60 Day Water Fast


(Tim) #62

It’s not a race, we’ll all get there. This is just what worked for me, you do what works for you.

(Dread) #63

Ketones baby, I get this every week just about. I’m usually fasting on most weekdays, and I find I get in bed around 0100 or 0200, and wake up between 0430 and 0530. I’ve been coming into work early as a result, just because I know there’s plenty to keep occupied with.

(What The Fast?!) #64

@JorgePasada Tim, I HAVE to know. What are you planning to break your fast with???

(Tim) #65

Gonna start with Olives, Avocado, Spinach, Arugula probably in an omelette with some cheese and a couple slices of Bacon and go from there. Probably a few pickles. Keeping it small, single egg, handful of the greens. Shooting for 250 calories and gonna wait four hours and re-evaluate.


I’ve heard from more that one source that eggs give a lot of people G.I. issues when breaking a fast, be cautious.

(What The Fast?!) #67

This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to hear about how it goes for you! Avocados are a perfect choice.

(Tim) #68

Yeah the egg and the cheese are gonna be a game time decision. Might just do a salad instead, might just add an extra slice of bacon. Trying to keep the calories low, and the insulin spike lower.


You might want to eat a few olives or avocado slices first, then a little later at least a half hour do a small meal. Just make sure plenty of fat is in that one. Next meal go for it. Megan Ramos and Dr. Fung have talked about this on several podcasts.

After my 5 day fast, I did that and had no issues at all. Honestly I could not eat a regular sized meal for me till about 8 hrs. after breaking the fast.

Good luck, looking forward to your reporting :slight_smile:


Wow, great thread. I wonder what the record is for a water/salt only fast.

What is advised for lean people on extended fasts? I have no idea what my BMI is, but I’m 6’1 150 lb… I’ve done a 3.5 day fast and felt great, but want to do more. Is 7 safe / beneficial? 10? What’s the latest science say about fasting while lean?

(Tim) #71

From what I’ve heard, from Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung, most of the benefits of fasting peak between days 3 and 5 and slowly drop off after that. Other than weight loss that is.

Not sure there are many studdies on this for ‘ethical reasons’.

Of course all of this is from memory accumulated over the last several months of reading and listening, so anyone feel free to correct me if I’m in error here.


If your Body fat is under 4% it can be dangerous according to Dr fung/ Jimmy Moore.

I recommend getting this book.


Interesting! BMI visualizer website suggests I’m around 20 BMI. Still want the short and long term benefits from fasting, but maybe keep it to 3-5 days. Thank you.

(Dread) #74

Good advice, though I doubt you’ll find anyone here below 4%.

If you want to imagine what 4% looks like, think IFBB pros, the day before Mr. Olympia. If they fasted, there’d be some loss.


It isnt much of a document on Fasting per se, and indeed, I think the food in the study was all starch and not much else, but you could read a lot about already lean humans fasting in the Minnesota starvation experiment.

Now, I don’t think I would equate someone with adequate body fat doing a long fast to some of these people who clearly had very little left, but its a morbid read if nothing else. They basically did a very low kcal high carb diet, and it wrecked these people. I’d honestly suspect that from a hormonal and mental standpoint, if you have the body fat, its probably far healthier to just fast than to eat low cal high carb. (Not a doctor, not medical advice, just my opinion etc).

I find it a little ironic, and wonder if Ancel Keys was just so up his own butt about his nutrition theories that he didn’t even want to test anything else, or… well, the guy is long dead so we’ll never know why he decided to lie to the world. On a tangentially related note, when I learned that he designed the K-ration, I suddenly realized why the K-rat was so horrible compared to the not that great but so much better C ration.



Couple links there, although there are hundreds of them. The full research paper was around 1100 pages each, 2 parts.

I think I’ve totally drifted from my original thought. TL:DR:
Probably not a great idea to do long fasts if you don’t have enough body fat to provide enough calories to get by on. I’ve read in a few places that each pound can only give you at most, 20-30 kcals a day depending on the health of those cells and your endocrine system. That means the body fat percentage means less than simply, do you have enough pounds of non essential fat to live on?

(Jennifer) #76

I find 4-5 olives are perfect to break a fast. Then wait 30-60 Minutes before eating anything else. Olives are the only thing I have found that doesn’t go right through me. I fast 3-5 days a week so I have really tested this out… lol…

(Tim) #77

Yeah I think I’m going to start with Olives and Pickles and then wait an hour or two and see how I feel.

(Doug) #78

Tim, congratulations on making it all the way through. Enjoy chowing down. I look forward to your comments about the whole deal.


I’ve been really curious about this. It seems to me that semi-starvation is a totally different state from fasting so I’m not sure how much this applies to short (or even extended) fasts. (Full disclosure: I have yet to actually read the study! But from the descriptions I’ve seen, I’m not sure that we can draw conclusions about fasting from a low calorie starch-based diet.)


Good luck on breaking the fast, Tim! I hope you feel good in these next few days.

(Kira) #81

I can’t wait to read your look back. Way to go on your fast. Sounds incredible.