Activism in reverse?

(Ron) #1

Being fairly new to the forum I have been noticing lately that there are a considerable amount of new guests that come on here with a first post or topic about something wrong they are attributing to the keto WOE lifestyle. They claim to have been doing it for quite some time and then developed some strange symptom and ask this good community for advice. When possible suggestions are given they defend their symptom as not being caused by that suggestion as they thought of that and tested for it. When all avenues have been exhausted or they get quizzed to a level they are struggling to defend, they just disappear. This says to me that they are of another lifestyle plan and are trying to discredit their competition? Unfortunately even if or when their attempt is disproved it seems that damage has occurred and some new guests are influenced. Is this a frequent thing that happens or am I misreading these posts. Seems that if I am right it is a very dishonest way of activism for the lifestyle they seem to support. To me this says volumes about that community that tells me to stay as far away as possible, If these are the tactics needed to bring people to their way then the lifestyle is not able to stand on it’s own strengths and cannot be healthy.
Is this really taking place or am I assuming wrong?

(Alec) #2

I reckon this may happen a bit, but I don’t see it being anywhere close to the majority of newbie posters. There are some that I find a little bit odd, so I steer well clear. But most seem well intentioned and wanting to do well on keto.

So no issues that I can see here.

(Ron) #3

Maybe am just letting frustrations get in the way. I have seen the dreaded FB games and would hate to see that creep into this forum that is so valuable to so many (me included) . Didn’t want to post this in Keto Complaint Dept because I wasn’t certain so thank you @Alecmcq for your view.

(Karen) #4

Actually I have been noticing the same thing. At first I thought these were honest questions, but there seems to be a pattern. We have helpful people here and some little trolls under the bridge. I’ve been ignoring them. Shame really, and not helpful for newbies.

Having spent a week with a militant raw vegan who has already had a brain tumor and a stroke, I’ve had my fill of well meaning, but irritating relatives. Much like her religion and politics she is sure you must agree. Sigh. A good host steers the conversation to weather.

For the trolls, don’t be baited.


(Ron) #5

Yeah, I have been real cautious and usually don’t even post. I have even flagged a couple but beginning to wonder if admins were getting frustrated with me being an annoyance.:flushed::pensive:

(Doug) #6

Ron, diet is religion for some people, and I think once in a while somebody just wants to pick a fight. It seems to me too that the activity you describe did tick up a little, lately. I don’t see more than randomness occurring, i.e. it was just one or two more than normal, which is quite a low rate on this forum. (I’ve never seen a forum with such a low ‘strife’ rate overall, as this one.)

(Sophie) #7

It’s because we were waxing to a full moon last week. That always brings out the loonies. Happens every month. :smile::laughing::smile:

(Kirk) #8

I think it’s them thar damnable vegans messin with us. A possible solution is that you have to kill a bunny to become a poster here.

(bulkbiker) #9

and eat it… preferable raw?

(Cindy) #10

Wow, guys, really??? I’m one of those newbies, and yeah, I had my little quirky health reactions at first, but I assure you - I’m deadly serious about my keto diet, measure my blood every single day, and have been fully keto with a GKI between 1-4 for 6 months now. Please don’t scare us newbies away!!! This has felt like such a friendly forum. It would be sad to make us newbies feel like we’re not welcome.

(TJ Borden) #11

Some people? I thought we had decided we are a cult a long time ago. That’s part of the fun. I figured @carl was working on making New London our compound.

(bulkbiker) #12

No we’re joshing… apart from the bunny part of course…:grinning::smiley::smiling_imp:
Although there do seem to be a number of more confrontational posts recently… not yours @Cindyy I hasten to add…

(Kirk) #13

Yeah don’t be put off by carnivore humor. I’m a biker too, and need to work on my sensitivity.

(Doug) #14

:smile: TJ, yes, there is that…

We’re all new at some point, Cindy, and I hope nobody feels unwelcome. Once in a while somebody does start out like, “You’re all nuts,” though… So much in life is philosophy.

(Cindy) #15

Thank you, guys! It’s always a bit scary being a new person in a very active group. But keto could literally be life or death with the Alzheimer’s in my family and my ApoE4 gene. So I do HAVE to make this diet work for me, and all of you here have been such a huge lifeline.

Don’t worry about the humor! That part I did get! I seem to be surrounded by vegans frequently too! :wink:

(Doug) #16

Cindy, ketogenic eating really does seem to be “taking off,” and I’ve wondered just how active this forum will get. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know whether I have that gene or not, but both my dad’s parents had Alzheimer’s so your point is very real to me - really, if there is one thing I should be working on, this is it.

(Ron) #17

I tried to direct this thread in reference to the people that join, start a keto negative topic, then disappear. If I failed to do that I apologize.
Cindy, you took no such action’ but if you really want to play it safe then my suggestion would be “stick around girl” !! :+1::ok_hand::grin:

(bulkbiker) #18

They can be quite tasty when cooked well…

(Empress of the Unexpected) #19

No, you are not misreading. You are absolutely right. My eyes are getting sore from all the eye rolling going on at my end. And they are not just common ailments, like fatigue, or something - they are usually over the top lumps, bumps, vision changes, etc. Your theory that they are trying to discredit keto may be true. However, the first thing that comes to my mind is they are simply attention-seekers. Or hypochondriacs, which, from my experience, goes hand in hand with attention seeking. I know a woman like these people. She was having dinner with us and couldn’t eat something due to her “ulcer.” I asked her if the doctor had given her any medication for it, and she said she had not consulted a doctor. On another occasion I went to her door and was greeted by her husband, who announced she had suffered a stroke. Three hours later she was seen mowing the lawn………

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #20

Agree 1000%