About the Tips from the Oldies category


Shared experience is so valuable and we can learn much from those who have gone before us. Tips from the Oldies is a place to collect that golden information and pass it on to the Newbies starting out.

Oldies - remember what it was like when you first started? Please share your experience with the Newbies to help them get the most from keto. What would you do differently knowing what you know now? What worked really well for you?

Newbies - I guarantee someone will have had the same issues you have, so please ask away. No question is too silly or not worth asking.

Please remember that the Newbies category is for people who are new to keto or starting again. Maintenance style advice/recommendations do not belong here - things like carb cycling, fine-tuning of macros, increasing protein/decreasing fat ratios, etc. The idea is that things are kept simple. This is a place to START. The focus should be on keeping things simple, getting over carb withdrawal - basically getting your keto groove on.

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I’m old.

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You have done the same as Brenda did. You need to create a topic under Tips from Oldies and put your info there. Here, it is just a comment in the About category post and will get lost. I want your post to be visible and read! x

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Roger that. We’re old, we’re gwammies, we’re confused. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: LOL!

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LMFAO! Just saw this. TRUE THAT!!!