60 Day Water Fast



Wow, 9 days! I haven’t gone that far yet. I’m on a 3-day fat right now but I’m thinking of extending it to July 22, which would make it 10 days. July 23 is my 55th birthday and I want to break my fast the day before. Re: increasing BMR, I’m committing to my plan. I guess the only measure for knowing if it’s working is that I don’t gain weight with increased calories.

(Doug) #103

Tim, no pizza? :smile:

But seriously, how much weight did you lose overall?

(Nithiyan Thiruudaian) #104

Yes Tim! we’ve been following your fast with fascination and excitement. It would be great to see what results you achieved.

(Tim) #105

Had an unexpected funeral I had to travel for this wekend. Will catch up on this thread sometime this week.


oh dear - I’m sorry. “Unexpected funeral” does not sound good.

(Barbara Greenwood) #107

To be fair, most funerals are arranged a fairly short notice. But take it easy, get back to it when you’re ready.

(Tim) #108

Yeah, mother made it, baby did not. Was a sad weekend, but glad I could be there for friends.

Should be all caught up with life and have things posted just about the time I start fasting again for this month’s Zorn Fast.

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #109

Hey Tim,

Have you posted the results of your 60 day effort yet?

(Tim) #110

Nope. Working on the write-up now. Have the spreadsheet/graphs done. Some decent before and after photos. Should have something maybe tomorrow or Thursday, this weekend at the latest. Been busy with the aforementioned funeral as well as a new roommate moving in this weekend. Lot going on, this got bumped down the priority list. Still happening though.

(Barbara Greenwood) #111

There’s nothing more traumatic in my experience than the funeral of a baby. And nothing more necessary at that time than friends.


oh no :cry:


Hey Tim, I’m dying to see your final results. What’s the status? Thanks.

(Kira) #114

Me, too. I keep checking back. I hope you’re alright!

(Dread) #115

Just heard from him on Discord, he’s alive! Didn’t talk much to him cause I’m busy at work but I imagine he’s just been busy.


So we have confirmation, he didn’t die after his 60 day fast. :rofl:



(Tim) #118

Just severely underestimated the amount of time/effort moving takes.

No fun.


Four years ago I moved into a great house with my children and the love of my life - a 100% happy move (and about 3 blocks from the old house so really no big deal). We had a ton of help and everything went FINE. But it was still the most stressful few weeks of the decade for me (well, until the US election season).

Good luck! We’re looking forward to hearing your report whenever it comes :grin:

(Doug) #120

Oh lord, no doubt, Tim. The amount of stuff that, before our last move, was given away, sold, thrown away, and burned - yes, a goodly-sized fire right out in the yard (this was in the country), 10 or 12 feet in diameter, used on multiple days - boggles my mind, and STILL - too many things. :neutral_face:

(Bob) #121

Man that’s amazing. I’ve only gone 8 days. I’m on day 3 now and think I will try to go maybe 10 days after reading your post. Keep us updated on how you make out with the rest of the fast