Activism in reverse?

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In my opinion, I think they most likely think you are very helpful. If not, they can just ignore it.

I was a moderator/answer giver back in the 90’s in a forum called “Photonix” I think that’s how it was spelled, it’s been a while.

Most of the moderators there didn’t know how to handle the trolls. We didn’t even call them trolls back then. We just called them “the dumb masses” say it fast a few times… :sunglasses:

I got pretty good at recognizing them. When I’d get assigned one of their questions, I could spot it right away 9/10 times. I handled them professionally, and without mocking them. I soon learned that they would go 5 levels deep with replies to answers. So I learned to cover my bases in one answer. I’m seeing this come up again at another site I answer questions on. Quora. There are some smart fellas (as well as some fart smell as) there answering just about any subject you can think of. I haven’t figured out how they monetize yet.

I would see questions like “why can’t I touch the sun?” Which I would answer first by saying how far away it was, followed with how hot it is, filled by how we know both of these things. After that just play it by ear. I try to give even the trolls the benefit of the doubt. I don’t judge. I just slam them with logic. I let everyone else judge if I did right or not. Sometimes I overact, feel like a heal, because I missed reading the part about it being a question from a three year old, leaving me feeling like a :potato:

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And the original reason for starting this thread even if it has seemed to have been taken to extreme borders beyond that intent.

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It can also be pointed out that lack of common sense is the world’s scariest pandemic.

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I’m paranoid all the time. Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Okay, admins, can we please have a BDSM and Keto forum for consenting adults??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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It’s an important point, and perhaps we should adopt a practice that is de rigueur in Twelve-Step circles. When talking to someone in one of my programs, I make sure never to tell the other person what to do, but merely to share what worked or didn’t work for me. I notice that I am much more directive on these forums, and I realized recently I need to work harder to counteract that.

There is a phrase in the A.A. Big Book about sharing “our experience, strength, and hope” with newcomers, and that will work here, too. On the other hand, getting sober is a lot harder (and can be a hell of a lot more painful) than eating a well-formulated ketogenic diet (since all the foods are so tasty), so on these forums what newbies and even old-tiimers need is going to be mostly experience.

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You can, as long as you do it at night, right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think that’s excellent advice, and gets to what @sugar-addict was saying too. These forums are a source of invaluable crowd-sourced knowledge, individualized advice, and inspiration. It’s why I love them so much.

I just get genuinely frightened for people sometimes if it sounds like they don’t have a lot of time to experiment (such as dealing with heart issues and new kidney issues simultaneously) and they also don’t have effective communication with their doctor. I think when people in that type of complicated situation look for medical advice on the forums, it’s hard to know whether any advice you can give would help or rather do harm to that person, which is quite a burden to place on everyone here. I just hope that person is doing more of their own research and also seeking clarification with their doctor.

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I love both your points @PaulL and @Callisto.

All we can EVER do is share what worked for us.

I agree that focussing on that wording more would be nice. Instead of having ppl tell you “do this” or “you must do this”. But all in all, I think this forum gets that stuff more right than wrong, so I’m not worried about that too much.

And yeah, if I’m active on a thread where someone’s saying emergency care medical type stuff I do say “This is what I think it might be… BUT PLEASE GO AND CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR”

I refuse to dispense “advice” on how to deal with a heart attack or kidney failure.

What we share here should always be used in conjunction with

a) the person’s own common sense (hopefully!)
b) medical advice from their treating doctor

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You have a promising career as a troll. Check the want ads. I hear troll farms are in need of new herds. :grin:

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a- one can hope but it is not always the case. :frowning_face:
b- lots cannot afford to do this very much. :cry:
All we can do is suggest.

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I often just keep my mouth shut. It’s hard thing to do sometimes. Someone might go on and on about a health issue. Tugging on my heart strings, and I’m pretty sure I have an answer. But their health is precariously balanced. The doctors are having issues keeping them healthy. They already know about keto, or just changing their diet. I don’t dare speak up about meds they might be taking as being bad. I don’t know their history. So when in doubt. I keep shut. Unless asked directly what I think. Then I’ll usually give my opinion, and make it clear it’s my opinion.

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There’s been some discussion on here about folks coming to this forum with fairly serious medical conditions and asking for advice.

Even though some of these conditions may be related to keto, I don’t think it is wise to be advising people on these conditions via a forum like this. I just steer well clear.

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I believe that is general consensus on the medical advise here.:+1:

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I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.


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I’m new to this community and kinda noticed a bit of that stuff too.
I’m into 34 days of keto, I feel fine. Losing weight and gaining a little pain management with my extra exercise! I know I have awkward feelings about the high fat, I’ve been cooking eggs in bacon fat… Yummy,… The food I crave now is keto friendly!

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If you’re on a ketogenic diet for anything other than pediatric epilepsy, you probably don’t trust doctors as much as the average person. You probably trust a consensus of your peer group more.

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Me, too

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Allow me to vent a tad: I just saw a thread where someone is complaining about how difficult it is to eat enough fat—all the keto foods contain too much protein. I hope I contained my exasperation in my response, but tell me—do you believe this to be honest ignorance or a trolling post? Are young people that ignorant about the contents of food? I suppose they could well be . . . . :cry:

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Could be both. I can see all the touting about eating meat on keto being taken as high protein consumption…as well as being a troll pushing to discredit keto. It’s a crap shoot sometimes.:roll_eyes: