60 Day Water Fast


(Tim) #122

Ended the fast 21-ish(?) days ago. It’s in my notes, just kinda lost track with this move going on.

Started another week long fast today. Bonus is I have a bunch more retrospective data than I thought I would. Downside is I have to update all my spreadsheets and the write up now.

(Natalie Palombi) #123

Where do we find your notes?
I am still learning how to navigate here lol

(Doug) #124

He owes us, Natalie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jeremy Storie) #125

I’m just curious how much weight he lost and if he was able to keep it off.

(Mon) #126

Ok I admit I’m overly invested but I just read your entire thread and not finding your notes/results at the end is like finding out George RR Martin died without finishing the final two Ice and Fire books (or telling anyone what he planned to happen).

Can you puhleease give us some basic numbers? Weight start/weight final?


I’m pretty disappointed as well. Moving sucks, I get it but a before and after photo and quick write up takes maybe 15 minutes.

(Jeremy Storie) #128

I’m beginning to think that there was no fast.


I met him in person when he was on day 49 or so. He showed me a quick before photo but I didn’t pry since he promised an elaborate write-up. Now I think the best plan of action is to guilt trip and shame him into giving us the info we demand lol

(Dread) #130

I saw the before/afters on discord, it was pretty amazing. He’s been slightly active on reddit (I left the discord group) lately but not very.

(A Very Hungry Bunny) #131

@JorgePasada I’m really interested in how things have been since you ended the fast. Was there a big weight regain? How are you feeling now? You mentioned you have notes, can you share those?


Grew up in SE MN as well…Rochester

(senner10) #133

So, I’m new to this forum but where the F is the complete write up to this forum??


I’m not sure what you’re asking - the complete write up to this 60 day fast thread?


Unfortunately he disappeared after he finished his fast. He had some lame excuse about moving but that was months ago. It would have taken maybe 30-seconds to give us a before/after photo and a starting/ending weight. He didn’t even have the decency to do that.

(Zack F) #136

Pretty lame given the support he was getting from the folks here.

(Dread) #137

He wasn’t even asking about the fast, seems he just wanted anything with a text box to vent his frustration about the forum itself.

(Doug) #138

We don’t know what happened to Tim; who knows…?


Someone on here saw him around on other forums. I forget who but he was alive and well long after the fast, he just left us hanging.

(Dread) #140

It was me. Same story as of 2 weeks ago. Pretty lame.

(Doug) #141

Well dang… :neutral_face: