60 Day Water Fast


(Doug) #21

Tim, have to laugh - so true and infuriating. Do I hear a bunch of buzzers, whistles, horns and sirens going off?

(Tim) #22

I think I hit the limit of what they chose to display. Pretty sure anything over 10 is dangerous for people without a functioning pancreas, so they just cut it off.

Just called Abbot and a real live person actually answered the phone. Actually listened to me rant, took the serial number of my meter and said he’d pass along my feedback. Also informed me that anything over 8.0 is just going to display ‘HI’.

I understand that I’m not the target market for this device, and that they’re looking out for the safety of their main customer base, but why not just display the actual number with a warning and alternate the two?


I ordered a precision xtra and they accidentally sent me two. I live in Seattle also, if you want it you can have it. Pretty sure the precision xtra is more accurate than the Nova but not 100% on that.

(Tim) #24

I’ll totally take you up on that! Just shot you a message with my number. Currently job hunting so my schedule is pretty darn flexible.

Also, super awesome of you! Thanks!

That’s what my friend with type 1 says, she has both.

(James storie) #25

Way to look out for each other!

(Tim) #26

Feels good to find a community. Also, super excited about picking up the other meter.

Lets just say ‘There will be spreadsheets.’

(Tim) #27

And some numbers from today. Apparently I’m still above 8.0 on the Ketone Meter.

[details=Click for Glucose Numbers]


(Jennifer) #28

I’ve heard that when your ketones are high, it could mean you are dehydrated. Here is a graph you might want to go by…

(Tim) #29

I’ll try drinking an excessive amount of water tomorrow and see if that affects the numbers.

(Tim) #30

Alright. Day 50’s numbers.

[details=Click for Glucose Numbers]


Not much of a difference from yesterday, slight decrease, but I think @birddog27 was right, I was a bit dehydrated. Had almost 5 liters of water today and feel much better than yesterday.

I think I’m going to put off supplementing a day or two to get more data while completely fasted. Plan was to supplement for the 10 days prior to re-feeding, but I think 8 or 7 days prior will be fine. The more I read the less I’m even sure I need to supplement.

Still not sure why my glucose is so high. If anyone wants to chime in with a possible reason I’m all ears.

Picking up the Abbott glucose/ketone meter from @Rian tomorrow. Super excited.

(Bill Cube) #31

Nice ! What salts/quantity did you use ?

(Tim) #32

Pink Himalayan and Anywhere between 1 and 3 Teaspoons. Depends on the day.

I think I’m switching to Redmond Real Salt though.


Exciting stuff. Starting my first ~1 week fast today. I’ll be watching your progress :slight_smile:

(bikeflea) #34

You are amazing. Weight loss? Also when I fast (7 days usually) and my blood sugar goes high Megan Ramos will tell me it’s the body burning the stored sugar in my fat cells. It’s a good thing. :blush: Keep us posted!

(Tim) #35

I was raised in the midwest on a farm, I don’t deal well with praise! Really though, if there’s anything this has taught me, it’s that anyone can do this.

A lot. Gonna save it for the retrospective post in 9 days. I’m making spreadsheets and doing a big long write-up. I’ll keep everyone here in the loop.

(Tim) #36

Thought I’d post some numbers before I got the new meter. Plus I’ve never taken glucose and ketone readings first thing in the morning.

[details=Click for Glucose Numbers]


(bikeflea) #37

Nice! We switched places… I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and now reside in the Midwest!! Oregon to Iowa. Love Seattle!

(Tim) #39

Cool, what part of Iowa are you in? Used to play a lot of Ultimate in Ames, grew up in SE MN.

(Tim) #40

Alright these are actually numbers from yesterday. Didn’t get around to posting them as I took them way later than I should have been awake.

[details=Click for Glucose Numbers]


And lastly, I’d like to thank @Rian for the brand spankin new Abbott Precision Xtra meter. In a weird twist of fate, it turns out he works about 500 feet from my roommates office. If anyone has a good ebay seller or other line on strips for this thing, I’m all ears.

Will post some more updates today. Going out to visit some butchers over lunch here and see if I can get any cheap/free beef tallow or pork lard.

(Tim) #41

And for today’s numbers.

[details=Click for Glucose Numbers]


Anyone know how to get the images to appear in an expandable block quote style so they don’t take up so much room? Still having trouble getting that to work.