Activism in reverse?

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Hey, hey, hey! Don’t misquote me; I didn’t say “nuts” I said “:bat::poop::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Flagging is part of the way that the community regulates itself. The Discourse software is set up to enforce a community consensus, so as your trust level increases, your flag carrries more weight.

The admins, in my experience, seem to be grateful for help policing the forums. Remember that you can send them a private message if in doubt, or if the situation seems to call for authoritative action. The times I have done so, they have always been very gracious.

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Yes, but we don’t talk about that until people have attended their first ritual. And speaking of which, I have to go iron my robe. . . .

Remember—whatever you do, don’t mention the mothership to outsiders! :grinning:

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Is it your turn to bring the bunnies?

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I believe it’s @OldDoug’s—my turn is next week. :grinning:

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Google “concern troll.”
Concern trolling is just one more form of online sock puppetry that can range from astroturfing to sea lioning to a host of other conventionalized tactics for disrupting communities online.

Concern trolls want to make you waste your time. So even when you call out what they’re doing, they still win–which is why such trolls aren’t even worthy of being told to shut up.

I enjoy these forums & make a point of checking in from time to time, but I usually encounter too much concern trolling to want to stick around for long. IMO, this is just one of the pitfalls of any online forum with respect for free speech.

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Well said. Thank you for posting this, as it’s my thoughts exactly. I see the thread titles and just exercise my scroll wheel. Life is just too short and there are so many more fun things to do!

I’ll hand dip the candles for the alter as my contribution. :candle: :laughing::rofl::laughing:

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Oh yes, please. Followed by compulsory rabbit stew? :rofl::rofl::+1:

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I was thinkin more along the lines of Fricassee… :smile:

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Rabbit with bacon… score!! :clap::clap::+1::+1:

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Going back to the real topic, maybe I’ve got some censor blinkers on, or I am just being duped or I am not sensitive enough to it, but i just don’t see it. As I’ve said before, when a post seems odd or a little off, I choose not to respond (and maybe these are the ones Ron and others are referring to). But I am struggling to remember an example of the type Ron mentioned in the past few weeks.

Can someone (perhaps privately) point me to an example or 2?

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Well, there was one that I thought was probably a venereal disease and a couple that believe they are having a heart attack… seriously, I see these things and my first thoughts are WTF are you doing posting that crap in a forum when if it was really serious, get your ass to a hospital! I find it ironic that all of these “ailments” can be attributed to a Keto diet when most people never, ever considered their diet before. It’s an energy drain to me. :roll_eyes:

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I know I’ve seen them. Will send you link if I run across one.


No question there’s been an uptick of exactly what you’ve described. However I don’t think ultimately the FB Keto group disease or reddit syndrome could really ever effect this place, as we actually know what we’re talking about and can’t be talked into a corner from nonsense so easily.

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I had massive heart issues when I first started Keto and my electrolytes got out of whack from it.
I was really freaking out too and I did end up seeking emergency medical care after posting about it.
This is certainly real and it IS due to Keto because your electrolytes change initially.
This has nothing to do with ppl posting anything “weird” about Keto.
I had tachychardia for over a week and almost collapsed running for the bus.
I was quite angry at the time that a “diet” would alter my electrolytes so badly that it turned into a medical crisis.

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I also think that given the amount of “miracle cures” attributed to Keto (most of which I think are keto based, but surely not all) it’s fine to ask about the negative sides/ effects of Keto too.

It’s bizarrely biased, IMO, to only see all positive effects as “Oooh it must be Keto”

But whenever ppl post about something negative, all they seem to get it “KCKO” as if all negative stuff should just be “ignored”.

That is NOT a sensible, level approach.

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The reason I posted about it was because it was OBVIOUSLY due to keto.

I’d never had heart issues pre Keto and it started suddenly, after a couple of weeks of keto.

I KNEW that the people at the ER would not know anything about keto and hence wouldn’t be able to answer my questions.

So, yes, I did post here, before my partner drove me to the hospital.

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The ones I find more perplexing are the ones that say they’ve been doing Keto for x weeks and then ask something like “won’t all this fat clog my arteries?”
So I guess the guilt and carryover from so many years of having the “fat is bad” mantra beat into us can be hard to shake, but at some point you have to embrace what you’re doing or why are you doing it? And how have you been doing Keto for x weeks without researching it enough to know that’s not true?

At least that’s what goes through my head when I read those. Again, it may really be a naive, uninformed person whose been doing something they think is Keto based on little research but it also could be the Concern Troll whose trying to sow doubt.

Thing is, I don’t think it matters much which it is. I think the way to deal with either is the same.
With pointing out the science.

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Ok - now if I had a heart problem, sorry guys, you would get no farewell posts, I would be busy calling 911. Having said that, if I had come across your post, I would immediately connect heart problems with electrolyte problems. There is an obvious connection there. What the OP and I were thinking more of is these “members” that break into a thread, stir up controversy or ill-will, then disappear a few hours or a day later. I can’t for the life of me find an example, usually because they are buried deep in the thread. But, allow me some exaggeration here. “Hi, I’m new to Keto, and not sure about this lifestyle. I woke up on day three missing my right ear!” Forum members: “Did a coyote break into the room?” No, no coyotes. “Did a bomb get detonated?” No, no bombs, it was strictly Keto. That’s what I think we are talking about here.