63 degree egg

(Richard Morris) #1

I’ve done 63 degree eggs before

That technique you boil the eggs for a minute first, then chill them, then sous vide them for 45 mins at 63 degrees.

But tonight I found out it’s better to do that in the other direction - thanks to J. Kenji López-Alt, the jedi master of sous vide.

So eggs have 3 different protein layers, the yolk, the tight white around the yolk and with a membrane holding both it and the yolk, and finally the lose white. By cooking the whites first with 1 min in boiling water we end up using all 3 layers and getting all 3 right is a much more difficult process. Plus if you cook the outside “loose white” layer so it is firm, the tight white has a consistency like … umm … s’not nice.

Whereas when we sous vide the egg first at the ideal temp to cook the yolk, then crack the egg and discard the lose white (which is mostly water anyway) we can then cook just the tight white with 1 min in boiling water and you have the perfect poached egg.