I guess I'm an oldie...here's my wisdom:

(Polly Bennett) #1

Yeah, I guess I’m an oldie…here’s my wisdom:

  1. Stay off the scale.
  2. Hydrate.
  3. Take your magnesium malate and adequate salt/potassium.
  4. Trust the process.

That’s it. The process works if you work the process.

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(Amanda Jones) #2

#4 cannot be stressed enough. I see so many people who want to give up in the first or second week because they’re not seeing massive results yet. :confused::cry:

(Keto Krazy) #3

I agree!

(Guardian of the bacon) #4


Keep Carbs extremely Low
Eat moderate protein
Fat to satiety.

Get these handled then worry about tweaking.

(bren.mannin) #5

Absolutely. I have only lost 2#s since November. However, I just noticed this weekend I can see my rib cage under my arms. Not where I wanted to loose weight, thank you, body. Also, didn’t show on the scale, and we took a pile of clothes to goodwill on 12/30/16 -just don’t fit. So, I am not getting discouraged anymore. Just trust the process because my body is going to “unknit” in a direction of its own choosing! LOL

(Mark Bousquet) #6

Close to Jimmy Moore’s K.E.T.O.!

Keep Carbs Low
Eat More Fat
Test Ketones Often
Overdoing Protein is Bad

(@CubanBarbie) #7

It helped me to take dairy out at first and really focus on clean eating. Then I slowly added only high fat dairy in little by little. That helped me get away from milk, ice cream, and yogurt because I just made up my mind not to search for replacements for those things.

(David Hagy) #8

I’ve been keto since late January ‘19. Very happy with the process but struggle with “eating to satiety”. Don’t really quite get it.
I still have the conventional thoughts of eating too much. BTW I went from 212-183 in 8 weeks :+1:t3:! Since then only fasted twice for 36 hrs each time. One was ez and one was tough.