Activism in reverse?

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You’re too nice…

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I remember that one. It was so damn run-on I had a bit of trouble reading to the end. But what stood out was the doctor alternately bashing keto and singing it’s praises. Come on people - kidney damage. After 7 weeks? That person was either woefully stupid, or was really trying to bash keto. I’m torn. @Alecmcq What do you think of this example?

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Ron and I had a private conversation about that one. It was one that fell well outside my patience boundary, and I don’t think I even finished reading the first sentence. One glance at that post told me that something was not quite right and I chose instantly not to engage. I think this is why I have a slightly different view from others: I am sifting out the bad posts, and not even taking them in: hence I don’t remember them.

So, you guys are right, there may be an uptick in this type of post. But it is our response to it that is most important: do we give these posts oxygen or ignore them? I vote ignore.

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I have to say, I really don’t feel comfortable discussing specific posters. Generalizations is one thing, but pointing one out and doing a group analysis feels wrong. I think the toothpaste one got a bit out of hand and would rather us not go down that road.
We may think this person story sounds off, but what if they are genuine and come across this thread? Just seems a bit “mean girl” imo.

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Well, I certaintly can’t opine on kidney issues, so I was definitely out on that one!

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Fair point, we are close to the boundaries here. I am out.

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Tend to agree, thus the “draw your own conclusion” comment with the posted link.

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Ok. Long post. I have a HUGE confession to make. No, I am neither a hypochondriac nor a troll. But, I believe many people are complaining about problems they had pre-keto. As pointed out here, you can’t undo years of bad eating in two weeks. Okay, for weeks on the forum I complained about diarrhea. BTW it’s gone:balloon::balloon:. However, I did have it prior to Keto - but then blamed the high fat content of Keto for its continuance. Oh, and the help I got from the forum did solve the problem. Please don’t make me hand in my Ketocard! I have nothing but positive things to say about Keto - I am losing weight, have energy. Don’t know about the keto flu because I had bronchitis during that time. Just saying it is possible, if people have underlying issues, they might tend to blame keto when they are not immediately resolved. I did - but then what would one expect drinking two glasses of HWC???

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And when Regina replies to Regina, you all know the mental clarity has not sunk in:rofl::rofl:

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From what I’ve read, Keto can bring latent health problems to the surface. Things like gallbladder problems and food sensitivities for example.

It certainly did for me. Yes, I’ve had gallbladder/GERD (still not sure what it is) episodes in the past, but they only flared up when I drank Diet Coke. Quit the Diet Coke and the flair ups stopped. Then I started Keto and had 3 flair ups in 4 weeks. And the severity of it got worse too.

And though I’ve also always had notably low BP and sometime have had dizzy spells if I get up too fast, again, I’ve never had room spinning while my husband held me up episodes or moments where I had to drop to my ass while going up the stairs least I pass out before Keto.

For a newbie, these things can be very scary. I did enough research ahead of time that I knew what was causing it and how to fix it(or at least had a clue), but I still posted about them to get feedback.

I also have a sister with MS. She’s been in a nursing home since her 30’s. Honestly, I have no idea how Keto might effect someone with this condition in adverse ways. I’ve read that it can ultimately improve symptoms. But I do know that someone with such a life altering medical condition would find any small negative fluctuation very concerning. Take the scary feeling I discribed above and multiply it ten fold. Even though I would love to see my sister try Keto for the sake of improving her MS, she would never be able to emotionally deal with the effects of Keto flu. She would absolutely panic.

I guess what I’m saying is we just don’t know what someone’s really going through unless we walk in their shoes. One person’s drama is another’s very real concerns.

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I totally agree. Everyone’s physical and mental threshold is different. Just look at the pain threshold between men and women! We win big on that score!

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While I understand what your saying @Anniegirl9 , it doesn’t dismiss the troll conspiracies that pop up. I am in @Alecmcq agreement and will do my part so self regulate these by ignoring means.:wink:

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I’m a noob so I can’t dispense advice. But I can talk about myself a whole lot!! Thanks to the forum for letting me do so.

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I think some people are also hypochondriacs who will get upset about all symptoms, whether they are on Keto or not.

Also, probably many people plod along happily doing whatever “their version” of Keto is… until they run into trouble (real or perceived) and at this point they do a “please help” post.

Seems like pretty normal (nutty, odd, imperfect, human) behaviour to me.

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I’m sorry you had such a difficult time.

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I don’t know . . . shouldn’t we be worrying about rabbit starvation? :grinning: :rabbit2:

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MSH6, here, so I know what you mean. Colorectal cancer is a pain in the ass, so I’d like to avoid it if at all possible.

(Sophie) #59

All I ask is why would you want to starve a rabbit for cryin out loud!!!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Regina, talking out your own experience is the best form of advice.

The mistake I often make, probably because I work in tech support or maybe because I’m human, is that I give prescriptive advice. That rarely works, because unless someone says “what do I do?” they don’t want to be told what to do, and even then they might still not appreciate it. But when I give descriptive advice, I’m only telling people what I’ve done, and they can decide on their own if they want to take the advice or not without feeling like I’m pressuring them.