that in too…No judgment… We are all doing the best we can

(Niamh) #225

OK everybody!!! Assuming its not too late, I’m IN!!!
I have been off the forum for a bit and came on last night to read this, when I tried to post I couldn’t, I think the network was down… But at “the last supper” last night and am attempting a fast today. My 15 year old is wanting to join me, and I have really mixed reservations about that. I just don’t like the idea of a 15 year old even thinking about fasting-ughh…but she seems determined. I guess I’m getting off track here.

Just now weighed 139.5lbs
Was 174.4lbs November 28th (the day before Thanksgiving) when I went Keto

I lost weight quickly and then in late February entertained some cupcakes etc… as four out of six kids had birthdays… I then seemed to stall at 143-146 lbs for two months…then have been right under 140, bouncing from 136-140lbs for most of May and June. Though I do think my body has changed for the better while weight loss not so much during these stalls. I would like to get to 125lbs, I am 5 foot 2 inches. After a 1,100 mile hike through Europe I did come back at 122 so I think it possible.
I am a carb addict!!! But have avoided them since end of November with only a few exceptions.

I have done two 72 hour fasts in these few months. At first did OMAD, now just hold off eating till later but our family eats late!!! With 8 of us we can eat as late as 9…

I’m hoping to get the best of both Worlds doing this. Autophagy from fasting, and of course weight loss.
Are you all continuing keto during this time? That is my plan. If so do you continue that on feast days too.

Summer has been hard for me because I want fruits and veggies…
Karen thank you for starting this, when I joined the group it was the images of your food that made me think I could do this. With that said my food looks nothing as beautiful as yours!!! You have a gift of cooking, plating, presenting, there is no doubt!!!

Niamh / Neve


Hi Niamh! Welcome!

You can be a good example to your 15 year old and show what is good/bad.

I think most of us, if not all, are staying keto while doing ADF. I am, at least. Today is a feast day for me. Tomorrow, a fast day.

I agree with you, Karen, it’s hard when the forums aren’t up. I’m sure you can get back into the swing of things!

(Niamh) #227

Big girl panties! Love it! I’m going to remind myself of this when I need to stay focused…This will be my mantra!!!

(Niamh) #228

I’m new to our group, you might have answered this, but how and where are you able to grab all this information like that NelleG? It looks awesome and very motivating?

(Mary) #229

Hee hee :rofl:. I’ve liked that phrase since I first heard it…

I need to hear more about this hike. Hubby and I have been planning the Camino del Norte (until Covid happened) and that hike has morphed into the Brittany Coast and the Southwest Coast Path and and and… Feel free to PM me as others may not be quite so fascinated :grin:

(Linda ) #230

this was my meal i just finished now will fast 24 hours…hope it doesn’t upset anyone’s fast apologise if it does.

(Karen) #231

Welcome Niamh!! Never too late. This is an open door join, and drop out if you need to. Everybody is just doing the best they can. So welcome!!

Today is a feasting day Because of our dinner invitation. Tomorrow I will make it a fasting day for sure!

@1_keto_dudette for the compliments on my Meals. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I am a huge fan of making it pretty.

(Fay Howell) #232

Thanks for the reply. I am fairly new to ADF but really loving it…Hopefully it stays this way. I feel more in control with this than ever when doing hourly like 16,23 etc. I was always gorging myself daily after the fast and now I dont feel the need to do that…Strange but true…Weird but I’ll take it… I will weigh in Monday with y’all and hopefully have some negative number to share…Cheers for now.

(Niamh) #233

Mary, I’ve done the Norte TWICE!!! Once by myself and once with five kids in tow!!! Totally on foot. Every inch on foot with adult size backpacks. My youngest was 9. In fact the one I reference here was Le Puy and the Norte connected by a few days in the Pyreneese. If you google “News and Observer Clayton Family sticks together” we were on the front page of the paper. It was an amazing trip.
Ive done the Frances, Norte x2, Le Puy, Inglais, Portuguese, …and non Camino the Roto Vicentina x2 and about to take 11 hikers to do it next Spring.
The Norte is AMAZING!!! you will love it!!! reach out and we can discuss it.
If you only have two weeks…the RV Roto Vicentina in Portugal is the way to go!!!
We had to abandon the Pyrenees over the summer on day 18 (I think)…
my hiking blog is and there are tabs for the various caminos. (and RV).
She follows shells because of following shells on a camino :)…

(Bacon for the Win) #234


I believe you’re talking about the graphic I posted? It’s from an app called Heads Up Health. You can manually enter data and it can also pull from electronic medial records at your doctor’s office or hospital.

(Bacon for the Win) #235

getting on here has been hit or miss, mostly miss. Since getting to my brother’s in FL Tuesday night I’ve been doing more 18/6 or 16/8 than IDF. My son and his wife and baby are here as well which is the real reason I came. Everyone is working from home, except me. So I’m babysitting and cooking dinner for everyone. My SIL keeps large amounts of candy, her famous chocolate chip cookies, and more packaged junk food than I am usually around in a month. I went to the store and bought what I want for lunch for me, and dinner for all of us. SoI’m working it the best I can right now.

The cookie jar is empty right now. I bet SIL whips out a huge batch before my son and DIL head home tonight. They don’t need it either.

(Niamh) #236

Today I get to eat, only because I started my fast yesterday. I think I’m going to try to do a Monday-Wednesday-Friday fast schedule. I had a question, when do you guys weigh? I know the group is collecting data on Mondays, but do you weigh right when you wake up? or right before your first intake? or if fasting later in the day? I’m NOT asking so we are all on the same page, I’m genuinely curious curious when and why that time etc…


I weigh in the morning right after I wake up. First thing in the morning. I know it changes after I eat or drink anything. But this has been my habit since I started keto almost 2 years ago.

I used to weigh every single day, but stopped that a few months ago when my weight stopped changing. Now I’m only weighing in on Monday mornings. Not sure what others do.

(Karen) #238

I weigh first thing in the morning, in my jammies after voiding. There’s an uptick after feasting and a down weigh after fasting.

I am fasting today. I have no social engagements so it should go better. I’ve had four social engagements in the last week where we were eating somewhere else. And I did not stay very keto. Wish me luck

(Susan) #239

I am fasted 33 hours. I thought I had 3 days off to fast but they scheduled me to work at least 2 night shifts on my days off. The good thing about where I am working is that the lady is in a hospital bed in the living room so if I go in the kitchen at night it will disturb her. No late night snacking for me. There is no microwave for frozen dinners from home, and the stores close at 9 and I work at 11 so nothing from the store. I think I am good for at least another 24 hours.

(Niamh) #240

My accountability
Yesterday was my first fast day on ADF, I rode my outdoor elliptical bike, called and Elliptigo 10 miles, hilly neighborhood. When I first got it I had to walk it about five times, now I don’t!!! Amazing how our bodies embrace an activity and adapt. I went from walking it to not in alittle less than a week.
Mondays weight 141.3
Thursday 139.5 (morning of first fasting day)
Friday (today) 137.6, holding off and going to attempt to eat only at dinner tonight at a restaurant with a group of friends who have not socialized since the Pandemic…My plans are to stay keto.
edited to say “group of friends” vs “big group of friends” due to Pandemic. We are all hiking buddies.

My thoughts going further…I think I will aim for an Omad, a 16:8, a 20:4 and 12:12 each once a week.
Are you guys fasting every other day or a schedule like M-W-F.

(Mary) #241

I’m doing: eat Mon, fast T,W,Th, eat Fri, fast Sat, Sun. Not technically ADF but I’m so insulin resistant I’m extending the fasting to try and normalize that a bit.
Well done with the biking!