Activism in reverse?

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Oh, and post 100 for this thread!:upside_down_face:


I get that, and it’s a fair criticism of the current closed-minded attitudes about our WOE. But if any of us is facing a new medical threat, it’s important that we not succumb to the tunnel-vision that we find so frustrating in some doctors. It could very well have nothing to do with keto. It might not require being keto-versed to treat it effectively. And if it does have to do with keto, and the doctor can demonstrate an understanding (it’s okay to ask questions to make them prove it) of why it does, wouldn’t we want to know? I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, and I don’t even know if you meant this is how you yourself feel, but I agree we’ll all be better off when the medical community gets with the program and stops being religiously defensive of SAD. They’ll re-establish some trust, at least. :disappointed:

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A lot of newbie Ketonians wanting advice on carbing up before heavy physical activity.


Hmm, I suppose it’s possible, but what is there to gain? For example: going vegan isn’t for me, so I just don’t do it and that’s the end of the story. Why would I waste my time pretending to be a vegan online and then make up imaginary health problems associated with how I eat?
…again I suppose it’s possible. People can be weird sometimes.

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Actually… if I was bored enough, I could see myself doing that. Sometimes it’s fun just to fuck with people.

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Not you! :rofl:

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@mtncntrykid Cool, I got the hang of it!!!

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In an effort do discredit keto as fuel to recruit more to your vegan lifestyle.

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My understanding is these people are not pretending to be vegan - they are real vegans and vegetarians pretending to be keto, and then coming up with a list of dread diseases supposedly caused by keto.

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I’m pretty sure I read that one too.

I always scratch my head when people say they can’t get their macros right and they’re eating eggs. It’s like the perfect Keto macro food in a delicate package. But I wonder how their entering things in their trackers.

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That one totally makes sense to me. Anyone who has been involved in performance sports has had the idea of carving up pounded into them. And if you’re relatively in shape and starting Keto, you may think “well, yeah, people who are severely overweight would want the lowest carbs possible, but an athlete would still need to carb up, right?”

In the beginning it’s like being told you have to breath underwater. It goes against everything you’ve been told as an athlete.

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Coming from someone who has fibromyalgia and auto immune diseases, it just depends on the person. I’ve slightly improved but not by much. I do have better sleeping patterns though. Mines progressively getting worse. Luckily I’m not to the point I need care, but I have had to cut back on work significantly. So I’m early on with keto and hoping as weight comes off, and my body fully adjusts maybe I’ll see some differences. It’s day by day!

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I wish you the best in your efforts.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

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I guess what I’m more concerned about than the possibility of a few potential trolls is, in an effort to identify possible trolls, we mistakenly treat confused people who are genuinely concerned about their health in a way that makes them feel unwelcome
I’d rather err on the side of believing someone’s concern than be sceptical to the point that we rebuff someone who came seeking help.

What’s the worst that could happen if it ends up it is a troll? We give honest, compassionate information and support. Someone else reads it and sees a newcomer struggling and a community offering to help with science or, if nothing else, emotional support. How can that make the Keto community look bad?
But if we begin looking at these as possible trolls, we risk mistaking the situation and treat people in a way that not only makes them feel unwelcome, it could scare off others who are observing.

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Exactly. Well put. Let’s assume genuineness until proven otherwise.


Who cares if other people copy my diet or not? How does that benefit me?

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OK for you but many people need some form of validation to support that they have made the right decision. Thus the definition of trolling.
I totally agree with you but that doesn’t mean that others do.

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Good view and the reason for starting this thread, input from others. :ok_hand:

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Since we are talking about people potentially hostile to keto and wanting to vilify us, let me explain why many of us don’t trust doctors.