60 Day Water Fast


(Nithiyan Thiruudaian) #42

This is a really great post, thank you for sharing with us!

I’m really looking forward to your retrospective post and data. I am considering doing an extended fast like this and my biggest concern is energy levels while at work. I have a moderately active job and exercise 3 times a week.

How do you find you energy levels are and have you been doing any exercise during this fast?

(Tim) #43

I think the key here is making sure your electrolyte balance is good. Especially salt. People tend to supplement salt and over supplement everything else IMO. If you’re very active I don’t think 2 to 3 teaspoons a day of salt is out of the question.

Physically, I’d say I’m at about 90% most of the time. Tend to hit a lull sometime between 1100 and 1300 when the morning jolt of my body kicking me out of sleep is wearing off. Then I usually hit a second wind sometime after that and I’m good until 2200-ish. Also, it should be noted I use no coffee or drugs/supplements with wakefulness.

Mentally the energy levels are literally off the charts. Focus is especially improved.

I have been exercising. It varies. Some days are really intense, others very light. The last 3 weeks or so I’ve taken to doing bodyweight exercises every day. Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Squats. Up to around 50 of each daily now. Started running on Sunday to mixed results. It’s much much harder than I thought it would be.

The only thing I would worry about is if you’re not already fully fat adapted, and I mean FULLY. You’re gonna have a real rough first week to week and a half if you decide to fast that long. Even with that, I say go for it. It’s rough, but it’s worth the experience.

(Nithiyan Thiruudaian) #44

Thanks for the reply Tim. I’m 32 days into keto and not convinced I am fully fat adapted yet but I am in nutritional ketosis as my ketosticks evidence it. I have carried out a couple of 24 hour fasts so far and I will be doing longer fasts soon as they really feel like they help me control my mental hunger.

With regards to your queries on why your blood glucose readings are high, it might be to do with the dawn phenomenon although I know you are not testing immediately after you wake up. Dr Fung suggests that elevated blood glucose during extended fasts is normal and a response similar to the dawn phenomenon where your body responds to low insulin levels by triggering release of stored glucose from your liver. See the link below to one of Dr. Fung’s guides on fasting about halfway down the page regarding high BG levels.

(Dread) #45

Jorge your progress is inspiring, I’ve been following your daily check-ins on my reddit threads. I wish the sub had an active moderation team to create those daily threads (instead of just Tuesday). Oh well.

(Tim) #46

Yeah that’s kind of why I moved to here man. The community is way more active.

Also thanks for the kind words, I’m terrible at taking praise. :slight_smile:

(What The Fast?!) #47

You’re only a few days away from 60 days now, right??!?! I’m so excited for you.

(Tim) #48

Yep. 60 is on Wednesday which gives me exactly one week of refeeding before the next Zornfast.

(What The Fast?!) #49

I love that you are already thinking about your next fast. The thing I find with fasting is that on my feasting days, I don’t want to “waste” my meals with anything mediocre. Like, I’m too excited to eat.

Are you looking forward to your refeed week or are you sad to be done fasting?

(Tim) #50

Bit of both. Food will be amazing I’m sure. I’d like to keep going with the fasting but one of the most beneficial parts is the refeeding and rebuilding process and I’m worried I’m getting to the point of putting short term gains before long term progress. Possibly even doing harm that will take extra time to recover from.

(Natalie Palombi) #51

That’s when you KNOW it’s going to be a good time. :smile:

(Tim) #52

Haven’t been updating much, out of Ketostrips. Still testing glucose occasionally, and it’s always within the 65 to 110 bands.

Only two days left. Breaking the fast Thursday.


Wow! I’m so glad you joined the forums and that we get to hear about your fast.
I’m looking forward to those spreadsheets :smile:

(Tim) #54

‘Broke’ my fast today, by my insanely strict standards of breaking the fast.

Really messed up my ankle yesterday with what I’m guessing was a Repetitive Stress Injury. Was spasming all night couldn’t get any sleep. Finally caved and took 4 200mg Ibuprofen tablets around 6 AM.

Got about 3 hours of sleep. Glucose is on the higher end today. Tomorrow is the last day of the fast, have a lot of work to do on the final write up. I think part of the reason I got the RSI was because of dehydration. Weighed in this morning at 200 even which is 4.8 pounds down from yesterday. Pretty sure all of that isn’t actual weight loss.

Anyway, here’s today’s Glucose.

Click for Images

Looking forward to eating Thurs AM. Got a lunch with an old friend I haven’t seen in months on Friday, hopefully I’ll be able to actually eat something decent.

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #55

Hey Tim, how much was the weight loss overall?

(Tim) #56

Not sure. Going to bed on the night of day 59 right now. I’ll let you know on the morning of day 61.

(Cathrine Helle) #57

I find this utterly amazing! 60 days without food seems impossible to me, yet here you are nailing it! Looking forward to reading your summarised experience over the weekend.

Personally I’m doing my first EF with plans to make it five days. Looks so puny now :joy:


Way to go! It is truly awesome that the human body can go so long without external food. I hope you have a gentle re-entry into eating.

(Michelle) #59

Truly amazing and admirable. Not sure how you are doing it!! Can’t wait to see your progression in all your health markers.

(Dread) #60

You’re killin it dude. I know you’re strict about “breaking”, but pain is pain. At least you’re not taking advil daily. I’m a huge non-fan of NSAIDS myself, but for acute stuff I don’t mind so much. Almost there!!!

(Tim) #61

Yeah, it’s not a huge deal. But I’ve been super strict about even ‘zero calorie’ treats like Coffee. For some reason I went to bed at 00:30 and woke completely naturally at 05:10 today. Dunno why.